The Difference Between Trump and Sen. Reid

We are starting to realize that the only difference between Donald Trump and Senator Harry Reid is one wears a hat and the other wears sunglasses.

Yesterday Trump said another stupid thing. Republicans from all up and down the leadership ladder slammed him for it and made clear that Trump doesn’t represent the GOP. Today Senator Reid responded to Trump’s comments saying, “Donald Trump is standing on the platform of hate, and I’m sorry to say hate the Republican Party built for him.” Wow. There is no difference between their flaming hot rhetoric. How is that kind of bullshit appropriate?

Wait a minute. Another difference between these two media whores has just come to mind. Republicans have never elected Trump to anything while the Democrats in Nevada have elected Reid time and again and then the Democrats in the Senate have elected Reid as their leader time and again. Now that’s embarrassing. Glad I’m not a D.

So there it is. Republicans call Donald Trump a Looney Tune and Democrats call Harry Reid leader. That’s a pretty big difference after all.