House Republicans Name Leadership

Yesterday Virginia’s House Republican Caucus met to elect their leadership for the 2016-17 General Assembly sessions. The House Republicans unanimously chose the same leadership from last session. Bill Howell with serve an eighth term as Speaker, Kirk Cox will serve as Majority Leader, and Northern Virginia’s Tim Hugo and Jackson Miller will serve as Majority Caucus Chairman and Majority Whip, respectively.

After an election where we saw every sitting Delegate who sought re-election, and made it out of the primary, re-elected in a status quo wave, then returning the same leadership team should surprise no one.

The House has done well in holding the line against radical liberals like our Governor Terry McAuliffe and his minions. The November election left Republicans with a net of minus one, which is fine. Speaker Howell will have the votes he will need to push good, conservative legislation to the Senate. And therein lies the little problem in the General Assembly; the Senate. The leadership in the Senate needs a shakeup. State Senator Tom Garrett has called for his colleague Tommy Norment to not seek re-election as Senate Majority Leader. Red NoVA supports Garrett’s call for new leadership. A new Speaker in the House would be nice, but is not terribly needed right now. The Senate is where a change at the top will be most effective.

The House Republicans blasted an email detailing their unanimously selected team, linked here.

RPV leadership

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