Fredy Burgos For SCC

Guest Post by Fredy Burgos

County Republican elected party officials, including those on the SCC, have not grown the party and will not be instrumental in winning elections unless there is a new approach from the Party. Simply voting on Republican Party business is not good enough. A lack of engagement with our local communities has resulted in a disconnect of ordinary working people from Republican Party values and has contributed to political election losses, locally and state wide, despite having candidates clearly superior to Democrat opponents. I will be the active SCC member who will work to change this.

Most of our “political science” candidates have never produced any goods or services that the private sector would voluntarily pay for, have never created a private sector job, and wouldn’t begin to know how to do it. They are effectively disconnected from “ordinary people”. This is the reason for the perception of being elitist and arrogant that people have of our Party and why our Party has not grown.

These “political science” candidates and “leaders” are all talk and no action. Our Party should not be a majority of intellectuals whose only end product is ideas and who vote in ways that make us scratch our heads in confusion: they vote contrary to the tenets in the RPV Creed and do nothing to advance it. These people have no consequential knowledge base and should not be in a position to give advice on how to arrange society.

Most Americans and first generation Americans work in or own small businesses. Ordinary citizens make up the majority of citizens in America. The Republican Party has ordinary citizens who are “Super Volunteers”…I am one…that help to grow the Republican Party by explaining the value of conservative principles. These people, these Super Volunteers, must be given leadership positions so they can lead the Party by example and not just words. I am a small business owner and have been a 100% volunteer worker. I have not been paid for any of my time in my 8 years of political activism. Knowing in my heart that I have done my best to help Republicans win and being a positive influence to my daughters has been enough payment for me. That is the mind set we need for change to occur in the Party and for our Party to win elections again.


Fredy Burgos is running for a seat on the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee from the 11th Congressional District. His race will be decided on Saturday at a convention at Centreville High School.