Standing Up to Sen. Warren

Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri wrote a very pointed op-ed for The Hill directed at Sen. Elizabeth Warren and her shady tactics. Very interesting piece, it’s definitely worth a read (linked here). In the op-ed, Rep. Wagner accuses Sen. Warren of bullying members of congress with the zeal of an autocrat. In the piece Rep. Wagner asks, “Who will stand up to Elizabeth Warren?” Gutless Democrats need to take note.

Rep. Wagner writes; “[Sen. Warren] has made the White House demure in their nominee suggestions, she has made academic think tanks dump long-time, respected employees for expressing an opposing view and she makes House Democrats cower at the mention of her name. Warren’s brand of intimidation truly is what is wrong with Washington.”

Sen. Warren is supposed to be next in line for the de facto leader of the Democratic Party once Hillary Clinton fades away. It is too bad for Democrats that their brand will drift farther left and continue to be sold by an angry, cut-throat ruler who thinks leadership is to bully and intimidate to get their way. Warren’s class warfare message is a hypocritical farce. She needs to be exposed for the fraud she is. Glad to see Rep. Wagner is standing up against Sen. Warren’s type of leadership. Are there any Democrats with enough principles and courage to stand up too?

Rep. Wagner

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