Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Total Wine owner David Trone spent over $12 million of his own money in just the primary for a congressional seat in Maryland. And yesterday he lost! Amazing.

His campaign flooded the airwaves with TV commercials in a volume unrivaled for a congressional campaign… in a primary! After $12 million dollars what would have happened if he had won? Another $12 million plus more? Wow.

Let’s hope Trone’s loss means that in a democracy ideas/values/priorities/goals win elections and seats cannot be bought.


Howell And Norment Request Special Session

House of Delegates Speaker Bill Howell and Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment have sent a letter to Governor Terry McAuliffe requesting a special session of the General Assembly. The Republican leaders want to discuss the governor’s unilateral and unconstitutional restoration of voting rights for over 200,000 felons.

Their letter is pasted below and linked here.

Norment and Howell letter to T Mac


Whitbeck For The Win

The race for chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia has been a little tough to follow. And all the noise is too bad because Chairman John Whitbeck deserves a chance to serve a full term.

Headlining Whitbeck’s list of supporters are Ken Cuccinelli and Morton Blackwell. Cuccinelli said, on a Whitbeck sponsored mailer, that he is “proud to endorse” Whitbeck because of “John’s combination of competence and conservative principles.” Blackwell, a GOP grassroots legend, said, “Conservatives can rest easy knowing that Chairman Whitbeck will stand with us in fighting any attempts at a parachute candidate. John Whitbeck is the best choice for Chairman.”

Joining those two big names are a ton of elected officials, county chairmen and grassroots activists, listed in length on a Whitbeck sponsored mailer I received today. Among the list are members of the leadership teams for both the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump campaigns.

Whitbeck will win, easily. No matter what happens on Friday when the rules and nominations reports are voted on. His opponent Vince Haley exited the race during the pre-file period for delegates to sign-up for the convention, which is the worse time he could have picked to leave. Haley has returned to the race, or is trying to, or something, but it is much easier for candidates to push their supporters to sign-up for the convention than it is to flip support to their side after the pre-file has closed. Whitbeck on the other hand continued through the pre-file period to get his people to sign-up for the convention.

I told Whitbeck I would support him for re-election back in December and thought Vince Haley made the right move when he graciously exited the race in February. And nothing has changed. I will be at the state convention this weekend where I will cast a vote for John Whitbeck for chairman.


T-Mac Restores Voting Rights For Felons For Hillary

In a move to no doubt fill the voter rolls with as many Democratic votes as possible Governor Terry McAuliffe signed an executive action today restoring the voting rights of over 200,000 felons.

In a presidential election year with his good friend Hillary Clinton running for her last shot at the White House, T-Mac will do everything he can do to help deliver the Old Dominion. This move, done after the General Assembly has adjourned, is a political power play designed to stuff the ballot box for Clinton.

State Senator and congressional candidate Tom Garrett tweeted that T-Mac’s unilateral action “Does NOT comply with VA law.”

Get Ready For Hillary everyone. T-Mac and his cronies will rig the game for Clinton every chance they get.

Garrett tweet on voting rights for felons.

Jackson Finally To Be Removed From $20 Bill

President Andrew Jackson will finally be removed from the twenty-dollar bill. He will be replaced by abolitionist Harriet Tubman. This is a move the federal government should have made a while ago.

Jackson was always such a curious choice for our nation’s currency. He hated banks. He called paper money “ragged money.” He ran a successful re-election campaign built on ending the charter of the Second Bank of the United States. And when you consider that Jackson is guilty of the most blatant violation of separation of powers when he said, in regards to the unconstitutional Indian Removal Act, “[Chief Justice] John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it,” he should then be classified as ineligible for such an exclusive place in everyday American life as having his face on our currency.

Replacing Jackson on the twenty ends earlier talk about replacing Alexander Hamilton on the ten-dollar bill. As much as I dislike Hamilton, he was the first secretary of the treasury, so keeping him on our money does make sense.

To Jackson’s, replacement, Tubman, the feds made a fine selection. Tubman’s history is well-known as she was the chief engineer of the famed Underground Railroad, which was responsible for facilitating the path to freedom for countless runaway slaves. And don’t tell the radical left that Tubman was a 2nd Amendment supporter.

Whoever is picked will open the door for a debate on who else could’ve/should’ve been picked. So in the spirit of debate, let’s join. Tubman’s efforts were an inspiration to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. From that the era, maybe consider Thurgood Marshall, who in addition to being the first black Supreme Court Justice, was also the lead attorney in the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education case, a case that eventually helped permanently change our country for the better. Other historic Americans to consider are William Howard Taft, the only one to serve our country as president and chief justice of the Supreme Court, or the Father of The Constitution James Madison, but there are too many presidents on our money, so I would prefer a non-president. Maybe Chief Justice John Marshall could be considered. Everyone likes astronauts, so maybe Neil Armstrong, who also served in the military. But since this is money we are talking about, then why not consider a champion of free market capitalism? The radical left is currently campaigning against success in the private sector, so this is probably not the best time to push a fat cat, but they are always whining about something so here goes. J.D. Rockefeller and Cornelius Vanderbilt are two of the bigger names. Maybe Thomas Edison should be considered, his inventive mind is a good example of how talent is rewarded in the free market.

Replacing Andrew Jackson on the twenty-dollar bill is the right move. He never belonged there in the first place. Iconic abolitionist Harriet Tubman is a great selection. Her rise to fame was through selfless sacrifice. She fought for freedom and Jackson fought against banks. And since banks are where people get twenty-dollar bills, and because Americans have the freedom to spend our twenty-dollar bills as we see fit, replacing an anti-bank figure with a pro-freedom figure makes a ton of sense.

20 bucks.

Kasich Still In 4th

How bad is Ohio Governor John Kasich doing? He is doing so bad that he is in fourth place and there are only three people still running.

Tonight Kasich won four delegates in New York, his first delegates since March 15. His delegate total is still below Senator Marco Rubio’s number and way below the totals for Senator Ted Cruz and Rahm Emanuel donor Donald Trump. Kasich has won one state, his home state of Ohio, and he is not projected to win any others. One win on the path to forty-nine loses is not a winning strategy.

Choose Cruz. He can win. He has been winning. And Cruz can win in November.

Kasich tweet on 2nd.

The 68th Annual Shad Planking

This Friday is the 68th Annual Shad Planking. Their website says it all;

“Shad Planking Fast Facts


12205 Brittles Mill Rd., Wakefield, VA 23888


Friday, April 22, 2016, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

What does it cost?

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the gate.

What do I get with my ticket?

A tasting glass for samples from Virginia’s best wineries and distilleries, live music, political speeches, arts, crafts, social causes, outreach programs, a taste of our famous smoked Shad and Shad roe, and Virginia’s best and brightest citizens.

In one sentence, what is the 68th Shad Planking and Grapes & Grains Festival?

The perfect marriage of a political rally and a wine & whiskey festival.

Who will be there?

Political figures, wineries, distilleries, VA arts and crafts, non-profits, social causes, outreach organizations, and 1000s of people like you.”

And maybe the best part;

Can I bring my children?

This event is intended for adults 21 and up.”

You can purchase tickets here.


Cruz Delegates Sweep The 10th

Yesterday in Ashburn the 10th Congressional District Republican Convention was held and the Ted Cruz campaign won the day.

Convention delegates were there to elect three delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and three members of State Central Committee to the Republican Party of Virginia. Turnout was huge with Loudoun County leading the way in the numbers.

When the votes came in and the weighted totals were calculated the four Ted Cruz delegates swept as the top three and the first alternate. State Senator Dick Black, Mick Staton and Beau Correll will represent the 10th District at the National Convention and Blaine Dunn will serve as first alternate.

As no candidate will have the needed majority of 1,237 on the first ballot in Cleveland, it is time to pay close attention to the delegate count on the second ballot. In Virginia so far we have elected six delegates (three from the 10th and three from the 9th). Of those six, five will be voting for Ted Cruz on the second ballot.

And Eve Marie Gleason won a well-deserved re-election to State Central Committee. She will be joined by Fairfax County Republican Committee Vice Chairman Puneet Ahluwalia and former Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman and Cruz Crew coordinator Mark Sell, who also won seats at yesterday’s convention.

Cruz Crew outside

cruz table 10th conventionFrom the floor

10th convention 2016And the results

Cruz broom.

Lessons In National Security From Pres. Obama

On Sunday President Barack Obama treated Mike Wallace to a lesson on the security protocols that guard our nation.

“There’s classified, and then there’s classified.” -President Barack Obama

Thank you, Mr. President. This quote is hereby nominated for consideration as Quote of the Year. Look for it again in language used by Hillary Clinton’s attorneys.



Organization Matters

Rahm Emanuel donor Donald Trump has been running a general election style campaign from the beginning. He has been the beneficiary of a ton of free media. He has done well, better than expected. In fact, Trump has won more delegates than any other Rahm Emanuel donor seeking a Republican Party nomination… ever.

But the Trump campaign’s lack of prioritizing their resources toward the state convention process is starting to catch up with them.

This is a stark contrast from Senator Ted Cruz. The Cruz Crew is mobilized for the conventions thanks to a concentrated focus on each states delegate allocation process. Cruz is running 50 state campaigns, not a national mass media blitz. The difference between the Trump and Cruz campaigns in this regard is now showing up.

A poorly organized convention effort by Trump in Colorado resulted in their campaign winning zero delegates to the national convention. Below is a photo from a Colorado convention goer who points out that the Trump sample ballot had wrong info on it. And here in Virginia on Saturday, Trump won only one delegate from the 9th District, a district Trump carried in the primary with 47% of the vote (note that 47% is another plurality and not a majority).

When the Republican National Convention in Cleveland comes to order in late July no candidate will have the majority of delegates. A second ballot will take place. On that second ballot there will be a huge upswing in votes for Ted Cruz. The Rahm Emanuel donor won’t win.

Trump colorado ballot.

Principled Compromise Or Compromising Principles

Guest Post by Shak Hill

It sounds so nice and lofty to be all about compromising to “get things done” in Richmond or Washington. Republicans are constantly asked if they will compromise on issues. Being a great compromiser seems to be the key characteristic the Media and Democrats want a Republican to have.

In my travels around Virginia, I talk about Republican principles a lot. I offer this example of Compromise versus Principle:

Think about your kitchen. Consider the walls. Look at the color. Many kitchens are bright, which makes the room feel open and welcoming.

“We” could obtain diverse opinions from many people about the color of your kitchen. Every reasonable group of people could arrive at a compromise for the color “we” should paint your kitchen. Some might lean towards mauve, others fuchsia, and still others magenta. No matter the size of the group, in a short time, a vote could be taken and “we” could compromise on the color.

However, the preferred color of your kitchen is not the real question. The question is: Do “we” have the authority to paint your kitchen?

Because the answer is “No!” there’s no ability to ‘compromise’. Even if the group wants a color you can live with, is willing to pay for it, will do an outstanding job and clean up after finished, it doesn’t matter. “We” can’t paint your kitchen, because “we” have no authority to paint your kitchen in the first place.

It is wrong for the government to do something it has no authority to do. Because it’s wrong, there’s no ability to ‘compromise’ and let government do less wrong. Some grey areas of government exist. I get that. But some areas the government participates in now are clearly outside the limits of good government. Government must stop exceeding its limited authority. Recognizing limits is better than the so-called principle of compromise, which serves the Leftist Media, the Democrats and the Establishment on both sides, but not the people.

The Republican Party was born refusing to compromise on slavery. Thank goodness they did not compromise. I wonder what would have been a good compromise on slavery. Many will be free and a few will be slaves? How many? Where? Why? The Missouri Compromise failed, because it violated the principle. There is no compromise on the principle of freedom, so there is no compromise on the issue of slavery.

If the principle is the Free World must win the Cold War, then President Reagan was right to say, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” A compromise would not have worked: If you don’t mind, Mr. Gorbachev, please tear down a piece of the wall and let a few folks visit the West.

If the principle is all human life is precious, then compromises can’t be made to kill when life is inconvenient.

If the principle is America is a nation of laws, then the compromise can’t be – unless you’re here illegally and have lived here for ten years. Not applying laws to illegal immigrants isn’t a compromise. It’s a rejection of the principle.

If the principle is to let the free market economy work, then there is no compromise for the government to dictate a federal minimum wage. The federal government has no authority here.

If the principle is our right to keep and bear arms, then making compromises for universal background checks, limiting the size of magazines, requiring concealed carry permits, etc. is outside the authority of good government.

These compromises violate the principles.

The Virginia Republican Creed demonstrates our principles at the state level, and the Constitution sets our principles at the federal level. If the authority exists to get the government involved, then let’s work together to find a compromise that will advance the majority. If the government has no authority, then let’s stand on principle, as no ability to compromise exists.

Shak at WWII Memorial.

Shak Hill is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Cruz/Walker Ticket Could Win In November

Is a Republican ticket of Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Scott Walker starting to form? One thing the political pundits seemed to have missed thus far is that a Cruz/Walker ticket could be a winning combination in November. Ziggy has this at 83% probability.

The combination worked out well this week in Walker’s home state of Wisconsin. It can work out the same nationally. This team offers a lot of positives in a traditional way. First off, ideologically it makes sense with Cruz railing against Washington, a governor then would be the perfect fit. Our election history has shown us that the American voter prefers a governor for president over a senator so adding a governor as the veep candidate could bring some serious positives in terms of perception. Also, a geographical balance, a typical qualifier, is achieved with these two.

Walker has proven tough to beat in the recent elections. His three wins for governor were all targeted by Democrats nationally, who dumped a ton of resources and money from out of state into the race and yet Walker won all three, including the the re-call. And best of all, Walker won without watering down his conservative credentials, something that fits perfectly with Cruz.

Tuesday night may have been a preview for November; Ted Cruz and Scott Walker standing together on a stage in victory.

cruz and walker.

Cruz Takes Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker delivered the Badger State for Senator Ted Cruz tonight. Walker’s endorsement of Cruz more than likely helped to push the total significantly. Cruz, who was projected to win, could finish the night with just over 50% of the vote. Cruz called tonight, “a turning point.”

For supporters of Rahm Emanuel donor Donald Trump, over 50% of the vote is called a “majority.” Again, that word is “majority” and it is what is needed to win the nomination. Remember, a plurality is a minority. Trump has won here and there in a split field with a plurality. The results tonight will contribute to Trump’s lack of a majority on the first ballot at the convention. And since Trump peaks on the first ballot, he will lose on the second, third or however many it takes for one individual to capture a majority of the delegates.

Trump released a statement that his lackey Sean Hannity read over the air. The statement involved several unfounded accusations directed at tonight’s winner, and, of course, class was not included but name calling was. The whole statement sounded like it came from the less-than-credible pages of the National Inquirer.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus tonight could not say that the nominee is going to be one or another. But he did say that he thinks the nominee will be someone “who is running.” This statement quietly implies that House Speaker Paul Ryan will not be nominated as the compromise candidate.

Whoever we nominate at the convention in Cleveland the winning candidate will be nominated by the delegates on the floor and not by a small group of fat cats in a smoke filled room. The process will be open, transparent and disappointing for Rahm Emanuel donor Donald Trump supporters. Expect multiple ballots. We are still predicating a Ted Cruz victory sometime after ballot one.

And on the Democrats side tonight, current target of an FBI investigation Hillary Clinton lost by an embarrassing margin to socialist Bernie Sanders. Wow, it really surprises us just how terrible a candidate the Democratic Party’s chosen one really is that she can’t beat back an angry old socialist whose promises of free everything can’t be explained with any detail. Oh well, it is too bad for democracy that the Democratic voters don’t actually have a say in this year’s nomination. Their Party machine, the Super Delegates and the media have already decided that Hillary will win, and there’s nothing anyone who claims to Feel The Bern can do about it.

Choose Cruz 2.

Democrats Target VA’s 10th Congressional Seat

The Hill published an article yesterday identifying ten Republican controlled congressional seats that may be in play for the Democrats to flip if Rahm Emanuel donor Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Among the list is Virginia’s 10th District, currently held by Rep. Barbara Comstock.

From The Hill;

“Rep. Barbara Comstock’s (R-Va.) district consists of Beltway suburbs and she has sought to cast herself as a moderate who’s bucked her party when it comes to local issues.

Her district was already a Democratic target, but with a nominee like Trump or Cruz — who have trashed the Washington establishment– her seat was upgraded to the “Lean Republican” category. 

She won her seat by a wide margin in 2014, but it split in the last two presidential cycles. In 2008, Obama won by almost 3 points while Romney won her district by 1 point in 2012. 

Democrats recruited a high-profile candidate: real estate executive LuAnn Bennett, who’s the ex-wife to former Rep. Jerry Moran (D-Va.), and she has sought to tie Comstock to Trump.

Comstock, who’s a former Rubio supporter, has yet to say whether she’d back Trump as the nominee.

But the first-term congresswoman is already distancing herself from Trump. Late last year, she chided him for his ban on Muslims, calling it “unconstitutional.” And she donated her 2014  $3,000 contribution from him to two rehabilitation centers for wounded veterans in her district.”

Comstock was a big backer of Mitt Romney in 2012, but that was when she was in a Delegate seat and during a year that didn’t involve her running for re-election. Now she will be forced to run, to some degree, with the top of the ticket. Whether or not Comstock chooses to be a Party teammate or a lone candidate on an island will be up to her. It will be interesting to see how she plays this. In her past runs for Delegate she wasn’t able to lift a finger for the rest of the ticket and we suspect the same will happen this time too, regardless of who the presidential nominee is.

As for Comstock’s opponent, LuAnn Bennett, she showed up at the wrong precinct to vote for the presidential primary on March 1st, probably because she lives in D.C. She owns property somewhere in Virginia, but she doesn’t spend her days and nights in the 10th. This should matter to voters, but it doesn’t matter to the Democratic Party, who has given Bennett an uncontested path to their congressional nomination. This is the first we have heard of a candidate for congress, or for any office for that matter, showing up at the wrong location to vote. Pretty embarrassing.

Rep. Comstock, who has also received a clear path for nomination, is described in The Hill’s article as “a moderate who’s bucked her party when it comes to local issues.” We assume that description was influenced by Comstock’s 45% rating from Heritage Action (GOP House average is 63%) and by Comstock’s F grade and a score of 25% from Conservative Review (Rep. Dave Brat received an A for his 100% score and California Democrat Maxine Waters scored 26% for her F grade).

Whatever happens at the top of ticket will always have a, positive or negative, downward effect on the rest of the ticket. And how individual candidates run with the Party’s other nominees will always be left to the individual campaigns. This year may be the exception to a lot of rules, but don’t expect that to have any effect on how Rep. Barbara Comstock will run for re-election. And you can also expect her to win.

VA 10.