Debate Bounce

Looking through the mainstream media’s wrap-up of Monday’s debate, what is noticeably absent is the mention of a post-debate bounce, which is a positive increase in polling numbers as a direct result of the debate performance. Because Hillary Clinton is more unlikable the more she is seen, we shouldn’t expect her to receive a positive bounce after performing on a national stage in primetime. If Trump did receive an uptick in support then the liberal media outlets like CNN (Clinton News Network) or MSNBC (Mostly Stuff No Body Cs) won’t be allowed to report it due to contractual obligations they have with Hillary’s campaign, so we are left to look at other indicators.

One such indicator is the fundraising haul made immediately after the debate, which could provide telling information. In this situation, Donald Trump raised a record $18 million. Wow! That’s a lot of small dollar “deplorables” that Hillary’s team unwittingly fired up. Could Trump pull this off? Clearly, Hillary is a terrible candidate and a terrible public servant who has no accomplishments to run on and a long history to run away from, so her troubles this campaign should be no surprise. However when a candidate is the darling of the establishment, like Hillary is, then that candidate is going to be tough to beat just by default. The mindless sample ballot voter can be a moving force. Let’s hope this year is different.

In 2008 and 2012 Republicans were told that we lost because our base didn’t show up. I’ll leave commenting on that alone for now and just point out that the Democrat’s base may not show up for Hillary like the Ds expect. She is unlikable, she has burned down every bridge she has crossed and her bullying tactics are the heart of her campaign plan. Guilt, shame, and fear are the cornerstones Hillary has built her campaign on. When you have no accomplishments from your time in public life (and yet somehow are super rich) then you have to distract, deflect and never defend a lackluster career. Hillary Clinton does not deserve a promotion.

The post-debate fundraising haul from Donald Trump could be evidence of an upset brewing. Trump supporters have 18 million new reasons to be optimistic.