Jimmy Carter Worked All Day

A frequent stop on my runs through the internet is The History Channel’s This Day in History page. Typically the page offers around 20 brief descriptions of noteworthy historical events from a variety of categories. My interest in politics often has me looking at the Presidential category, which had a particularly interesting headline today: “President Carter puts in a long day at the office.” Seriously, that’s the story.

This is truly remarkable. Imagine a chief executive staying busy at work and still making it to bed before midnight. Well President Carter did that on this day in 1977, and The History Channel is telling the story. Usually reserved for significant events, such as May 12th‘s entry which is dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt being the first president filmed doing official duties, the Presidential category has to really reach to include Jimmy Carter in it. The site must have a quota for the presidents and Carter makes it tough on historians. Working all day, playing tennis, having dinner and going to a show with his wife, is considered a noteworthy set of accomplishments when you’re talking about Carter.

It is fair to assume that when you have a presidency as pitiful as Carter’s you should appreciate any positive press you can get. But I couldn’t help but take the story that he worked all day as an illustration of how bad a job he did.


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