Paul Prados For Chairman

Red NoVA is glad to endorse Paul Prados for 11th District Chairman.

Prados is an attorney who lives in Reston. He has worked on re-districting plans, has been a part of the Fairfax GOP and has helped campaigns with legal work and ol’ fashion grassroots voter engagement. He has the knowledge and the experience of Party processes to excel as a district chairman. It is rather easy to place our entire confidence in his ability to lead the 11th District.

Prados’ opponent in this race is the incumbent chairman Terry Wear, who has lost all of our confidence. Wear was a member of the conservative caucus who believe Party processes are the best method to nominate candidates. But Wear turned his back on the caucus and has begun to support state-run primaries. Let’s not focus on the primary v. convention argument and let’s focus on the fact that Wear was elected as a part of the pro- convention side and then, without explanation, turned his backed on those who helped him get elected in the first place. That kind of behavior, saying A during the campaign and then doing B once elected, is something that should not be rewarded. One big reason why we have elections is to hold those in office accountable for their actions.

When it was time for our Party leadership to decide on a primary or a convention for the 2016 presidential race (remember we are not debating the merits of primary v. convention here) Wear made a motion to hold this vote by secret ballot. That is outrageous. Party members need to know how their representatives voted in order to hold them accountable by either singing their praise or organizing to vote them out. Wear felt otherwise and his motion was an affront to an open and transparent process.

So in the spirit of accountability, along with the principle of transparency, I reached out to Wear to ask him about his motion to hold a secret ballot. I first asked him over email and received no response. When I later saw Wear at an event I asked him about this and I mentioned that I hadn’t seen a response from my email. He told me that he “wasn’t going to respond to a blogger.” I’ve been called worse, but the point is that Wear seems to have a policy of not talking to someone who has an avenue to spread information, which is a curious policy choice for an elected official as it does not line up with accountability and transparency. Anyway, Wear told me that he made the motion for a secret ballot because people’s businesses were being threaten and he “won’t stand for that.” But when I asked him who was making the threats he wouldn’t say. I tried to explain to him that he is not actually taking a stand against the threats if he doesn’t call them out and what he actually did by proposing the secret ballot was play into the “threats” and let the perpetrators get away with it. He seemed to not understand, so I left thinking that his story about businesses being threaten was a dishonest explanation. The real reason behind the secret ballot was incumbency protection. For Wear, if he voted with the convention supporters who had helped get him in office, then Wear may have trouble winning re-election in the 11th as that district can turn out some pretty moderate Republicans who are perfectly comfortable with state-run primaries. Or Wear could have voted with the moderates for a primary to win re-election, but then he would have been shut out of the conservative caucus. Either way Wear would have lost something so the only way for him to save face was to keep his vote from being recorded in the minutes. Shameful.

Prados would not have done any of that. He would not have pushed for a secret ballot, he would not have voted in favor of state-run processes over Party-run processes, and he certainly would not have established a policy not to talk to people about any of this. Prados believes leadership involves honesty, transparency and accountability; three things that I have seen Wear come up short in.

The 11th needs new leadership. Paul Prados is the best choice. We encourage delegates to the 11th District Convention to cast their vote for Prados for Chairman.

prados for chair.

The 11th Congressional District Republican Committee will select their chairman this Saturday at a convention, which will be held in the 10th District because Chairman Wear couldn’t find a location in the 11th, d’oh!

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