General Assembly Reconvenes Today

Veto Session starts today at 12noon. Delegate Rob Bell sent out an email last night briefly describing today’s session, which includes a link to the General Assembly’s live video feed, copied and pasted below.

McAuliffe has bragged to the media that he has vetoed more bills than any Governor in the history of Virginia. McAuliffe has also offered a budget amendment that would empower him to expand Medicaid in Virginia under Obamacare.

In addition to his 38 other vetoes, McAuliffe vetoed two of my bills. The first, House Bill 2343, would require state officials to provide local registrars with the list of their voters who are also registered to vote in another state. The second, House Bill 1578, is the “Tebow Bill,” which would permit schools to let homeschoolers play on high school athletic teams.

For a summary of all Governor McAuliffe’s vetoes, click here.

Not surprisingly, every single veto is of a Republican bill. Some represented years of work, and of course had to pass both houses to even reach the Governor’s desk. We will need 2/3 vote to pass any of these bills — which means we will need votes from some Democrats to be successful. You can follow the floor debate [starting Wednesday April 5 at 12noon] here.

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