Brat For Vets

The latest email from Representative Dave Brat mentions the House’s commitment to veterans. Below is the part that highlights vets, the full email is linked here.

The House also passed multiple bills to help put veterans back to work and ensure they receive the quality of care they deserve. You can see the bills below

H.R. 5166, the WINGMAN Act – I was an original cosponsor of this legislation to help Congressional offices better serve the veterans in their district in navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs.

H.R. 5458, the Veterans TRICARE Choice Act

H.R. 3286, the HIRE Vets Act

H.R. 5600, the No Hero Left Untreated Act

H.R. 4757, To amend title 38, United States Code, to expand the eligibility for headstones, markers, and medallions furnished by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs for deceased individuals who were awarded the Medal of Honor and are buried in private cemeteries


NFL Greats Brown, Lewis Meet With Trump

The Trump Tower watch is a wild spectacle. Politicos want to know who is coming in and so does TMZ and other celebrity stalking cameramen. So we weren’t too surprised when the populist president-elect meet with pop culture figure Kayne West today. But we are a little surprised by the appearance of NFL legends Jim Brown and Ray Lewis. After their meeting with Donald Trump the two Hall of Famers sung praises for the president-elect, story linked here.

You never know who will show up next.


RPV Advance 2016

The Republican Party of Virginia’s annual Advance is this weekend, Dec. 9th- 10th, in Richmond. Special guests include Senators Tim Scott and Tom Cotton, Governor Chris Christie and former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

We will be there to live tweet the event. You can follow us on Twitter @RedNoVA8.

Tickets for the Advance are still available, linked here. We suggest you attend; it’s always a good time.

And without further delay, here is the most important news item of the event; the list of hospitality suites for Friday night…


Phones Down Touchdown

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was in NoVA on Tuesday night to help kick-off the safe driving campaign called “Phones Down. Touchdown.”

The name says it all. Put down the phone when you are driving and concentrate on the road. This is a real simple way to be safer behind the wheel. You can sign their pledge to put down your cell phone when you are driving through this link.

Below is a picture of Cousins with Braddock District Supervisor John Cook.


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19,000 Reasons To Be Happy

For those little snowflakes who are still too distraught from the 2016 election to rejoin society, here is something to brighten your day; the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed today at over 19,000 points for the first time ever.

The market has responded well to the election of Donald Trump as president. Since his win on November 8, the Dow has climbed over 800 points, including a 250 point bounce the day after the victory. The Trump Administration is off to a solid start.


Bell Out Of 2017 AG Race

Delegate Rob Bell announced this afternoon that he will not seek the Republican nomination for Attorney General in 2017. This announcement comes as a big surprise for the 2017 election cycle as Bell has done a lot of work laying the ground floor for a run for AG. This could be a prelude to another unpredictable year in American politics.

Here is the statement Del. Bell emailed out today;

Now that the 2016 election is over, it is time for the 2017 Virginia statewide campaigns to begin in earnest. After careful consideration, I have decided that I will not seek the position of Attorney General.

I have spent the last year traveling the state and laying the groundwork for a campaign. However, as you may know, I have two young children, one of whom has special needs. This school year has brought significant new challenges that require my personal and immediate attention. Despite my best efforts, it has become clear to me that I can’t possibly fulfill my responsibilities as a father while making a statewide run.

I am therefore ending my Attorney General campaign. I am profoundly grateful to everyone who has offered support, time, or encouragement. Unless told otherwise, I will be returning the donations I have received. Though I won’t be a statewide candidate I do look forward to strongly supporting the Republican ticket, especially against Mark Herring.

For several years, I have had the honor of serving in the General Assembly seat once held by Thomas Jefferson. I look forward to continuing my work in the House of Delegates and spending Thanksgiving with my family.

Delegate Rob Bell

We thank Del. Bell for his principled service in the House of Delegates and for his work defending Virginia’s Constitution while furthering the conservative cause. We would not be surprised if Rob Bell is our pick for Attorney General at a later date down the road. Until then, we will continue to support his work in the House and wish him the best in what should be a smooth run to re-election.


Not A Real Protest

High School students in Maryland walked out of school today in a planned ‘’protest” the school administers knew about. Huh? The group chanted “not my president” as they skipped school in front of impotent administrators and teachers. And exactly what were they protesting? Election fraud? Civil Rights violations? Nope. Just sour grapes that their preferred choice lost, keep in mind the group had hardly any actual voters in it as most High Schools kids are not old enough to vote. Complaining about the results simply on the grounds that you are displeased with them is not a form of protest.

This kind of nonsense needs to be punished. These kids skipped school. They deserve the negative consequences of their actions. It will help teach them about free speech and democracy.

More on this here.



News broke yesterday that the FBI has reopened their case against Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified materials.

FBI Director James Comey sent Congress a letter to inform them of this, pictured below. In the letter Director Comey states, “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the [Clinton] investigation.” Reports are the “unrelated case” is the one on Anthony Wiener’s sexting to his girl friends (real quick; Weiner is Huma Abedin’s husband and Huma is Hillary Clinton’s right hand).

And to think, Donald Trump said Weiner would eventually take down the Clintons.


Black Calls For FBI Deputy Director To Resign

State Senator Dick Black called for the resignation of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe this afternoon in light of the Wall Street Journal’s reporting of the conflict of interests within the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Black’s statement is below and also linked here.

For conflicts of Interest in the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Hillary Clinton’s defense against charges that she has lawlessly handled classified information in her emails, and by using her private email server, has been that the FBI performed a complete investigation and found no violation of law.

This morning, thanks to investigative reporting by the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, we may understand why the FBI dropped the case. Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, a Clinton confidant, directed almost $800,000 into the political coffers of the wife of this high-ranking FBI official overseeing the email investigation.

I call on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who, it is reported, was responsible for “overseeing the Clinton email investigation,” to resign immediately based on disclosures from a front-page Wall Street Journal article today.

Last year, I ran for re-election to the Virginia State Senate against Jill McCabe. I was astonished at how much money she was able to raise — $1.8 million. How convenient for her husband to be a high-ranking FBI official with lots of potential influence.

Andrew McCabe’s wife, Jill, received $467,500 of her campaign budget from Governor Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee. And the Virginia Democratic Party, which is under his strong influence, gave another $207,788 to Jill McCabe’s campaign.

Few people in the country are closer to Hillary than our illustrious Governor, who has served her interests for decades. He even served as Chair of Hillary’s 2008 national presidential campaign and was a potential VP running mate. When Hillary needs rescuing, Terry McAuliffe has always been there to do whatever needs to be done.

Meanwhile, the career of Jill McCabe’s husband, Andrew McCabe, has taken off within the FBI. In July 2015, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, was promoted to third in command at the FBI. In January 2016, McCabe became second in command of the FBI under Director James B. Comey.

The last eight years of Democrat rule led to politicization and distrust of the nation’s leading law enforcement agency — the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

As an attorney, and a former JAG officer who has had responsibilities over the investigation and prosecution of crimes, I am at a loss to see how the FBI could possibly allow Andrew McCabe to oversee the investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s email server scandals. Mr. McCabe was clearly indebted to the Clinton Campaign because of the support given his wife.

McCabe should have immediately recused himself from the investigation. His failure to do so proves that he is unqualified to serve as Deputy Director of the FBI, or in any position of trust in the United States Government.


Clinton Earns Four Pinocchios

The Washington Post gave Hillary Clinton four Pinocchios for lying to voters about Donald Trump’s position on the government’s bailout of the auto industry.

Clinton was in Detroit last week when she said, “Nobody should be surprised, because back in the Great Recession, when millions of jobs across America hung in the balance, Donald Trump said rescuing the auto industry didn’t really matter very much. He said, and I quote again, ‘Let it go.’ Now, I can’t imagine that. I supported President Obama’s decision to rescue the auto industry in America.”

The Post writes;

Clinton is creating an imaginary Trump here, claiming that Trump didn’t really care about the auto industry.
The record is clear that Trump in 2008 was supportive of rescuing the auto industry, saying the government should do everything it could to save it: “You just can’t lose Chrysler, you can’t lose Ford, and you can’t lose General Motors.” He touted DIP financing, but he was relatively agnostic about the preferred path.
Even in 2015, when Trump seemed more uncertain about the preferred option, he said “you could have done it the way it went.” Clinton twists his “let it go” comment out of context and pretends he said it in 2008.
Clinton earns Four Pinocchios.

For those unfamiliar with The Washington Post’s Pinocchio test, the grading scale is based on how inaccurate the statement is and four Pinocchios is the worse. The Post’s description of four Pinocchios is plainly “whoppers.” The Post rarely hands out four, making Clinton’s remarks especially objectionable. Clinton and her team will lie about everything.


Full article by The Washington Post also linked here.

Scalia Law School At GMU

Earlier today George Mason University held the official dedication ceremony for the renaming of their law school; now called Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University.

In attendance were many A-list names including Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, Anthony Kennedy, Sonia Sotomayor and Clarence Thomas.

Justice Kagan spoke and reports are she gave an endearing speech in tribute to the late Scalia.

We couldn’t make the event so here’s the link to a write-up from WTOP.


Pardon The 70 Interruptions

Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine interrupted Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence over 70 times during last night’s debate. So much for statesmanship. What has happened to civil political discourse? The Democrats need to control themselves better.


Video from the Republican National Committee’s YouTube channel, also linked here.

Veep Debate In Virginia

Virginia’s Longwood University is the host of tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate. If the dialogue is centered around the two veep candidates’ tenures as governor of their state, then Democrat Tim Kaine is trouble. If the questions are centered around explaining the soundbites from the top of the ticket then both candidates are in trouble, as well as the American public too.

Republican Governor Mike Pence has done a great job in Indiana. He has led the way in deregulation and helped to foster a prosperous environment for businesses in the Hoosier state. Tonight’s discussion should be on specific comparisons and contrasts of the two candidates time as governor. Indiana saw growth under Pence and national recognition. Virginia had to close its rest stops on the highways due to mismanaged state budgets, which was an embarrassment on a national level as so many out-of-state travelers experienced an unique inefficiency of Democratic led government.

Thus far, Life as been absent from the spotlight in this presidential election. Each candidate needs to be pressed on their stance on Life. A careful examination of this is something Kaine and the Democrats hope to avoid, but the voters need to know, it’s important.

Tonight’s debate will be more substantive than the first presidential debate was, but that’s not saying much. Here’s to hoping a real dialogue is produced, real differences are highlighted and examined, and a respectful tone is maintained throughout.


Debate Bounce

Looking through the mainstream media’s wrap-up of Monday’s debate, what is noticeably absent is the mention of a post-debate bounce, which is a positive increase in polling numbers as a direct result of the debate performance. Because Hillary Clinton is more unlikable the more she is seen, we shouldn’t expect her to receive a positive bounce after performing on a national stage in primetime. If Trump did receive an uptick in support then the liberal media outlets like CNN (Clinton News Network) or MSNBC (Mostly Stuff No Body Cs) won’t be allowed to report it due to contractual obligations they have with Hillary’s campaign, so we are left to look at other indicators.

One such indicator is the fundraising haul made immediately after the debate, which could provide telling information. In this situation, Donald Trump raised a record $18 million. Wow! That’s a lot of small dollar “deplorables” that Hillary’s team unwittingly fired up. Could Trump pull this off? Clearly, Hillary is a terrible candidate and a terrible public servant who has no accomplishments to run on and a long history to run away from, so her troubles this campaign should be no surprise. However when a candidate is the darling of the establishment, like Hillary is, then that candidate is going to be tough to beat just by default. The mindless sample ballot voter can be a moving force. Let’s hope this year is different.

In 2008 and 2012 Republicans were told that we lost because our base didn’t show up. I’ll leave commenting on that alone for now and just point out that the Democrat’s base may not show up for Hillary like the Ds expect. She is unlikable, she has burned down every bridge she has crossed and her bullying tactics are the heart of her campaign plan. Guilt, shame, and fear are the cornerstones Hillary has built her campaign on. When you have no accomplishments from your time in public life (and yet somehow are super rich) then you have to distract, deflect and never defend a lackluster career. Hillary Clinton does not deserve a promotion.

The post-debate fundraising haul from Donald Trump could be evidence of an upset brewing. Trump supporters have 18 million new reasons to be optimistic.


FBI Looking At Voter Fraud In Virginia

The FBI is investigating a group who turned in fraudulent voter registration forms in Harrisonburg. The group signed-up dead people. A family member of one of the deceased whose name was used contacted the Commonwealth Attorney’s office and an investigation began from there.

The Harrisonburg Voter Registrar office released the following statement:
“Several weeks ago an organization engaged in registering voters for the upcoming election submitted numerous voter registration applications. A review by my office staff revealed that a number of these registration applications appeared false. An affected party’s family member notified the Commonwealth’s Attorney and an investigation was opened by the Harrisonburg Police Department. The matter has also been investigated by the FBI. At this time, the Harrisonburg Police Department continues its investigation but my understanding is the matter has been referred to the Commonwealth’s Attorney and the United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia. So far the investigation has revealed a number of voter registration applications that are false. At some point before the election, we will submit a list of the false voter registrations to the Electoral Board to have those registrations cancelled. This is all the information I have at this time.

It has come to my attention that this matter has hit social media and I want everyone to know that our office is handling this as advised by the City Attorney, the Commonwealth’s Attorney the Police Investigator and the FBI Agent.

Questions can be directed to Chris Bean at the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office.”

The name of the organization has not been released to the public yet. We’ll keep an eye on this story and post updates as things develop.


Weekend At Hillary’s

The video from this weekend of Hillary Clinton needing her staff to carry her into a van really looks like a parody of Weekend at Bernie’s, the classic comedy about two idiots who take their dead boss around the Hamptons for some good times.

#HillarysHealth is more than just a popular hashtag. This is a serious issue mostly because it shows another way that Hillary is failing in transparency. If she is sick, then shouldn’t we know? The trend is clear, as more opportunities to be dishonest spring up, the more lies Hillary tells.


Call It A Trump Win

The Potomac Nationals, a minor league affiliate of the Washington Nationals, held a straw poll for president at one of their games last weekend. The winner was Republican nominee Donald Trump. Second place was Democrat Hillary Clinton, all write candidates combined for third, followed in fourth place by Libertarian Gary Johnson and in a distant last place was Green nominee Jill Stein.

Trump’s win here could actually mean something. Let’s break it down, without looking too deep into this. First off, the Potomac Nationals play in Prince William County, Virginia’s election bellwether. So goes Prince William County, so goes the rest of Virginia, right? Trumpsters sure hope so.

Next let’s look at the make-up of your average baseball game crowd. Baseball is a sport which honors America and celebrates our great country throughout each game, thus attracting a more patriotic crowd than the local movie theater. That said, the crowd would be heavily Republican, as the radical left’s ideology and self-loathing go hand-in-hand. So that would mean that this poll was too Republican to be a representative sample of Virginia’s electorate, which is too bad for the Trumpsters because The Donald only won by three points.

Next, let’s look at the how bad Libertarian Johnson and Green Stein did. Wow, their low numbers are depressing for anyone who thinks a third party candidate may actually win one state this year. All write-ins combined barely beat Johnson and destroyed Stein. It was nice thinking that the Feel The Bern supporters were going to throw their vote to Stein over Hillary, but that may not happen to the degree needed for Trump to win. No, I wouldn’t expect many Bernie Sanders supporters to be baseball fans (a score in baseball determines that only one team can win), but I was still hoping for more protest votes from Democrats who have ethics and a respect for the rule of law.

With professional, scientific polling showing Hillary Clinton winning easily, we are left with basically this; cause to drum up a straw poll win from a minor league baseball game as evidence that Donald Trump ain’t doing that bad.

But a win is a win, so let’s just call this one a Trump win.

Trump Wins Nats Fans


The above picture is a screenshot from the Potomac Nationals Facebook page.

The Pop Culture Campaign

It is rare to hear pro athletes drop presidential campaign tag lines, but Carmelo Antony did so after winning a gold medal with Team USA Basketball yesterday when he said, “America will be great again, I believe that.” Not exactly an endorsement, but pretty sweet free media.

Donald Trump has benefited from so much free media during this race that he has created a new model for future presidential candidates to shoot for. This latest soundbite from one of basketball’s biggest names most likely has nothing at all to do with Trump, but it was said on NBC just minutes after the gold medal game had ended in front of national TV audience. Even with ratings of this year’s Olympics down, that’s some pretty yuuuuge publicity.

Of course this soundbite likely has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, but it could be evidence of how the media has helped push Trump into pop culture. Even presidential candidates have to deal with low name ID. Mitt Romney was a governor from the northeast and Bill Clinton a governor from the south and both of them were little known to voters in regions opposite theirs. But Trump had high name ID from the start thanks to his place in pop culture. Whether it is from being in real estate, on TV, or in the news, the Trump name is a name that is recognizable. Add to that all the free media Trump received starting with his official announcement and it is easy to understand how his name and his message have reached a lot of people. And that reach, over and over again, may be starting to sink into the minds of voters who in the past were resistant to messages from the Republican Party. There is a chance that even the most irate naysayer of Trump could conclude that, like it or not, he’s right!

The Trump phenomenon is real. But is it enough to carry the campaign over the finish line?