Blackout Begins

The 2013 General Session begins today down in Richmond and with it comes the usual fundraising blackout. This means that office holders who are also candidates, such as Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Senator Mark Obenshain, cannot raise money for their 2013 campaigns during the session. This is a huge advantage for challenger candidates. Look for big fundraising pushes from some of the Republican LG candidates during this period, which could leave Senator Steve Martin and Delegate Scott Lingamfelter well behind their five competitors who are untethered during this time.

I won’t be cutting any checks for candidates this cycle. If I had any money I would save it for 2015 and donate to a School Board candidate.

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Taller Than Madison has worked as a paid staffer on Republican campaigns at the local, state and federal levels. A native to Fairfax County, where he still resides, Taller Than Madison is really just a conservative country boy longing to end up in a quiet part of beautiful rural Virginia. His posts are not paid for or authorized by any candidate or committee.

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