White House Can’t Handle 13 Year Old on Twitter

The Hill is reporting the latest he said she said bull involving President Obama’s very dishonest administration. A 13 year old critic of the president was blocked on Twitter, he has the screen shot, and then the White House lied about it.

Talk about consequential issues. Here we have the center of power in the free world blocking a 13 year old because he is not a starry-eyed fan of the king, I mean to say president. The big ‘so what’ here is the whole so what to begin with. Really, who cares? A 13 year old criticizing the president on Twitter is nothing. There are a lot of tragedies in the world, a lot of things that deserve priority. But the small things matter too. And Obama continues to fail the small things test. This is the latest. His administration blocked a kid on Twitter, so what? Then lied about it. They will lie about anything.

If it is such commonplace for this administration to lie about something so meaningless as this, then imagine the protocol for lying when they get caught with something serious, such as the Benghazi cover-up and the IRS scandal. And to think, Obama ran for president promising more transparency, more openness and more honesty. Cue Charlie Brown; “Good grief.”

charlie brown

Denali is Back

President Obama will announce today the changing of the name of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley back to the proper native name of Denali.

One thing liberals love to do is try to re-write history to make things sound nicer, but this change is one that we should all be okay with. Alaskan natives have been pushing for this change ever since the mountain was named by the first white person to reach its peak. The name McKinley was chosen because that’s who the president was at the time. But William McKinley never made it Alaska and has no direct connection to the state. And Denali means “the great one,” which President McKinley was not, so changing from Denali to a B- team president is quite a reach.

Obama’s move here is not unilaterally at all. Kind-of Republican* Senator Lisa Murkowski wants the name changed to Denali and has introduced legislation to do so in each of her terms. Fools in Ohio, McKinley’s home state, have worked to keep the name because they like him, which is stupid. A stadium is not going to be named after a player or coach who was never associated with that team. I’m sure there are plenty of things in Ohio that the former president could have his name attached to.

Denali, the great one, is rightfully back where it always was.


*Senator Murkowski lost in the Republican primary last time around as an incumbent, but Alaska does not have the sore loser law, so she ran a successful write-in campaign in the General Election beating the Republican nominee. Senator Murkowski caucuses with Republicans and people on Capitol Hill act like nothing unusual happened.

Scandals in the White House

One of President Obama’s chief cheerleaders, David Axelrod, has said that Obama’s administration has not had any major scandals. This, of course, is a wishful re-write of the last 6 years.

Axelrod’s comments were in regards to pay-for-play type scandals such as big money directly buying influence in the White House. Eh. There’s no need to touch that right now. The big picture is more important and the big picture includes two HUGE scandals that seriously expose the lack of decency we have to put up with.

The first one is the IRS targeting conservative organizations. This scandal is classic Rahm Emanuel style politics. Emanuel, who is the current boss of Chicago, was Obama’s first White House chief of staff. He believes in a partisan scorched Earth method of disrespect for his opponents. The White House has pleaded total ignorance in this scandal, but the whole thing has Emanuel written all over it. The timeline from the investigation clearly shows that Emanuel wasn’t still around when the IRS was acting on their own, which is bull. The White House, Emanuel and their friends went after conservatives with everything in their arsenal. The story about the lost emails that incredibly disappeared is an insult to our intelligence. Time will further expose the truth. The White House knew. Complete ignorance is not a good enough answer.

The other major scandal is much more important and the president and his team need to be held accountable for it. On September 11, 2012 a terrorist attack invaded our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department did not do enough to protect our diplomats in advance of this terror attack and then they worked together to cover up their incompetence. You see, the timing of this terror attack was, in a term I’m sure was expressed at the White House, inconvenient. Obama was running for re-election on the idea that he had made the world a safer place. Obama was stumping that he had ended the war in Iraq. He was the opposite of George Bush. Obama had won a Nobel Peace Prize. The world was safe again. End of narrative. But then came an assault on one of our Embassies overseas which resulted in the murder and mutilation of our Ambassador Chris Stevens. How could this be? Obama’s world is a safe place because Obama is so super likeable, right? A cleanup job was needed by the White House janitorial spin staff. The result was Susan Rice hitting the Sunday morning talk shows hard with the lie that an otherwise peaceful protest was then “hijacked, let us say, by some individual clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons… And it then evolved from there.” There are so many things wrong with that statement. And from what I understand about Susan Rice, those words were her own. She is not the kind of person who would take a script and just read the talking points. She was part of the massage session that came up with those lies, lies which were used to shield the president during his re-election. That is truly disturbing. And what is even more disturbing is that Obama won re-election and Rice’s lies were rewarded with a promotion. Unbelievable.

So here we have two scandals, one much more important than the other, but two nonetheless. Especially the Benghazi cover up is a scandal that exposes just how repugnant the character of our current chief executive really is. David Axelrod is wrong. Ethics of the Obama White House is far from pristine; it’s as dirty as it could be.

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