Fairfax YR Chairman Race: Phil Bell

Guest Post by Phil Bell

My name is Phil Bell and I am running to be the next Chairman of the Fairfax Area Young Republicans. I’m running because the past decade has taught us that until we return government to its Constitutional size and scope, we can no longer take politics lightly. What’s more, our Republican organizations have watched Virginia decline from a reliable red state in national elections into a purple state rapidly trending blue.

I’m a life-long entrepreneur and Conservative activist who has volunteered for Republican candidates along the East Coast. I have worked as a staff member to Republican candidates at every level—including Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and House Speaker Newt Gingrich. My background includes serving as an officer in the Fairfax GOP, Treasurer of the Alexandria Young Republicans, and as a Regional Vice Chair for the Young Republican Federation of Virginia. I have resided in Northern Virginia since 2008 and Fairfax County since 2011.

However, I don’t come to this race out of a desire to just be the leader of a group. I’m in this race because I know the Fairfax Area Young Republicans have the opportunity to lead in electing Republicans and building the Commonwealth into the top state to raise a family, start a business, and live the American Dream. If elected, we WILL seize this opportunity and here’s how:

Great Social Events: We will hold Fairfax YR meetings at Metro-accessible bars and restaurants, which have ample parking, good food, and great atmosphere. What’s more, we will also have joint social events with other Republican organizations throughout the Greater Washington-area. This will help each of us grow our personal and professional networks, while having a great time.

Building The Future: As a Maryland GOP staffer, I helped implement a successful candidate training program that helped both first-time office-seekers and established incumbents to become great candidates. The Fairfax GOP has no such consistent program, so we will leverage the skills within our membership to operate a yearly program that becomes the gold standard for candidate training in all of Virginia.

Getting Out The Vote: As your Chairman, I will make sure we are more than just campaign foot soldiers. We will help turn out Republican votes in difficult areas that most campaigns ignore, which will help all of our candidates by building the Party for the long-haul. We will also implement my plan to turn out up to 5,000 20-40 year-olds in our region to vote for Republican candidates during the 2016 cycle. This will help build our Club and our Party.

Promoting Our Work: We will use every channel available—social media, Internet, print, television, and otherwise to call attention to who we are and the good work we do. Promoting our meetings, activities, and the individual achievements of our members will help us grow our ranks, increase our influence, and accomplish our goals.

I want to hear from you. You can call my cell phone anytime at (201) 602-4934 or email me at Phillip.Bell@Gmail.com. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @ThePhilBell, Instagram @PhilBell4022, and add me as a friend on Facebook.

With your vote for me February 3rd, the Fairfax Area Young Republicans will lead the way to making Virginia great once again!

Phil BellPhil Bell is running for Chairman for the Fairfax Area Young Republicans. The election will be held at the next YR monthly meeting, which is this coming Wednesday, February 3rd, at 7:30pm at The Old Firestation #3 located at 3988 University Dr. in the City of Fairfax.