Poetry And Politics

Today is World Poetry Day, or at least according to trending items on Twitter it is. So here are a few modern day adjustments to some classic poems or just a few blatant rip-offs. Either way, enjoy;

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Intelligent political discourse has gone away
And you’re ugly too

There is a place where politics ends
And before the screaming begins,
And there the mood is soft and light,
And there new ideas are considered bright,
And there the advocates rest from their plight,
To cool in the prevailing wind.

There once was a man from Nantucket
When it came to work he would duck it
He thought the world was unfair
So he didn’t have a care
And now he’s voting for the Democratic ticket

I wandered lonely as a conservative
With contemplations on values and bills,
When all at once I read a new narrative,
A direction that gave me chills,
New leadership is needed please,
Something to which we need not sneeze.

Two roads diverged in the GOP,
No room for any to travel both
So as one voter there I stood,
Has our Party existed as long as it could?


Apologies to Shel Silverstein, William Wordsworth, Robert Frost and two unknowns.

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