Taking The Pain Out Of Conventions

Guest Post by Richard McCarty

Why do conventions have to be so miserable?

The short answer is that they don’t. If elected to State Central, I’ll work to make conventions less painful for attendees. How will I do this?

I’ll advocate for the state party to set up online registration for conventions. From one page, you should be able to register for all of the conventions that you’re eligible to vote at, sign up for your local Republican committee, and pay any necessary fees.

I’ll advocate for satellite voting locations when the party is nominating statewide candidates. Under my plan, you’d have your choice of going to the main convention location or going to one of 3-4 satellite locations around the Commonwealth where you could watch the convention proceedings on a large screen and vote for the candidates of your choice. This would save convention attendees both time and money and enable more people to participate.

If I cannot get satellite voting locations set up, I’ll advocate for holding the convention near Charlottesville, Richmond, or Williamsburg. Most of the Commonwealth’s population is located near I-95 and I-64, and I think we should strive to locate conventions close to our population centers so more people can attend.

To save convention attendees’ time, I’ll advocate for Instant Runoff Voting. With Instant Runoff Voting, you’d rank the candidates from your most preferred to your least preferred. The votes for the least favorite candidate would be reallocated according to the voters’ preferences. The process of reallocating votes would continue until a candidate received a majority of votes. Using Instant Runoff Voting, we could eliminate the need for multiple rounds of voting while still ensuring that every winner has majority support.

To make conventions more accessible to college students, recent grads, and those on fixed incomes, I’ll advocate to keep convention fees low or optional for attendees.

Finally, I’ll advocate for setting up a committee to review what went wrong with our recent state convention in Harrisonburg and what we can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If you agree that it’s time we reform our convention processes, I ask for your vote on May 14th at the 11th Congressional District Convention at Centreville High School.


Richard McCarty is a pro-life conservative and long-time Republican volunteer. He is currently a candidate for the State Central Committee from the 11th Congressional District. More information on his campaign can be found at Richard McCarty for State Central Committee. He can be reached at richard@richardforstatecentral.com.

8th District SCC Conservative Ticket

Red NoVA endorses Paul Blumstein, Robert Kenyon and Anna Urman for State Central Committee in the 8th District. In an email announcing their candidacies from earlier this year, the three candidates write;

“It has different names in many states, but each state Republican party has one. Virginia is one of a very few nationwide which are NOT controlled by elected officials and their minions and consultants. Ours is controlled, by a very narrow margin, by the grassroots. Folks like you. Like us. We aim to keep it that way. That’s why we’re candidates for State Central Committee from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. Each district has a few seats on SCC. The 8th has 3. We’re running to make sure those seats are filled by grassroots Republicans.”

Included in their email was a brief bio on each, copied and pasted below.

Paul Blumstein

Paul has been a busy political activist for over 50 years. He is a strong believer in liberty, our Constitution, capitalism, small government and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Some of the organizations that Paul has been active with include AFP, RLC, JBS, NRA, GOA, VCDL, and the tea party movement. Professionally, Paul is a certified, experienced Project Manager.

Robert Kenyon

Robert is a native of Stafford County, now an Arlingtonian. He has been involved in every election cycle on some level since 1997, has been the chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia since 2012, and has worked professionally for conservative campaigns for U.S. House, the Senate of Virginia, and the Virginia House of Delegates. He espouses Constitutional originalism and a liberty-focused conservatism that empowers the individual over any level of government.

Anna Urman

Anna was the 2015 Republican nominee in the 43rd House of Delegates district. She is the Director of the Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Program (Virginia PTAP). Prior to joining PTAP, Anna was the Director of the South Fairfax Small Business Development Center. She is an immigrant from Belarus by way of Lithuania, and values liberty, and can explain firsthand what it’s like to live under a totalitarian regime.

These three great candidates make up the conservative ticket for the 8th District and they would serve our Party well on State Central Committee.

RPV banner.

With a few changes, this piece was originally posted on February 15, 2016.

Charles Hernick for Congress

Red NoVA endorses Charles Hernick for the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional District.

Hernick, like so many in the 8th, is a Virginian by choice. He is also, like so many in the 8th, a millennial. When I asked him about the National Debt he pointed out that a huge chunk of the debt itself comes from “overwhelming debt service payments,” a point that most electeds stay away from because it really highlights how the government is destroying itself by falling farther into debt and farther behind in catching up on the payments. He went on to say, “There are a large number of millennials in our district and collectively millennials carry one trillion in privately held debt. Combined that with the National Debt and entitlement programs that won’t pay out to them, even though they are paying in.” That’s a great answer that voters in the 8th need to understand.

Hernick has put together a professional campaign. He is a disciplined communicator. He has a real organization set up to push out his message. Unfortunately, those are all stark contrasts from his opponent.

Retired Army veteran Mike Webb, Hernick’s opponent, is a nice man. He is always wearing a smile. But he is not ready. And I mean really not ready to carry the Republican banner. He sends out a lot of press releases. The sender is named “Campaign Email.” D’oh. They are fairly entertaining reads, if he weren’t running in a presidential year (more on that in a minute). In one of the press releases he explains why he was recently fired as a FOIA officer. Why would he want people to know that? In another, Webb mentions that he filed charges with the local police against the Arlington County Republican Committee. He names a few people in the release, and he even tells you where one of his critics works while pointing out that that person was engaging him on Facebook during company time. Then it sounded like he tried to get the young man fired, but when I asked Webb about this he said that he did not call the guy’s employer. And the Webb campaign couldn’t file finance reports on time. The explanation was that the campaign computer was “hacked.” C’mon. This followed with another missed deadline with the FEC resulting in a fine, which is very embarrassing. Also, his press releases often include the curious phrase, “sources close to the campaign.” Keep in mind the press release came from the campaign, so yeah, that’s as close as one could get.

We need to nominate a professional in every congressional race this year. Hillary Clinton will be tough to beat in Virginia and every vote counts. In a presidential race, a vote in a Republican rich district counts the same as a vote in Democrat rich Arlington. We need someone who can attract millennials to come to the polls. Once there, voters will receive a sample ballot that includes the rest of the Republican ticket. A vote for Hernick could turn into a vote for other Republicans across the board. But if we nominate someone who is not ready to be professional in his messaging, then we will lose a lot of potential votes in other races, which could tilt the scales enough for Clinton to win. And with Virginia being such an important state… you get the idea.

If you plan on attending the 8th Congressional District Republican Convention this Saturday then we encourage you to cast a vote for Charles Hernick for congress. He understands the problems that the National Debt has created. Hernick is a professional, he is polished and he is ready to work hard right up to Election Day.

Hernick for congress.

Send Bill Cleveland To Cleveland

Republicans in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District will decide this Saturday on three delegates to the National Convention. Among those running is Bill Cleveland and he deserves your vote.

Bill is a retired Capitol Hill police officer and a former vice-mayor of Alexandria. He has been very involved with Republican candidates for office in the 8th and statewide. He is a very familiar face to NoVA Republicans; just about anytime Bill is at a Republican meeting of either a county committee, a women’s group or Young Republican club, he is asked to stand and recite the Republican Creed. And I mean to say recite as he always stands and speaks our Creed without any notes to read as he has it memorized by heart.

And Bill will be the first person to tell you that “talking the talk, ain’t the same as walking the walk.” Bill understands the Creed so very well and he has lived his life consistent with those values.

On a personal note; I know Bill and I consider it an absolute privilege that I can call him a friend. He is honest, hard-working, smart, politically savvy, and warm of heart. He is a proud American who wants to serve his district at the National Convention. He has done everything to earn the votes of Republicans in the 8th and Red NoVA wholeheartedly endorses his candidacy. He is one of our Party’s all-stars and we truly hope he is honored with the chance to serve.

Send Bill Cleveland to Cleveland, because Cleveland rocks…. and so does Bill Cleveland.

Bill Cleveland.

God Save The Republic

Guest Post by Daniel Bradshaw

Since yesterday evening, many of my friends are saying that they are going to dump the Republican Party. Now I TOTALLY understand why they feel this way. But I just want you to consider a couple of things:

First, if good men and women of principle would have stayed involved and engaged in the Republican Party and held the leadership accountable over the last three decades, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in now.

Second, if you leave the Republican Party, you better have a plan for what you ARE going to do. If the Founding Fathers had just held a protest against King George, America would never have existed. It was because they had an actual PLAN for a new country that they were able to succeed. So, if you are going to leave the Republican Party, you better have a plan for what you ARE going to do to save this country.

Lastly, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am looking into what strategies we as conservatives can employ to prevent the liberal media, party bosses, and donors that listen to Karl Rove, from continuing to pick our nominees which they have consistently done in every GOP Presidential Primary since 1984. If THAT is something you are interested in being a part of, then please join the conversation. Giving up and going home IS NOT the answer.


Recapping The RPV Convention

The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) State Convention was held over the weekend in Harrisonburg.

Prior to the convention beginning the RPV State Central Committee met. Among the business items was the Mark Berg/Frederick County Republican Committee appeal. We are happy to report that Chairman Berg won his appeal and will continue to serve the Republicans who elected him to lead their county committee.

The convention began Friday afternoon with a floor fight over the nominations report for the RPV chairman’s race. Challenger Vince Haley and his supporters attempted to add his name to the ballot, but were unsuccessful.

In the course of Haley’s desperate attempt, the Haley team chose some pretty sleazy campaign tactics at the last minute. Haley’s volunteers on Friday were passing out lapel stickers that had “Cruz/Haley” on them and others that said “Haley/Dunbar.” These items were created and distributed without the approval or knowledge of the Ted Cruz for president campaign or the Cynthia Dunbar for National Committeewoman campaign. And much worse than that was Haley’s team created signs that said “Dunbar” on the top with “Yes” underneath or “No.” (For those who are unfamiliar with conventions, campaigns attach “yes” or “no” to their own campaign signs to let their delegates know how they would like their supporters to vote on motions and other business.) But Dunbar was not taking a positon on the nominations report or on the chairman’s race, making her name on a sign created by Haley’s team a dishonest method of communication and a really low move. As a member of the Dunbar campaign, I approached a woman holding one of the unauthorized Dunbar signs and ask her if we could talk about her sign. I can’t believe how rude she was. After the sergeant-at-arms intervened the Dunbar campaign was able to remove all of the unauthorized signs. And when I saw that lady on Saturday she was claiming victimhood status. Unbelievable.

Anyway, as a member of the Dunbar campaign and the Cruz Crew, I will recuse myself from reporting on the National Committeewoman race and the National Delegate ticket. But I’ll just say, the Cruz heavy ticket of delegates is a proper representation of the delegates of Virginia. Trump won Virginia with a plurality in a split field and a plurality is a minority which doesn’t speak for the majority. For more on the race for National Committeewoman, check out our friends at The Bull Elephant.

The whole event was pretty exciting. On Saturday the convention started at 11:10am, instead of the scheduled 10:30am. It ended late, real late. The anti-convention crowd has been quick to celebrate the shortcomings of this year’s convention, but they were loaded and ready to fire no matter what had happened. What the anti-convention crowd and the mainstream media won’t report on is that on Friday night members of Cruz’s Virginia leadership team had a great time hanging out with members of Trump’s Virginia leadership. And on Saturday night, Cruz volunteers and Trump volunteers met for dinner after the convention had adjourned. Among the pleasant conversations Saturday night was a concerted effort by both camps to help a Trump supporter find a ride home. Maybe, just maybe, our Party is not so fractured after all. But the WaPo narrative is civil war and conventions tear friends apart. Give me a break.

When the convention was over the winners were; John Whitbeck for Party Chairman, Morton Blackwell for National Committeeman, Cynthia Dunbar for National Committeewoman, and the Cruz Crew supported ticket of National Delegates.

And I am looking forward to NEXT YEAR’S CONVENTION!!!

winners2016 (2)rpv all access.

Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Total Wine owner David Trone spent over $12 million of his own money in just the primary for a congressional seat in Maryland. And yesterday he lost! Amazing.

His campaign flooded the airwaves with TV commercials in a volume unrivaled for a congressional campaign… in a primary! After $12 million dollars what would have happened if he had won? Another $12 million plus more? Wow.

Let’s hope Trone’s loss means that in a democracy ideas/values/priorities/goals win elections and seats cannot be bought.


Whitbeck For The Win

The race for chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia has been a little tough to follow. And all the noise is too bad because Chairman John Whitbeck deserves a chance to serve a full term.

Headlining Whitbeck’s list of supporters are Ken Cuccinelli and Morton Blackwell. Cuccinelli said, on a Whitbeck sponsored mailer, that he is “proud to endorse” Whitbeck because of “John’s combination of competence and conservative principles.” Blackwell, a GOP grassroots legend, said, “Conservatives can rest easy knowing that Chairman Whitbeck will stand with us in fighting any attempts at a parachute candidate. John Whitbeck is the best choice for Chairman.”

Joining those two big names are a ton of elected officials, county chairmen and grassroots activists, listed in length on a Whitbeck sponsored mailer I received today. Among the list are members of the leadership teams for both the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump campaigns.

Whitbeck will win, easily. No matter what happens on Friday when the rules and nominations reports are voted on. His opponent Vince Haley exited the race during the pre-file period for delegates to sign-up for the convention, which is the worse time he could have picked to leave. Haley has returned to the race, or is trying to, or something, but it is much easier for candidates to push their supporters to sign-up for the convention than it is to flip support to their side after the pre-file has closed. Whitbeck on the other hand continued through the pre-file period to get his people to sign-up for the convention.

I told Whitbeck I would support him for re-election back in December and thought Vince Haley made the right move when he graciously exited the race in February. And nothing has changed. I will be at the state convention this weekend where I will cast a vote for John Whitbeck for chairman.


The 68th Annual Shad Planking

This Friday is the 68th Annual Shad Planking. Their website says it all;

“Shad Planking Fast Facts


12205 Brittles Mill Rd., Wakefield, VA 23888


Friday, April 22, 2016, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

What does it cost?

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the gate.

What do I get with my ticket?

A tasting glass for samples from Virginia’s best wineries and distilleries, live music, political speeches, arts, crafts, social causes, outreach programs, a taste of our famous smoked Shad and Shad roe, and Virginia’s best and brightest citizens.

In one sentence, what is the 68th Shad Planking and Grapes & Grains Festival?

The perfect marriage of a political rally and a wine & whiskey festival.

Who will be there?

Political figures, wineries, distilleries, VA arts and crafts, non-profits, social causes, outreach organizations, and 1000s of people like you.”

And maybe the best part;

Can I bring my children?

This event is intended for adults 21 and up.”

You can purchase tickets here.


Principled Compromise Or Compromising Principles

Guest Post by Shak Hill

It sounds so nice and lofty to be all about compromising to “get things done” in Richmond or Washington. Republicans are constantly asked if they will compromise on issues. Being a great compromiser seems to be the key characteristic the Media and Democrats want a Republican to have.

In my travels around Virginia, I talk about Republican principles a lot. I offer this example of Compromise versus Principle:

Think about your kitchen. Consider the walls. Look at the color. Many kitchens are bright, which makes the room feel open and welcoming.

“We” could obtain diverse opinions from many people about the color of your kitchen. Every reasonable group of people could arrive at a compromise for the color “we” should paint your kitchen. Some might lean towards mauve, others fuchsia, and still others magenta. No matter the size of the group, in a short time, a vote could be taken and “we” could compromise on the color.

However, the preferred color of your kitchen is not the real question. The question is: Do “we” have the authority to paint your kitchen?

Because the answer is “No!” there’s no ability to ‘compromise’. Even if the group wants a color you can live with, is willing to pay for it, will do an outstanding job and clean up after finished, it doesn’t matter. “We” can’t paint your kitchen, because “we” have no authority to paint your kitchen in the first place.

It is wrong for the government to do something it has no authority to do. Because it’s wrong, there’s no ability to ‘compromise’ and let government do less wrong. Some grey areas of government exist. I get that. But some areas the government participates in now are clearly outside the limits of good government. Government must stop exceeding its limited authority. Recognizing limits is better than the so-called principle of compromise, which serves the Leftist Media, the Democrats and the Establishment on both sides, but not the people.

The Republican Party was born refusing to compromise on slavery. Thank goodness they did not compromise. I wonder what would have been a good compromise on slavery. Many will be free and a few will be slaves? How many? Where? Why? The Missouri Compromise failed, because it violated the principle. There is no compromise on the principle of freedom, so there is no compromise on the issue of slavery.

If the principle is the Free World must win the Cold War, then President Reagan was right to say, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” A compromise would not have worked: If you don’t mind, Mr. Gorbachev, please tear down a piece of the wall and let a few folks visit the West.

If the principle is all human life is precious, then compromises can’t be made to kill when life is inconvenient.

If the principle is America is a nation of laws, then the compromise can’t be – unless you’re here illegally and have lived here for ten years. Not applying laws to illegal immigrants isn’t a compromise. It’s a rejection of the principle.

If the principle is to let the free market economy work, then there is no compromise for the government to dictate a federal minimum wage. The federal government has no authority here.

If the principle is our right to keep and bear arms, then making compromises for universal background checks, limiting the size of magazines, requiring concealed carry permits, etc. is outside the authority of good government.

These compromises violate the principles.

The Virginia Republican Creed demonstrates our principles at the state level, and the Constitution sets our principles at the federal level. If the authority exists to get the government involved, then let’s work together to find a compromise that will advance the majority. If the government has no authority, then let’s stand on principle, as no ability to compromise exists.

Shak at WWII Memorial.

Shak Hill is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Democrats Target VA’s 10th Congressional Seat

The Hill published an article yesterday identifying ten Republican controlled congressional seats that may be in play for the Democrats to flip if Rahm Emanuel donor Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Among the list is Virginia’s 10th District, currently held by Rep. Barbara Comstock.

From The Hill;

“Rep. Barbara Comstock’s (R-Va.) district consists of Beltway suburbs and she has sought to cast herself as a moderate who’s bucked her party when it comes to local issues.

Her district was already a Democratic target, but with a nominee like Trump or Cruz — who have trashed the Washington establishment– her seat was upgraded to the “Lean Republican” category. 

She won her seat by a wide margin in 2014, but it split in the last two presidential cycles. In 2008, Obama won by almost 3 points while Romney won her district by 1 point in 2012. 

Democrats recruited a high-profile candidate: real estate executive LuAnn Bennett, who’s the ex-wife to former Rep. Jerry Moran (D-Va.), and she has sought to tie Comstock to Trump.

Comstock, who’s a former Rubio supporter, has yet to say whether she’d back Trump as the nominee.

But the first-term congresswoman is already distancing herself from Trump. Late last year, she chided him for his ban on Muslims, calling it “unconstitutional.” And she donated her 2014  $3,000 contribution from him to two rehabilitation centers for wounded veterans in her district.”

Comstock was a big backer of Mitt Romney in 2012, but that was when she was in a Delegate seat and during a year that didn’t involve her running for re-election. Now she will be forced to run, to some degree, with the top of the ticket. Whether or not Comstock chooses to be a Party teammate or a lone candidate on an island will be up to her. It will be interesting to see how she plays this. In her past runs for Delegate she wasn’t able to lift a finger for the rest of the ticket and we suspect the same will happen this time too, regardless of who the presidential nominee is.

As for Comstock’s opponent, LuAnn Bennett, she showed up at the wrong precinct to vote for the presidential primary on March 1st, probably because she lives in D.C. She owns property somewhere in Virginia, but she doesn’t spend her days and nights in the 10th. This should matter to voters, but it doesn’t matter to the Democratic Party, who has given Bennett an uncontested path to their congressional nomination. This is the first we have heard of a candidate for congress, or for any office for that matter, showing up at the wrong location to vote. Pretty embarrassing.

Rep. Comstock, who has also received a clear path for nomination, is described in The Hill’s article as “a moderate who’s bucked her party when it comes to local issues.” We assume that description was influenced by Comstock’s 45% rating from Heritage Action (GOP House average is 63%) and by Comstock’s F grade and a score of 25% from Conservative Review (Rep. Dave Brat received an A for his 100% score and California Democrat Maxine Waters scored 26% for her F grade).

Whatever happens at the top of ticket will always have a, positive or negative, downward effect on the rest of the ticket. And how individual candidates run with the Party’s other nominees will always be left to the individual campaigns. This year may be the exception to a lot of rules, but don’t expect that to have any effect on how Rep. Barbara Comstock will run for re-election. And you can also expect her to win.

VA 10.

Ames Re-Elected FCRC Chairman

Yesterday Matt Ames was re-elected Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee at the committee’s bi-annual convention at The Waterford in Springfield. Ames faced a spirited challenge from Waples Mill precinct captain and retired Colonel Tim Hannigan. When the votes came back, Hannigan came to the podium and asked for a motion to temporarily suspend the rules to elect Ames as chairman by acclamation. This motion passed allowing Fairfax Republicans to unite as a party behind our leadership. Now, onward to November.

The convention was well organized. About 650 people were in attendance. Speeches by candidates for party office and public office were heard while the business of the convention was being sorted out prior to voting. With three congressional districts snaking through Fairfax, there were a lot of candidates to fill the time. Voting was done by magisterial district and it was easy getting in and out. I saw a small problem with one of the voters that the organizers identified right away and quickly sorted out. Then the weighted totals were calculated without delay. The whole thing ran smooth. Cheers to the Fairfax committee and all the volunteers on such a great job.

This year’s convention had an extra feature which is noteworthy. Former committee chairman Jay McConville had his band Close2Home performed and they rocked the house. At one point there was actually a bunch of dancing on the convention floor, and the primary or bust crowd says conventions are no fun.

Congratulations to Chairman Matt Ames on his re-election. Fairfax Republicans play an important role in statewide elections. We are organized, we are motivated and now we stand united. Let the Democrats consider us Ready For Hillary.


Miller Elected Chairman of PWC GOP

Dottie Miller was elected yesterday as the new chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee. She won with a large margin. Attendance was, shall we say, light.

Congratulations and best of luck to Mrs. Miller. Prince William County is an important piece of the Virginia electorate.

PWC convention.

Chairman Whitbeck Gets A Full Term

Tonight Vince Haley ended his campaign for Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. His exit leaves the current interim Chairman, John Whitbeck, as the only candidate, and therefore the eventual winner.

This should not be a surprise. We wrote at the Advance in December that Whitbeck had already assembled an impressive coalition of grassroots conservatives and establishment players. He was going to be difficult to knock off.

Chairman Whitbeck sent out an email thanking Haley for his contribution to a constructive dialogue on how to improve our Party and talked about the road ahead. In his email, Whitbeck writes;

“With the success the RPV has had the past several months, we are well on our way to a win in our Commonwealth.  We have already had a great 2015 rebuilding the RPV into a strong, well-funded and united State Party.  Now with almost two months of 2016 behind us, we will continue to strengthen the RPV to be ready to help GOP nominee onward to victory in November.”

Congratulations to Chairman Whitbeck. He has worked hard to develop a strong organization throughout the commonwealth and he led the way in bringing us out of debt, which has set the stage for a successful 2016. Virginia is an extremely important piece of the electoral puzzle in the presidential race and we need to be moving at full speed in order to win for our Republican nominee. Chairman John Whitbeck is ready to lead us to victory.



Deadline Day For Republicans In NoVA

Interested in getting involved with politics during this cycle? Would you like to have a say as to who leads the Republican Party at the state and local levels? New to the game and curious as to how it all works? Well, for any of that, tomorrow is deadline day for Republicans who live Fairfax or Prince William County. You need to sign-up in order to participate in everything other than the March 1st primary and the November General Election. There are several elections that are important, such as party chairman, state central, district chairman and congressional nominee. So sign-up today!

Here is the Fairfax County form

Here is the Prince William County form

Print the correct form, sign it and get it turned in right away. The deadline in Fairfax County is Saturday at 12noon and the deadline in Prince William County is Saturday at 5pm. There is no time left. Even if you don’t think you can attend any of the conventions you need to check the box in order to be eligible when you can make your decision to go or not.

We can’t find the wisdom in having such an early deadline. A lot of people may want to get involved in April, only to find out they missed the deadline by months. Others may want to get involved in June, only to find out they already missed everything. And if you live Arlington County, then forget about it, the deadline there has closed.

Why some of the largest counties in the commonwealth have some of the earliest deadlines is baffling. But the only thing we can do about that right now is sign-up today. The deadline is here. Get your forms in today!



Doritos, Super Bowl Babies, Snickers And The Radical Left

During the Super Bowl Doritos ran a commercial that, to my amazement, caused a little controversy with the more uptight members of the abortion for profit industry. In the commercial a couple is at a doctor’s office looking at a sonogram of their little baby. Never mind the rest of the commercial, which was silly and a little gross. It was obvious the commercial was supposed to be funny, but the hits came anyway.

NARAL, a leader in abortion for profit, was live tweeting the Super Bowl commercials to, as they put it, expose the sexism. Leave it to the radical left to take the fun out of everything. NARAL was quick to tweet Doritos used an “#antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses.” Unbelievable. Science proves that unique human life begins at conception. The Doritos commercial received NARAL’s worst hashtag with a pointed “#NotBuyingIt.”

Later in the night NARAL liked the Super Bowl Babies commercial the NFL ran, giving it the approving #MediaWeLike. This was a blatant contradiction in the policy of the abortion for profit industry and it clearly exposes the inconsistency in their belief that it is ok to kill babies. At first I thought Super Bowl Babies were kids who were born on Super Bowl Sunday. That was wrong. It later became clear that Super Bowl Babies were children conceived after the game in a victorious celebration. Creepy.

So here we saw the abortion for profit industry jeer a commercial for showing life begins at conception and then cheer a commercial for celebrating life beginning at conception. Clearly the abortion for profit industry believes that wanted life begins at conception while trying to create a delusional world where unwanted life is a baby who never existed.

In their continued effort to take the fun out of everything, NARAL was also offended by the Snickers commercial with William Defoe. They tweeted the commercial was “transphobic & implies women OK w being objectified as long as they have snacks.” That is ridiculous. The commercial is completely consistent with the other commercials in that stupid ad campaign which claims people are not themselves when they are hungry. And for the record a Snickers bar when you are hungry is more than just a snack. What is wrong with people? “Transphobic?” It was supposed to be funny. It was stupid, but “transphobic?” Give me a break, no, wait, that’s Kit-Kat.

The Super Bowl is supposed to be fun. The abortion for profit industry thought they were doing some good by nitpicking little arguments. How can anyone think that would actually increase their support? Life begins at conception whether you want the baby or not. Doritos didn’t decide that and they didn’t even endorse that. All they showed was a commercial that was supposed to be funny. I’m Pro-Life. And I’ve always eaten Doritos and Snickers, I will continue to and politics has nothing to do with it. But the bullies at NARAL won’t be joining me. The abortion for profit industry really needs to change its plan for messaging.


Rep. Forbes Jumping To The 2nd

Today 4th District Congressman Randy Forbes announced his run for re-election to Congress, but not by way of the 4th District. The retirement of Congressman Scott Rigell from Virginia’s 2nd District has left an open seat in a more favorable Republican district, so Forbes has decided to run in the neighboring 2nd District.

Forbes just posted a video of this announcement on his Facebook page, which includes an endorsement from Rigell.

Delegate Scott Taylor of Virginia Beach has already announced a run for the 2nd District seat. Going against a kind-of-incumbent will be nearly as tough as running against a regular incumbent. And it certainly doesn’t look like Taylor has any intentions of dropping out. In what appears to be a shot at Forbes, Taylor posted on Twitter, “Nothing in my DNA tells me it’s OK to leave your people behind to save your own butt.”

Also in the race is Pat Cardwell, who is running as the non-establishment candidate who hopes to attract a lot of area grassroots conservatives. His website rails against “the Washington spending machine.” The Forbes/Taylor/Cardwell match-up could be a big race in Virginia.

Looks like the Virginia Beach area will produce another heated contest. Get out the popcorn, or better yet, Doritos, and watch the fireworks.

Randy Forbes.

Registration Deadline Today

Today is the last day to register to vote in Virginia in order to be eligible to vote in the March 1st Presidential Primary. Also, if you are 17 today, and will be 18 on election day in November then you are eligible to register today and vote in the March 1st primary.

Here is a link to the Department of Elections page where you can register, http://elections.virginia.gov/citizen-portal/index.html.

And remember, there no longer is a statement of party affiliation to sign, so don’t let something like deter you from registering to vote in Virginia.

We need all the Republican votes we can get in Virginia in the 2016 presidential race. Sign-up to register today if you haven’t yet, encourage your neighbors to register too, jump on the phone and make sure your niece and nephew are registered. The deadline is today.

dept of elections.