NFIB Endorses Dick Black

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has endorsed State Senator Dick Black for re-election.

Senator Black says on his website he will “work to ensure that Virginia supports the Right to Work, dampens costly litigation, reduces bureaucratic red-tape, and constrains taxes. These things will help businesses to save and invest in jobs.” He has also earned an A+ grade from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. He understands all the hurdles a small business faces and he is committed to reducing government regulations to help sustain a strong economy.

The Republican controlled General Assembly has helped make the commonwealth a great place to do business. Virginia received an A rating from a survey made up small business owners. The NFIB website describes the survey as “Reveal[ing] that Virginia business owners are the happiest with the state when it comes to licensing, environmental issues and the ease of starting a business. The state’s only non-A grade was in zoning issues, which still performed relatively well with a B+ grade.” Republican controlled Texas received an A+ and Democratic controlled California received an F. Neighboring Maryland, controlled by Democrats, received a C-.

This illustrates the importance of the 2015 elections here in Virginia. Our State Senate is controlled by the Republicans by a razor thin margin. Holding Senator Black’s seat is a big piece of holding this majority. Senator Dick Black knows how to help businesses and NFIB recognizes that. We need him and his Republican colleagues in the majority.

Dick Black NFIB

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