Oh Honey, Let Me Tell You…

Worst kept secret in NoVA politics? Suzanne Volpe is a liar. As the saying goes, if her lips are moving she is lying.

Now don’t get me wrong, Suzanne Volpe has left a big imprint on Loudoun and regional politics. She has built an empire, much of it based on solid ground tactics and a work ethic that is hard to match, but the behind the scenes back stabbing, character assassinations, repeated calls down to Richmond (or to anyone that will listen) to complain about party officials and activists, and all out obnoxious and constant lies are her legacy. For years no one said anything, she fought to control the local unit by placing her people in key position and working hard for candidates, so people needed her and didn’t want to put up with the bullshit associated with calling her out. But a funny thing happened on the way to elected office, her reputation caught up with her.

Case in point; at the Loudoun County Republican Committee meeting Monday night Volpe pulled her infamous trick of packing a caucus with proxies to defeat a contemporary seeking an endorsement. Nothing really wrong with politics as usual, the world revolves around those who show up, but there is a problem with someone that continually plays lip service to the local committee being a “family” where we all “take care of each other”. Instead of picking up a phone and trying to work things out, or running another candidate against the person she is trying to defeat, she resorts to secret ballots and proxies so that there are no fingerprints. Call your friends in Loudoun to find out more information, anyone who was at the meeting figured out what was going on when the caucus’ recommendation was overturned and the full committee endorsed Volpe’s victim. Sometimes the good guy wins and the bad guys are exposed.

So for all the campaign workers, fellow party members, fellow elected officials, volunteers that received recognition, movers, shakers, promoters, advocates and people who are trying to move the needle an inch at a time, anyone who has been stepped on, stabbed, maligned or lied to by Ms. Volpe, you are finally vindicated. The truth is there for those that seek it, and as Ms. Volpe is known to say “Oh Honey, let me tell you”…….

-From Loudoun


The Donald Speaks for Only Himself

Donald Trump is a private citizen who has decided to run for president and he has chosen the Republican nomination as the vehicle that will get him across the finish line. Trump is not the nominee, he is not a Republican Party official, or an elected Republican. He is a citizen, who is running as a Republican. He speaks for himself and hopes his message will attract Republican voters; he does not speak for the Republican Party.

This is an important distinction to make because the left is trying to play up the narrative that Trump speaks for all the GOP candidates. Loyal Clintonite Paul Begala wrote in Politico, “Mr. Trump is the face of the GOP: angry, white and male. He is the voice of the GOP.” No he is not. He is just a citizen, with a loud and obnoxious megaphone. The left wants Trump to be more than just a citizen so that they can try to bring down more formidable contenders like Scott Walker and Rick Perry. The guilty by association hit will be the Democrats’ play after each gaffe or releasing of a private cell phone number or whatever the hell The Donald decides to do next. And the GOP is not “angry, white and male” either. After the diverse slate of Republican candidates who won last cycle nationwide and with the diverse group of Republicans running in NoVA this year, this old claim by the left is getting worn-out.

When Clinton gaffes the guilty by association label, which we don’t like to see on either side, is easier to make a case for thanks to Clinton’s place in the party’s pecking order. Right now, a lot of party power players see Hillary Clinton as the undisputed number one contender, which nearly makes her the spokesperson of the Democratic Party. The GOP, on the other hand, has a deep bench with no clear party leader running. As for Trump, he’s only a Republican because he says so. He has donated money to Republicans, and to Democrats. Again, he’s just a citizen.

The 2016 Presidential Race is an open door, grassroots selection style contest on the GOP side and a closed door, party insider, no-selection-needed style over on the Democrats’ side. I’m glad to be involved with the party that will actually have a choice deciding the nominee. And while I appreciate what Trump brings to the campaign dialogue, he does not speak for the party, none the GOP presidential candidates do. And that will all change after the nomination.


Democrats Dump Jefferson-Jackson from Annual Dinner

The Democrats up in Connecticut are dumping the names of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from their big annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner because of slavery. The Connecticut Democrats governing committee voted unanimously this week to drop the names. A headline in the Hartford Courant read, “Democrats Drop Names Of Slave-Owning Presidents From Fundraising Dinner.” The article quotes the state party chairman saying, “Let’s work together to show the rest of the state exactly what it means to be a Connecticut Democrat,” and notes the motivation behind the move in part coming from the Confederate flag “controversy.” C’mon.

This is just another attempt by Democrats at rewriting history. If the Democrats want to disassociate themselves from slavery then they need to disband their party and start fresh.

Let’s open our history books for a moment; the Democrats were in favor of slavery and gave us Jim Crow laws, while the Republican Party began as the anti-slavery offshoot of the Whig Party. Moreover, I never appreciated the Democrats trying to own Thomas Jefferson. They try to pull it off because Jefferson was a member of a party that eventually, over many years, turned into the Democratic Party of today. This approach ignores policy positions and basic Constitutional interpretation, which are much better indicators of party affiliation. In sum, Jefferson stood for states’ rights against the rival party at the time, the Federalists, who wanted a more centralized government. That fundamental argument exists today and it places Jefferson very clearly in the Republican Party. As far as Andrew Jackson is concerned, the Democrats can have him. President Jackson, in response to the Supreme Court overturning his administration’s Indian removal policy, said, “Mr. Marshall has made his ruling, now let him enforce it.” Jackson should have been impeached on the spot as never before or since has there been such a blatant disregard for separation of powers. So I’m fine with the Democrats owning Jackson.

Back to today; the rush for political correctness in this case is odd because the resolution that passed did not include any new names. The Democrats just felt it necessary to dump two of our country’s bigger historical names.

This all leads to several questions such as who they’ll pick as replacements and will this have a ripple effect to other states? Will the Democratic presidential candidates be expected to boycott states where the names haven’t been changed? Will Virginia follow suit? And why isn’t The Dukes of Hazzard on anymore?


NoVA Courting Marriott

Hotel mega-giant Marriott is considering relocating their corporate headquarters out of Maryland, with Northern Virginia as a leading contender to be their new home. ARLnow.com is reporting that Marriott is seriously looking at moving to Arlington County.

Leaving Maryland is something we understand very well. Choosing Arlington is less clear to us, but Arlington is in Virginia so by default it is way better than tax-hiking, gun-grabbing, crazy liberal Maryland. Metro accessibility is a big plus for most of Arlington, a selling point that Marriott has been reported as being very interested in. No word on whether a new pie store in Arlington has anything to do with this.

The trend over the last several years has been to leave Maryland, and who can blame the companies that do? Can we blame Beretta for leaving Maryland over the state’s, get this, anti-2nd Amendment laws for a more friendly Tennessee? Then Texas Governor Rick Perry ran a series of radio ads in Maryland markets specifically targeting businesses to leave Maryland for Texas, likely because it was such an easy sell.

Currently, Virginia has a business friendly environment while neighboring Maryland does not. With so many businesses wanting to get close to the federal government, Virginia needs to keep this huge advantage over Maryland.

Which brings us to the 2015 elections in Virginia, which are very important because we need to keep Virginia open for business. We can’t afford the Democrats taking over the state legislature and turning us into Maryland. If that happens not only will new businesses go elsewhere, but we’ll also lose our current ones.

Let’s remember Ben Franklin saying, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Right now, Virginia is a destination for businesses, if we can keep them.


Blackwell Says Hollingshead Can Win

Longtime politico Morton Blackwell sent out an email last week expressing his support for Republican State Senate candidate Stephen Hollingshead. Blackwell said Hollingshead’s

“agenda of ‘Jobs, Growth, and Opportunity’ for Northern Virginia is the right one, and he is organized and prepared to run a strong race in State Senate District 33, which has swung back and forth between Democrats and Republicans in recent years.

Sometimes principled candidates lose merely because too many good folks chose not to engage. I’ve looked at the numbers. This race is winnable. Stephen Hollingshead can take a seat from the Democrats this year, and his victory might be essential to keep Republicans in the majority in the State Senate. He can do this if you and I pitch in to help him.”

Pretty encouraging words from Blackwell, who doesn’t typically get caught up in soundbites. Blackwell tells it like it is. If he says the “race is winnable,” then sign-up to volunteer with the Hollingshead team today. Taking that seat would be a huge setback to the Democratic senate caucus.

Stephen Hollingshead is running to help get Northern Virginia businesses out of this recession that they are in. Empty office space is a big problem in parts of NoVA. We need to fix that by sending a business friendly state senator from NoVA to the General Assembly.


Liberty Now PAC Supporting Senator Black

Yesterday Ken Cuccinelli blasted out a fundraising email for State Senator Dick Black. The email came from Cuccinelli’s Liberty Now PAC, which promises “100% of your contributions go to support conservative candidates across Virginia. And 100% of your donation today will go to support Senator Dick Black’s conservative campaign.” Nice! Thank you to Ken for helping our conservative friends; and Dick Black is a true conservative who we need to keep in the State Senate.

The email describes Senator Black as “earn[ing] the Brent Society Distinguished Service Award for defending life, marriage, and family values; as well as 100% ratings from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance, and the Family Foundation. He was also named Top Legislator by National Right to Work and received an A+ rating from the NRA.”

Cuccinelli concludes his pitch saying he is “confident that Senator Black will continue to be a strong conservative voice in the Virginia General Assembly.”

And we agree 100%.

Donate to State Senator Dick Black today.

Full email from Liberty Now PAC here.

Dick Black

Walker Scooped By Twitter

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is running for President. We already knew that as it is clear that he has been building a team, and an official logo, which has been released piece by piece on Twitter. The Walker team has been using Twitter in a very teasing manner. Would Walker have an official logo to advertise he isn’t running? Well maybe Twitter doesn’t like to be teased, because today it struck back at Walker tweeting out a scheduled tweet before the scheduled date (screen shot below courtesy of mediaite.com). This is really no big deal at all. We knew Walker would enter the presidential race.

Twitter has said they’re sorry saying “the Walker team was not at fault.”

This is not uncommon. Campaigns often schedule long lists of tweets through social media scheduling sites such as Hootsuite.com. Automated scheduling can go wrong, it happens a lot. The only safe guard is to schedule tweets which are not time sensitive, such as a tweet about supporting your local fire department. A message that coincides with a major exclusive announcement should not be scheduled. Waiting to live tweet the announcement with an attached picture file is easy and is the safest strategy. In the case Walker is in, their tweet was to coincide with a press conference scheduled for Monday.

Red NoVA welcomes Scott Walker to the race. He has won three elections against Democrats organized at the national level, bringing in tons of out-of-state resources. He has beaten back the Ds and has done so as a conservative. He didn’t go after the middle by watering down his positions. He chose to run as a conservative. If he chooses again to run as a champion the GOP’s conservative wing of our drifting left party then he’ll have our full support. We are looking forward to vetting Walker in this deep field of Republican candidates.


The Hillary Press Lasso

The Republican Party of Virginia has a hilarious fundraising idea on their website. For a limited time, you can donate $10 and the RPV will send you a “Hillary Clinton Press Lasso,” which is a two foot piece of cord. The cord can be used as a lasso so that you can “keep nearly any reporter away from you.” That’s pretty funny.

This reminds me of a joke from the TV show Arrested Development that involved protestors having to stay in the free speech zone, which was a small cage. Your First Amendment rights will be honored if you stay in the free speech zone. Classic.

In this case, the Hillary Clinton Press Lasso will help pesky reporters get enough of a feeling of transparency from a candidate while not bothering the candidate with anything substantive.

The RPV has been doing a great job raising money from small dollar donors. This is just their latest creative idea on how to bring in some cash, and it doubles as commentary on another ridiculous move by the anointed Hillary. She can’t hide all campaign long. Maybe she can continue the rope-a-dope style of campaigning through the Democratic nomination, but this won’t work in the General Election. Time is ticking for Mrs. Clinton; she’ll have to answer unscripted questions at some point.


Arlington’s Pie in the Sky

Writing off Arlington as a place to avoid at all costs has just become a little difficult thanks to a new pie store. That’s right; a store that will bake and sell pies is coming to dreadful Arlington.

If any place needs something as awesome as a pie store it is Arlington, Virginia. Congested, polluted, over-populated Arlington usually reeks in the summer humidity with the lingering smell of yesterday’s late trash pick-up. But that is going to change. Fresh baked pies will soon be the aroma of the little county. Imagine this; you are sitting in the parking lot known to some as Glebe Road cursing the terrible driver in the Prius in front of you while daydreaming of a better place, a place where fresh baked pies are available by the bushel, when a bike courier slams into your hood. You then get out of your car and are seconds away from a life changing spark of vengeance when, just like in the cartoons, a wavy line of the deliciously wonderful pie byproduct interrupts your rage and melts your anger away. That’s going to happen now.

Maybe, just maybe, Arlington can still redeem itself. The chances of changing its landscape, its culture, its whole attitude, are, at best, a long shot. Having a pie store baking fresh pies all day is a great start. I’ll take a slice a pecan and another of blueberry with a small cup of coffee and forget that it takes an hour to move through two traffic lights. Life in Arlington can’t be so bad, so long as the pie store stays open.


Is Jim Gilmore Running for President?

Yesterday at the Conservative Soiree at Bull Run Park former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore announced that he may run for president saying, “I’m seriously considering entering the race for president of the United States.” He then went on to describe himself as “a real conservative,” and as “a real Virginian” and indicated that he would run with national security as his top priority.

Gilmore has traveled to New Hampshire seven times and says he will be back soon. Who makes that many trips to New Hampshire and then doesn’t run for president? I hear the maple syrup up there is good, but it can’t be that good. It certainly looks like he’ll run.

Black Velvet Bruce Li has the video of Gilmore’s speech here.


Vargas on Maddow

Last night Republican strategist and candidate for Delegate Danny Vargas appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show. He was on to discuss limiting the first Republican debate to the top ten based on national polling. Vargas and Maddow were in agreement that a limit of ten is a bad rule.

In the short time he was on, Vargas was able to fit in a compliment to Republicans for having such a deep bench of qualified candidates. He then took a shot at the Democrats for their lack of any bench and the lack of enthusiasm behind the annotated Hillary Clinton. His comments were appropriate and accurate.

Maddow interrupted a little with laughter before completely dismissing the idea that a complete lack of choice is a rather undemocratic way of selecting a nominee. Her reaction to Vargas was inappropriate. Maddow is known as a hyper-partisan, but she doesn’t have to be rude about it.

Great job to Danny Vargas for holding his own with a hostile and unprofessional host.


Jimmy Carter Worked All Day

A frequent stop on my runs through the internet is The History Channel’s This Day in History page. Typically the page offers around 20 brief descriptions of noteworthy historical events from a variety of categories. My interest in politics often has me looking at the Presidential category, which had a particularly interesting headline today: “President Carter puts in a long day at the office.” Seriously, that’s the story.

This is truly remarkable. Imagine a chief executive staying busy at work and still making it to bed before midnight. Well President Carter did that on this day in 1977, and The History Channel is telling the story. Usually reserved for significant events, such as May 12th‘s entry which is dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt being the first president filmed doing official duties, the Presidential category has to really reach to include Jimmy Carter in it. The site must have a quota for the presidents and Carter makes it tough on historians. Working all day, playing tennis, having dinner and going to a show with his wife, is considered a noteworthy set of accomplishments when you’re talking about Carter.

It is fair to assume that when you have a presidency as pitiful as Carter’s you should appreciate any positive press you can get. But I couldn’t help but take the story that he worked all day as an illustration of how bad a job he did.


Gerrymandering Twister

This cartoon from Fredericksburg.com illustrates why I favor term limits. Incumbent legislators should not be allowed to draw their own district. Gerrymandering used to be considered a bad thing, but as the game is set right now, all redistricting is gerrymandering. An independent body needs to come in and draw lines based on geography and should never consider partisan vote counting.


There’s Already Enough Cannon Fodder

I went to Chipotle last week and I didn’t tip. Recently I have been to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Subway and I didn’t tip there either. I never tip at Chipotle and neither does Hillary Clinton and that just ain’t news.

In this case, the recently announced presidential candidate in question is not exactly like Steve Buscemi’s character in Reservoir Dogs. The candidate is, instead, a former US Senator and Secretary of State who has no accomplishments to run on. She is riddled with scandals of secrecy and has been described by those close to her as “inauthentic.” She is going to run a campaign that is only about her being a woman and if you don’t support her then you must hate women and never want them to succeed. The plan will be to guilt you all the way to the ballot box. And we hit her with failing to tip at a place where tipping is not commonplace. Really?

Petty little nitpicking only makes us look like mindless haters and takes away credibility which harms us when we point out something legit like covering up her incompetence after the Benghazi tragedy does make a big difference or how her illegal personal email server may have been a national security nightmare that put us in danger.

Let’s get ready for Hillary by lining up all the crap she has been waist deep in over the years and roll it all out layer by layer. She really has already given us enough cannon fodder.


How Not to Explain the Iran Nuclear Talks

This Morning I was obliged to baby-sit my friend’s eight year-old daughter. I’m not great with kids, so I parked her in front of the TV and gave her the rest of the Jell-O that I made last night and sat at my nearby computer to get some work done. The TV was on a cable news channel and did not think to change it. We sat quietly until she suddenly asked, “What are the Iran nuclear talks?”

“The U.S. and other big countries in the world are trying to make a deal with Iran to stop them from making an atomic bomb,” I replied.


“The U.S. and the rest of the World are afraid that if Iran makes an atomic bomb then that could create the desire for other countries to make their own atomic bomb. Also Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, so the World fears that it would be dangerous if they had nuclear weapons.”

“What is a state sponsor of terrorism?”

“That means Iran gives money and weapons to groups that make terrorist attacks on other countries.”

“So Iran is bad?”

“Yes, they do bad things.”

“Then why are we talking to Iran if they are bad?”

“They are doing something that we don’t want them to do so we are trying to make a compromise with them so they will stop.”

“Even though they shouldn’t be doing it anyways?”


“Does compromise means we are giving them something so they will give us something in return?”

“That’s right.”

“What are we giving them?”

“We have been doing things to hurt Iran’s economy because they are a state sponsor of terrorism and we started doing more things to hurt their economy since they have been trying to make an atomic bomb. So if they stop trying to make a bomb, we will stop hurting their economy. That way the Iran economy can grow and become strong because right now it is in bad shape.”

“What if they stop trying to make a bomb but keep supporting terrorism?”

“I guess the U.S. we still stop hurting their economy as long as they do not make an atomic bomb. They are not really talking about the terrorist stuff right now.”

“So they can still be bad and get what they want?”

“In a way yes, because they are treating ‘Iran being bad’ to other countries and Iran making a bomb as two separate issues. Iran making a bomb is the more important issue.”

“So Iran can be terrorists if they never make a bomb?”

“Well the deal that they are talking about would only be good for 15 years. They wouldn’t be able to make an atomic bomb during the next 15 years.”

“What happens after 15 years? Can they make a bomb then?”

“Well, the World would probably talk to them out of it again and make another deal.”

“What can the World give Iran if they already get what they want now?”

“I don’t know, a lot can change in 15 years. Maybe they can give them extra stuff.”

“But if we stop hurting them then they could be strong enough not want anything else right?”

“I guess so.”

“But if we keep hurting their economy then wouldn’t Iran be too poor to make a bomb anyway?”

“Maybe, but probably not. It depends on how much the government of Iran wants the bomb vs. how bad the living situation is for its people. Like if things get really bad, then the people could overthrow the government but that is unlikely because the government has stopped uprisings before. What I mean is that making a deal with Iran is the best way to stop Iran from making a bomb short of staring a war.”

“What is the best way to stop Iran from being a terrorist?”

“I’m not sure. They haven’t mentioned anything about that.”

“So you’re saying Iran is bad so we are hurting their economy. They are also making a bomb and we want them to stop. So if they stop making a bomb, we will stop hurting their economy and they can keep being bad while their economy gets strong. But after 15 years they can make a bomb anyways?”


“So people can keep being bad without any consequences as long as they promise not do something else that they shouldn’t be doing for only a predetermined amount of time?”

“Yes, but you’ll have to wait until your mother gets back.”

Kerry Iran talks

Posted by Jeff Farmer, Winchester VA

Scandals in the White House

One of President Obama’s chief cheerleaders, David Axelrod, has said that Obama’s administration has not had any major scandals. This, of course, is a wishful re-write of the last 6 years.

Axelrod’s comments were in regards to pay-for-play type scandals such as big money directly buying influence in the White House. Eh. There’s no need to touch that right now. The big picture is more important and the big picture includes two HUGE scandals that seriously expose the lack of decency we have to put up with.

The first one is the IRS targeting conservative organizations. This scandal is classic Rahm Emanuel style politics. Emanuel, who is the current boss of Chicago, was Obama’s first White House chief of staff. He believes in a partisan scorched Earth method of disrespect for his opponents. The White House has pleaded total ignorance in this scandal, but the whole thing has Emanuel written all over it. The timeline from the investigation clearly shows that Emanuel wasn’t still around when the IRS was acting on their own, which is bull. The White House, Emanuel and their friends went after conservatives with everything in their arsenal. The story about the lost emails that incredibly disappeared is an insult to our intelligence. Time will further expose the truth. The White House knew. Complete ignorance is not a good enough answer.

The other major scandal is much more important and the president and his team need to be held accountable for it. On September 11, 2012 a terrorist attack invaded our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department did not do enough to protect our diplomats in advance of this terror attack and then they worked together to cover up their incompetence. You see, the timing of this terror attack was, in a term I’m sure was expressed at the White House, inconvenient. Obama was running for re-election on the idea that he had made the world a safer place. Obama was stumping that he had ended the war in Iraq. He was the opposite of George Bush. Obama had won a Nobel Peace Prize. The world was safe again. End of narrative. But then came an assault on one of our Embassies overseas which resulted in the murder and mutilation of our Ambassador Chris Stevens. How could this be? Obama’s world is a safe place because Obama is so super likeable, right? A cleanup job was needed by the White House janitorial spin staff. The result was Susan Rice hitting the Sunday morning talk shows hard with the lie that an otherwise peaceful protest was then “hijacked, let us say, by some individual clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons… And it then evolved from there.” There are so many things wrong with that statement. And from what I understand about Susan Rice, those words were her own. She is not the kind of person who would take a script and just read the talking points. She was part of the massage session that came up with those lies, lies which were used to shield the president during his re-election. That is truly disturbing. And what is even more disturbing is that Obama won re-election and Rice’s lies were rewarded with a promotion. Unbelievable.

So here we have two scandals, one much more important than the other, but two nonetheless. Especially the Benghazi cover up is a scandal that exposes just how repugnant the character of our current chief executive really is. David Axelrod is wrong. Ethics of the Obama White House is far from pristine; it’s as dirty as it could be.

Benghazi Bumper Sticker

Quote of the Week

Bishop E.W. Jackson responded to President Obama’s ridiculous history lesson from the National Prayer Breakfast with this gem of a quote;

“Instead of closing Guantanamo Bay, frankly sir you ought to close your mouth.”

That’s what we call knocking the ball out of the park.

Obama’s speech, which compared today’s violence from Islamic radicals to the Crusades from centuries ago, is hopelessly irrelevant to today. History is full of atrocities that mankind has marched through. How about a contemporary comparison? Are there any Christians out there beheading Muslims? What’s that? No? Huh.

Attacking Christianity at the National Prayer Breakfast is beyond baffling. Mr. President, what is wrong with you?

Winchester Victory office opening