Send Bill Cleveland To Cleveland

Republicans in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District will decide this Saturday on three delegates to the National Convention. Among those running is Bill Cleveland and he deserves your vote.

Bill is a retired Capitol Hill police officer and a former vice-mayor of Alexandria. He has been very involved with Republican candidates for office in the 8th and statewide. He is a very familiar face to NoVA Republicans; just about anytime Bill is at a Republican meeting of either a county committee, a women’s group or Young Republican club, he is asked to stand and recite the Republican Creed. And I mean to say recite as he always stands and speaks our Creed without any notes to read as he has it memorized by heart.

And Bill will be the first person to tell you that “talking the talk, ain’t the same as walking the walk.” Bill understands the Creed so very well and he has lived his life consistent with those values.

On a personal note; I know Bill and I consider it an absolute privilege that I can call him a friend. He is honest, hard-working, smart, politically savvy, and warm of heart. He is a proud American who wants to serve his district at the National Convention. He has done everything to earn the votes of Republicans in the 8th and Red NoVA wholeheartedly endorses his candidacy. He is one of our Party’s all-stars and we truly hope he is honored with the chance to serve.

Send Bill Cleveland to Cleveland, because Cleveland rocks…. and so does Bill Cleveland.

Bill Cleveland.

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  • George

    Go Bill!!!