Marsden Mocks 2A Supporters

Today is Lobby Day at the General Assembly down in Richmond. This is a day intended for grassroots activists to directly engage their elected representatives in constructive dialogue about the issues of the day. It is supposed to be less confrontational and more cordial. But not everyone is decent enough to handle it that way.

Below is a photo of State Senator Dave Marsden from Fairfax putting up a sign that mocks 2nd Amendment supporters, the largest lobby group that will be in Richmond today.

So if you are at the General Assembly today please stop by Senator’s Marsden’s office, room number 429 in the General Assembly Building, and let him know that his out of touch politics and the inappropriate way he expresses them are unbecoming a member of the Virginia’s historic legislature.

Link to Marsden’s contact info.

Dave Marsden on 2A