Friday Funnies

Great cartoon at from Gary Varvel. The Halloween costume choices are excellent.

prez candidates HalloweenCarson is a doctor.
Trump is the Monopoly guy.
Jeb is wearing a W. mask.
Carly is Supergirl.
Rubio is the only one not wearing a real costume, but a water cooler delivery man works.
Huckabee is Elvis, my favorite choice of the costumes here.
Kasich is a Minion, which is the only one I see as an insult here as it has to be a shot at him as an establishment lackey.
Rand is an Angry Bird.
Cruz, and I could be wrong on this, is Dracula. I guess I get it.
And Christie is an M&M.

Well done.

When Obama Doesn’t Get His Rubber Stamp

The cartoon below, from Americans for Limited Government, accurately captures what happens when you mess with President Obama’s fragile ego. Obama loves the concept of groupthink because he needs everyone to walk behind him in perfect step and if anyone steps out of pace then there are consequences. In this case, longtime lefty Senator Chuck Schumer is poised to take the lead of Senate Democrats after Harry Reid’s retirement, but despite his tenure and service to the Democrats he is now possibly in jeopardy of being pushed out of the top spot because he won’t give Obama a rubber stamp on what looks like a bad deal with Iran.

It is doubtful that President Obama and his administration have enough sway to oust Senator Schumer from stepping into the position which tenure and tradition have already decided. But then again, just blindly following tenure and tradition is also groupthink.


Gerrymandering Twister

This cartoon from illustrates why I favor term limits. Incumbent legislators should not be allowed to draw their own district. Gerrymandering used to be considered a bad thing, but as the game is set right now, all redistricting is gerrymandering. An independent body needs to come in and draw lines based on geography and should never consider partisan vote counting.


On the Debt Ceiling

On this throwback Thursday here is a political cartoon from Newsweek’s year in review, it was first published early last year after Congress raised the debt ceiling.

This new Congress will have to vote on whether to extend the debt later this year. Our government can’t keep spending like this while continuing to borrow such massive amounts of money. Let’s hope the 114th Congress can cut spending significantly enough that we won’t have to raise the debt ceiling even higher.

debt ceiling