There’s Already Enough Cannon Fodder

I went to Chipotle last week and I didn’t tip. Recently I have been to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Subway and I didn’t tip there either. I never tip at Chipotle and neither does Hillary Clinton and that just ain’t news.

In this case, the recently announced presidential candidate in question is not exactly like Steve Buscemi’s character in Reservoir Dogs. The candidate is, instead, a former US Senator and Secretary of State who has no accomplishments to run on. She is riddled with scandals of secrecy and has been described by those close to her as “inauthentic.” She is going to run a campaign that is only about her being a woman and if you don’t support her then you must hate women and never want them to succeed. The plan will be to guilt you all the way to the ballot box. And we hit her with failing to tip at a place where tipping is not commonplace. Really?

Petty little nitpicking only makes us look like mindless haters and takes away credibility which harms us when we point out something legit like covering up her incompetence after the Benghazi tragedy does make a big difference or how her illegal personal email server may have been a national security nightmare that put us in danger.

Let’s get ready for Hillary by lining up all the crap she has been waist deep in over the years and roll it all out layer by layer. She really has already given us enough cannon fodder.


How Not to Explain the Iran Nuclear Talks

This Morning I was obliged to baby-sit my friend’s eight year-old daughter. I’m not great with kids, so I parked her in front of the TV and gave her the rest of the Jell-O that I made last night and sat at my nearby computer to get some work done. The TV was on a cable news channel and did not think to change it. We sat quietly until she suddenly asked, “What are the Iran nuclear talks?”

“The U.S. and other big countries in the world are trying to make a deal with Iran to stop them from making an atomic bomb,” I replied.


“The U.S. and the rest of the World are afraid that if Iran makes an atomic bomb then that could create the desire for other countries to make their own atomic bomb. Also Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, so the World fears that it would be dangerous if they had nuclear weapons.”

“What is a state sponsor of terrorism?”

“That means Iran gives money and weapons to groups that make terrorist attacks on other countries.”

“So Iran is bad?”

“Yes, they do bad things.”

“Then why are we talking to Iran if they are bad?”

“They are doing something that we don’t want them to do so we are trying to make a compromise with them so they will stop.”

“Even though they shouldn’t be doing it anyways?”


“Does compromise means we are giving them something so they will give us something in return?”

“That’s right.”

“What are we giving them?”

“We have been doing things to hurt Iran’s economy because they are a state sponsor of terrorism and we started doing more things to hurt their economy since they have been trying to make an atomic bomb. So if they stop trying to make a bomb, we will stop hurting their economy. That way the Iran economy can grow and become strong because right now it is in bad shape.”

“What if they stop trying to make a bomb but keep supporting terrorism?”

“I guess the U.S. we still stop hurting their economy as long as they do not make an atomic bomb. They are not really talking about the terrorist stuff right now.”

“So they can still be bad and get what they want?”

“In a way yes, because they are treating “Iran being bad” to other countries and Iran making a bomb as two separate issues. Iran making a bomb is the more important issue.”

“So Iran can be terrorists if they never make a bomb?”

“Well the deal that they are talking about would only be good for 15 years. They wouldn’t be able to make an atomic bomb during the next 15 years.”
“What happens after 15 years? Can they make a bomb then?”

“Well, the World would probably talk to them out of it again and make another deal.”
“What can the World give Iran if they already get what they want now?”
“I don’t know, a lot can change in 15 years. Maybe they can give them extra stuff.”

“But if we stop hurting them then they could be strong enough not want anything else right?”

“I guess so.”

“But if we keep hurting their economy then wouldn’t Iran be too poor to make a bomb anyway?”

“Maybe, but probably not. It depends on how much the government of Iran wants the bomb vs. how bad the living situation is for its people. Like if things get really bad, then the people could overthrow the government but that is unlikely because the government has stopped uprisings before. What I mean is that making a deal with Iran is the best way to stop Iran from making a bomb short of staring a war.”

“What is the best way to stop Iran from being a terrorist?”

“I’m not sure. They haven’t mentioned anything about that.”

“So you’re saying Iran is bad so we are hurting their economy. They are also making a bomb and we want them to stop. So if they stop making a bomb, we will stop hurting their economy and they can keep being bad while their economy gets strong. But after 15 years they can make a bomb anyways?”


“So people can keep being bad without any consequences as long as they promise not do something else that they shouldn’t be doing for only a predetermined amount of time?”

“Yes, but you’ll have to wait until your mother gets back.”

Kerry Iran talks

Guest Post by Jeff Farmer, Winchester VA

Big Day for the Foreman Campaign

Jerry Foreman’s campaign for State Senate will be having a busy day today. The Dumfries Mayor will be holding five meet and greets throughout the 36th state senate district. If you are free today then try to fit one of these five events into your day. Best of luck to Mr. Foreman in his quest to capture this open seat for the Republican senate majority.


Reid v. Angry Exercise Machine

When I first heard the news that Senator Harry Reid was badly injured from an exercise machine breaking while he was using it I thought sure, he’s old. But the more I think about it the less confident I am that Reid is telling us the truth.

One thing that stands out is the severity and specific location of Reid’s injuries. Reid has lost sight in one of his eyes. He also had either cracked or bruised ribs. His eye really looks like it received repeated blows that were deliberately targeted at his eye socket. How could a machine deliver such a knockout blow that it could leave Reid with such damage?

Another thing is why hasn’t Reid taken the steps that anyone of us would have and by that I mean sue the crap out of the company that made a product which broke resulting in a severe an irreversible injury like the loss of one’s sight? There is no statement from the company whose machine can apparently malfunction in a very harmful way.

Maybe the exercise machine got mad and turned into a monster. Once we take in to account Reid’s description of the elastic ban exercise machine, such a thing would just have to morph into something that looks like Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man, pictured below.

Reid represents Nevada, which, of course, includes Las Vegas. We are all very familiar with the mob’s role in the creation and development of Las Vegas. Is it ridiculously farfetched for me to suggest that maybe Fat Tony or Moe Greene paid Reid a visit, told him his time in the Senate is up, whupped his ass and then went about their day? Ok, so those names are of fictional characters but you get the idea.

I’m starting to think that Reid was beaten into submission. I doubt his exercise machine turned into a Doctor Octopus like creature. And if his beat down wasn’t from Las Vegas gangsters then it could have been from a family member. If it’s the former then Reid may have gotten what he deserved. If it was the latter then I will respectfully withdraw this post from the blogosphere as that would be a story that we should not pursue.

Happy retirement Mr. Reid. This is the perfect time for you to go away and stay there. More here.

Spider-Man-vs.-Doctor-Octopus (2)

The Fight You’ve Been Waiting For

Whether you knew it or not, the fight you have been waiting to watch is Evander Holyfield v. Mitt Romney. Thankfully, our patience has been rewarded.

That’s right. The former heavyweight champ and the former number one presidential contender will get in the ring against each other in a charity event.

No word on the weigh-in. The close up stare down between these two would be worth staging a hyped-up media event. Too bad the whole thing will be more rigged than a Don King fight. I’m sure there are plenty of conservatives out there who would like to see if Mittens could take a full hit from Holyfield. Maybe the rules could allow Mitt to throw haymakers at full strength and Holyfield has to tone back to about 25%. I think that’s nearly fair enough in a sportsmanship like capacity and it would lead to Holyfield singing Gospel songs in victory, which is entertaining in its own.

I can see the promo now; Mittens. Holyfield. One night. One ring. One concussion.


How to Rig DPVA for Hillary

It is being reported that Dwight Jones will resign as the chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA). A reason has yet to be stated publicly, which is a bit odd. So let’s speculate away.

DPVA’s chairman was appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe, who is the former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and a close Clinton confidant. As governor, T-Mac is in charge of delivering Virginia for Clinton in her potential (do I really need to say “potential”) run for president in 2016. So maybe the current DPVA chair sees things a little different. Maybe he plans on being fair if a nomination contest takes place. If that’s the case then the governor’s office must be forcing him out.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch speculates that Susan Swecker, a former Clinton supporter, will be named as the new chair, calling her “a key backer of Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid.” If she gets the nod then maybe the governor is trying to use DPVA to rig the game as much as possible for Hillary. If you ain’t ready for Hillary, then you best get out of T-Mac’s way.

The resignation is believed to happen this weekend.

T-Mac and Hillary

Connolly Really Knows His District

My Twitter news feed today had two consecutive tweets that made me laugh. The first one was a bunch of quotes from Rep. Gerry Connolly on how much he dislikes Tuesday’s speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The second tweet was from Politico reporting that a new Gallup poll shows Netanyahu has “a near-record level of support” in America.

Why do we need to hear about how much Connolly dislikes America’s relationship with Israel? Calling the speech by Netanyahu “blatantly partisan” is silly. Israel is not a partisan issue as more than just Republicans support Israel. And the Gallup poll confirms that!

I just love seeing how political boss Connolly is so in touch with his district. I wish I had taken a screenshot, but I was at work and didn’t have time to really put this together until now. The two tweets are copied and pasted below, note the time stamp. I read them back-to-back and busted out laughing.

lowkell @lowkell 56 minutes ago
.@GerryConnolly – #Netanyahu speech process “offensive” “hurtful” “confrontational” “shameful” “blatantly partisan” …
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• • POLITICO @politico 57 minutes ago
Benjamin Netanyahu is enjoying a near-record level of support among Americans, according to a new Gallup poll.
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connolly in vienna

Obama’s White House Scandals

One of President Obama’s chief cheerleaders, David Axelrod, has said that Obama’s administration has not had a “major scandal.” This, of course, is a wishful re-write of the last 6 years.

Axelrod’s comments were in regards to pay-for-play type scandals such as big money directly buying influence in the White House. Eh. There’s no need to touch that right now. The big picture is more important and the big picture includes two HUGE scandals that seriously expose the lack of decency we have to put up with.

The first one is the IRS targeting conservative organizations. This scandal is classic Rahm Emanuel style politics. Emanuel, who is the current boss of Chicago, was Obama’s first White House chief of staff. He believes in a partisan scorched Earth method of disrespect for his opponents. The White House has pleaded total ignorance in this scandal, but the whole thing has Emanuel written all over it. The timeline from the investigation clearly shows that Emanuel wasn’t still around when the IRS was acting on their own, which is bull. The White House, Emanuel and their friends went after conservatives with everything in their arsenal. The lost emails that incredibly disappeared story is an insult to our intelligence. Time will further expose the truth. The White House knew. Complete ignorance is not a good enough answer.

The other major scandal is much more important and the president and his team need to be held accountable for it. On September 11, 2012 a terrorist attack invaded our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department did not do enough to protect our diplomats in advance of this terror attack and then they worked together to cover up their incompetence. You see, the timing of this terror attack was, in a term I’m sure was expressed at the White House, inconvenient. Obama was running for re-election on the idea that he had made the world a safer place. Obama was stumping that he had ended the war in Iraq. He was the opposite of George Bush. Obama had won a Nobel Peace Prize. The world was safe again. End of narrative. But then came an assault on one of our Embassies overseas which resulted in the murder and mutilation of our Ambassador Chris Stevens. I can’t imagine how awful this actually was. The White House must have been surprised. How could this be? Obama’s world is a safe place because Obama is so super likeable, right? A cleanup job was needed by the White House janitorial spin staff. The result was Susan Rice hitting the Sunday morning talk shows hard with the lie that an otherwise peaceful protest was then “hijacked, let us say, by some individual clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons… And it then evolved from there.” There are so many things wrong with that statement. And from what I understand about Susan Rice, those words were her own. She is not the kind of person who would take a script and just read the talking points. She was part of the massage session that came up with those lies, lies which were used to shield the president during his re-election. That is truly disturbing. And what is even more disturbing is that Obama won re-election and Rice’s lies were rewarded with a promotion. Unbelievable.

So here we have two scandals, one much more important than the other, but two nonetheless. The Benghazi cover up is a scandal that especially exposes just how repugnant the character of our current chief executive really is. David Axelrod is wrong. The ethical standard at the Obama White House is far from pristine; it’s as dirty as it could be.

Benghazi Bumper Sticker

Best Campaign Commercial Ever

Every year I like to sharpen my campaign skills by watching the episode of The Simpsons when Sideshow Bob runs for Mayor. The episode begins with Mayor “Diamond” Joe Quimby issuing a pardon to Sideshow Bob, who is in prison for attempted murder. Sideshow Bob laments that his incarceration is unjust saying, “Attempted murder, now honestly, did they ever give anyone a Nobel prize for attempted chemistry?” Anyway, Mayor Quimby’s lack of foresight in issuing this pardon comes back to bite him as Sideshow Bob runs against the incumbent mayor. The below campaign commercial is a result of all of this and it is the best campaign commercial ever.