Rand Paul Suspends Campaign For President

Most of the writers here at Red NoVA were hoping to vote for Rand Paul in Virginia’s presidential primary on March 1st, but this morning the Kentucky Senator announced that his presidential campaign has been suspended.

This move is odd in the timing because it comes two days after a fifth place finish in the Iowa Caucus. A top five finish should have been enough to sustain the campaign until next week’s primary in New Hampshire. But Paul was not expected to do well in New Hampshire so his campaign would have needed to work hard to pick things up heading into South Carolina and Nevada where Paul could have made some gains. We were hoping Paul would stay in all the way to the convention where he and his supporters could have made some serious moves from the floor of what could be a divided convention.

The main reason we liked Paul for president is because his number one issue is the National Debt. He was the only candidate who consistently brought up the debt issue and directly tied the consequences of bankruptcy to a weaker national security. Lines like, “we are not projecting strength from bankruptcy court,” and “as we go further and further into debt we become less safe,” are examples of this. His answer to what he would do as president on day one was always to repeal all of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Orders, an answer that some of the other candidates now use.

The complication that Paul never seemed to figure out was how to run for president while running for re-election to the senate in Kentucky. Some advisors earlier on were saying that Paul would eventually have to choose one over the other. It looks like today he made that choice.

Rand Paul exits today by saying “thank you,” (click on the video below). For those who believe the National Debt is our greatest security threat and the Constitution needs to be defended against an overreaching federal government we say thank you to Paul for his contribution to the dialogue. Best of luck in Kentucky, we need Paul in the Senate.

Video also available at YouTube.


Rand Paul Crashes Debate

Senator Rand Paul plans to crash tonight’s debate via Twitter. Paul, whose poll numbers were too low to make the main stage debate, refused to participate in this evening’s undercard debate. So Paul will try to get in his two cents during the primetime debate by way of his Twitter account.

In a statement, the Paul campaign said, “Tonight, the main stream media and political bosses will fail to silence Sen. Rand Paul and his message of individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and conservative realist foreign policy. The senator will take his message straight to the people by holding a national, interactive town hall at 9:00pm ET live from Twitter’s New York City office.”

We applaud Paul for his decision to sit out the undercard debate. We’re not watching the undercard either. Poll numbers should not be the only factor in determining who is doing well enough to be considered a contender. The media and their polls have way too much power right now. Polls are often wrong for one thing and for another, they change a lot. A new poll in Iowa has Paul doing very well, but that poll isn’t in the debate formula. And Paul’s town hall tonight should be a great way to reach younger voters, a block which will vote in huge numbers this year.

Join the town hall on Twitter at https://twitter.com/RandPaul and use the hashtags #RandRally, #StandWithRand and #GOPDebate.

Rand Paul Twitter townhall

Rand Paul on the 2nd Amendment

Here is a video from Rand Paul’s campaign for president that was released 8 months ago. As everyone pushes press releases today to oppose President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders on gun ownership it is nice to remember that Rand Paul has always been a strong proponent of 2nd Amendment rights who doesn’t blow with the prevailing wind.

Video available at YouTube.

Tonight’s GOP Debate on Twitter

Red NoVA will live tweet tonight’s Republican primary debate. Follow us on Twitter, @RedNoVA8. Expect us to be using the hashtags #GOPDebate, #StandWithRand, #TedCruz, #MarcoRubio, #Huckabee and #BenCarson. Don’t expect any other hashtags as we know who we like and we know who we don’t like. We will be interested in how our top tier separates themselves from each other. And whoever your candidate is please remember tonight that your opponent is not on the stage because the real opponent is Hillary Clinton.

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Paul and Cruz Top Liberty Guard Scorecard for 2016

Breaking news. Red NoVA has just learned that Liberty Guard will release their scorecard for the 2016 presidential contenders this coming Monday. Their scorecard will have Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as a very close one and two, respectively, with a noticeable gap between them and the rest of the field. The Democratic candidates are all at the very bottom.

Liberty Guard, as described on their website, is “the fastest growing pro-liberty organization with an army over 100,000 strong.” Liberty Guard “stand[s] for privacy, personal autonomy, and individual freedom – freedom from Federal overreach, from oppressive government searches that trample 4th Amendment rights, and from an overly complicated tax code that hampers economic growth.”

Their high rankings for Paul and Cruz should be a surprise to no one. Paul, with his commitment to rolling back the National Debt, stopping cronyism in government and preserving individual liberties is a perfect choice for this organization to get behind. As this scorecard comes out Monday, it will not serve as an endorsement from Liberty Guard, but will be a guide for voters moving forward.

paul and cruz