Chaffetz on the Campaign Trail

Yesterday’s Sunday morning talk shows were buzzing about who will be the next Speaker of the House. Rep. Paul Ryan was a popular choice among the talking heads, while Rep. Daniel Webster seems to be the favorite of the more conservative side of the House Republicans. The chatter on Sunday morning can be expected. But what I wasn’t expecting was seeing Rep. Jason Chaffetz, an announced candidate for Speaker, taking his candidacy public by promoting himself on ABC’s This Week, which was mistake.

Intra-party races, even something as big and public as Speaker of the House, need to be kept within the ranks. Campaigning on national TV is the wrong angle to take. The votes for this race will be cast by House members so reaching outside that group is a waste of time. Chaffetz needs to whip his vote with the members first, then take his case to the people.

Making a move for a party position needs to begin within the party and debate needs to grow from there. We need to have a candid debate on who is best for the GOP’s top leadership position and jumping on the first round of Sunday morning talk shows is not the place for that debate.

Young Rep. Chaffetz is showing his inexperience. His jump to be an important guest on Sunday morning was a temptation he should have passed on. Republicans need a statesman. We need a strong a leader. Young Chaffetz ain’t ready for primetime.


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