Jackson Finally To Be Removed From $20 Bill

President Andrew Jackson will finally be removed from the twenty-dollar bill. He will be replaced by abolitionist Harriet Tubman. This is a move the federal government should have made a while ago.

Jackson was always such a curious choice for our nation’s currency. He hated banks. He called paper money “ragged money.” He ran a successful re-election campaign built on ending the charter of the Second Bank of the United States. And when you consider that Jackson is guilty of the most blatant violation of separation of powers when he said, in regards to the unconstitutional Indian Removal Act, “[Chief Justice] John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it,” he should then be classified as ineligible for such an exclusive place in everyday American life as having his face on our currency.

Replacing Jackson on the twenty ends earlier talk about replacing Alexander Hamilton on the ten-dollar bill. As much as I dislike Hamilton, he was the first secretary of the treasury, so keeping him on our money does make sense.

To Jackson’s, replacement, Tubman, the feds made a fine selection. Tubman’s history is well-known as she was the chief engineer of the famed Underground Railroad, which was responsible for facilitating the path to freedom for countless runaway slaves. And don’t tell the radical left that Tubman was a 2nd Amendment supporter.

Whoever is picked will open the door for a debate on who else could’ve/should’ve been picked. So in the spirit of debate, let’s join. Tubman’s efforts were an inspiration to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. From that the era, maybe consider Thurgood Marshall, who in addition to being the first black Supreme Court Justice, was also the lead attorney in the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education case, a case that eventually helped permanently change our country for the better. Other historic Americans to consider are William Howard Taft, the only one to serve our country as president and chief justice of the Supreme Court, or the Father of The Constitution James Madison, but there are too many presidents on our money, so I would prefer a non-president. Maybe Chief Justice John Marshall could be considered. Everyone likes astronauts, so maybe Neil Armstrong, who also served in the military. But since this is money we are talking about, then why not consider a champion of free market capitalism? The radical left is currently campaigning against success in the private sector, so this is probably not the best time to push a fat cat, but they are always whining about something so here goes. J.D. Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt are two of the bigger names. Maybe Thomas Edison should be considered, his inventive mind is a good example of how talent is rewarded in the free market.

Replacing Andrew Jackson on the twenty-dollar bill is the right move. He never belonged there in the first place. Iconic abolitionist Harriet Tubman is a great selection. Her rise to fame was through selfless sacrifice. She fought for freedom and Jackson fought against banks. And since banks are where people get twenty-dollar bills, and because Americans have the freedom to spend our twenty-dollar bills as we see fit, replacing an anti-bank figure with a pro-freedom figure makes a ton of sense.

20 bucks.

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    A good choice. She was also a Republican….you know.