A New Low, Even For Morrissey

Convicted pervert and overnight resident of the big house Joe Morrissey says he will step down from his Delegate seat. But before you let out that sigh of relief know that creepy Joe is, of course, not doing the honorable thing here at all because he plans to run in the special election that will fill the vacancy his resignation will create. Say what? Logic be damned, Morrissey ain’t done just yet.

How selfish and oblivious can Morrissey be here? Resign you creep and just go away. You are tarnishing the respectful name of our country’s most historic legislature. The Virginia House of Delegates has no place for someone of such low character.

The good news to report here is Delegate Mark Keam says he plans to vote to expel Morrissey from the legislature if Morrissey wins the special. Let’s hope all of the Democratic leadership follows Delegate Keam, who deserves our thanks for being on the right side of this horrible story since the news first broke this summer.

We will have to wait to see if Morrissey runs in the special as a Democrat, as an independent, or as a sex offender. We asked Morrissey this question via Twitter and have yet to receive a response. #WhereYouSleepingTonightJoe?

Keam will vote Morrissy out (2)

Obama and Boehner’s Supermarket Sweep

President Obama has signed CRomnibus allowing Michelle’s vacations for next year to be fully funded.

If you’re confused about the name then allow me to explain. The capital CR stands for Continuing Resolution and omnibus, as my trusty dictionary has it, means “providing for many things all at once.” And boy does this package of bills really stretch the meaning of “many” to its limits.

While I believe shutting down the government would have been a mistake, I can’t really get behind the idea of spending $1.1 Trillion especially after voters last month rejected Obama’s agenda so overwhelmingly. I thought the election results told Congress to change it up, but that message didn’t seem to get through. The only good news, other than advoiding a government shutdown, is this massive spending spree stops in September 2015. The 114th Congress will have to step up and start slashing so that the next Continuing Resolution will actually help to continue the existence of our country instead of bringing us closer to the edge of the fiscal cliff from which there is nearly no return.

Below is a political cartoon from Americans for Limited Government which really captures what Congress and the president have done here.


T-Mac’s Gun Grab Won’t Work

On Monday Governor Terry McAuliffe announced he wants to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights.

Tonight State Senator Dick Black responded with an op-ed on The Bull Elephant, and Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, Chairman of Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee, released a statement as well.

So how will this all play come November 2015? The next legislative session of the General Assembly will convene January 14. The likely first item on the agenda may be the removal the creepy Delegate Joe Morrissey, who will spend that night in jail. After that the Democrats will try to push through some sort of gun control measure, but without a majority in either side of the legislature their attempts will fall flat. And they know that.

It will be all a ruse this session. Whatever legislation the Ds try to push will only be a tool used later in the year along the campaign trail. So are we seeing the Democrats’ campaign strategy? Is the plan to run against guns? Will they say they tried to pass “commonsense” gun control but the evil Republicans stopped it? If so, then they may want to re-think that. The House is solid Republican and not in any danger of flipping. But the Senate side is a battleground. The Ds need to be careful how they play it (and Republicans need to be careful too of course). The districts that are the most in play right now are the 10th, currently held by the retiring Republican John Watkins, the 29th, currently held by retiring Democrat Chuck Colgan, the 33rd, currently held by Democrat Jennifer Wexton, the 37th, currently held by Democrat Dave Marsden, and 39th, currently held by Democrat George Barker. Of those five districts four are held by Democrats in Northern Virginia. Increasingly urban Northern Virginia and the rest of the commonwealth are not really on the same page with regard to gun control. The Ds could run hard and fast on gun control and probably have that be enough to top the scales in those four districts, but it would cost them the 10th, a concession that would stop the Democrats from taking control of the senate.

A gun grab in a year when every state legislator is up for election is an interesting play in Virginia. I doubt it will help Democrats in competitive races outside of Northern Virginia. T-Mac is a bright blue liberal. His radical leftwing agenda may cost his party seats next November, strengthen the Republicans and set the stage for a Republican sweep of the statewide ticket in 2017. So go ahead T-Mac, try to take our gun rights, it ain’t going to work.


Stimpson Campaign Team Coming Together

Breaking news from the Bill Howell v. Susan Stimpson Delegate race: Stimpson has hired Rollin Reisinger as campaign manager. Resinger is an extremely dedicated, intuitive politico who will run this race with great intensity. Reisinger understands all aspects of a campaign, especially the data breakdown, targeting, messaging, and voter turnout efforts. This is a huge hire that shows us Stimpson is ready for the big time. And there is nothing personal about it, just politics, but the extra element here is that Reisinger does not like the politics of tax-raising Speaker Howell. Expect the Stimpson campaign to be moving at full speed all the time with Reisinger in charge of the day-to-day operations.

This hire follows the signing of Tim Edson as general consultant. Edson has experience working races from Virginia to Florida to Indiana. He impressed a lot of NoVA Republicans in 2010 when he helped bring Keith Fimian within about 900 votes of defeating longtime political boss Gerry Connolly in the 11th Congressional District. He knows the layout of this race and has the tools needed to create and carryout a successful plan.

Stimpson’s team is coming together. Her choice of Rollin Reisinger as campaign manager is part of her campaign’s commitment to the conservative grassroots members of our party. I can’t think of a person more qualified to step in and run this race for the challenger. Speaker Howell should officially be nervous about the tough campaign trail he will have to run through.


Maybe 10 Years for McDonnell, But Just 6 Months for Morrissey

Today we are seeing two things that have us scratching our heads. The Washington Post reported today that former Governor Bob McDonnell could face 10 years in prison. And the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that Delegate Joe Morrissey has pleaded to contributing to the delinquency of a minor and will serve 12 months with 6 of those months suspended. What?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

If you are a bad governor who took a millionaire for a ride while not delivering anything for the fat cat then you may face 10 years. But if you engage in sexual intercourse with a minor then you may get 6 months. Oh my. That can’t be right.

It gets worse. Because Morrissey pleaded down to a misdemeanor he doesn’t have to resign from his Delegate seat and can enter a work-release program that would have him voting in the General Assembly during the day and sleeping in his jail cell at night. It would be just great if a staffer and state car could provide the transportation from the state house to the big house; we wouldn’t want to inconvenience Morrissey any more than this slap on wrist already has.

So is this real? 6 months for sex with a minor and 10 years for joy rides in a Ferrari, really? Is that what the justice system was designed to do?


Chairman Card’s Plan to Reorganize RPV

Prince William County Republican Committee Chairman Bill Card has a plan to reorganize the Republican Party of Virginia which includes abolishing State Central Committee. Below are his ideas.

Be Bold or Stay Home

For the 2014 Republican Party of Virginia Advance RPV Executive Director Shaun Kenney called a meeting of unit chairmen. Such a meeting is long over due and I thank Mr. Kenney.

Consider: the 135 people who are directly elected by the grassroots activists of our party were called to meet together for the very first time in recent memory. It seems scandalous now that this group has been largely ignored by its party. A venue soliciting feedback and input from the frontline party leadership? This meeting was unique.

My first thought for my 135 brother and sister grassroots leaders was “be bold or stay home.” We weren’t going to make any progress tinkering around at the edges. With that in mind I prepared five issues that have plagued me and held us back as a party.

The day arrived and I sat in the room with about 50 unit chairmen. Shaun neatly teed up one of these bullet points during his introduction as he stated “State Central serves its purpose.” My bullet two: “State Central is an anachronism that needed to be replaced.” Think about it for a minute – the bulk of the people who knock on doors, make phone calls, the muscle of our party don’t even know we have a State Central Committee – that is until something bad happens.

My first experience with State Central came when they overthrew the elected representative of grassroots Republicans. We overwhelmingly elected Jeff Frederick as RPV Chairman in convention. Gratefully all but one of the arsonists who did that are now gone – you see no one else thought much of those folks either. This may generate all sorts of stories about that vote and the reasons for that vote. But one SCC member that was there captured the reason well, he told me: “The truth is that Jeff thought he was working for you the grassroots, while the SCC thought he was working for them.”

Next SCC prematurely attempted to lock in the nomination methodology for a gubernatorial contest. Later a new SCC panel dominated by self-described conservatives flipped it back. You see we have people who believe that nomination methods have ideological affiliations.

For the record, Ken Cuccinelli would have trounced Bill Bolling regardless of the nomination method. Ken would have won in convention, primary, one-on-one basketball, poker, or arm wrestling. In all the doors I knocked only 3 or 4 people said that we “stole” their choice. “I wanted to vote for . . . . . “ I would supply “Bill Bolling?” quizzical look . . . “Yeah – him.”

Saturday a group of my peers were looking to positively effect the direction of our party. Our party hasn’t really cared about us in the past. I proposed then and I maintain that we should abolish the State Central Committee and replace it with a Congress of Chairmen.

I propose that we eliminate all the ancillary folks that seek to influence party direction and replace SCC with a Congress of Chairmen made up of the Congressional District Chairmen elected at quadrennial conventions and add two sitting unit chairmen (elected by the grassroots) from each Congressional District. This would present RPV with a governing body deeply invested in the decisions made and who wouldn’t be consumed with arguing about who was more conservative. It would be a leaner and more nimble organization of practical people focused on what RPV should be focused on – winning elections.

I’m not asking the SCC to dissolve itself. We the grassroots can do it in convention in 2016 if they won’t.

Foolish? Outlandish? Consider: In a group of my peers there was almost no support for SCC and broad agreement both publically and later privately to get rid of the SCC. Oh there was one guy who was a sitting member of the SCC in the room who was outraged by the idea – but the reaction to the proposal was almost entirely positive.

This might be a steep hill to assault and we might fail but it should make each and everyone of us pause and think. I’m sure that the SCC has done good things – generally those aren’t the things that come up in any discussion that I have ever had about the SCC. Search your heart honestly and you will agree.

I wish that the SCC could hear what a meeting of unit chairs discussed. Saturday only two unit chairs discussed the conservative vs. establishment issue that has wasted so much of our time lately. You see we are generally too busy dealing with campaigns, volunteers, fundraising, meetings, and growing the party to dabble in the nonsense that seems to dominate SCC proceedings.

Who is with me to support a resolution to the 2016 Convention to replace the SCC with a Congress of Unit Chairmen?

-Chairman Bill Card, Prince William County Republican Committee


Time to Remove Berkley

Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee met last week at the Advance in Chantilly. Among the items they discussed was the removal of Jon Berkley from the 5th District chairmanship. The move is called a remedy for a dysfunctional committee. The case against Berkley is lengthy and baffling. He thinks he is a king but he is really just someone who falls under the party plan and therefore needs to play nice with the others in the sandbox. Berkley has acted in revenge against Republicans, has ignored State Central and RPV General Counsel rulings, and he has handled himself like a real jerk. Our party should have no place for anyone who chooses to conduct themselves as he has in this last year. It is time to remove Berkley.

Berkley’s baffling incompetence first popped up on my radar last spring during the pre-filing period for the state convention. As Charlotte County chair Berkley did everything he could to stop 19 Republicans from being delegates because they would have voted against Berkley for chairman at the 5th District convention. The story is obnoxiously ridiculous. The Bull Elephant ran it when it happened. Berkley claims that the envelope of forms he received could have contained a playboy magazine or a bomb, he didn’t know. So he put an envelope that may have had a bomb in it in his car? How often do you put bombs in your car?

When word of Berkley’s actions in refusing those forms came out, the campaign I was working on blasted out an email alerting Republicans of Berkley’s shenanigans so that the grassroots could rise up and stop this injustice. That is when Berkley and I first spoke as he called me cursing me out with f this and f that. What a nice guy. I had not yet met him nor ever spoken with him, but here he is acting all tough and threatening to me over the phone. How about engage me in conversation first, then act as you need to but opening up with cursing and demands and threats is, at the least, unprofessional.forms

Next came Berkley’s baffling refusal to turn in the Charlotte County delegate list to the U.S. Senate campaigns and to RPV. I kept calling and emailing Berkley asking for the names of those who signed up. Technically the party plan does not compel him to hand over the names, but EVERY other chair did so in a judicious fashion. State Central Committee members have told me the reason the pre-file deadlines for signing up for the convention were so early was it would allow the campaigns more time to engage the delegates. By withholding the delegate list from the campaigns Berkley was doing his county committee a disservice because he was preventing those delegates from being engaged by the candidates and therefore they were going to a convention without all the information they should have to cast their vote.

I saw Berkley at the 5th District convention and I approached him about sending me the Charlotte County delegate list. He actually told me that he hadn’t sent it to me because his feelings were hurt after the email about throwing out the 19 delegate forms. Unbelievable. I can’t believe he admitted to me how small and petty he is. I told him that grown men do not let hurt feelings prevent us from meeting our responsibilities. Berkley responded without class, but eventually promised me that he would email me the list “Monday/Tuesday.” That Wednesday I called Berkley leaving an obnoxious message of my own pointing out the fact that Monday/Tuesday had come and gone and no list was sent. At the state convention I saw Berkley and reminded him that he broke the only promise he ever made to me. I also pointed out that the effort required on his part was minimal, just attach an excel file to an email and hit send, that’s it!

This next part is the worst part of all. I witnessed it and I still can’t believe it. After Berkley won the chairman’s race at the 5th District convention one of Berkley’s cronies stood up and made a motion to strip the 5th District State Central Committee members of voting rights at the 5th District Committee level. Why? How does that serve the 5th District? Berkley did so out of revenge. The five members of the 5th District State Central Committee did not support Berkley in the chairman’s race so petty little Berkley wanted to strike back. With few people left the question of a quorum was brought up, but the convention chair was a Berkley supporter who ruled that a quorum wasn’t needed. The floor then voted in favor of this motion only because Berkley’s minions were holding up Robert Hurt for Congress signs that had a big “yes” attached to them. I stood by the doorway and asked people as they left if they knew what they had just voted for and the dozen I spoke to said no. State Central Committee members are voted to serve their district by district members at a convention or mass meeting. But here we saw just a few Berkley and Hurt supporters overturn the results of the 5th District convention from 2 years ago. By stripping these popularly elected members of voting rights Berkley disrespected the will of his own committee. And he did this out of revenge.

Funny thing about all of this is State Central’s move to remove Berkley is based entirely on how Berkley has handled himself since all of these events I described happened. He came into the chair acting like he doesn’t have to follow the rules and then proceeded to do just that. He has ignored State Central and General Counsel throughout. At the meeting on Friday Berkley was absent and he didn’t even send a proxy. I was at the Advance over the weekend and when I heard about State Central’s move I started lobbying State Central members with the firsthand information I have from dealing with Berkley. Just like me, they couldn’t understand why a Republican would act like that to other Republicans.

Berkley’s fate will be decided at the next State Central Committee meeting in January. He will be given the chance to defend himself at this meeting, if he decides to show up.

Individually these events make Berkley look like a real jerk, collectively they illustrate that Berkley does not have the integrity to serve in any elected capacity. Looking at things as a whole we see a pattern which establishes a behavior, a behavior unbecoming a member of our party, a behavior we can just simply do without. It is time to remove Jon Berkley from the 5th District chair.

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Live at RPV Advance

Red NoVA will be live Twitting tonight from RPV Advance 2014. We will not be live blogging because on Friday night I’m not going to carry my computer with my drink from hospitality suite to hospitality suite and on Saturday live blogging the trade secrets of the workshops would rightfully have me suspended from the party, so I’ll just stick to Twitter. Tonight I’ll be at a reception for the presumed next chairman of RPV John Whitbeck, then the general welcome reception, then on to a night full of hospitality suites. There are too many suites to name so I’m just going to mention two of our friends, The Bull Elephant and Chairman Corey Stewart will have suites and both will be great parties. On Saturday I’ll attend four workshops during the day before opting out of the fancy black-tie gala. Along the way I’ll be talking with Republicans from around the commonwealth getting their thoughts on today’s political climate and what it is going to take for 2015 to be a successful year for the GOP at the ballot box.

You can follow this weekend’s play-by-play on Twitter @RedNoVA8 and by using #RPVAdvance. Cheers.


Sen. Barker Guarantees Democrats Take Senate

Last night in Fairfax I ran into State Senator George Barker. He looked very cheerful and he was very excited about the 2015 elections. He told me the Democrats will take control of the senate all because of the retirement of Senator John Watkins in the 10th. He said, “I guarantee we take control of the senate.” He went on to predict that all the incumbent senators who are seeking re-election would win with the only change in party coming from the 10th district flipping from Republican to Democrat, which would tie the senate back up at 20-20 with the Democrats having the tie breaking vote from the Lt. Governor.

Watkins’ district is made up of Powhatan County and parts of Chesterfield and Richmond. Last year all three statewide Democratic candidates won the district including Mark Herring in the AG race who grabbed just 51%. It will be a tough district for Republicans to hold but I don’t see how either side can issue guarantees right now.


Howell v. Stimpson, Round 1

Former chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors Susan Stimpson officially began her race yesterday against House of Delegates Speaker Bill Howell. Speaker Howell has held the 28th delegate seat for 28 years. Stimpson was Board chair from 2010 to 2013 and chose not to run for re-election, she also ran for Lt. Governor in 2013. The nomination method has not yet been set but it will likely be a primary. This is the race to watch in the House of Delegates for 2015.

The strange thing about this match-up is Stimpson was once Howell’s protégé as the young board of supervisors chair readied herself for a run at the Lt. Governor spot, although this has been downplayed by both sides. Whatever happened these two were once close and now they are opponents in a nominating contest where one of them is just running for re-election to the same seat he has always had. If an open seat popped up for another office and two former close compatriots ran against each other then nothing would be strange, just a little awkward. This is much different. Here we have the mentee going after the mentor for the spot he had when they met a short time earlier, making this more than just a little awkward. And from the early signs this will be a battle.

Stimpson’s email blast included language that looked like it was designed to brand her opponent as a tax-and-spend-o-crat who “has lost his way.” Stimpson’s email said, “Bill Howell has been the consistent force behind every major tax increase in Virginia in the last decade.” She calls Howell “the chief architect of a tax-and-spend agenda that rewards the politicians and punishes the middle class.” She certainly is coming out swinging here and letting us know that she is ready for a fight.

Speaker Howell may or may not be ready for a fight. He has been in the House of Delegates for 28 years. He has name recognition, money, an entrenched organization and enough political know-how to have risen to be speaker, so he should be as tough as any.

Perhaps this race is a direct result of Dave Brat beating Eric Cantor. In that race you had an entrenched incumbent in leadership with a ton of resources losing to a grassroots greenhorn who had no money. Those characteristics are similar here however the stark contrast is that unlike Howell to Stimpson, Cantor never encouraged Brat to run for office and he never took him under his wing. Also, Stimpson is not a greenhorn; she was chairman of a large county’s board of supervisors and has statewide campaign experience from her LG run. Stimpson and Howell, however close or distant you want to describe it, had a professional relationship. The student got her diploma and has nearly turned right around and applied for her teacher’s job.

We’re not sure who we like in this race just yet as here at Red NoVA we believe in the campaign process. Our endorsement will come right before the election. One thing we are sure of is that this race will not be a harmful hit to the Republican Party. Any elected official should be ready for a challenge from their party. This race will not distract from the speaker trying to orchestrate keeping the majority in the House statewide. Speaker Howell has a team and the caucus has team so our House candidates will not suffer from any lack of attention from Richmond. Truth is a lack of meddling from Richmond may be beneficial to some candidates but those who need help will have it. The only House candidate who should be nervous is Speaker Howell as Stimpson could mount a formidable challenge.

Round one goes to Stimpson. She springs out of her corner throwing haymakers that brand Speaker Howell as a big government tax hiker. But there are many more rounds in this bout and we will be watching closely. Stay tuned.


Whitbeck for RPV Chairman

Eric Herr has stepped out of the race for RPV chair. With little competition left Loudoun County’s John Whitbeck will be the next chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Only RPV State Central Committee members are allowed to vote so after a few rounds of phone calls taking the temperature of the water should not have been difficult for either candidate. Herr is a great district chairman over in the 1st and Whitbeck is a great district chairman up here in the 10th. Our party is lucky to have both of them and now we are standing ready to unite around Whitbeck. There are two more candidates seeking the chairmanship but Herr was Whitbeck’s only roadblock to victory.

Congratulations Mr. Whitbeck.

Whitbeck for Chair

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the best holiday. The whole day revolves around food and football and there are no presents to worry about. We get to eat a lot of food, watch Dallas play poorly and then we go to bed early; that’s a great day. And don’t forget Randy Moss had 3 catches, all of them touchdowns, for 163 yards against Dallas on Thanksgiving his rookie year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

WP_20141127_003randy moos on thanksgiving

Obenshain Thanks Loudoun YRs

State senator Mark Obenshain was the special guest at last night’s Loudoun County Young Republicans meeting in Leesburg.

Senator Obenshain thanked the YRs for all their hard work during the election cycles and congratulated them for their contribution to Barbara Comstock’s election to Congress, before going on to speak about the importance of staying active and engaged as the next round of elections are coming up soon. He talked about how the Democrats do such a good job at blowing out a few concentrated areas which are heavily Democratic and how that carries the state for the Ds. Obenshain talked about how Republicans can win statewide if we stay competitive in places like Northern Virginia while blowing out the turnout of the highly Republican 5th, 6th and 9th congressional districts. Congressional districts are divided by population so there are the same number of voters in those three districts as there are in the 3rd, 8th and 11th, the three congressional districts held by Democrats. With a Republican lead of 8 to 3 in Virginia’s congressional delegation it is clear why higher turnout in heavily Republican areas will result in Republicans taking back control of the statewide offices next time they are on the ballot. But first we need to hold the majority in both chambers of the General Assembly and Obenshain made sure to stress the point that 2015 is an important election year in Virginia where nothing can be taken for granted.

Obenshain is a strong supporter of Virginia’s Right to Work status. I greatly appreciate how often he works in the importance of how Right to Work contributes to our economy. Last night Obenshain mentioned strengthening our Right to Work laws as an example of work he has done in the General Assembly with Barbara Comstock.

The YRs in Loudoun are a very active club. They have a lot to celebrate right now with the huge win by Barbara Comstock in the 10th District. The Loudoun YRs put in a lot of work on the Comstock campaign and deserve a share of the credit for Comstock’s substantial win margin. Expect them to stay active in 2015 as Loudoun County has some competitive Delegate and State Senate races to watch.


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2014 Election Wave

Last week’s elections produced a wave of Republican support across the country. But here in Virginia little changed. Just going by party ID, there were no changes to Virginia’s congressional representation. The three winning newcomers, Dave Brat, Don Beyer and Barbara Comstock, all held the seat for the incumbent party. The big news was Comstock crushed her opponent by more than was forecasted and Ed Gillespie took Mark Warner to within the margin for a recount. Virginia may not have been the place to party last week but there was plenty reason to celebrate if you voted Republican.

Elsewhere around the country there was a tidal wave of support for conservative candidates. Republicans taking the majority in the US Senate grabbbeered headlines all night. The first results that came in on election night had Mitch McConnell, once thought to be in trouble, as a big winner in his re-election bid. Then we saw West Virginia predictably become the first GOP pick-up of the night with Shelly Capito becoming WV’s first female senator. Then Tom Cotton beat incumbent Mark Pryor handedly in Arkansas and we knew Republicans would be in for a good night. Returns in Colorado and Iowa later came in with the Republican candidates picking up those seats by easy margins. When the night was over the GOP had gained seven seats, could possibly still pick up Alaska, and are poised to pick up Louisiana on December 6th in their runoff.

The biggest wins of the night came from several off the radar surprises in gubernatorial races. The GOP taking over the governor mansions in Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts are all huge gains that should not be overlooked. President Obama’s professional home of Illinois voted for a Republican governor, Martin O’Malley’s liberal bastion of Maryland went for the conservative, and radical socialist Elizabeth Warren will now have to deal with a Republican in the Massachusetts governor’s office, and all three are big setbacks to the Democrats’ national brand. For Illinois, the rejection of Obama is right in the president’s face. For Maryland, the rejection of O’Malley’s handpicked successor is a rejection of O’Malley’s hyper-partisan policies and a setback for O’Malley’s potential presidential run. And for Massachusetts, the rejection of the left wing of the liberal party is a rejection of Warren’s warped perception of why she is among the few who live in multi-million dollar houses as well as being a setback for Warren’s potential presidential run.

The biggest winner was Scott Walker. The Wisconsin Governor was scottwalkeronce again a high priority target for Democrats and once again Walker beat them back. He has done a good job in Wisconsin and the Democrats know on the national stage Walker could be tough to beat and even tougher to put up with once in office. If Walker lost then the Democrats would have stopped a very formidable challenger to their chances of holding on to the White House. If Walker won then he can still run for president. Well he won and 2016 can’t get here soon enough.

After the president the biggest loser had to be Anthony Brown in Maryland. Brown has been serving as a two term Lt. Governor after being elected to that position on Martin O’Malley’s ticket. Brown ran as an extension of O’Malley’s hyper-partisanship, he had the podium of a statewide office holder, he had Bill Clinton doing ads for him and Maryland always elects Democrats statewide, so no problem, right? Not this time. Larry Hogan ran as a moderate conservative who didn’t want to see Maryland lunge farther left. The voters, again we are talking about Maryland, rejected the idea of more leftwing policies that have resulted in losing more and more businesses to places like Virginia and Texas.

Tuesday’s election hopefully ended the false war on women narrative that the Democrats have been trying to use to scare uninformed voters. In Virginia John Foust ran as hard on the war on women bull as anyone, and Foust was deservingly defeated by a substantial margin by his female opponent Barbara Comstock. In Texas, Wendy Davis, the poster girl for the war on women, not only lost but she lost among women to heIndiana Rep womenr male opponent Greg Abbott. In both cases the Democrats ran on lies designed to scare voters who haven’t been paying attention to the campaigns and in both cases their lies were identified as such. Nationwide a lot of Republican women were elected on Tuesday night including Shelly Capito to the US Senate, Mia Love to the US House, Nikki Haley re-elected to the South Carolina governorship, 18 year old Saira Blair to West Virginia’s state house, and in Indiana Republican women carried all three statewide races.

President Obama spoke on the mid-terms last week with a higher than usual arrogance. He sounded delusional when he said “So, to everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too.” His excuse for getting blown out is to exaggerate how many didn’t show up and somehow use those non-votes as a mandate for his policies. Well Mr. President it was your supporters who didn’t show up because they are tired of your bull. Undeterred, the president dropped threats of executive action but tried to cover his lack of respect for the election results when he said, “You send me a bill that I can sign, and those executive actions go away.” Where does he get the nerve? His supporters stayed home, voters rejected his administration in great numbers and yet he somehow finds a way to believe there is no need to change anything he is or is not doing.

The president’s remarks included a brief civics lesson, “I’m the guy who’s elected by everybody, not just from a particular state or a particular district.” Imagine if George Bush had said that. And the president gave us one of my new favorite gems with the following; “And, you know, I’ve had the limelight and I’ve — there haveobama-sad been times where the requests for my appearances were endless.” Good idea to point out how before you had to do anything with the office everyone wanted a photo op. Now that you have been in charge the phone ain’t ringing for those photo ops anymore.

The reason behind the change in scheduling for the president is Obama’s message of hope and change has dried up. In 2008 Obama swept in to the White House as a new breed of politician, a “post-partisan.” Now that he has been in charge for a while people have seen just how much of a hyper-partisan this president has been. He told Eric Cantor that “elections have consequences and I won” and went on to rule with an arrogant uncompromising zeal. He loves to campaign but can’t lead. His hope and change image of a transformative political actor worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize based on potential is a falsehood. The wave came from Republican and independent high propensity voters with Democrats more disenchanted and unenthusiastic as usual thanks to the president. This wasn’t an incumbent rejection election with so many Republicans winning re-election; it was a Democrat Party rejection election. The curtain has been pulled back and voters are unimpressed with the little man holding the microphone.

The totals from last week have come back for Republicans in a sweeping tidal wave of support. Majority in the Senate, an increase in the majority in the House, a majority of state legislatures, surprise wins for governor in some really liberal states all made for more than just a good night for the GOP.


You Would Get Fired For That

Rep. Gerry Connolly does not deserve to keep his job. His actions during his last term have been completely inexcusable. On Tuesday November 4 he needs to be voted out to show our elected officials that we expect them to act as honorable stewards of the public trust.

Two examples of Connolly’s disrespect and neglect for his duties really stand out. Connolly walked out of a committee hearing on Benghazi as a dramatic gesture of protest against the hearing. When he stood up and left like that he disrespected the families of the four lost Americans, he undercut the trust of the public to perform the oversight responsibilities that come with his job and he tried to politicize a tragedy for bonus points with the Democratic leadership. If I walked out of a Friday afternoon staff meeting to protest it I would get fired, and you probably would too. So why is it ok for Connolly to act like that and keep his job but you and I would have gotten fired? We need to hold our elected officials to a high standard and Connolly is not meeting that standard.

Connolly also showed his disrespect and neglect for his duties when he asked an IRS official in a committee hearing whether or not she was a witch and if the reports that she could fly are true. He actually asked those questions. When he behaved like that he disrespected congress, he wasted all of his colleagues time and acted in a way that was just all-around unbecoming of an elected official. If I asked questions like that during a staff meeting I would get fired, and you probably would too. So, once again, why is it ok for Connolly to act like that and keep his job but you and I would have gotten fired? We really need to hold our elected officials to a high standard and Connolly is just not meeting that standard.

It is time to fire Gerry Connolly for actions unbecoming a member of congress. The way to do this is to vote him out on November 4 by casting a vote for Suzanne Scholte for Congress. She will respect the office, perform the duties involved and carry our trust without us having to worry whether or not she is goofing off or doing her job.

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