John Kasich: An Experienced Leader

Guest Post by Chester Wynn

Ohio Governor John Kasich is the only viable candidate left in the Republican presidential primary and is the only one of the five remaining Republicans that has experience in the legislature and experience as a chief executive of government.

As chairman of the House Budget Committee, Kasich led the effort that achieved the last balanced budget of the federal government. He also has more experience in foreign policy than the other candidates, having served on the House Armed Services Committee for 18 years. He is the current two-term Governor of Ohio; and just as he brought conservative economic reform to Washington, he brought conservative economic reform to Ohio. Under his leadership, Ohio went from an $8 billion shortfall to a $2 billion surplus while cutting taxes.

For reasons that I have yet to comprehend; the Governor of Ohio has not connected with conservative primary voters. Kasich is the only candidate with a proven record of conservative economic policies. The campaigns of the other candidates have been successful at bogging down the debate with the rhetoric of conservative principles and values. “I’m the most conservatives because I read the Bible, I do not like immigrants, I do not like abortions,” and so on. It is time for conservatives to wake up. The only two issues a true conservative should consider in voting for any office in the federal government is; 1) Who will limit the federal government and allow the economy to grow? 2) Who will cut taxes and stop wasteful, irresponsible spending? The only answer to these two questions that we know for sure is Kasich.

The definition of conservatism is very narrow when it is applied to the federal government. Do not be distracted by social and moral issues, especially when there is no successful record to back up a candidate’s position. Kasich is the only choice for those who value leadership and experience.

Virginians can turn the tide on Tuesday. Virginians can say no to empty demagoguery and yes to conservatism that works. On Tuesday I will be voting with my wallet, and that is why I am voting for John Kasich for president.


Chester Wynn is an old-time Republican who lives in Winchester, Virginia.