2nd Amendment Is My Permit

This morning the Governor of New Hampshire signed a law that basically recognizes the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution as your permit to carry a firearm. The bill was nick-named “constitutional carry” and the name says it all.

From today’s online Concord Monitor;

Under the new law, anyone who can legally possess a gun under state and federal law can carry it concealed in a purse, car or briefcase without a license. The licensing process will remain in place so people who want to carry outside state lines can get the necessary paperwork.

Federal law bars felons, drug users, fugitives and people convicted of certain domestic violence crimes from possessing guns. The new law took effect immediately.

New Hampshire follows a number of other states that have recently eliminated licensing requirements, including Idaho, Mississippi and neighboring Maine.


Still Senator Kaine First To Attack

Earlier this week a terrorist used a knife in a public attack but was shot by a cop. Annnnnnnddddddd still Senator Tim Kaine wanted to be the first to achieve political expediency by quickly tweeting a statement against gun violence. This is dangerously stupid and completely irresponsible of a sitting senator. After realizing the gross inaccuracy of the statement, Kaine deleted the tweet.

It does makes us wonder though; do the Democrats have an app set up to blast out anti-2A talking points whenever a gun goes off? Of course, this app doesn’t work in big cities where the Democrats enjoy one-party rule. Anyway, we just have to laugh at still Senator Kaine and give joyful thanks that he is not the Vice President-Elect.

Below is a pic of Kaine’s since deleted tweet.


2A At The Olympics

Pretty sure that right now, somewhere, in radical left academia there is a gender studies “professor” explaining to her students that breaking the glass ceiling can only be done by flaming liberals. But our hats are off to America’s Kim Rhode anyway.

2A at the olympics.

Trump At The NRA

Below is a video from YouTube of Donald Trump’s remarks on Saturday to the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum. After a drawn out lead-in Trump eventually gets to the point that guns save lives. He talks about how some terrorist attacks could have been countered had guns been on the innocents. Then he hits Hillary Clinton for her anti-2nd Amendment positions.

For the most part, Trump uses his time to bounce back and forth from solid pro-2A talking points to a recap of his polling numbers and a list of some of wins in the primary. There is no laser focus. He talks about guns, coal mines, the Supreme Court, all in-between mentioning his pro-2A positions.

Here are a few quotes from Trump;  

 “We’re getting rid of gun free zones.”

“We should have non-teleprompter speeches only when you’re running for president, you find out about people. The other way you don’t find out about anybody.”

“We’re going to win them all.”

“I like women more than men. Come on women, let’s go. Come on.”


Corey Stewart to Eliminate CCP Fee

Prince William County Chairman Corey Stewart will propose eliminating the $50 fee for concealed carry permits.

In a press release Stewart said, “This policy allows well qualified citizens to freely exercise their Second Amendment rights. Eliminating the fee will remove another barrier for our citizens.” The release also states that “Chairman Stewart’s action will likely reverberate around the Commonwealth, and lead to other counties and cities proposing to do the same.”

Glad to see Stewart stand up for responsible gun owners. Right now the governor and the attorney general are fighting to keep guns out of our hands. The radical left believes that if guns weren’t sold to the public then criminals won’t have them, but meth, cocaine and heroin are not sold in stores either and yet, oh never mind. Keeping law abiding citizens from protecting themselves only keeps guns in the hands of the criminals we need protection against.

The Prince William County Board of Supervisors will consider this today at their regular meeting at 2pm. A vote by the board is scheduled for February 9.

2012 Official Portrait Chairman Stewart

Marsden Mocks 2A Supporters

Today is Lobby Day at the General Assembly down in Richmond. This is a day intended for grassroots activists to directly engage their elected representatives in constructive dialogue about the issues of the day. It is supposed to be less confrontational and more cordial. But not everyone is decent enough to handle it that way.

Below is a photo of State Senator Dave Marsden from Fairfax putting up a sign that mocks 2nd Amendment supporters, the largest lobby group that will be in Richmond today.

So if you are at the General Assembly today please stop by Senator’s Marsden’s office, room number 429 in the General Assembly Building, and let him know that his out of touch politics and the inappropriate way he expresses them are unbecoming a member of the Virginia’s historic legislature.

Link to Marsden’s contact info.

Dave Marsden on 2A

2A Protest is More Like Free Ad for Gun Store

A small group of protesters opposed to 2nd Amendment rights for law abiding citizens took to the sidewalks in front of NOVA Firearms today, a gun store in McLean.

Along very business Chain Bridge Road, their protest functioned much more like a sign wave for a candidate or for a store with great sales, such as when the K-Mart near my house was going out of business. Not sure why protesters of basic 2nd Amendment rights want to increase gun sales. Maybe they are doing this wrong.

Photos below are from a 2A supporter who participated today as a counter-protester.



No Worries on Obama’s Decrees

Yesterday President Barack Obama issued Executive Orders in an attempt to restrict 2nd Amendment rights. But this gun grab is weak. The only impressive thing about the Executive Orders is during the speech announcing his unconstitutional decrees, Obama somehow managed to refer to himself an astonishing 76 times. Even for a narcissist all-star like Obama that is an impressive amount of me, me, me. Obama must have just wanted the opportunity to get on TV again.

The White House issued a fact sheet on the orders, linked here.

Not long after the announcement Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) blasted out an email analyzing Obama’s gun grab. VCDL writes, “Much of the Executive Orders (EOs) really don’t change anything, but try to put a menacing or intimidating spin on them. Others simply double-down on existing enforcement (yawn), some are bad, and one VCDL likes.” They go on to offer a 12 point breakdown of the EOs and describe most with, “Net effect: zero.” There are two that VCDL labels as “DANGEROUS” saying for both points that “it can strip people of their right to own a gun WITHOUT DUE PROCESS.” For the point on hiring new agents to conduct background checks, VCDL calls this is “positive because of quicker gun purchases.”

Lawless Obama, who holds the Constitution in contempt, did not go crazy here. Maybe Obama realizes that the 2nd Amendment is a Constitutional right specifically added to protect the people from being disarmed by a tyrannical government. Or maybe he understands the mobilized grassroots who support responsible gun ownership outnumber the radical left who believe that only their body guards should be able to carry. Or maybe he is just getting lazy. Whatever the case, if VCDL, an organization that takes pride in being accused of making the NRA “look moderate,” is not worried about Obama’s moves then neither am I.VCDL

Del. Marshall on Obama’s Gun Grab

Delegate Bob Marshall of Prince William County sent out the below email yesterday in response to President Obama’s executive orders regarding the 2nd Amendment. Please join us in supporting HB 83.

Dear Friends,

Barack Obama can enforce his own rules. Virginia is under no constitutional obligation to enforce Barack Obama’s executive efforts at restricting Second Amendment Rights.

Anticipating Barack Obama’s actions, I filed HB 83 to prevent the Commonwealth of Virginia or its localities from assisting Obama’s efforts which have been issued without Congressional authority and even in defiance of Congress.

In 1992 the US Supreme Court ruled that, “Congress may not simply “commandee[r] the legislative processes of the States by directly compelling them to enact and enforce a federal regulatory program.” (New York vs. United States, 488 U.S. 1041) The Court has ruled that way since 1842.

Yes, some actions proposed by President Obama are within his powers such as hiring FBI employees. Clearly, some of his acts require legislative powers which belong only to Congress and /or the state legislatures, not Presidents or Governors.

In the absence of more details or a better explanation, Obama’s proposal seems to require all persons who sell even a single firearm to have a federal license which would effectively prevent a citizen from selling his firearms through a licensed dealer without themselves having to get a federal firearms license!

Could these rules disqualifying people from firearms ownership and use be used as a tool reflecting Soviet practices of having psychiatrists neutralize political dissidents through mental health determinations to restrict their rights?

Obama failed to tell us how his executive orders would have prevented the violence he cites as justification for his unilateral and select disarming of American citizens who have committed no crime.

Further, Barack “you can keep your doctor” Obama presented a factually compromised narrative to justify his actions.

Please contact your delegate and senator to ask them to support HB 83 to stop Obama’s overreach. Thank you for your help and support!


Delegate Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall 2

Rand Paul on the 2nd Amendment

Here is a video from Rand Paul’s campaign for president that was released 8 months ago. As everyone pushes press releases today to oppose President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders on gun ownership it is nice to remember that Rand Paul has always been a strong proponent of 2nd Amendment rights who doesn’t blow with the prevailing wind.

Video available at YouTube.

Obenshain and Bell on Herring’s Gun Grab

Yesterday Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring made a unilateral move to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights. Herring is running his office as a hyper-partisan liberal politico, which is an entirely inappropriate way to administer Virginia’s justice system.

State Senator Mark Obenshain and Delegate Rob Bell, two men who understand Virginia law as well as anyone, issued the following statements yesterday in response to Herring’s unconstitutional gun grab.

HARRISONBURG—Senator Mark Obenshain (R-Rockingham) issued the following statement in response to the announcement by the Attorney General today that Virginia is rescinding its concealed weapon reciprocity agreement with 25 other states.

“This unilateral politically motivated executive action seriously limits the rights of those Virginians who have concealed weapon permits,” Obenshain said. “After claiming that this action doesn’t affect the validity of any permits that may have been issued by Virginia, the official announcement from the Attorney General closes with the warning that Virginia permit holders had better check the laws of states they may visit because in many of those states their permits will not be valid any longer.”

Obenshain added, “These permit holders are not the people committing gun crimes in Virginia. They are the people who go to the trouble to get permits to comply with the law. This decision by the Attorney General will have a tremendous impact on Virginia permit holders who travel to other states in reliance on reciprocity and who have been lawfully doing so for years.”

“In his announcement, the Attorney General has not pointed to a single crime committed by an out-of-state concealed weapons permit holder legally carrying in Virginia under the reciprocity agreement; not one,” stated Obenshain. “Indeed, the State Police concede that they are not aware of any either. It is evident that this is nothing more than liberal window dressing and political payback for the millions of dollars former New York Mayor Bloomberg has pumped into the campaigns of Virginia Democrats, including that of the Attorney General, over the past two and a half years.”

Senator Obenshain concluded, “I have always been and will continue to be a staunch supporter of second amendment rights. We need to continue to be creative in our efforts to keep Virginians safe. This action by the Attorney General is neither creative nor intended to do anything to make Virginians safer. I remember well the campaign promises made by Mark Herring as he ran for Attorney General. He promised that he would take the politics out of the Attorney General’s office. The level of his insincerity rises to new heights with each passing month.”

-from Mark Obenshain, 26th District


Today Attorney General Mark Herring announced that Virginia would stop recognizing concealed carry permits from 25 other states.

Virginia law allows Virginia to recognize permits from other states, and vice-versa. Over the last 18 years, agreements have been made under Democratic Governors (Warner, Kaine) and Republicans (Gilmore, McDonnell). This “reciprocity” enabled the 420,000 Virginians with permits to carry concealed weapons in a total of 30 states.

Herring’s unilateral announcement will result in revocation of the ability of the Virginians to carry in six states (FL, LA, ND, PA, SC, and WY). In addition, the other 19 impacted states may revoke Virginia’s permits as well, since their citizens are no longer allowed to carry in Virginia.

Herring took this action even though state police have stated that they have no evidence of crimes committed by in-state or out-of-state permit holders.

As the Washington Post stated, “Herring’s move is in keeping with his embrace of liberal issues as he seeks a second term.” In doing so, he is following the guidance of groups that directly advocate circumventing legislatures to accomplish their goals. This is exactly the sort of executive overreach we have seen coming out of Washington. As he has in the past, Herring continues to put the political goals of his liberal supporters ahead of sound legal judgement.

Legislation has already been filed to that would address Herring’s announcement. The General Assembly will take this up in January. In the meantime, you can share your thoughts with Attorney General Herring here.


Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District