Corey Stewart to Eliminate CCP Fee

Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart will propose eliminating the $50 fee for concealed carry permits.

In a press release Stewart said, “This policy allows well qualified citizens to freely exercise their Second Amendment rights. Eliminating the fee will remove another barrier for our citizens.” The release also states that “Chairman Stewart’s action will likely reverberate around the Commonwealth, and lead to other counties and cities proposing to do the same.”

Glad to see Stewart stand up for responsible gun owners. Right now the governor and the attorney general are fighting to keep guns out of our hands. The radical left believes that if guns weren’t sold to the public then criminals won’t have them, but meth, cocaine and heroin are not sold in stores either and yet, oh never mind. Keeping law abiding citizens from protecting themselves only keeps guns in the hands of the criminals we need protection against.

The Prince William County Board of Supervisors will consider this today at their regular meeting at 2pm. A vote by the board is scheduled for February 9.

2012 Official Portrait Chairman Stewart

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