Del. Marshall on Obama’s Gun Grab

Delegate Bob Marshall of Prince William County sent out the below email yesterday in response to President Obama’s executive orders regarding the 2nd Amendment. Please join us in supporting HB 83.

Dear Friends,

Barack Obama can enforce his own rules. Virginia is under no constitutional obligation to enforce Barack Obama’s executive efforts at restricting Second Amendment Rights.

Anticipating Barack Obama’s actions, I filed HB 83 to prevent the Commonwealth of Virginia or its localities from assisting Obama’s efforts which have been issued without Congressional authority and even in defiance of Congress.

In 1992 the US Supreme Court ruled that, “Congress may not simply “commandee[r] the legislative processes of the States by directly compelling them to enact and enforce a federal regulatory program.” (New York vs. United States, 488 U.S. 1041) The Court has ruled that way since 1842.

Yes, some actions proposed by President Obama are within his powers such as hiring FBI employees. Clearly, some of his acts require legislative powers which belong only to Congress and /or the state legislatures, not Presidents or Governors.

In the absence of more details or a better explanation, Obama’s proposal seems to require all persons who sell even a single firearm to have a federal license which would effectively prevent a citizen from selling his firearms through a licensed dealer without themselves having to get a federal firearms license!

Could these rules disqualifying people from firearms ownership and use be used as a tool reflecting Soviet practices of having psychiatrists neutralize political dissidents through mental health determinations to restrict their rights?

Obama failed to tell us how his executive orders would have prevented the violence he cites as justification for his unilateral and select disarming of American citizens who have committed no crime.

Further, Barack “you can keep your doctor” Obama presented a factually compromised narrative to justify his actions.

Please contact your delegate and senator to ask them to support HB 83 to stop Obama’s overreach. Thank you for your help and support!


Delegate Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall 2