Denali is Back

President Obama will announce today the changing of the name of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley back to the proper native name of Denali.

One thing liberals love to do is try to re-write history to make things sound nicer, but this change is one that we should all be okay with. Alaskan natives have been pushing for this change ever since the mountain was named by the first white person to reach its peak. The name McKinley was chosen because that’s who the president was at the time. But William McKinley never made it Alaska and has no direct connection to the state. And Denali means “the great one,” which President McKinley was not, so changing from Denali to a B- team president is quite a reach.

Obama’s move here is not unilaterally at all. Kind-of Republican* Senator Lisa Murkowski wants the name changed to Denali and has introduced legislation to do so in each of her terms. Fools in Ohio, McKinley’s home state, have worked to keep the name because they like him, which is stupid. A stadium is not going to be named after a player or coach who was never associated with that team. I’m sure there are plenty of things in Ohio that the former president could have his name attached to.

Denali, the great one, is rightfully back where it always was.


*Senator Murkowski lost in the Republican primary last time around as an incumbent, but Alaska does not have the sore loser law, so she ran a successful write-in campaign in the General Election beating the Republican nominee. Senator Murkowski caucuses with Republicans and people on Capitol Hill act like nothing unusual happened.

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