Democracy Works

Last night Fairfax County’s Clerk of the Court John Frey was sworn in for another eight year term. So the next time you hear someone complaining about democracy, or complaining that election results are predetermined, you can point to the below picture and tell them that democracy works.

There really was no reason to vote against Frey for Clerk. Here is a link to our post about why that is. Thank the heavens he won. Had he lost then democracy would have taken a serious blow to its integrity. But we don’t have to go down that dark path. Frey won and while the office is not a partisan position at all the Democrats had another name checked off on their sample ballots on Election Day. Beating the Democrats’ sample ballot countywide in Fairfax County in a race that doesn’t get a lot of attention from the press is an impressive feat to say the least. Frey won because he deserved to, plain and simple.

So it was with great joy that we attended last night’s swearing in ceremony to see our friend take the oath of office for another term. Hard work, honesty, integrity and just being a great guy ought to pay out in the end and we are glad it did. Congratulations to John and his team on the well-deserved win.

John Frey - Copy

Election 2015 Postmortem

Eh. Could’ve been worse.

In Fairfax we are happy that John Frey was re-elected as Clerk of the Court. This was the most important election in NoVA because Frey has done such a great job, so had he lost, democracy would have…. oh never mind, Frey won!

So now the sun sets on another election cycle. Things could’ve been much worse.

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John Frey for Clerk of the Court

The easiest decision for voters in Fairfax County to make in the ballot booth on Tuesday is casting a vote for John Frey for Clerk of the Court.

John has done everything that can be done to deserve re-election. As the chief administrator for the commonwealth’s largest courthouse, John has done an exceptional job running a smooth and efficient operation. With over 800 roles to perform the Clerk’s office could easily become a disorganized mess as Fairfax’s large population could create a logistical backlog from everything from marriage licenses to Wills. We need John in the Clerk’s office to continue to keep things so well organized.

This may be a partisan blog but this endorsement is not partisan in anyway. As our political science textbooks told us, there is no Republican or Democratic way to light a street, or in other words, county administrative offices are not fueled by partisanship. John is a great chief administrator. He has done everything he has been asked to do. He is fair, honest and very likable. There really is no reason to vote against him.

Among some of John’s accomplishments as Clerk are being among the first to implement automated and online processes for land records, the probate system and marriage licenses, he streamlined the jury selection system, cases come up “speedy” and election totals each year are oversaw with the highest integrity. John has done such a great job running Virginia’s largest courthouse that a few years ago the National Association of County Recorders Election Officials and Clerks named him Public Official of the Year. And he was recognized as one of the 2015 Leaders in the Law. The job cannot be done any better.

But then comes the sample ballot. Too many voters vote as blind sheep based on the instructions found on the sample ballot they received as they walked in to the polls. That is really the only way John’s opponent will get any votes. Not because of a policy reason and not because of performance but because the sample ballot said so will be the number one driver of votes for John’s opponent. And that is just wrong. There is really no reason to vote against someone who has done such a good job.

So get out there on Tuesday and reward a great public official by returning him to the job he has performed so well. Doing so honors the bedrock principles of democracy.

Frey banner

Fairfax School Board At-Large Candidates

On the ballot Republicans and Democrats are usually identified with an R or D next to their name. Candidates for Delegate and State Senate have the party id marker, but not every office does.

School Board is one of the offices which do not have a party id on the ballot as it is considered a non-partisan race. Magisterial District School Board member is easy enough to figure out, but voters may find a moment of confusion when casting their vote for the At-Large School Board members, where voters are asked to cast no more than three votes. There are nine candidates running At-Large. The Republicans and the Democrats have endorsed three each and the contrast is stark.

For greater transparency, more accountability, an independent audit, and wiser spending of our tax dollars, vote for the Republican At-Large ticket, listed below. The current Democratic controlled School Board has lost accreditation to several schools in the eastern part of the county. Their reckless spending and mismanagement created an atmosphere where the School Board thought it wise to fight for more money by threatening to take away sports. Of course their threat was entirely disingenuous and really an illustration of, first the board’s mismanagement, second their lack of leadership, and finally their lack of integrity as their threat to take sports away was never anything more than a scare tactic.

Performance should be on the minds of voters when in the ballot booth. And when based on performance, this current School Board does not deserve to be returned to their jobs. It is time for new leadership for our schools. Vote for Bob Copeland, Jeanette Hough and Manar Jean-Jacques.

Fairfax School Board At-Large

Scott Cameron for Soil & Water Board

One race that gets little attention is the Soil and Water Conservation Board. Their authority in zoning and development projects is real so we need to make sure we elect good people to the board. This year the Fairfax Republican Committee has endorsed just one candidate in this race; Scott Cameron.

Scott is as qualified as any candidate for this position could imagine to be. His credentials are lengthy and include management consulting and government policy advising in environmental policy for over 30 years. He is green and a conservative Republican. He understands the needs of the local environment and understands that we can’t spend what we don’t have. He has been a very active, hard working campaigner. He has built the proper background for this run and he has done the leg work to prove to the grassroots that he deserves the opportunity to serve.

And Scott is endorsed by the Fairfax League of Conservation Voters, which is the brass ring of endorsements in this race.

On November 3rd remember to vote in the down ballot races as well. Scott Cameron for Soil and Water Conservation Board is a wise choice.

Scott Cameron

WaPo Endorses Vargas for Delegate

The Washington Post endorsed Republican Danny Vargas to succeed Delegate Tom Rust in the 86th. Here is WaPo’s full write up (also linked here);

“District 86. Republican Raul “Danny” Vargas, a business owner who has been instrumental in lobbying for transportation improvements in the Dulles area, is one of the region’s more impressive first-time candidates for the House of Delegates in recent memory. An Air Force veteran with broad corporate experience, he has led the state’s Board of Workforce Development and is authoritative on education and training issues, among others. His Democratic opponent, Jennifer B. Boysko, is also an excellent candidate — a committed and knowledgable local activist who worked for years on the staff of Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust. But she cannot offer Mr. Vargas’s breadth of knowledge on statewide questions.”

I live in the 86th and I have received knocks on my door, mailers, and phone calls from both the Vargas and Boysko campaigns. From where I live it looks like Vargas has been the better candidate with the better campaign organization. His opponent’s campaign has knocked on my door more than Vargas, but Vargas has had several different door hangers while Boysko’s people are dropping, for fifth time, the same tired piece. Vargas has been consistent on his message of how to improve our transportation woes. Vargas has experience in private and public sector work which have given him a great depth of understanding Virginia’s priorities. He is polished to the point that he doesn’t come across as a first time candidate at all. Vargas is ready to serve in the General Assembly and I am glad I get to cast a vote for him.

WaPo got this one right, Danny Vargas for Delegate is the best choice.

Vargas logo

Sen. Dick Black Best Choice in the 13th

The race in the 13th State Senate District offers a stark contrast. Just look below at the answers to two questions from a questionnaire from the Purcellville Gazette.

Question: “What is the most important and specific issue facing your district today? In the future?”

-State Senator Dick Black: “Jobs and Transportation are the most pressing issues facing our district.”

-Democrat Challenger Jill McCabe: “Full-day Kindergarten.”

Question: “Do you support Transform 66? (The project area is a 25-mile stretch of I-66, from U.S. Route 15 in Haymarket to I-495/Capital Beltway, including tolls inside the Beltway during rush hour in each direction.)”

-State Senator Dick Black: “I adamantly oppose $17 dollar tolls on I-66. It is outrageous that after passing the biggest transportation tax increase in Virginia’s history, the Governor wants to create limousine lanes for wealthy commuters and squeeze the rest of us into what’s left of I-66. Roads belong to the people. You shouldn’t have to be wealthy to drive in the fast lane. I oppose tolls anywhere in Northern Virginia. When I passed legislation that built the Rt. 28 freeway, I explicitly rejected proposals to fund Rt. 28 with tolls. As a result, we built one of the finest highways in Virginia and commuters drive there without a penny in tolls. I am determined to block the Democrats’ plan to put $17 tolls on I-66.”

Democrat Challenger Jill McCabe: “Gridlock is a major problem in this district, and across our region. It costs workers time with their families, and it costs businesses money whenever their trucks or employees are trapped in traffic. We need to find more solutions, including transit options like bringing Metrorail to Dulles. The congestion on I-66 is a huge part of our current problem, and I believe that investments designed to reduce that congestion will pay off many times over. That said, it is very important that we choose and fund those investments in a responsible way. I believe we should look at all other options first, before ever considering tolls. As discussion of Transform 66 continues, I’ll work to find solutions to our gridlock problem that minimize the financial burden on families and small businesses that are already struggling to get by.”

Ok, so on that first answer I’m just going to add c’mon. Sen. Black’s opponent said “Full-day Kindergarten.” Really. Biggest issue for the whole district was the question and she said “Full-day Kindergarten.” Note this is not a race for school board. Sen. Black gets it; jobs and transportation need to be the top priorities of a legislator representing Loudoun and Prince William counties.

The second answer offers a clear illustration in the difference of leadership. Ask Sen. Black a question and he’ll actually give you an answer. Look again at how he began his answer, “I adamantly oppose $17 dollar tolls on I-66,” and then went on from there. Now look again at the rambling, directionless non-sense of his opponent who offers no leadership in her answer. She said, “I believe we should look at all other options first, before ever considering tolls,” so she is against tolls, but she also said “I believe that investments designed to reduce that congestion will pay off many times over,” which would mean she favors tolls. The question from the Purcellville Gazette was a simple one; “Do you support Transform 66?” Sen. Black said no and his opponent wasn’t brave enough to answer.

The choice in this race is clear. Dick Black deserves to be re-elected and his opponent Jill McCabe is not qualified to be in the State Senate.

Dick Black

You can read the entire interview in the Purcellville Gazette here.

Vargas Best Choice for NoVA’s Economy

Last week a hit piece mailer on Republican Danny Vargas landed in mailboxes in the 86th House of Delegates district. The mailer had the Democrats’ typical accusation; “He’s too extreme.” I read it as the Democrats are just getting lazy as this is another poor attempt at creating a false narrative about a good candidate. The authority line states the mailer was paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia and approved by Vargas’ opponent.

The Democrats really love to throw out the bill that included ultrasounds before getting an abortion from a few years ago. Of course, Vargas had nothing to do with that, he does not support it now, and had he been in the House back then he would not have supported it. But the Democrats are too cowardly to tell you that. Instead they claim that the author of said bill is “bankrolling” the Vargas campaign. The footnote on this falsehood reads, “See Vargas’ bankrollers for yourself at,” or in other words, it’s our job to smear people and it’s your job to figure out what the hell we’re talking about. So I checked out Vargas’ donors and I couldn’t find anyone “bankrolling” the Vargas campaign. Instead, I found a lot individual donors making up a little over $240,000 raised through August. Among those donors is a $1,000 donation from the Kathy Bryon for Delegate campaign, which must be what the Democrats mean when they say “bankrolling.” Never mind accuracy, the Democrats are just sticking to their same cookie cutter attack; everyone is “extreme.”

The same day these lies about Vargas were in my mailbox was a mailer from the Vargas campaign showcasing his endorsement from the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce and The National Federation of Independent Business. What is extreme about the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce again? And why is the National Federation of Independent Business an extreme organization? I doubt you’ll be able to muster up a very good argument as to why those organizations, which Democrats always solicit for an endorsement, are “too extreme” for Northern Virginia voters. Good to see that on the same day that lies about a vague charge of being “too extreme” were seen there was also a crystal clear illustration of why Vargas is the best choice for Northern Virginia’s economy.

Lies, false narratives, and the same old tricks are the Democrats campaign plan. Don’t be fooled by old talking points. Danny Vargas for Delegate is an outstanding candidate worthy of your vote.

Vargas team

VRMA Names Del. Miller Legislator of the Year

The Virginia Retail Merchants Association has named Prince William County Delegate Jackson Miller their Legislator of the Year for 2105.

Delegate Miller, who is in the House Republican leadership, is a great choice for this award as he has always worked to create a friendly environment for the business community. Knowing that jobs are created by the private sector, Delegate Miller has worked hard to allow Virginia’s government to best facilitate private sector job creation. We need legislators like him in the leadership in the General Assembly to keep Virginia a great place to do business.

From the VRMA press release announcing the award; “Delegate Miller was very strong on all of the retail community’s key issues this year,” said Kyle Shreve, VRMA director of government affairs. “We want to thank him for his continued support of free market policies and his commitment to keep Virginia’s businesses strong.” The full press release is available on Delegate Miller’s Facebook page, linked here.

Delegate Jackson Miller clearly deserves to be re-elected for a number of reasons. This prestigious award is just one of those reasons. Delegate Miller represents the 50th House of Delegate District which is made up of the Town of Manassas and part of Prince William County. A Delegate since 2006, he has served as Majority Whip since 2012. Delegate Miller is a homegrown talent having graduated from W.T. Woodson High School.


NFIB Endorses Dick Black

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has endorsed State Senator Dick Black for re-election.

Senator Black says on his website he will “work to ensure that Virginia supports the Right to Work, dampens costly litigation, reduces bureaucratic red-tape, and constrains taxes. These things will help businesses to save and invest in jobs.” He has also earned an A+ grade from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. He understands all the hurdles a small business faces and he is committed to reducing government regulations to help sustain a strong economy.

The Republican controlled General Assembly has helped make the commonwealth a great place to do business. Virginia received an A rating from a survey made up small business owners. The NFIB website describes the survey as “Reveal[ing] that Virginia business owners are the happiest with the state when it comes to licensing, environmental issues and the ease of starting a business. The state’s only non-A grade was in zoning issues, which still performed relatively well with a B+ grade.” Republican controlled Texas received an A+ and Democratic controlled California received an F. Neighboring Maryland, controlled by Democrats, received a C-.

This illustrates the importance of the 2015 elections here in Virginia. Our State Senate is controlled by the Republicans by a razor thin margin. Holding Senator Black’s seat is a big piece of holding this majority. Senator Dick Black knows how to help businesses and NFIB recognizes that. We need him and his Republican colleagues in the majority.

Dick Black NFIB

PWC Schools Need Willie Deutsch

Last night I made a modest donation to the Willie Deutsch for School Board campaign. Willie is running for the Coles District seat down in Prince William County. I sent him a few dollars for several reasons;

For one, we need good people on the school board. I know Willie personally and I know that he is a good person who will act responsibly as an elected representative. He is highly qualified for this seat as he has been a very active participant in local and state politics. There is no doubt in my mind that Willie will always cast an educated vote for his constituents should he be successful in his campaign.

Trust is an important factor. Voters need to ask themselves whether or not a candidate is trustworthy enough to earn their vote. That’s an easy test for Willie to pass as he is known throughout the commonwealth as an honest, trustworthy individual.

Next comes policy. That’s right, character and integrity come before policy if you want to earn my support. For policy, Willie is a small government conservative who will make sure Prince William County schools spend their money wisely. His website runs a quote at the top of the page which says, “It’s time we help every student in Coles District receive a better education by effectively managing your investment in the county education system.” I see Willie serving as an eagle eye on budget issues, something every school board should want in a board member.

And finally, I gave money to Willie’s campaign because since the end of the 2011 election cycle I have told many candidates who came courting my wallet that if I had any money I would save it and donate to a school board candidate in 2015. Well, here we are.

I encourage you to join me in making a donation to Willie Deutsch for School Board, which you can do through this link here.

Willie for School Board

AFP Rally with Sen. Black

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 11, Americans For Prosperity will hold a rally in Sterling with State Senator Dick Black as part of AFP’s Power Up Virginia tour.

This grassroots campaign is designed to bring awareness to the economic crippling policies of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Joining Senator Black will be grassroots celebrity Martha Boneta, as well as many AFP grassroots activists.

Below is the information on the rally including a link to RSVP.

Power Up Virginia Rally in Sterling!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Washington Dulles Airport Marriott

45020 Aviation Drive

Sterling, VA 20166

Dick Black

T-Mac Playing Games with the Ballot Box

Delegate Bob Marshall sent out an email earlier today (copied and pasted below). Governor T-Mac will do what it takes to make sure the Democrats can stuff the ballot boxes. It is too bad that the legality of the ballots do not matter to T-Mac’s election board so long as those ballots have a mark by the Democrats. Tough to win when the game is rigged by a guy that made his bones on finding ways to sidestep every rule in the book. It is great to see Delegate Marshall standing up against T-Mac’s shadiness. This is a serious issue.

“Dear Friends:

Governor Terry McAuliffe and his Board of Elections are attempting to make an end-run around the General Assembly yet again by attempting to change the form to register to vote. The proposed changes will make it easier for non-citizens, those adjudicated to be mentally incapacitated and convicted felons to illegally register to vote.

The current voter registration form requires an applicant to affirmatively indicate by checking boxes on the form that they are U.S. citizens, that they have not been adjudicated to be mentally incapacitated, and are not convicted felons whose voting rights have not been restored. Under current regulation, failing to check these boxes would cause the application to be rejected. However, in most, if not all cases where an application is received in which the boxes are not checked, a letter is sent to the person attempting to register asking them to refile the application making sure that they check the boxes.

The McAuliffe administration has determined that this is too much of a barrier for potential voters and has proposed new regulations that would not allow an application to be rejected for failure to check the boxes. The new form will have an affirmation statement at the bottom above the signature line which will replace the check boxes. Both the public and many voter registrars across the Commonwealth have raised concerns about this change, noting that many people do not read the fine print before signing.

Whether or not you think this change is a big deal you should be concerned about this overstep by the McAuliffe administration. The State Board of Elections does not have the authority under the Virginia Constitution and state law to adopt this change to the voter registration form.

Article II, Section 2 of the Virginia Constitution states:

“Applications to register shall require the applicant to provide the following information on a standard form: full name; date of birth; residence address; social security number, if any;whether the applicant is presently a United States citizen; and such additional information as may be required by law. All applications to register shall be completed by or at the direction of the applicant and signed by the applicant, unless physically disabled.”

Code § 24.2-418 states in part:

“The form of the application to register shall require the applicant to provide the following information: full name; gender; date of birth; social security number, if any; whether the applicant is presently a United States citizen; address of residence in the precinct; place of last previous registration to vote; and whether the applicant has ever been adjudicated incapacitated or convicted of a felony, and if so, under what circumstances the applicant’s right to vote has been restored. The form shall contain a statement that whoever votes more than once in any election in the same or different jurisdictions shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony. Unless directed by the applicant or as permitted in § 24.2-411.1 or 24.2-411.2, the registration application shall not be pre-populated with information the applicant is required to provide.”

Therefore, I question whether the State Board of Elections and the McAuliffe administration have the authority to make this change to the voter registration form.

If you are concerned about this proposed change I encourage you to please submit your comments here to the State Board of Elections BEFORE midnight TONIGHT, August 3, 2015.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your help!


Delegate Bob Marshall”

Bob Marshall 2

Oh Honey, Let Me Tell You…

Worst kept secret in NoVA politics? Suzanne Volpe is a liar. As the saying goes, if her lips are moving she is lying.

Now don’t get me wrong, Suzanne Volpe has left a big imprint on Loudoun and regional politics. She has built an empire, much of it based on solid ground tactics and a work ethic that is hard to match, but the behind the scenes back stabbing, character assassinations, repeated calls down to Richmond (or to anyone that will listen) to complain about party officials and activists, and all out obnoxious and constant lies are her legacy. For years no one said anything, she fought to control the local unit by placing her people in key position and working hard for candidates, so people needed her and didn’t want to put up with the bullshit associated with calling her out. But a funny thing happened on the way to elected office, her reputation caught up with her.

Case in point; at the Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting Monday night Volpe pulled her infamous trick of packing a caucus with proxies to defeat a contemporary seeking an endorsement. Nothing really wrong with politics as usual, the world revolves around those who show up, but there is a problem with someone that continually plays lip service to the local committee being a “family” where we all “take care of each other”. Instead of picking up a phone and trying to work things out, or running another candidate against the person she is trying to defeat, she resorts to secret ballots and proxies so that there are no fingerprints. Call your friends in Loudoun to find out more information, anyone who was at the meeting figured out what was going on when the caucus’ recommendation was overturned and the full committee endorsed Volpe’s victim. Sometimes the good guy wins and the bad guys are exposed.

So for all the campaign workers, fellow party members, fellow elected officials, volunteers that received recognition, movers, shakers, promoters, advocates and people who are trying to move the needle an inch at a time, anyone who has been stepped on, stabbed, maligned or lied to by Ms. Volpe, you are finally vindicated. The truth is there for those that seek it, and as Ms. Volpe is known to say “Oh Honey, let me tell you”…….

-From Loudoun


NoVA Courting Marriott

Hotel mega-giant Marriott is considering relocating their corporate headquarters out of Maryland, with Northern Virginia as a leading contender to be their new home. is reporting that Marriott is seriously looking at moving to Arlington County.

Leaving Maryland is something we understand very well. Choosing Arlington is less clear to us, but Arlington is in Virginia so by default it is way better than tax-hiking, gun-grabbing, crazy liberal Maryland. Metro accessibility is a big plus for most of Arlington, a selling point that Marriott has been reported as being very interested in. No word on whether a new pie store in Arlington has anything to do with this.

The trend over the last several years has been to leave Maryland, and who can blame the companies that do? Can we blame Beretta for leaving Maryland over the state’s, get this, anti-2nd Amendment laws for a more friendly Tennessee? Then Texas Governor Rick Perry ran a series of radio ads in Maryland markets specifically targeting businesses to leave Maryland for Texas, likely because it was such an easy sell.

Currently, Virginia has a business friendly environment while neighboring Maryland does not. With so many businesses wanting to get close to the federal government, Virginia needs to keep this huge advantage over Maryland.

Which brings us to the 2015 elections in Virginia, which are very important because we need to keep Virginia open for business. We can’t afford the Democrats taking over the state legislature and turning us into Maryland. If that happens not only will new businesses go elsewhere, but we’ll also lose our current ones.

Let’s remember Ben Franklin saying, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Right now, Virginia is a destination for businesses, if we can keep them.


Blackwell Says Hollingshead Can Win

Longtime politico Morton Blackwell sent out an email last week expressing his support for Republican State Senate candidate Stephen Hollingshead. Blackwell said Hollingshead’s

“agenda of ‘Jobs, Growth, and Opportunity’ for Northern Virginia is the right one, and he is organized and prepared to run a strong race in State Senate District 33, which has swung back and forth between Democrats and Republicans in recent years.

Sometimes principled candidates lose merely because too many good folks chose not to engage. I’ve looked at the numbers. This race is winnable. Stephen Hollingshead can take a seat from the Democrats this year, and his victory might be essential to keep Republicans in the majority in the State Senate. He can do this if you and I pitch in to help him.”

Pretty encouraging words from Blackwell, who doesn’t typically get caught up in soundbites. Blackwell tells it like it is. If he says the “race is winnable,” then sign-up to volunteer with the Hollingshead team today. Taking that seat would be a huge setback to the Democratic senate caucus.

Stephen Hollingshead is running to help get Northern Virginia businesses out of this recession that they are in. Empty office space is a big problem in parts of NoVA. We need to fix that by sending a business friendly state senator from NoVA to the General Assembly.


Liberty Now PAC Supporting Senator Black

Yesterday Ken Cuccinelli blasted out a fundraising email for State Senator Dick Black. The email came from Cuccinelli’s Liberty Now PAC, which promises “100% of your contributions go to support conservative candidates across Virginia. And 100% of your donation today will go to support Senator Dick Black’s conservative campaign.” Nice! Thank you to Ken for helping our conservative friends; and Dick Black is a true conservative who we need to keep in the State Senate.

The email describes Senator Black as “earn[ing] the Brent Society Distinguished Service Award for defending life, marriage, and family values; as well as 100% ratings from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance, and the Family Foundation. He was also named Top Legislator by National Right to Work and received an A+ rating from the NRA.”

Cuccinelli concludes his pitch saying he is “confident that Senator Black will continue to be a strong conservative voice in the Virginia General Assembly.”

And we agree 100%.

Donate to State Senator Dick Black today.

Full email from Liberty Now PAC here.

Dick Black

Vargas on Maddow

Last night Republican strategist and candidate for Delegate Danny Vargas appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show. He was on to discuss limiting the first Republican debate to the top ten based on national polling. Vargas and Maddow were in agreement that a limit of ten is a bad rule.

In the short time he was on, Vargas was able to fit in a compliment to Republicans for having such a deep bench of qualified candidates. He then took a shot at the Democrats for their lack of any bench and the lack of enthusiasm behind the annotated Hillary Clinton. His comments were appropriate and accurate.

Maddow interrupted a little with laughter before completely dismissing the idea that a complete lack of choice is a rather undemocratic way of selecting a nominee. Her reaction to Vargas was inappropriate. Maddow is known as a hyper-partisan, but she doesn’t have to be rude about it.

Great job to Danny Vargas for holding his own with a hostile and unprofessional host.