SCOTUS Takes the McDonnell Appeal

The Supreme Court of the United States announced today that it will hear former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s appeal. McDonnell was found guilty for potentially getting ready to help a wealthy contributor, but never got around to offering official state capacities to help his once thought to be friend.

McDonnell released the following statement moments after the Supreme Court made its announcement, available on McDonnell’s Facebook page;
“I am very grateful to the US Supreme Court for its decision today to hear my case. I am innocent of these crimes and ask the Court to reverse these convictions. I maintain my profound confidence in God’s grace to sustain me and my family, and thank my friends and supporters across the country for their faithfulness over these past three years.”

This is a good day for our nation’s justice system. In this case McDonnell did nothing that was unlawful. He does, however, deserve to be held accountable for his questionable decisions, which should be left entirely to voters. In the courtroom of public opinion he is guilty, in the real courtroom he is not guilty with the difference of serving the public in elected office or serving time in prison. The Supreme Court needs to step in and fix this miscarriage of justice.

The High Court will hear the case in April and will issue a ruling before the summer recess.

McDonnell and Bruce Smith

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