No Worries on Obama’s Decrees

Yesterday President Barack Obama issued Executive Orders in an attempt to restrict 2nd Amendment rights. But this gun grab is weak. The only impressive thing about the Executive Orders is during the speech announcing his unconstitutional decrees, Obama somehow managed to refer to himself an astonishing 76 times. Even for a narcissist all-star like Obama that is an impressive amount of me, me, me. Obama must have just wanted the opportunity to get on TV again.

The White House issued a fact sheet on the orders, linked here.

Not long after the announcement Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) blasted out an email analyzing Obama’s gun grab. VCDL writes, “Much of the Executive Orders (EOs) really don’t change anything, but try to put a menacing or intimidating spin on them. Others simply double-down on existing enforcement (yawn), some are bad, and one VCDL likes.” They go on to offer a 12 point breakdown of the EOs and describe most with, “Net effect: zero.” There are two that VCDL labels as “DANGEROUS” saying for both points that “it can strip people of their right to own a gun WITHOUT DUE PROCESS.” For the point on hiring new agents to conduct background checks, VCDL calls this is “positive because of quicker gun purchases.”

Lawless Obama, who holds the Constitution in contempt, did not go crazy here. Maybe Obama realizes that the 2nd Amendment is a Constitutional right specifically added to protect the people from being disarmed by a tyrannical government. Or maybe he understands the mobilized grassroots who support responsible gun ownership outnumber the radical left who believe that only their body guards should be able to carry. Or maybe he is just getting lazy. Whatever the case, if VCDL, an organization that takes pride in being accused of making the NRA “look moderate,” is not worried about Obama’s moves then neither am I.VCDL