T-Mac Restores Voting Rights For Felons For Hillary

In a move to no doubt fill the voter rolls with as many Democratic votes as possible Governor Terry McAuliffe signed an executive action today restoring the voting rights of over 200,000 felons.

In a presidential election year with his good friend Hillary Clinton running for her last shot at the White House, T-Mac will do everything he can do to help deliver the Old Dominion. This move, done after the General Assembly has adjourned, is a political power play designed to stuff the ballot box for Clinton.

State Senator and congressional candidate Tom Garrett tweeted that T-Mac’s unilateral action “Does NOT comply with VA law.”

Get Ready For Hillary everyone. T-Mac and his cronies will rig the game for Clinton every chance they get.

Garrett tweet on voting rights for felons.

  • johnmcv

    OK……..They have their rights restored…wait till They apply for CW licenses and are refused. A good attorney coulld solve that problem. Come on, boys, GUN UP.