8th District SCC Conservative Ticket

Red NoVA endorses Paul Blumstein, Robert Kenyon and Anna Urman for State Central Committee in the 8th District. In an email announcing their candidacies from earlier this year, the three candidates write;

“It has different names in many states, but each state Republican party has one. Virginia is one of a very few nationwide which are NOT controlled by elected officials and their minions and consultants. Ours is controlled, by a very narrow margin, by the grassroots. Folks like you. Like us. We aim to keep it that way. That’s why we’re candidates for State Central Committee from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. Each district has a few seats on SCC. The 8th has 3. We’re running to make sure those seats are filled by grassroots Republicans.”

Included in their email was a brief bio on each, copied and pasted below.

Paul Blumstein

Paul has been a busy political activist for over 50 years. He is a strong believer in liberty, our Constitution, capitalism, small government and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Some of the organizations that Paul has been active with include AFP, RLC, JBS, NRA, GOA, VCDL, and the tea party movement. Professionally, Paul is a certified, experienced Project Manager.

Robert Kenyon

Robert is a native of Stafford County, now an Arlingtonian. He has been involved in every election cycle on some level since 1997, has been the chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia since 2012, and has worked professionally for conservative campaigns for U.S. House, the Senate of Virginia, and the Virginia House of Delegates. He espouses Constitutional originalism and a liberty-focused conservatism that empowers the individual over any level of government.

Anna Urman

Anna was the 2015 Republican nominee in the 43rd House of Delegates district. She is the Director of the Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Program (Virginia PTAP). Prior to joining PTAP, Anna was the Director of the South Fairfax Small Business Development Center. She is an immigrant from Belarus by way of Lithuania, and values liberty, and can explain firsthand what it’s like to live under a totalitarian regime.

These three great candidates make up the conservative ticket for the 8th District and they would serve our Party well on State Central Committee.

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With a few changes, this piece was originally posted on February 15, 2016.

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  • Anna Urman

    Many thanks for your endorsement!

  • Robert Kenyon