Taking The Pain Out Of Conventions

Guest Post by Richard McCarty

Why do conventions have to be so miserable?

The short answer is that they don’t. If elected to State Central, I’ll work to make conventions less painful for attendees. How will I do this?

I’ll advocate for the state party to set up online registration for conventions. From one page, you should be able to register for all of the conventions that you’re eligible to vote at, sign up for your local Republican committee, and pay any necessary fees.

I’ll advocate for satellite voting locations when the party is nominating statewide candidates. Under my plan, you’d have your choice of going to the main convention location or going to one of 3-4 satellite locations around the Commonwealth where you could watch the convention proceedings on a large screen and vote for the candidates of your choice. This would save convention attendees both time and money and enable more people to participate.

If I cannot get satellite voting locations set up, I’ll advocate for holding the convention near Charlottesville, Richmond, or Williamsburg. Most of the Commonwealth’s population is located near I-95 and I-64, and I think we should strive to locate conventions close to our population centers so more people can attend.

To save convention attendees’ time, I’ll advocate for Instant Runoff Voting. With Instant Runoff Voting, you’d rank the candidates from your most preferred to your least preferred. The votes for the least favorite candidate would be reallocated according to the voters’ preferences. The process of reallocating votes would continue until a candidate received a majority of votes. Using Instant Runoff Voting, we could eliminate the need for multiple rounds of voting while still ensuring that every winner has majority support.

To make conventions more accessible to college students, recent grads, and those on fixed incomes, I’ll advocate to keep convention fees low or optional for attendees.

Finally, I’ll advocate for setting up a committee to review what went wrong with our recent state convention in Harrisonburg and what we can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If you agree that it’s time we reform our convention processes, I ask for your vote on May 14th at the 11th Congressional District Convention at Centreville High School.


Richard McCarty is a pro-life conservative and long-time Republican volunteer. He is currently a candidate for the State Central Committee from the 11th Congressional District. More information on his campaign can be found at Richard McCarty for State Central Committee. He can be reached at richard@richardforstatecentral.com.