Twitter Chat about VA and MD Politics

Check out the following from PBS –

Join the PBS NEWSHOUR political team for a Twitter chat about politics in Virginia and Maryland Friday.

On Friday April 13, 2012, the PBS NEWSHOUR will hold a Twitter discussion  on politics in Virginia and Maryland with  Political Editor Christina Bellantoni and politics reporter producer Katelyn Polantz.

The chat will take place on Twitter between from 1-2 p.m. ET under the hashtag  #DividedByDC, and is part of a larger NEWSHOUR project called Divided by D.C.,  examining the governors’ races in the  two states and what they mean for the national political picture.


Questions about the political climate in the two states, state budgets, governor’s races and each state’s potential GOP Vice Presidential candidates are all welcome, and can be submitted ahead of time with tweets @cbellantoni and @kpolantz.


Previous Divided by DC stories on the budget debate in the two states can be found here and here.


For a detailed post about the twitter chat, visit the NEWSHOUR website here

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