Pic Of The Year

Photographic evidence of just how stupid President Barack Obama is has surfaced (picture below and linked here). Obama and Che in Cuba. What an inspiring picture for freedom fighters everywhere.

And while there Obama said our country can “hopefully” learn from Cuba on how to improve our human rights. Unreal. To be fair, he said this during the Q&A, he wouldn’t have read that out loud from a speech. You see, Obama’s communication skills begin and end with his ability to read prepared remarks out loud. When he needs to think on his own is when he drops ridiculous gaffes that ignore history and embarrass our country.

Clearly, Obama is not bright. Remember all the hits on President George W. Bush’s intelligence? Fair or unfair they were persistent, but our current fool always escapes from being called out as an idiot. There are too many examples to list. Yesterday’s pic and quote are just the latest. Obama has to be the least intelligent, the least aware, and all around the worse president yet.

Great job, idiot.

Obama and Che.