The People’s Candidate

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once.”

The above quote is from John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He is describing how Hillary feels about the voters she is courting.

Hillary is super elite, super rich, and yet, somehow, the darling of the party which claims to be for the little guy. Wake up Democrats, Hillary is just using you. How can you be ok with that? Remember now, the ballot box is a sanctuary, she’ll never know.

hillary looks for praise.

Hillary On Honesty And Transparency

Hillary Clinton’s stance on transparency is one ought to have “both a public and a private position.” She fails to identify which is the real, honest position.

Anyone else would have been prosecuted for being “extremely careless” with classified information. Anyone else would be denied a security clearance. Anyone else would not be delusional enough to seek a promotion after a career in public service which is void of any tangible achievements. And when you consider that Clinton has been privileged enough to enjoy a ton of public resources, her complete lack of accomplishments is as baffling as it is disappointing.

Hillary Clinton can’t lead (no accomplishments), she can’t manage (lost $6 billion as head of the state department), so she doesn’t deserve a promotion. This shouldn’t be hard for Democrats; just don’t vote for her.


WaPo Hits Trump, Claims News

Yesterday’s print edition of The Washington Post was more anti-Donald Trump than usual. Journalism ain’t what it used to be. Now it’s all click bait, blatant bias and sponsored content.

The WaPo opinion section yesterday had three hit pieces on Trump. The first was by a novelist who wrote a piece called “Fat-shaming a woman who isn’t fat.” Is that news? A beauty queen with hurt feelings from 20 years ago gets more attention than Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state. Which is more relevant?

Then there was a piece by Ruth Marcus that is full of silly insults. Marcus claims, “Trump is stuck in middle school. Early middle school. And that’s being charitable.” She then attempts to argue that the name calling she selected is accurate. Is it fair to ask Marcus if her column is better suited for a seventh grade paper (or partisan blog) than a major newspaper?

And the kicker was straight from the editorial board. They wrote “Trump is ignorant, unprepared, and bigoted.” There is no hidden agenda either, the editorial specially says it is meant for Trump supporters who “doubt he could do much harm.” Is that journalism or micro-targeting for one campaign over the other?

Are any of those examples of journalism?

If name calling, hurt feelings and more name calling are the only cases against Donald Trump, then Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in trouble. We’ll expect WaPo, the Huffing Mad Post and other mainstream liberal news outlets to continue their sponsored content, I mean, hits on Trump, I mean reporting on the election. R.I.P. Journalism.


Debate Night

Tonight is the first presidential debate. I’ll be home reading a book. We are so very far away from the Lincoln-Douglas style of substantive debate. We are left with a much different version, different to the degree that Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas may not recognize the spectacle.

Here is the most appropriate photo of tonight’s action we could find, enjoy.


Censored But Not Clumsy

This is a crazy story. A writer at the Huffing Mad Post, I mean the Huffington Post, was canned after he wrote two stories which suggested that Hillary Clinton is not healthy enough to serve as president. His stories were taken down from the site and his contributor credentials have been revoked. He is accusing the crazy liberals at the Huffing Mad Post of censorship. And now, he fears for his life. He posted a short video on YouTube, embedded below, and it is definitely worth a look.


Mike Parker is not a clumsy person. He has asked the editors of this site, in the event that he is found dead, to seek lawful prosecution against the murderers and to post the music video “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds in his honor because of how over-the-top that song is.

Pence Is Coming To Loudoun

Vice Presidential nominee and Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be In Loudoun County on Saturday August 27 at Patrick Henry College for a rally. If you are around then try to make it out. These rallies are pretty much the substitute for anything that would pretend to be a ground game, so I guess they are important, and full of undecided voters, and I have great swamp land for sale too, but that’s another matter.

In the run up to Virginia’s primary Marco Rubio held a rally at Patrick Henry College. The large crowd had a lot of young people in it and the event helped Rubio win the Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

At the time of this posting, the event is not yet listed on the Trump website, hopefully it will be updated soon. You will need tickets to attend, please check back.


2A At The Olympics

Pretty sure that right now, somewhere, in radical left academia there is a gender studies “professor” explaining to her students that breaking the glass ceiling can only be done by flaming liberals. But our hats are off to America’s Kim Rhode anyway.

2A at the olympics.

With Permission, Pence Endorses Ryan

Strange items continue to come from the Trump for President campaign. If it is not a gaffe or a downright mistake, it is something that is needlessly odd. The latest to fit into that last category is veep candidate Mike Pence’s endorsement of Rep. Paul Ryan in the upcoming Wisconsin primary. Pence, for whatever reason, included in his endorsement a line about having permission from The Donald to do so; “Donald Trump and I spoke this morning and he strongly encouraged me to support Paul Ryan.” Weird.

Below is a picture of the Pence endorsement that we grabbed from his Facebook page.

Pence endorses Ryan.

DNC Nominates Underqualified Hillary Clinton For President

The Democrats have officially nominated Hillary Clinton as their nominee for president. The rhetoric from the left these days is Hillary Clinton is the “most qualified” candidate to ever run for president. Sen. Barbara Boxer may have been the first elected to say this nonsense with President Barack Obama joining in with this same line a few weeks ago. This is pure and utter garbage, just another meaningless talking point to spit around. Surely the Founding Fathers were the “most qualified,” but never mind that for now. Let’s focus on why we can’t call Hillary the “most qualified.”

Hillary began her pursuit of the presidency from the First Lady’s office. Typically, a First Lady takes a non-partisan issue and uses their office and stature to push out a positive message. Laura Bush chose literacy programs, Michelle Obama chose fitness, but Hillary went hardline partisan and tried to push government-run healthcare. It failed. So she began her pursuit of the presidency with a swing and a miss. No big deal.

Next, Hillary ran for U.S. Senate from, wait for it, New York. Why was it New York again? Because she lived there, right? Well, kind of. An open seat and favorable election laws allowed Hillary to purchase a home (despite being “dead broke” when she left the White House) and file for senate right away. The voters of New York didn’t care that they were being used as a vehicle to drive Hillary’s personal career ambitions and somehow elected her. She did not belong there, she hadn’t earned it, but there she was. This pattern will repeat itself.

As a senator the Democrats wanted to beef up her résumé for a White House run as they put her on the Armed Services Committee. This way she could meet the wealthy donors associated with the military industrial complex. She has no military experience at all, but I suppose the Constitutional principle of a civilian-controlled military makes this the only thing that could make her qualified for such an important appointment. Her colleagues on the committee must have looked at their own résumés before concluding that Hillary did not belong there, she hadn’t earned it, but there she was.

So that made her ready to run for president. No accomplishments in the U.S. Senate to hang her hat on, but so what? She wasn’t elected to serve New York, she was elected to promote herself and with that as the standard she certainly delivered. But then came a greenhorn with an odd name who ran has a more worldly candidate who would give America greater footing with the international community. Surprise, surprise, the newbie won and Hillary lost.

So Hillary, defeated, needed to beef-up her résumé again in-order to prevent this from happening the next time she ran for president. So the Democrats made her secretary of state. After being beat for lack of knowledge on foreign affairs, the Democrats make Hillary our chief foreign diplomat, not because it would be good for the country, but solely because it would help fill in her résumé. So as head of the State Department Hillary did not belong there, she hadn’t earned it, but there she was.

Then, as secretary of state, Hillary accomplished what exactly? Nothing? She dropped the ball on Benghazi, but recently told 60 Minutes that “wasn’t [her] ball to carry.” She also claimed to have taken responsibility, but she fails to understand that taking responsibility requires an action and not just saying the word. But I digress. As sec state the only accomplishment Hillary achieved was meeting fundraising goals for the Clinton Foundation. No peace accords, no new partnerships, no new alliances. Just a couple of terrible trade agreements, deals which Hillary now campaigns against, mark her time as a placeholder secretary who was just gearing up for her own presidential run.

And if Hillary were anyone else then she would be ineligible to receive a security clearance after the FBI found that she was “extremely careless” with handling classified information. Can you imagine the president being ineligible to receive classified material? What kind of president would that be?

So there you have it. She wasn’t qualified to be senator, she wasn’t qualified to be on the Armed Services Committee, she wasn’t qualified to be secretary of state, she shouldn’t be handling classified information, so therefore she is not qualified to be president. Sorry folks, but adding zero plus zero plus zero plus still gives you zero.

hillary looks for praise.

Tough First Day At DNC

The Democratic National Convention got off to a bad start today. Plenty of Democrats are upset about the evidence found in leaked emails exposing that this contest had been rigged for Hillary Clinton to win from the beginning. Disenfranchisement is of the most serious charges and clearly millions of Democrats were disenfranchised by the actions of the Democratic National Committee. That is enough to get angry about, so a bunch of Democrats showed up in Philly today to let the DNC know that they ain’t happy.

The ruckus began in the morning with an angry crowd booing resigned DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at a pre-convention event. The crowd was her home delegation from Florida to make matters worse. Next Bernie Sanders couldn’t calm down a rowdy group who then booed when they heard Sanders encourage support for Clinton and Tim Kaine. Then as delegates began to take the floor they quickly showed their anger at the DNC over the rigged system which then created a sense that, let the Super Delegates be damned, the Sanders delegates might have enough firepower to take over the convention, but of course the fix is still on so that won’t happen. And finally, the primetime speakers included Sarah Silverman and Stuart Smalley.

Now that’s a terrible day.


Video from Fox5NY available at YouTube.

DNC Chair Resigns

Hey Hillary Clinton, see Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigning as chair of the Democratic National Committee over rigging the nominating contest for you? That’s what “taking responsibility” looks like. Take note.

This is Clinton politics right here. Everyone needs to fix the game for Hillary and if anyone gets caught it won’t be Hillary who takes responsibility.

Tonight in an interview on 60 Minutes Hillary was asked about security measures in Benghazi. She claimed she took responsibility. How exactly? She was asked about her email server and she claimed she took responsibility. How? She doesn’t understand that the word “responsibility” requires an action.

And the Democrats don’t care. They are ready to vote for the most corrupt major party nominee in history.

DWS resigns.

Wednesday Wisdom

Here are a few quotes from legendary coach John Wooden to help us get through the week;

“There is nothing stronger than gentleness.

Goals achieved with little effort are seldom worthwhile or lasting.

A leader’s most powerful ally is his or her own example.

Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”


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Another L For Hillary

Hillary Clinton lost another state tonight. This time it was Oregon, where she got demolished 56 to 44. And she barely won the popular vote in Kentucky with a margin of 46. 8 to 46.3, resulting in a tie in the bluegrass state’s committed delegates.

Clinton keeps under-performing in every contest. She is a terrible candidate. She can’t wrap up a nomination that has been cleared for her for eight years. This is getting embarrassing.

What is happening in the Clinton camp?

Hillary email scandal.

Connolly Gets Another Term

Rep. Gerry Connolly, the guy who walked out on a hearing on the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi and the same guy who asked an IRS official in hearing, “Are reports that you can fly accurate,” will be re-elected this November.

Pretty much a done deal anyway, Connolly’s re-election was assured because Republicans in the 11th Congressional District chose on Saturday to not nominate a candidate. Only one person filed, John Michael Wolfe. I saw no evidence that he had a campaign at any time. I received no emails, saw no social media presence and never saw any sign of a ground game. He didn’t even show up at the convention to ask for the delegates’ vote. So he obviously didn’t deserve to be nominated. Cheers to the 11th District Republicans for doing the right thing.

But jeers to the 11th District GOP leadership for failing to recruit a viable candidate. Connolly is awful. His choice to walk out on the Benghazi hearings and his choice to act obnoxious in an IRS hearing are just two examples of behavior that would have resulted in anyone getting fired had it happened in the private sector. But in big bloated government world, someone as unprofessional as Connolly can get re-elected thanks to safe districts and mindless sample ballot voters.

In a presidential year we need strong congressional candidates in every district to help with the up-ballot race. It is disappointing that the GOP leadership couldn’t find someone to carry the Republican banner just to help keep Virginia from Hillary Clinton.

One day we will bounce Rep. Gerry Connolly from his cushy seat. Shame on the Democrat sample ballot voter who mindlessly returns such an unprofessional representative to Capitol Hill. Anyone else would have been fired by now.


Mountain State Blowout

Hillary Clinton got trounced tonight in the West Virginia primary. Bernie Sanders won easily. This is noteworthy because eight years ago Clinton dominated Barack Obama in this same contest. But this year is different. Clinton’s baggage and all her lies are out there. She is a fatality flawed candidate who belongs in the big house, not the White House.

West Virginia hasn’t seen a blowout in an important contest like this since the Mountaineers destroyed the Clemson Tigers in the Orange Bowl 70-33. Tonight’s numbers were not that bad, but for Clinton they might as well been. She is supposed to win. She keeps losing. She is a terrible candidate.


Hoosiers Feel The Bern

Huge upset for the Hillary Clinton campaign with her loss in Indiana tonight. And at the same time, a completely inconsequential win for Bernie Sanders. Embarrassing for Clinton to lose like that, and yet it doesn’t matter at all, she will still win the nomination. This is an illustration of how terrible a candidate she is, but this loss won’t stop her. This is all just a bunch of intellectual tennis with my head just moving back and forth.

How can the Democrats support her? How can her supporters ignore all the baggage, all the lies, all the investigations? How can they tolerate that she has no accomplishments to hang her hat on? How can supporters of Sanders stand to vote for such a dishonest person in the general election? How can any of this be?

Hillary email scandal.

Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Total Wine owner David Trone spent over $12 million of his own money in just the primary for a congressional seat in Maryland. And yesterday he lost! Amazing.

His campaign flooded the airwaves with TV commercials in a volume unrivaled for a congressional campaign… in a primary! After $12 million dollars what would have happened if he had won? Another $12 million plus more? Wow.

Let’s hope Trone’s loss means that in a democracy ideas/values/priorities/goals win elections and seats cannot be bought.