Who is Will Radle?

Will Radle (Purple will be the official color for those who have a hard time picking a party), the serial office-seeker, istelling people publicly he is running for Board Chairman. Radle, who is not a member of the Fairfax County Republican Committee, is a former candidate for Congress, District Supervisor, District School Board, School Board At-Large, and now Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

On top of his lack of dedication to a single office (opportunist much?), Radle seems to have a problem sticking with a political party. An email attained by me shows Radle soliciting the Fairfax County Democratic Committee for their endorsement of his run for the School Board At-Large. This email was sent less than 4 months ago in mid November of 2010. While I will not post the entire email, I will pull statements made by Radle out. See below:

This is a clip from the first email he sent to FCDC officials requesting a meeting to discuss their endorsement:

“I am encouraged to contact you by [name withheld] as I seek to earn the endorsement of the Democratic Party for an At-Large seat on the Fairfax County School Board.”

Following this email, FCDC responded:

“Thank you for contacting me about your interest. I appreciate your interest in the School Board; however, considering all of your Republican interests, activities (including recent planned run for GOP office), and ties there is not any possibility to consider endorsing you as a Democratic candidate for School Board at Large.”

After Radle received this email, he responded and insisted upon a face to face meeting with FCDC officials to discuss his Democratic credentials and why he is a real Democrat:

“I want to deliver measurable solutions for our students and our community carrying the banner of the Democratic Party. I seek the Democratic endorsement.”


“I work extensively with Democrats.”


“The Democratic Party has a proud history of being the definition of diversity. I think of my studies of the 1960?s when The Honorable Hubert Humphrey and Robert C. Byrd were colleagues in the US Senate. The Honorable Robert Kennedy and Bull Connor both were Democrats. I have had an epiphany. I will seek to show that many good, decent people like my personal hero Senator Joseph Gartlan represent the modern Democratic Party and our future.”

So, Mr. Radle, 2 questions for you:

1) What office do you really intend to run for?

2) What party, if any, do you intend to run with?

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Not Will Radle says:

March 2, 2011 at 3:45 pm

If he gives you an answer today, it’ll likely change by tomorrow.


Will Radle says:

March 3, 2011 at 2:33 pm

I am Will Radle. With 20 years experience serving on state, regional and local public committees as well as nonprofit boards, my focus remains creating effective, sustainable solutions to the challenges confronting our community.

In December I wrote an open letter to the Fairfax County Republican and Democratic Committee Chairmen sharing what I want to achieve for Fairfax County. I sought to be considered for endorsement as an At-Large School Board candidate. School Board candidates by law are independents, but are usually endorsed by a party. I was not seeking a guarantee that I would be endorsed, just considered.

Days before Representative Giffords was shot in Phoenix, I received hostile responses. Democrats said no because I am a Republican. Republicans said no because I am a Democrat. They did not challenge or refute the details of my plan or my desire to serve our community.

In talking with people, I find the great majority want education funding parity. We want fair treatment for Fairfax County taxpayers and students. We want to prevent future Governors from denying Fairfax County our fair share of funding for basic education. We want effective, sustainable solutions to the challenges confronting our community. Our priorities are education, transportation and diversified economic growth. I put people and community above politics and party. Sometimes when you believe in something, you must be willing to stand alone if necessary. I am finding that I am not alone.

If given the privilege and responsibility of serving as Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, I will build bipartisan consensus and move our community forward in achieving important milestones. The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors is the de facto voice of the County and can more effectively advocate for our community. One seat on the BoS has more influence than one on the SB in funding our priorities that lead to economic growth, enriched quality of life and lower taxes.

Sorry for the long reading, I just feel you deserve an honest, complete answer.

In closing, let me greet the cowards hiding behind pseudonyms while people are seeking to undertake serious, challenging work for the benefit of our community. How you doing? I remain focused on serving our community. No excuses. Just backbone.

localgop  says:

March 3, 2011 at 2:46 pm

Will, Thank you for the lengthy explanation. However, you did not answer my question.

1)      What office are you actually seeking?

2)      What party, if any, are you going to run with?


Will Radle says:

March 3, 2011 at 4:04 pm

localgop, it is my pleasure to answer your question. In fact, I believe I did. I am seeking the office of Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors as it will enable me to more effectively advocate for Fairfax County and our people.

As I see it, the second question is not timely. I have emails wherein the Lee Dictrict Republican Committee Chair thanks me for my service and great work. I believe in the strength of my ideas and principles. The Republican leadership lacks confidence when they see a longstanding volunteer reach out to Democrats. In a perfect world, they ought to be proud that someone has enough confidence and courage to reach out. My goal was to broaden support for lower real estate taxes and increased local control. Instead, I am lumped with Bradsher when I have been honest. I have been loyal to my conservative principles all along.

From my open letter: At a time of war when 600,000 Americans were killed on this continent, Abraham Lincoln chose as his running mate a Southern Democrat.

If we cannot seek to win friends and influence people, what good is politics?

Susan Valentine says:
March 3, 2011 at 10:26 pm

As Chairman of the Lee District Republicans, I’ll attempt to clarify things by providing the complete text of the email that Will sent to me and to the Lee District Democratic Co-Chairman on November 19th (while many of us Republicans were attending the RPV Advance at Tyson’s Corner), explaining his allegiance to the Democratic Party:

“I request the privilege of meeting with you so we can address the issues honestly and frankly. As I shared, I will answer every question you may have for me. It will be your choice whether to include Susan Valentine. I am making a clear, conscientious decision. This is not easy. Could you imagine? Respectfully, is there a flood of people converting to the Democratic Party at this time when the nation and the Commonwealth has seen fewer Democrats returned to office after the 2010 election?

“I want to deliver measurable solutions for our students and our community carrying the banner of the Democratic Party. I seek the Democratic endorsement. As for my previous efforts on behalf of the Republican Party, I point to The Honorable Jim Jeffords. Obviously, he was a United States Senator who had won electoral victories for the Republican Party. I am not aware of any problems the Democratic Party had in recognizing his conscientious, difficult decision.

“I am proud and thankful that my comprehensive plan to address our nation’s economic and fiscal challenges has been reviewed by Senator Mark Warner and Representative James Moran and forwarded by both to the Congressional Budget Office for analysis. One aspect of the plan ensures the future solvency of Social Security without reducing benefits while lowering payroll taxes. So, as you can see, I work extensively with Democrats. As I say, I am a civic person living in a political world.

“The Democratic Party has a proud history of being the definition of diversity. I think of my studies of the 1960?s when The Honorable Hubert Humphrey and Robert C. Byrd were colleagues in the US Senate. The Honorable Robert Kennedy and Bull Connor both were Democrats. I have had an epiphany. I will seek to show that many good, decent people like my personal hero Senator Joseph Gartlan represent the modern Democratic Party and our future. I will put forward public policies capable of earning broad support and uniting people around creating desirable solutions.

“In a time when our public schools need more resources and taxpayers need respite, I seek to help provide creative, effective solutions. I believe in accountable, measurable leadership in public service. Out of a conscientious concern for our nation’s future, I stepped up to say we must create sustainable policies to ensure the American people are secure and prosperous into the distant future. I am thankful that our Senator and our Representative have sought thorough analysis of my work.

“Respectfully, Mr. Chairman, I request the privilege of speaking with you at a time convenient to your calendar. Please feel free to call me at anytime. If your answer is negative, I will look in the mirror and know I have done my best.

Sincerely, Will Radle”

There are more, often contradictory, emails from Will but in the interest of space, the above is pretty clear. Later, when Will sought to join the Republican Party after his rejection by the Democrats I responded:

“Your Nov. 19th email clearly, fervently, and elaborately details your “epiphany” that led to your “conscientious, difficult decision” about “converting to the Democratic party” and desire to be “carrying the banner of the Democratic party,” citing “The Honorable Jim Jeffords” as your role model and wanting to promote “the modern Democratic Party and our future.” Certainly you are entitled to feel this way, but a person who feels this way does not belong in the Fairfax County REPUBLICAN party. I am sorry that your intended party’s local chairman did not warmly welcome you into the fold, but that does not entitle you to use our party as a fall-back springboard for your personal ambitions. There is a clear difference between operating in a nonpartisan or bipartisan way and attempting to work with both parties, versus strongly declaring an allegiance to one, which is what you did throughout the six paragraphs of your letter.”

Susan Valentine

Will Radle says:

March 4, 2011 at 9:13 am

I will follow my heart and the example set by George Washington. If you want to challenge me on the basis of my ideas and proposals, I welcome the competition. The reason why experienced leaders who says: have and could win victories for Republicans in Fairfax County are not seeking public office is because of the narrow-minded approach of many local Republican party leaders.

I am free to present effective, sustainable solutions to the challenges confronting our community without the local Republican Party leadership. For example, the proposal I presented to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on February 22, 2011 will save residents and businesses millions of dollars in the next 5 years without increasing risk.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc5B5VNR2lo

Where were you Susan on the issue? Don’t Know, Don’t Care. Thank you for this liberty.


Susan Valentine says:

March 4, 2011 at 12:50 pm

Will, I’m glad that you are pleased. We now return to the status quo ante, since (again, clarifying for the blog readers) you haven’t been an active member of the Lee District Republicans. You first contacted me around 2005 or 2006, with an interest in running for Supervisor in 2007, although you weren’t sure whether it would be as a Republican or an Independent. Though I encouraged you to be come involved with our party, I didn’t hear from you again until December 2008, when you were apparently thinking of running for Congress. If I recall correctly, you helped with a lit-drop and a Back-to-School Night, at which you were intent on persuading Democratic Delegate Sickles about the merits of your fiscal-plan-of-the-moment,and attended a few FCRC meetings, before dropping off the GOP radar screen again after deciding not to run for Congress. Over those years we have had many good, principled candidates to whom you offered no volunteer assistance. Now that we’ve cleared the air, please do enjoy your liberty to carry on with your multitude of plans, unencumbered by any involvement with either political party.


The Fox in the Chicken Coop says:

March 4, 2011 at 8:03 pm

@Will: While I do not doubt your community involvement on local Board’s, please don’t justify your candidacy because you commented at a Public Hearing on 2/22 (which I attended). If that was the case, I would run for Congress because I have submitted letters to the Official Record.

Your solution, quite simply is absurd. Even people who are not involved in Fairfax County politics, and who you have spoken to regarding your most recent plan think the idea is a bad one. It makes no sense, Richmond would never go along with it and the idea only addresses one issue as it relates to the community.

As Susan said, as someone who has been very active in FCRC politics, I have never seen you involved before. Not that this lack of involvement is a be all end all. Lots of good candidates have ran (and won) with little political involvement. However, your willingness to engage the Committee ONLY when you are thinking for running sends up red flags as to what your real motives are.

You invoke the name of George Washington as though you are some morally superior community servant and the rest of us are simply political hacks while the truth is that the only person who is opportunistic is YOU. Washington did not go around running for a multitude of offices and whoring himself to whatever Party would have him, did he? No. In fact, he RELUCTANTLY took the job as President.

You have ideas, that is great. Not every thought you have entitles you to seek an office to try to implement. I remember when you wanted to run for Congress. You dropped out because you have a family member that is supposedly “Hatched.” Then, as Susan so aptly pointed out you attempted to run as a Democrat because you “remembered back to your studies of Robert C. Byrd.” What planet are you from?

I think you are nice enough guy, but your inability to pick a Party leads me to believe you are indecisive and as Chairman would execute the same lack of judgment. There is a place for everyone and unfortunately yours is NOT in the Chairman’s Chair.



Will Radle says:

May 2, 2011 at 3:45 pm


Republican insiders, please let the good people who read this blog know the solutions you offer for the challenges confronting our community. We look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions. So far, we have waited nearly a month for something more than empty rhetoric.

My plan lowers taxes and invests $193 million to address local priorities in education, transportation and other community needs impacting our quality of life. Please share your alternative ideas. The people eagerly await with anticipation. I do think you will have to file for candidacy using your real names.

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