“You Didn’t Build That” Anniversary

“You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” –President Barack Obama July 16, 2012

Today marks the anniversary of one of President Obama’s most ridiculous speeches ever.

Taken out of context you say? Well I remember Charles Krauthammer at the time pointing out that describing the context makes it worse for the president. The context of the president’s statement is that government’s gifts, handouts, and dependence on someone else are the essential components of society. Ask Obama if intelligence matters. No, “there are a lot of smart people.” How about hard work? No, “let me tell you something, there are a whole bunch of hard working people out there.”

A real glimpse into President Obama’s socialism message is found here; “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.” The key word there is “gave.” Self-reliance, independence, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, drive, courage to take risks, are all irrelevant in President Obama’s view of how the socialist state bestows its wealth amongst its subjects.

When it happened I thought it was the gaffe that would push Mitt Romney over the top. What an insult to small business owners who are fighting to get the government’s burdensome regulations off their backs. What an insult to hard working Americans. What an insult to the vision the Founders had for this country. But “you didn’t build that” was not enough for the masses to understand who they were really voting for, and that is a president who truly wants to fundamentally change everything about the United States.

So remember, “you didn’t build” whatever it is that you built. The president said so.

Video from Youtube.


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