Dewey McDonnell For SCC

Red NoVA endorses Dewey McDonnell for State Central Committee.

Dewey is a grassroots Republican activist from Culpeper. He has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for many campaigns over the years; most notably playing a significant role in E.W. Jackson’s campaign for Lt. Governor and in Dave Brat’s upset of Eric Cantor. Dewey has served on his county committee and has stayed very active in helping the GOP ticket every cycle. He is a rock-ribbed conservative who will represent the grassroots side of our Party. He has earned a chance to serve.

Dewey is on the party-process side of the current debate between state-run primaries and party controlled processes. Party process is the best way to nominate our candidates. Dewey will be a consistent vote to keep Republican nominations in the hands of grassroots Republicans. Let’s keep our Party in charge of what our Party wants to do. And as Republicans, we need to lead by example and not pass the cost of our nomination method to the government, forcing the taxpayers to pick up the bill.

Dewey McDonnell has been a selfless volunteer and a true grassroots conservative. He has helped our Party and our candidates time and again. He deserves a chance to represent the 7th District on State Central.


Dewey McDonnell is running for a seat on the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee from the 7th Congressional District. His race will be decided on this Saturday at a convention in Richmond.

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