2016 Quote Of The Year

“Donald Trump is going to be our president.” –Hillary Clinton, Nov. 9, 2016

What a year it has been. So many things happened in the political arena that produced some memorable quotes.

We chose the above quote from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech for two major reasons. First, it offers the conclusion to a presidential campaign that seemed to drag on forever while absorbing a fanatical amount of media attention. No matter where you went, there was some sort of mention of either Trump or Clinton. This quote officially ends the campaign and we are thankful for that.

Second, this quote is significant because it represents the death of the Clinton brand in the Democratic Party and the country’s repudiation of President Barack Obama’s radical left agenda. The Democratic Party is in trouble right now. Clinton won just 20 states and got blown out in the number of counties won by her Republican opponent. There are only four states with a Democratic governor and Democratic control of the state legislature. A great amount of seats nationwide have been picked up by Republicans during Obama’s two terms. The Democrats are in shambles right now.

Things are so bad over at the DNC that they had to go through two national chairs to protect their anointed one so that she could become the nominee. This we saw. What we didn’t understand was that things are so bad over at Obama/Clinton incorporated that they couldn’t beat populist and TV celebrity Donald Trump. Clinton had been running for president for the last sixteen years. The Democrats had their party and major national media outlets all lined up for an easy win. But, after stacking the deck in the Democrats’ favor as best as possible, “Donald Trump is going to be our president,” which is why this quote from Hillary Clinton is our 2016 Quote of the Year.


Time Picks Trump As Person Of The Year

Time magazine has selected president-elect Donald Trump for their annual Person of the Year cover issue. This is a good choice because he won. That’s pretty simple logic but it is much more complex when you dive into things.

For now, let’s appreciate that Trump won the nomination when few said he would. Then he won the November election when few said he would. The media was against him and working behind the scenes with his opponent Hillary Clinton. He was out fund-raised and outspent by large margins. And there was a degree of inevitability to the election of Clinton, who had been running for president, really for the last sixteen years, but definitely for the last eight years. All of this set the stage for fireworks at Clinton’s victory party. But those fireworks were canceled.

Of course Time magazine can’t be too congratulatory. On the cover they identify Trump as the “President Of The Divided States of America.” Fair in that he lost the popular vote, but the popular vote doesn’t declare the winner. A more appropriate text for the cover would read “Another Populist Wins The White House.” Eight years ago Barack Obama swept in on populist whims, promising the same thing that Trump promised. From Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech on winning the Democrat’s nomination; “The fundamentals we use to measure economic strength are whether we are living up to that fundamental promise that has made this country great – a promise that is the only reason I am standing here tonight.” This cycle the message was the same but it was packaged a little differently, this time in the form of hats that read “Make America Great Again.”

When populism won eight years ago Time selected the populist who won when they named Barack Obama Person of the Year for 2008. They chose the winning populist again this year (keep in mind Time recently reported one of the Jenners “totally carb-loaded”). Populism won again and Time has accurately captured that phenomenon


2015 Quote of the Year

The quote of the year for 2015 is from James Erickson of the United States Marine Corps. He offers the perfect response to the millennials who are whining and complaining about having to work for a living. Posting a picture of himself marching with his fellow Marines, Erickson tweeted, “I wanted money for school, so I marched too…” Right on, young man. Screenshot below and linked here.

Tweet of the year 15

Recapping 2015 Phase of 2016 Campaign for President

The biggest story of 2015 has been the race for president. This has been unfortunate because it will also be the biggest story of 2016.

Despite this year being the prelude to the rest of the 2016 campaign, this year’s coverage of the presidential race dominated the news. The Republicans have an entertainer with high name id topping the polls and the Democrats have their anointed one, a well-known establishment figure with high name id. For the Republicans, a packed field, making the GOP nomination a contest, has contributed to all the coverage, while the Democrats, content with their coronation, have been relaxed in watching the Republicans duke it out. And with an increasingly unpopular president who has nothing to campaign for, the media is fine with focusing their attention on next year’s big race.

We have been paying close attention as well. Our rankings listed on the right-hand sidebar on the main page, have had a tumultuous time trying to maintain. We have not yet endorsed and we have ranked the candidates in the same categories while adjusting and reshuffling the order as the campaign has progressed.

In general, we like governors for president. Executive experience is important. Governors have a lot to handle, making their day-to-day similar to a presidents’. Early on we liked governors Scott Walker and Rick Perry. But they were first to drop out. After we reshuffled and took a more thorough look at some of the candidates we moved another governor, Bobby Jindal, into the top tier. Three weeks later he dropped out. Right now, we have Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, former Governor Mike Huckabee and Doctor Ben Carson in our top tier.

In the second tier we have the two biggest movers in the field. Governor Chris Christie has moved up from our No Thanks category to the top of our second tier due to a strong campaign message, a smart campaign organization, good debate performances, and a solid record of working with law enforcement. Christie began near the bottom on our list because he rates poorly on a lot of conservative organizations’ policy scorecards, but Christie has proved during the campaign that he could be a strong president. More on Christie to come from us as the campaign continues.

Senator Marco Rubio represents the candidate who has fallen the farthest during the campaign. Rubio began in our top tier, leading the list at one point. But we don’t like some of his answers for his record in the Senate. His campaign message is becoming blurred, lacking substantive content, probably in an effort to court as many moderate Republicans as possible. The establishment is starting to abandon Governors John Kasich and Jeb, which has been Rubio’s gain. Even Rep. Barbara Comstock endorsed the bright-eyed Rubio and that should be a red flag on its own. And his poor attendance in casting votes in the Senate makes him vulnerable as a candidate in the General Election. But then again, Rep. Trey Gowdy is now on board with Rubio, so we haven’t given up on him yet. Joining Christie and Rubio are businesswoman Carly Fiorina, and Governors John Kasich and Jim Gilmore, who have given us no reason to shuffle them out of our second tier.

The No Thanks category is where you’ll find businessman and entertainer Donald Trump, along with Jeb. They have been there from the start and we don’t expect them to move. Senator Lindsey Graham was in there too, but we’re glad he is out.

So the campaign in 2015 had a significant impact on how we see the Republican candidates for president. No endorsement just yet, but if the election were tomorrow we would vote for Senator Rand Paul. His number one issue is the National Debt, which should be everyone’s number one issue. During the last debate, Paul said, “we are not projecting strength from bankruptcy court.” He is right on with that. But the election is not tomorrow so our vote is still officially out. Virginia goes to vote in this nomination contest on March 1st, Super Tuesday, so there is still time to figure things out. Stay tuned.

1st GOP debate

2014 Quote of the Year

“This is American leadership at its best.” –President Obama

After many submissions and great thought we have to acknowledge President Obama for offering up the quote of the year. During a primetime speech the president explained his plan for handling the violence in Syria. After laying out his plan he said, “This is American leadership at its best.” So to recap, President Obama told us his plan and then critiqued his own plan as “American leadership at its best.” Unreal. The arrogance it must take to say something like that is difficult to comprehend. Modesty has no quarter at the Obama White House. Of course, America and the rest of the world clearly disagrees with Obama’s self-assessment that his leadership places him in the company of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and others. Let’s try a little harder in the leadership area next year Mr. President and please refrain from instant compliments from you to yourself.

 Photo by Nancy Lane

Photo by Nancy Lane