Trump At The NRA

Below is a video from YouTube of Donald Trump’s remarks on Saturday to the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum. After a drawn out lead-in Trump eventually gets to the point that guns save lives. He talks about how some terrorist attacks could have been countered had guns been on the innocents. Then he hits Hillary Clinton for her anti-2nd Amendment positions.

For the most part, Trump uses his time to bounce back and forth from solid pro-2A talking points to a recap of his polling numbers and a list of some of wins in the primary. There is no laser focus. He talks about guns, coal mines, the Supreme Court, all in-between mentioning his pro-2A positions.

Here are a few quotes from Trump;  

 “We’re getting rid of gun free zones.”

“We should have non-teleprompter speeches only when you’re running for president, you find out about people. The other way you don’t find out about anybody.”

“We’re going to win them all.”

“I like women more than men. Come on women, let’s go. Come on.”