Rauner Running For SCC

Guest Post by Ryan Rauner

Why should you vote for Ryan Rauner on May 14th?

The Republican Party of Virginia has not won a statewide election since 2009. 60% of voters under the age of 29 voted for Obama in 2012, as did 74% of voters that identify with a race other than white. While these statistics may or may not seem alarming to you—you should feel compelled to at least ask why…

Now certainly a lack of transparency and exclusionary practices can turn people off and discourage participation, but the simple fact is that we’re losing elections because we aren’t growing our Party.

Our country is becoming more diverse every day. These are facts that we can’t deny. If we want to win we need to become the party of tomorrow…today. Millennials are the largest voting bloc in the country today, period. We need to attract new, younger, and more diverse members to the Republican Party.

Our party needs a new face, a hopeful voice, and a positive message. That’s what I bring to the table. More than any other candidate in this race– I can mobilize a young and more diverse demographic to grow and expand our party.

At this point you’re probably wondering why and how?

The short answer is that while I’m active within the Republican Party, I’m not only active within the Party. I’m on the board of the Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum focused on activating the business community to support our candidates and advise them on policy; NextGenGOP focused on engaging millennials and a more diverse demographic, and have been involved with the FCRC since 2012.

Now while I’m proud of my involvement in these organizations what we need now is more than a Republican activist. We need an ambassador in the community; practicing and preaching conservative values… and that’s me.

I’ve been involved in various charitable, volunteer, and professional organizations for the better part of a decade and have served in leadership positions in each and every one. I’ve help raise hundreds of thousands for charities representing all areas of need, I’ve grown organizations from dozens of members to hundreds, and I mentor at risk youths on Saturday mornings.

Millennials and minorities think Republicans don’t care. I’ve shown them that we do. I’ve practiced what I preach. Because of this they will listen. But a new generation of Americans needs a new generation of leaders.

I love people. I’m a connector. It’s who I am and what I do. And that’s what we need right now. We need someone who can unite our party and bring others in. We need someone who will look for the common ground, focus on the 85% that we agree upon, and use it to accomplish our common goals. This is how we’ll grow our party…. this is how we’ll win again… and this is why I’m asking for your vote for State Central Committee on May 14th.

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Ryan Rauner is running for a seat to the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee from the 11th Congressional District. His race will be decided at a convention this Saturday at Centreville High School.