93 Special

Don’t forget about the special election in the peninsula’s 93rd House of Delegates District. The Republican candidate is Heather Cordasco, a former member of the Williamsburg-James City County School Board. She was unopposed for the nomination and will face her Democrat opponent this November in a special to fill the vacancy left when Democrat Monty Mason resigned to run for state senate in another special this November.

Cordasco is running in a district where the Democratic Mason won election in 2013 and then won re-election in 2015, but she is no stranger to tough races. Last fall she ran for her board of supervisors seat and lost to an entrenched incumbent by a mere 42 votes. Speaker Bill Howell said, “she’s dynamite,” a glowing endorsement indeed.

Cordasco’s press release announcing her success in obtaining the Republican nomination included the following;
“The people of the 93rd District deserve a leader who will fight for a better life for everyone on the Peninsula,” Cordasco, a 23-year resident of the Peninsula, said in a news release. “As a member of the House of Delegates, I want to use my leadership skills and understanding of our community to grow and strengthen our economy, provide new educational opportunities for our children to succeed, and relieve transportation gridlock so families can spend more time together.”

Republicans usually have the advantage in special elections because our base always turns out, but a special election on the same day as a presidential election is more of a surprise election than anything else. The Democrats will be out, we need to be too. Sample ballots (oh how I despise them) will play a huge role in this race. The team with the best poll coverage could make the difference.

We like school board candidates because it is such an important position and we like to see solid conservative school board members take their leadership experience and educational policy expertise to higher offices. With that, we like Heather Cordasco and we are wishing her the best.


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