Oh Honey, Let Me Tell You…

Worst kept secret in NoVA politics? Suzanne Volpe is a liar. As the saying goes, if her lips are moving she is lying.

Now don’t get me wrong, Suzanne Volpe has left a big imprint on Loudoun and regional politics. She has built an empire, much of it based on solid ground tactics and a work ethic that is hard to match, but the behind the scenes back stabbing, character assassinations, repeated calls down to Richmond (or to anyone that will listen) to complain about party officials and activists, and all out obnoxious and constant lies are her legacy. For years no one said anything, she fought to control the local unit by placing her people in key position and working hard for candidates, so people needed her and didn’t want to put up with the bullshit associated with calling her out. But a funny thing happened on the way to elected office, her reputation caught up with her.

Case in point; at the Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting Monday night Volpe pulled her infamous trick of packing a caucus with proxies to defeat a contemporary seeking an endorsement. Nothing really wrong with politics as usual, the world revolves around those who show up, but there is a problem with someone that continually plays lip service to the local committee being a “family” where we all “take care of each other”. Instead of picking up a phone and trying to work things out, or running another candidate against the person she is trying to defeat, she resorts to secret ballots and proxies so that there are no fingerprints. Call your friends in Loudoun to find out more information, anyone who was at the meeting figured out what was going on when the caucus’ recommendation was overturned and the full committee endorsed Volpe’s victim. Sometimes the good guy wins and the bad guys are exposed.

So for all the campaign workers, fellow party members, fellow elected officials, volunteers that received recognition, movers, shakers, promoters, advocates and people who are trying to move the needle an inch at a time, anyone who has been stepped on, stabbed, maligned or lied to by Ms. Volpe, you are finally vindicated. The truth is there for those that seek it, and as Ms. Volpe is known to say “Oh Honey, let me tell you”…….

-From Loudoun


How Not to Explain the Iran Nuclear Talks

This Morning I was obliged to baby-sit my friend’s eight year-old daughter. I’m not great with kids, so I parked her in front of the TV and gave her the rest of the Jell-O that I made last night and sat at my nearby computer to get some work done. The TV was on a cable news channel and did not think to change it. We sat quietly until she suddenly asked, “What are the Iran nuclear talks?”

“The U.S. and other big countries in the world are trying to make a deal with Iran to stop them from making an atomic bomb,” I replied.


“The U.S. and the rest of the World are afraid that if Iran makes an atomic bomb then that could create the desire for other countries to make their own atomic bomb. Also Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, so the World fears that it would be dangerous if they had nuclear weapons.”

“What is a state sponsor of terrorism?”

“That means Iran gives money and weapons to groups that make terrorist attacks on other countries.”

“So Iran is bad?”

“Yes, they do bad things.”

“Then why are we talking to Iran if they are bad?”

“They are doing something that we don’t want them to do so we are trying to make a compromise with them so they will stop.”

“Even though they shouldn’t be doing it anyways?”


“Does compromise means we are giving them something so they will give us something in return?”

“That’s right.”

“What are we giving them?”

“We have been doing things to hurt Iran’s economy because they are a state sponsor of terrorism and we started doing more things to hurt their economy since they have been trying to make an atomic bomb. So if they stop trying to make a bomb, we will stop hurting their economy. That way the Iran economy can grow and become strong because right now it is in bad shape.”

“What if they stop trying to make a bomb but keep supporting terrorism?”

“I guess the U.S. we still stop hurting their economy as long as they do not make an atomic bomb. They are not really talking about the terrorist stuff right now.”

“So they can still be bad and get what they want?”

“In a way yes, because they are treating ‘Iran being bad’ to other countries and Iran making a bomb as two separate issues. Iran making a bomb is the more important issue.”

“So Iran can be terrorists if they never make a bomb?”

“Well the deal that they are talking about would only be good for 15 years. They wouldn’t be able to make an atomic bomb during the next 15 years.”

“What happens after 15 years? Can they make a bomb then?”

“Well, the World would probably talk to them out of it again and make another deal.”

“What can the World give Iran if they already get what they want now?”

“I don’t know, a lot can change in 15 years. Maybe they can give them extra stuff.”

“But if we stop hurting them then they could be strong enough not want anything else right?”

“I guess so.”

“But if we keep hurting their economy then wouldn’t Iran be too poor to make a bomb anyway?”

“Maybe, but probably not. It depends on how much the government of Iran wants the bomb vs. how bad the living situation is for its people. Like if things get really bad, then the people could overthrow the government but that is unlikely because the government has stopped uprisings before. What I mean is that making a deal with Iran is the best way to stop Iran from making a bomb short of staring a war.”

“What is the best way to stop Iran from being a terrorist?”

“I’m not sure. They haven’t mentioned anything about that.”

“So you’re saying Iran is bad so we are hurting their economy. They are also making a bomb and we want them to stop. So if they stop making a bomb, we will stop hurting their economy and they can keep being bad while their economy gets strong. But after 15 years they can make a bomb anyways?”


“So people can keep being bad without any consequences as long as they promise not do something else that they shouldn’t be doing for only a predetermined amount of time?”

“Yes, but you’ll have to wait until your mother gets back.”

Kerry Iran talks

Posted by Jeff Farmer, Winchester VA

Don’t Fall Into The 2016 Trap

Everyone likes to talk about presidential elections. Even people who as a general rule don’t discuss politics can’t help but jump in to add their two cents when the subject comes up about who the next president will be.

Now for those of us who have an unwholesome addiction to politics, the subject about who is going to be elected president in 2016 became a serious topic for debate and conjecture on November 7, 2012, the day after Barack Obama was re-elected. For normal people who live outside the 24/7 political bubble, presidential election discussions don’t really emerge until the year preceding the election. With the clock striking 12:00am on January 1, 2015, ringing in the new year, presidential contenders where officially in season.

Feverishly racing ahead in their thirst for blood, the liberal media has already begun slashing away at potential contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. They can’t even wait for these sorry souls to officially announce their intentions before these “journalists” descend upon them like a pack of ravenous wolves. You have to admit that they have gotten really good at this. Identifying who the strong candidates are, they go after them more viciously than the rest.

On social media, conservative talk radio, and Republican leaning blogs, the debate is in full swing. Huckabee? Bush? Cruz? Romney? Christy? Walker? Paul? Carson? Micky Mouse? Everyone has got someone they love and someone they hate. Interestingly enough, in the discussion circles I frequent, people seem to enjoy talking more about who they hate more than who they like. It is enough to make you want to pull your hair out, but I digress.

Getting back to my main subject: What is the “2016 Trap”? To answer that question I need to first inform you of a very interesting phenomenon that occurs in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have an election EVERY YEAR. This is no joke. While most states have their local and state office elections on even numbered years along with federal elections, Virginia actually holds its local and state office elections on odd numbered years.

School Board, Board of Supervisors, Commonwealth Attorney, Commissioner of the Revenue, Clerk of the Court, County Treasurer, House of Delegates, State Senate, all of these (and possibly a few more) offices are up for election in almost every county in Virginia in 2015. We have 100 members in the Virginia House of Delegates who face election every two years and 40 members of the Virginia Senate who face election every four years. All 140 of them are facing election in 2015!

I have to break some bad news to you. Even if we send someone to the White House who is even more conservative than Ronald Reagan, America will not be fixed or restored in the following four to eight years. Sorry to be such a wet blanket, but the federal government is so far in the toilet that a conservative president with the full cooperation of a conservative Congress would only be able to fix a small portion of everything that is broken in Washington in eight years, granted they get two terms.

However I firmly believe that we can enact substantial change by getting back to the basics and focusing our attentions locally. If we had local and state governments full of men and women with courage and conviction who would stand up to the federal government, then we could accomplish something long term.

Do you know how many votes it takes to swing a Board of Supervisors or School Board election? Less than 100 in most cases. In a county-wide office? Usually less than 500. House of Delegates and State Senate? Generally less than 1,000. These are goals that a small group of dedicated people can accomplish without much difficulty.

In 2015, there is going to be a dog fight over who controls the Senate. Right now we have a majority with 21 of the 40 seats, but we are going to be forced to fight tooth and nail to hang on to that majority, much less increase it. Terry McAuliffe is much better at fundraising than being a governor and that is exactly what he is going to do. The Democrats are going to pour more money than we have ever seen into most of these Senate races, and the only way we are going to prevail is to outwork them.

All the money that they can throw around can’t match the impact that you will make by knocking on 100 doors, sending handwritten notes to friends, or hosting a neighborhood cookout and inviting the Republican candidate to come and speak to your neighbors. If we allow ourselves here in Virginia to get sidetracked by a presidential election that won’t even happen until next year, then we will miss a great opportunity to effect some serious change in our communities and our state this year.

We cannot win the White House in 2016 unless we carry Virginia. We cannot win Virginia in 2016 if we don’t win it in 2015. Now is the time to focus. Now is the time to set 2016 aside for a later day. Now is the time to win control of our local governments. Now is the time to elect a solid conservative majority to the Virginia Senate. Don’t fall into the 2016 trap and neglect your duty to your community and your Commonwealth.

calendar_novDaniel Bradshaw is chairman of the Prince Edward County Republican Committee, having been elected in 2010 at the age of 18. He has worked as a Legislative Aide to State Sen. Tom Garret and has worked on several political campaigns including E.W. Jackson’s run for Lt. Governor in 2013. Bradshaw is currently owner and CEO of Appomattox River Landscapes, a property care and landscaping company he started in 2006.