2016 Quote Of The Year

“Donald Trump is going to be our president.” –Hillary Clinton, Nov. 9, 2016

What a year it has been. So many things happened in the political arena that produced some memorable quotes.

We chose the above quote from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech for two major reasons. First, it offers the conclusion to a presidential campaign that seemed to drag on forever while absorbing a fanatical amount of media attention. No matter where you went, there was some sort of mention of either Trump or Clinton. This quote officially ends the campaign and we are thankful for that.

Second, this quote is significant because it represents the death of the Clinton brand in the Democratic Party and the country’s repudiation of President Barack Obama’s radical left agenda. The Democratic Party is in trouble right now. Clinton won just 20 states and got blown out in the number of counties won by her Republican opponent. There are only four states with a Democratic governor and Democratic control of the state legislature. A great amount of seats nationwide have been picked up by Republicans during Obama’s two terms. The Democrats are in shambles right now.

Things are so bad over at the DNC that they had to go through two national chairs to protect their anointed one so that she could become the nominee. This we saw. What we didn’t understand was that things are so bad over at Obama/Clinton incorporated that they couldn’t beat populist and TV celebrity Donald Trump. Clinton had been running for president for the last sixteen years. The Democrats had their party and major national media outlets all lined up for an easy win. But, after stacking the deck in the Democrats’ favor as best as possible, “Donald Trump is going to be our president,” which is why this quote from Hillary Clinton is our 2016 Quote of the Year.


Electoral College Final Results; 304 To 227

The official votes in the 2016 presidential election were cast yesterday by the Electoral College. Republican nominee Donald Trump won 304 electoral votes, officially making him the president-elect. He will be sworn in on January 20, 2017.

The results were surprisingly. There was talk of a possible movement by unfaithful electors to leave Trump for a compromise candidate. But in the end, the surprise was more electors were unfaithful to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as she won that race five to two with her unfaithful electors giving three votes to another former secretary of state in Colin Powell, one to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and one vote going to Native American Rights activist Faith Spotted Eagle. Trump’s two unfaithful electors went to Ohio Governor John Kasich and former congressman Ron Paul.

Here is the final scoreboard;

Republican nominee Donald J. Trump- 304 (minus 2 from his pledged total)
Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton- 227 (minus 5 from her pledged total)
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell- 3
Ohio Governor John Kasich- 1
Former Congressman Ron Paul- 1
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders- 1
Native American Rights activist Faith Spotted Eagle- 1

Now let’s move on and actually give the new administration a chance before we start hammering away.


Big Day For The Electoral College

George Will’s column in yesterday’s Washington Post on the wisdom of the Electoral College is a must read. And with the electors meeting today to cast their votes to officially elect Donald Trump as the next president some people out there may need a reminder why the Electoral College is an essential component for a federal-state republic.

Will’s column can be summed up in the following line; “the electoral college shapes the character of majorities by helping to generate those that are neither geographically nor ideologically narrow, and that depict, more than the popular vote does, national decisiveness.” The column is linked here.

And when you factor in the size of our federal-state republic, both in terms of population and geography, the Electoral College becomes even more important in preventing, as Will puts it, narrow geographical pluralities from speaking for the whole country. Had the popular vote been the determining factor then Hillary Clinton’s win would have been from major cities, just 20 states, and from a plurality which fell short of a majority of the votes. That doesn’t sound like a win. Of course, had the rules been different then the way the campaigns went about attracting votes would have also been entirely different.

The Electoral College forces a candidate to be super-regional, and therefore diverse in platform. After all, the winner is the president of the whole country, not just the big cities and the wealthy suburbs.


Let ‘Em Cry

Out-going and soon to be forgotten Senator Harry Reid said that FBI Director James “Comey helped Trump significantly.”

Rep. Adam Schiff said the Russians were “sowing discord and at this they were spectacularly successful.”

And the crazies are just calling every Trump voter a racist, or sexist, or some other name.

Maybe Republicans shouldn’t be so openly trying to convince Democrats that it actually was Hillary Clinton who played the biggest factor her in loss. There is a concern that all the crying about the FBI, Russia, and name calling are delegitimizing the democratic process, which is a real concern. But I may be okay with this futile attempt from sore losers because it allows the Democrats to stay in their little bubbles, where people want to be called “special snowflakes,” gender is fluid and decided by an individual’s own snowflake feeling for that time, minimum wage jobs are career positions where upward movement is not necessary or desired, and, of course, trophies are given for participation. The majority of America does not agree with the radical leftist policies of the establishment players of the Democrat Party (Clinton failed to capture a majority of the vote but please use the selection of majority to flip your lid).

The letter that Comey sent explaining that new information was found which may be relevant to the investigation of Clinton’s mishandling of classified information probably didn’t hurt her half as bad as how quickly Obama’s justice department was able to turn around a few days later and issue an official statement saying the new info didn’t have anything incriminating in it. The whole scenario made it fair to suggest that the nothing-to-see-here outcome, which came just as fast as Clinton needed it to, was both a predictable and suspicious wrap-up to an issue that plagued Clinton all year long. Being above the law is not a desirable trait for a candidate and the Clinton team, right before the election, had to remind everyone that their boss was untouchable.

Schiff’s point on influence from Russia is especially troubling because he fails to refute the authenticity of the information found in the Democrat Party email hack. So what Schiff is saying is that the integrity of the election was compromised because Russia helped to release accurate information showing that the Democrats had no integrity and were actively breaking rules throughout the process. That is a problem because the Democrats really don’t have the integrity to hold power but when caught they don’t have to take any responsibility at all. Just blame Russia will be the new escape plan for Democrats to avoid having some serious examinations of their own ethics, or lack thereof.

The liberals lost because Hillary Clinton had zero accomplishments to run on and her, let’s call it leadership, on sending all the snowflakes to the same bathroom is a baffling thing to champion. She deserved to lose. She really was that bad of a candidate. But maybe we are better off not explaining this to the Ds so that they can continue to lose and Republicans can build majorities right before another round of re-districting begins.

So to any Democrats who have managed to make it out of bed this afternoon; yeah, Russia, and um, uh, meanness won, so here, have a flower, you are a special snowflake and your feelings matter. This is going to be a fun time in politics.


Time Picks Trump As Person Of The Year

Time magazine has selected president-elect Donald Trump for their annual Person of the Year cover issue. This is a good choice because he won. That’s pretty simple logic but it is much more complex when you dive into things.

For now, let’s appreciate that Trump won the nomination when few said he would. Then he won the November election when few said he would. The media was against him and working behind the scenes with his opponent Hillary Clinton. He was out fund-raised and outspent by large margins. And there was a degree of inevitability to the election of Clinton, who had been running for president, really for the last sixteen years, but definitely for the last eight years. All of this set the stage for fireworks at Clinton’s victory party. But those fireworks were canceled.

Of course Time magazine can’t be too congratulatory. On the cover they identify Trump as the “President Of The Divided States of America.” Fair in that he lost the popular vote, but the popular vote doesn’t declare the winner. A more appropriate text for the cover would read “Another Populist Wins The White House.” Eight years ago Barack Obama swept in on populist whims, promising the same thing that Trump promised. From Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech on winning the Democrat’s nomination; “The fundamentals we use to measure economic strength are whether we are living up to that fundamental promise that has made this country great – a promise that is the only reason I am standing here tonight.” This cycle the message was the same but it was packaged a little differently, this time in the form of hats that read “Make America Great Again.”

When populism won eight years ago Time selected the populist who won when they named Barack Obama Person of the Year for 2008. They chose the winning populist again this year (keep in mind Time recently reported one of the Jenners “totally carb-loaded”). Populism won again and Time has accurately captured that phenomenon


Not A Real Protest

High School students in Maryland walked out of school today in a planned ‘’protest” the school administers knew about. Huh? The group chanted “not my president” as they skipped school in front of impotent administrators and teachers. And exactly what were they protesting? Election fraud? Civil Rights violations? Nope. Just sour grapes that their preferred choice lost, keep in mind the group had hardly any actual voters in it as most High Schools kids are not old enough to vote. Complaining about the results simply on the grounds that you are displeased with them is not a form of protest.

This kind of nonsense needs to be punished. These kids skipped school. They deserve the negative consequences of their actions. It will help teach them about free speech and democracy.

More on this here.


Attack Of The More Tolerant Party

The Democrats are losing their minds right now. They just don’t understand how their brand of government and market socialism was rejected. They also just don’t understand how their intellectual bullying is both faulty and repugnant. So the special little snowflakes are taking to violence in the streets. It is absolutely disgusting.This needs to stop. Hillary Clinton lost for several big reasons and a ton of small ones. Those reasons will be dissected by everyone including writers at this blog for years to come. The bottom-line is simple: Donald Trump won, fair and square.

And the leaders of the Democratic Party need to step up to stop this violence and disrespect. Today, a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Obama with Mr. and Mrs. Trump was canceled by the Obamas. It is fair to speculate that Michelle Obama led the way on this decision. That is absolutely classless. A move like that is something a leader wouldn’t do and is part of the reason why liberals think it is okay to resort to violence to express their sad feelings.

The irony of it all is that crazy liberals are saying worse things about American voters than Trump ever said about anyone. But liberals describe themselves as more tolerant than their conservative counterparts. Give me a break.

To the little snowflakes too distraught to function and to anyone who is ashamed to be an American (some of my friends are actually telling me they are “ashamed to be American”) I suggest you call your US Senator and speak strongly about the “advise and consent” part of selecting a Supreme Court nominee because with Republicans controlling the White House, the Senate, and the House, you are not going to like what one-party rule can do with the backing of a majority on the Supreme Court.

Keep crying snowflakes, it is going to get a little worse for you.



News broke yesterday that the FBI has reopened their case against Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified materials.

FBI Director James Comey sent Congress a letter to inform them of this, pictured below. In the letter Director Comey states, “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the [Clinton] investigation.” Reports are the “unrelated case” is the one on Anthony Wiener’s sexting to his girl friends (real quick; Weiner is Huma Abedin’s husband and Huma is Hillary Clinton’s right hand).

And to think, Donald Trump said Weiner would eventually take down the Clintons.


More From The Real Hillary Clinton Campaign

Embedded below is the latest video from Project Veritas Action. How can Democrats be okay with this? What happened to democracy in this country? If Hillary Clinton is a legitimate candidate with real credentials and real accomplishments to run on, then why all the gamesmanship? Why can’t the Democrats run Clinton’s campaign on strength? Why the need to resort to these sleazy tactics?


Video available at Project Veritas Action YouTube channel, also linked here.

Project Veritas, Donald Duck, And Hillary Clinton

Embedded below is the latest video from Project Veritas Action.

The real Hillary Clinton campaign is an ugly place. How can Democrats be ok with this? How can they actually come out and cast a vote in support of these actions? As unbelievable as it is disappointing, too many Democrats will just brush this off. This video is a must watch.


Video available at Project Veritas Action, also linked here. Parts one and two can be viewed here.

Clinton Earns Four Pinocchios

The Washington Post gave Hillary Clinton four Pinocchios for lying to voters about Donald Trump’s position on the government’s bailout of the auto industry.

Clinton was in Detroit last week when she said, “Nobody should be surprised, because back in the Great Recession, when millions of jobs across America hung in the balance, Donald Trump said rescuing the auto industry didn’t really matter very much. He said, and I quote again, ‘Let it go.’ Now, I can’t imagine that. I supported President Obama’s decision to rescue the auto industry in America.”

The Post writes;

Clinton is creating an imaginary Trump here, claiming that Trump didn’t really care about the auto industry.
The record is clear that Trump in 2008 was supportive of rescuing the auto industry, saying the government should do everything it could to save it: “You just can’t lose Chrysler, you can’t lose Ford, and you can’t lose General Motors.” He touted DIP financing, but he was relatively agnostic about the preferred path.
Even in 2015, when Trump seemed more uncertain about the preferred option, he said “you could have done it the way it went.” Clinton twists his “let it go” comment out of context and pretends he said it in 2008.
Clinton earns Four Pinocchios.

For those unfamiliar with The Washington Post’s Pinocchio test, the grading scale is based on how inaccurate the statement is and four Pinocchios is the worse. The Post’s description of four Pinocchios is plainly “whoppers.” The Post rarely hands out four, making Clinton’s remarks especially objectionable. Clinton and her team will lie about everything.


Full article by The Washington Post also linked here.

Federal Judge Keeps The Voter Rolls Open For Hillary

A federal judge today issued an order for Virginia to re-open voter registration until 11:59pm Friday October 21. This was issued as a result of online registration crashing last Monday night, the deadline. The governor’s office promoted the online registration and has done a thorough job of recruiting new Democrats to vote. The Democrats must have missed their registration goals so in an effort to stuff the ballot boxes for Hillary the registration deadline has been extended. Anything for Hillary, I suppose.

House Republican leadership released a statement today saying “We obviously accept the court’s order to extend the deadline but the entire episode was unfortunate, predictable, and avoidable.” Their statement also said, “Governor McAuliffe should consider a leadership change at the Department after the November elections and the General Assembly should order a review by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission when we convene in January.”

First the governor tries to stuff the ballot boxes by turning all felons into voters in one broad stroke, now this.

Full statement by the House Republican leadership can be read here.


Project Veritas Brings You The Real Hillary Clinton Campaign

Project Veritas Action, led by James O’Keefe, has done it again. This is amazing footage. Could be too real for most dye-in-the-wool liberals, but they need to see this. How can anyone justify this behavior? This should matter to voters. Take a look at the two embedded videos below and please share this with your Democrat friends.

Part 1

Part 2


Videos available at Project Veritas Action YouTube channel, also linked here and here.

CNN Stumbling After WikiLeaks Fallout

“It’s different for the media, so everything you learn about this you’re learning from us.” –CNN’s attempt at controlling the information coming out of WikiLeaks’ latest data dump

The fallout from the WikiLeaks hack of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign is just beginning. In this clip below, CNN tries to conduct some damage control by telling its audience that it is illegal for them to look at WikiLeaks. Haha! That is hilarious. WikiLeaks has exposed direct contacts from individuals in the media to individuals on the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The leaked emails show bias and collusion and more.

CNN is in the leaked emails. So CNN’s response is to tell their audience not to look, there is no need, because “everything you learn about this you’re learning from us.” One thing they don’t want you to read about is how Donna Brazile, CNN contributor and then vice-chair of the DNC, sent an email to the Clinton campaign ahead of a CNN townhall with the subject line “From time to time I get the questions in advance.” Brazile claims she never gave out questions in advance, but has thus far failed to mention why she chose the subject line she chose. Also, the question she sent was read nearly line for line at the townhall. It is not illegal for you to open this link to read the email yourself.

So is this journalism from CNN? Or is the below clip just a poor attempt at controlling the information coming out of WikiLeaks?

CNN has lost all credibility.


Video available on YouTube, also linked here.