Hate For Trump Closes School District

We are still waiting to see an example of “Love Trumps Hate.” So far the left is just all about hating President Donald Trump. All hate towards Trump, in any and all forms, is considered constructive by the left. This is part of the #Resist movement.

The latest fake protest on a false premise is this Wednesday’s Day Without Women. What!? Who the hell is advocating for any day without women? What is the argument here? The crazies hate Trump so much and are so mad that a woman lost that now they believe Trump wants to eliminate women or something. Huh? What are they talking about? Would this ridiculous idea have been floated if Hillary Clinton had won? Of course not. So a Day Without Women is just another over-the-top anti-Trump rally, nothing more or less. Pathetic.

Especially pathetic because now these snowflakes have shut down an entire school district. Alexandria City schools will not open on Wednesday, March 8, because their employees have requested off of work to protest Trump. And it was granted.

Parents are upset that the City of Alexandria is allowing their teachers to cancel school because of their hyper-partisan desire to protest. You can join their calls and voice your opinion too, without taking off work. The number to call is 703-619-8000. You can also contact the Alexandria School Board through this link.

Remember, somewhere in all of this, Love Trumps Hate, but it hasn’t yet. Still waiting…


FCRC Sits Down With Scott Cameron

The Fairfax County Republican Committee sat down with Soil and Water Board member Scott Cameron for a brief chat.

Scott Cameron was elected to the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board in 2015 for a four-year term. A Fairfax County resident since 1994, Scott has extensive experience in environmental policy, including twenty-six years with the Department of the Interior, the Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He is a Biologist with a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

FCRC: Scott, for those of us that may not be familiar, what exactly does the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board do?

SC: That’s a good question, because most people really don’t know!

To begin with, we handle lots of questions from the public, which can be anything from concerns about what chemicals to use on their lawn, to worries about storm water management, drainage, erosion, invasive species, and more.

We also coordinate with federal, state and local government agencies to tackle some of the bigger environmental issues within Fairfax County. We play an important role in managing Lake Barcroft and a series of flood control dams in the Pohick area. The Board is also one of the very few agencies authorized to provide technical assistance, and even funding, to private property owners. However, I want to emphasize that in everything we do, our focus is on helping people solve problems, not enforcement.

The Board also has an active public education effort. We can advise people about what they may need to do to comply with the applicable state or county law, but here again, our approach to working with residents comes from a problem solving rather than an enforcement perspective.

FCRC: Did you have much of a learning curve after being elected to the Board?

SC: Not really. I actually was able to hit the ground running because I had been attending Board meetings for the prior two years, first as an observer, and then as an appointed Associate Director. As a result, the other Directors and staff knew me, and I had a good feel for the organization.

“I think it is important to not only demand accountability from elected officials, but also to practice what I preach.

Within a few weeks, I had been elected Treasurer and put in charge of revising the District’s strategic plan. I had also already been down in Richmond working to get our northern Virginia delegation in the General Assembly to step in and help fix a problem we were having with the state bureaucracy where we were not able to actually spend conservation grant money here in Fairfax County that the Commonwealth had been giving us.

FCRC: Now that you are an elected official, how are you staying in touch with your constituents?

SC: I try to attend as many public events associated with the Board as possible, but I also post quarterly updates on my website, www.friendsofscottcameron.com, on the progress being made to fulfill my campaign promises. I think it is important to not only demand accountability from elected officials, but also to practice what I preach.

FCRC: What are your short-term priorities on the Board?

SC: I’m currently working to produce a revised strategic plan for the District this summer. Within the plan are three important elements:

There must be a full opportunity for public comment.
The plan must be outcome and results oriented.
There must be meaningful performance measures so the voters can see what benefits they are and will be getting for their tax dollars over the next four years.

I also want the Board to start focusing more attention on the invasive species problems that are clogging our Fairfax County waterways, strangling our forests, and threatening the trees that line our neighborhood streets.

FCRC: What are your long-term priorities for the Board?

SC: I want to help steer the Board’s resources to the Fairfax County watersheds that are in the worst shape, so we can maximize the environmental benefit for each taxpayer dollar spent. I also want to educate the General Assembly and the bureaucracy in Richmond so that we can get the flexibility and funding we need to help protect environmental quality in our region. This is very important. Fairfax County is becoming more and more urbanized over time. I want to make sure the state government clearly understands our needs so that we can work together to meet them.

Scott Cameron.

“Catching Up With… “ is a series of interviews featuring GOP and GOP-endorsed elected officials in Fairfax County. Produced by the Fairfax County Republican Committee. Also posted at the Fairfax County Republican Committee page, linked here.

8th District SCC Conservative Ticket

Red NoVA endorses Paul Blumstein, Robert Kenyon and Anna Urman for State Central Committee in the 8th District. In an email announcing their candidacies from earlier this year, the three candidates write;

“It has different names in many states, but each state Republican party has one. Virginia is one of a very few nationwide which are NOT controlled by elected officials and their minions and consultants. Ours is controlled, by a very narrow margin, by the grassroots. Folks like you. Like us. We aim to keep it that way. That’s why we’re candidates for State Central Committee from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. Each district has a few seats on SCC. The 8th has 3. We’re running to make sure those seats are filled by grassroots Republicans.”

Included in their email was a brief bio on each, copied and pasted below.

Paul Blumstein

Paul has been a busy political activist for over 50 years. He is a strong believer in liberty, our Constitution, capitalism, small government and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Some of the organizations that Paul has been active with include AFP, RLC, JBS, NRA, GOA, VCDL, and the tea party movement. Professionally, Paul is a certified, experienced Project Manager.

Robert Kenyon

Robert is a native of Stafford County, now an Arlingtonian. He has been involved in every election cycle on some level since 1997, has been the chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia since 2012, and has worked professionally for conservative campaigns for U.S. House, the Senate of Virginia, and the Virginia House of Delegates. He espouses Constitutional originalism and a liberty-focused conservatism that empowers the individual over any level of government.

Anna Urman

Anna was the 2015 Republican nominee in the 43rd House of Delegates district. She is the Director of the Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Program (Virginia PTAP). Prior to joining PTAP, Anna was the Director of the South Fairfax Small Business Development Center. She is an immigrant from Belarus by way of Lithuania, and values liberty, and can explain firsthand what it’s like to live under a totalitarian regime.

These three great candidates make up the conservative ticket for the 8th District and they would serve our Party well on State Central Committee.

RPV banner.

With a few changes, this piece was originally posted on February 15, 2016.

Charles Hernick for Congress

Red NoVA endorses Charles Hernick for the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional District.

Hernick, like so many in the 8th, is a Virginian by choice. He is also, like so many in the 8th, a millennial. When I asked him about the National Debt he pointed out that a huge chunk of the debt itself comes from “overwhelming debt service payments,” a point that most electeds stay away from because it really highlights how the government is destroying itself by falling farther into debt and farther behind in catching up on the payments. He went on to say, “There are a large number of millennials in our district and collectively millennials carry one trillion in privately held debt. Combined that with the National Debt and entitlement programs that won’t pay out to them, even though they are paying in.” That’s a great answer that voters in the 8th need to understand.

Hernick has put together a professional campaign. He is a disciplined communicator. He has a real organization set up to push out his message. Unfortunately, those are all stark contrasts from his opponent.

Retired Army veteran Mike Webb, Hernick’s opponent, is a nice man. He is always wearing a smile. But he is not ready. And I mean really not ready to carry the Republican banner. He sends out a lot of press releases. The sender is named “Campaign Email.” D’oh. They are fairly entertaining reads, if he weren’t running in a presidential year (more on that in a minute). In one of the press releases he explains why he was recently fired as a FOIA officer. Why would he want people to know that? In another, Webb mentions that he filed charges with the local police against the Arlington County Republican Committee. He names a few people in the release, and he even tells you where one of his critics works while pointing out that that person was engaging him on Facebook during company time. Then it sounded like he tried to get the young man fired, but when I asked Webb about this he said that he did not call the guy’s employer. And the Webb campaign couldn’t file finance reports on time. The explanation was that the campaign computer was “hacked.” C’mon. This followed with another missed deadline with the FEC resulting in a fine, which is very embarrassing. Also, his press releases often include the curious phrase, “sources close to the campaign.” Keep in mind the press release came from the campaign, so yeah, that’s as close as one could get.

We need to nominate a professional in every congressional race this year. Hillary Clinton will be tough to beat in Virginia and every vote counts. In a presidential race, a vote in a Republican rich district counts the same as a vote in Democrat rich Arlington. We need someone who can attract millennials to come to the polls. Once there, voters will receive a sample ballot that includes the rest of the Republican ticket. A vote for Hernick could turn into a vote for other Republicans across the board. But if we nominate someone who is not ready to be professional in his messaging, then we will lose a lot of potential votes in other races, which could tilt the scales enough for Clinton to win. And with Virginia being such an important state… you get the idea.

If you plan on attending the 8th Congressional District Republican Convention this Saturday then we encourage you to cast a vote for Charles Hernick for congress. He understands the problems that the National Debt has created. Hernick is a professional, he is polished and he is ready to work hard right up to Election Day.

Hernick for congress.

Send Bill Cleveland To Cleveland

Republicans in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District will decide this Saturday on three delegates to the National Convention. Among those running is Bill Cleveland and he deserves your vote.

Bill is a retired Capitol Hill police officer and a former vice-mayor of Alexandria. He has been very involved with Republican candidates for office in the 8th and statewide. He is a very familiar face to NoVA Republicans; just about anytime Bill is at a Republican meeting of either a county committee, a women’s group or Young Republican club, he is asked to stand and recite the Republican Creed. And I mean to say recite as he always stands and speaks our Creed without any notes to read as he has it memorized by heart.

And Bill will be the first person to tell you that “talking the talk, ain’t the same as walking the walk.” Bill understands the Creed so very well and he has lived his life consistent with those values.

On a personal note; I know Bill and I consider it an absolute privilege that I can call him a friend. He is honest, hard-working, smart, politically savvy, and warm of heart. He is a proud American who wants to serve his district at the National Convention. He has done everything to earn the votes of Republicans in the 8th and Red NoVA wholeheartedly endorses his candidacy. He is one of our Party’s all-stars and we truly hope he is honored with the chance to serve.

Send Bill Cleveland to Cleveland, because Cleveland rocks…. and so does Bill Cleveland.

Bill Cleveland.