Kaine, Perfect Pick For Clinton

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is officially the Democrats’ choice for vice president. This is the perfect pick for Hillary Clinton. Not for the right reasons of course, but the perfect pick.

In regards to policy positions, Clinton went left with her choice of Kaine, who scores 100% with the Brady Campaign and 0% with FreedomWorks. Clinton should have the radical left part already locked in as she is the darling of the party elite. Usually candidates start going for the middle bloc of voters. Clinton and Kaine appeal to the base, so Kaine doesn’t bring in a new group of voters.

In regards to credentials, Kaine offers no complement to Clinton’s long career in government. They are too similar. Kaine has an even more lengthy record of holding elected positions. Clinton could have gone for more of an outsider, especially in this year.

And with Clinton’s best lapdog already inserted in the Governor’s Mansion here in Virginia, Clinton didn’t need the commonwealth’s second tier senator to capture our electoral votes.

So Kaine wasn’t picked as a complement to policy, credentials or geography. Then why is he such a good pick for Clinton?

Kaine is the perfect pick for Clinton because he is too mediocre to overshadow Clinton in any way. With Hillary Clinton all eyes need to be on her and if you need to fall on the sword you will. That’s Kaine. He has been a mindless cheerleader for Obama. He is spineless on Life as he tries to have it both ways saying he is against abortion while championing it. He has been inconsistent on the death penalty. He is a flavor of the month kind of populist and he will serve Clinton well as her top yes-man.

Hillary Clinton selecting Tim Kaine is a completely selfish choice as all the reasons revolve around making her look good, not having the country in the best hands possible. Kaine as vice president would just be another Washington bureaucrat receiving a paycheck for not working, and for the Clintons, that’s perfect.

Kaine yes man.

DNC Nominates Underqualified Hillary Clinton For President

The Democrats have officially nominated Hillary Clinton as their nominee for president. The rhetoric from the left these days is Hillary Clinton is the “most qualified” candidate to ever run for president. Sen. Barbara Boxer may have been the first elected to say this nonsense with President Barack Obama joining in with this same line a few weeks ago. This is pure and utter garbage, just another meaningless talking point to spit around. Surely the Founding Fathers were the “most qualified,” but never mind that for now. Let’s focus on why we can’t call Hillary the “most qualified.”

Hillary began her pursuit of the presidency from the First Lady’s office. Typically, a First Lady takes a non-partisan issue and uses their office and stature to push out a positive message. Laura Bush chose literacy programs, Michelle Obama chose fitness, but Hillary went hardline partisan and tried to push government-run healthcare. It failed. So she began her pursuit of the presidency with a swing and a miss. No big deal.

Next, Hillary ran for U.S. Senate from, wait for it, New York. Why was it New York again? Because she lived there, right? Well, kind of. An open seat and favorable election laws allowed Hillary to purchase a home (despite being “dead broke” when she left the White House) and file for senate right away. The voters of New York didn’t care that they were being used as a vehicle to drive Hillary’s personal career ambitions and somehow elected her. She did not belong there, she hadn’t earned it, but there she was. This pattern will repeat itself.

As a senator the Democrats wanted to beef up her résumé for a White House run as they put her on the Armed Services Committee. This way she could meet the wealthy donors associated with the military industrial complex. She has no military experience at all, but I suppose the Constitutional principle of a civilian-controlled military makes this the only thing that could make her qualified for such an important appointment. Her colleagues on the committee must have looked at their own résumés before concluding that Hillary did not belong there, she hadn’t earned it, but there she was.

So that made her ready to run for president. No accomplishments in the U.S. Senate to hang her hat on, but so what? She wasn’t elected to serve New York, she was elected to promote herself and with that as the standard she certainly delivered. But then came a greenhorn with an odd name who ran has a more worldly candidate who would give America greater footing with the international community. Surprise, surprise, the newbie won and Hillary lost.

So Hillary, defeated, needed to beef-up her résumé again in-order to prevent this from happening the next time she ran for president. So the Democrats made her secretary of state. After being beat for lack of knowledge on foreign affairs, the Democrats make Hillary our chief foreign diplomat, not because it would be good for the country, but solely because it would help fill in her résumé. So as head of the State Department Hillary did not belong there, she hadn’t earned it, but there she was.

Then, as secretary of state, Hillary accomplished what exactly? Nothing? She dropped the ball on Benghazi, but recently told 60 Minutes that “wasn’t [her] ball to carry.” She also claimed to have taken responsibility, but she fails to understand that taking responsibility requires an action and not just saying the word. But I digress. As sec state the only accomplishment Hillary achieved was meeting fundraising goals for the Clinton Foundation. No peace accords, no new partnerships, no new alliances. Just a couple of terrible trade agreements, deals which Hillary now campaigns against, mark her time as a placeholder secretary who was just gearing up for her own presidential run.

And if Hillary were anyone else then she would be ineligible to receive a security clearance after the FBI found that she was “extremely careless” with handling classified information. Can you imagine the president being ineligible to receive classified material? What kind of president would that be?

So there you have it. She wasn’t qualified to be senator, she wasn’t qualified to be on the Armed Services Committee, she wasn’t qualified to be secretary of state, she shouldn’t be handling classified information, so therefore she is not qualified to be president. Sorry folks, but adding zero plus zero plus zero plus still gives you zero.

hillary looks for praise.

Tough First Day At DNC

The Democratic National Convention got off to a bad start today. Plenty of Democrats are upset about the evidence found in leaked emails exposing that this contest had been rigged for Hillary Clinton to win from the beginning. Disenfranchisement is of the most serious charges and clearly millions of Democrats were disenfranchised by the actions of the Democratic National Committee. That is enough to get angry about, so a bunch of Democrats showed up in Philly today to let the DNC know that they ain’t happy.

The ruckus began in the morning with an angry crowd booing resigned DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at a pre-convention event. The crowd was her home delegation from Florida to make matters worse. Next Bernie Sanders couldn’t calm down a rowdy group who then booed when they heard Sanders encourage support for Clinton and Tim Kaine. Then as delegates began to take the floor they quickly showed their anger at the DNC over the rigged system which then created a sense that, let the Super Delegates be damned, the Sanders delegates might have enough firepower to take over the convention, but of course the fix is still on so that won’t happen. And finally, the primetime speakers included Sarah Silverman and Stuart Smalley.

Now that’s a terrible day.


Video from Fox5NY available at YouTube.

DNC Chair Resigns

Hey Hillary Clinton, see Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigning as chair of the Democratic National Committee over rigging the nominating contest for you? That’s what “taking responsibility” looks like. Take note.

This is Clinton politics right here. Everyone needs to fix the game for Hillary and if anyone gets caught it won’t be Hillary who takes responsibility.

Tonight in an interview on 60 Minutes Hillary was asked about security measures in Benghazi. She claimed she took responsibility. How exactly? She was asked about her email server and she claimed she took responsibility. How? She doesn’t understand that the word “responsibility” requires an action.

And the Democrats don’t care. They are ready to vote for the most corrupt major party nominee in history.

DWS resigns.

My Southern Baptist Peeps

Check out the quote from the leaked DNC emails, copied below from The Hill. This email is just one of many exposing the plot by DNC officials to rig the game so that Hillary Clinton could defeat Bernie Sanders for their nomination.

“It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

Feel the Bern should be feelin’ upset about this one.

This scandal is so big now that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz won’t speak at the convention. Having to protect the Democrat’s chair from getting booed off the stage at the Democratic Convention is a telling example of how poor a job DWS is doing. Her resignation needs to follow soon.

If a Republican had said the above quote then the media would call us the party of hate who purposely tries to divide people and call for the heads of everyone to roll. The media is always so quick to condemn, but they won’t go after the DNC, and they especially won’t stick up for the “My Southern Baptist peeps.”


Repeal The 17th Amendment

Part 3 of 3

Now sitting on the train next to some guy who simply asked me about the senate races, I asked rhetorically where did I leave off and then answered without hesitation; William Jennings Bryan. He was the Progressive Era, slick talking, three-time presidential loser who really pressed for the direct election of senators. Ignoring the principled intent of the Founders, Bryan resorted to scare tactics using images of smoked filled back rooms where votes were bought. Such fears are typical of citizens distrustful of government and since the implementation of the 17th Amendment this fear has not left our political society at all. So the idea of taking the vote away from a corruptible body (state legislatures) and placing it in a more responsible body (the people, who elected Stuart Smalley) so that the people and their government will enjoy a more harmonious relationship has proven false. Who do you trust more anyway, William Jennings Bryan or James Madison? I’ll take Madison any day.

“Alright man. But I don’t see the harm” he said.

The harm is you get candidates like Stuart Smalley. The people would not be disenfranchised; they could still show up with above thirty percent in turnout numbers for all the other exciting elected offices, such as Soil and Water Conservation Board. I then asked, what is the benefit? The people are not getting a larger say in the process because of population imbalances and the ability of a well funded and well organized minority to exploit those imbalances, which was mentioned in greater detail in part two. So where is the benefit?

I can’t find it. More elections are not the answer to how to achieve better government; better elections are the proper solution. A better election occurs when the candidates are truly qualified and voters are thoroughly informed. This does not happen in modern day state-wide elections. Voters choose to remain ignorant and are content with their choice. Efforts to obtain a minimal level of information on more than one candidate are often viewed by voters as burdensome. And thanks to the mind-numbing simplification of politics which has resulted from a two-party system, some voters know they only need a sample ballot on Election Day and they’ll be fine. Let’s take an election or two away from the overburden minds of careless voters. If we do so then not only are we cutting out an election, but we are also cutting out signs, mailings, robo-calls, mass emails, and everything else associated with a get-out-the-vote campaign. An election held in state legislatures would require a totally different style of campaign, or better yet, the way the Founders envisioned; no campaign at all as the best and brightest would be asked to serve. But today, campaign politics is a business, and it’s just bad business not to treat it as such.

So with all that being said I told him, “I truly wonder what is more likely; for a senator to stand up on the floor of the US Senate and ask for all of his colleagues to join him in repealing the 17th Amendment and therefore taking away their power and restoring the choice of their election to the state legislatures, or the magic beans I planted in my garden growing like the salesman told me they would.”


Check out part 1 and part 2 of Repeal The 17th Amendment.  

Burger With A Side Of Tax

Guest Post by Jorge Reyna

On June 7th the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted on a referendum to put a meals tax in Fairfax County. Why a meals tax? What’s it for? And how does it affect us? According to the Fairfax County Board the tax is being implemented to help out schools with the following breakdown:

70% of the net revenues will be dedicated to Fairfax County Public Schools.
30%of the net revenues will be dedicated to county services, capital improvements and property tax relief.

According to the county it is supposed to generate $99 million within the first year….. The county says they need the money because once again schools are underfunded. The questions is why? Year after year, the county asks for more money through bonds that we vote for and increased real estate taxes. Every year they keep saying we need more money, the Supervisors and School Board Members feel they need a raise, and take even more of our money. SO, how does this affect us? Well if we vote yes, according to the Fairfax County website, the meals tax will be implemented on ready to eat food and beverages sold at restaurants, as well as grocery stores, convenience stores and delicatessens at a rate of 4% on top of the sales tax of 6%, for a total of 10%.

Now, as a YR (Young Republican) and a father, 10% is a lot of money. To feed my family of 4, and trying to be conservative with what we buy at a restaurant, we spend between $60 – $80 dollars on food. Adding tip at possibly 20%, you are talking about 30% more on the food you just bought, or $18 – $24 dollars extra. It doesn’t sound like much, but it can add up. Also, this will affect servers, employers, and young people. Young people can spend up to $50 – $100 going out at night, because of this tax, they may think twice about tipping 20%. Servers will lose tips to an already low paying job, and employers may cut down on the amount of staff needed. But let’s say people still go out and not much revenue is lost. Well what’s to stop the county from raising that tax more?

A little background on me, I was born and raised in Fairfax County, possibly one of the few natives you will find. I also went to Fairfax County public schools, and my kids started going there. But the schools I remember are not the same any more. In fact, it got so bad for my kids, we decided to home school them. They classified my child as “special needs” so they could get more money from the county. Is my child different, well yes he is, but does he need to be in a special needs program? The answer is no. The problem with the school system is they are trying to fit all the kids in a square peg, while my child is a round one, as many other children are. How does this relate to the meals tax? Well, the meals tax is supposed to flood the schools with more money and alleviate the problem of low teacher pay and being able to educate our children. But the problem is, schools like the one my children attended, try to get more money out of the government for programs that may not be needed.

The whole purpose of the meals tax is to “help” schools. Maybe it’s time we audit the schools and find wasteful programs that don’t help children, or suck money from the school funds, because let’s be honest, in the end, when you give your money to the government, who knows where it will end up, so just vote NO.


Jorge Reyna is a former chairman of the Fairfax Area Young Republicans.

Repeal The 17th Amendment

Part 2 of 3

Responding to a very simple question of my opinion on the 2016 U.S Senate races, I continued my overindulgent answer by pointing out that the Senate was supposed to be for elder stewards who have proven their worth to the ones that choose to handle the minutia of budget construction, tax laws and other exciting parts of governing. This idea is eloquently expressed by John Jay in Federalist 64. State legislators are not full time, career politicians. Keep in mind that state legislators in Virginia earn a whooping 20 grand a year for their service. They are more like servants in government than career politicians at other levels and I believe that they are better suited to select someone to handle a job they understand. But under the popular vote system Al Franken can become a senator for his first job in government. Oh man, I can’t believe Stuart Smalley is a senator; that is just wrong. If the state legislature had the responsibility to send representatives to the upper chamber of Congress I doubt they would have asked Stuart Smalley, the Church Lady, Opera-man or any other Saturday Night Live character.

“Haha.” He laughed, a little.

Moreover, the popular vote at a statewide level allows for a well-organized and well funded minority to subvert the popular will of the state as a whole. Take Northern Virginia’s high concentration of residents as an example. Fairfax and Arlington counties, along with the City of Alexandria, have given Northern Virginia a look and political make-up that is greatly different from the rest of the commonwealth. Why should the over populated urban North tell the rural southern parts who is best to represent them? Bringing the votes down to a more proportional system levels the playing field thus giving the people a larger piece of the decision making process. Otherwise someone like the SEIU can sweep in with their paid door knockers in just Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and yet the result of the election is supposed to reflect the will of the entire state. C’mon. Democracy is better than that and statewide elections need the state legislature to serve as a safe guard.

“Well I was just talking about,” he tried to get in, but I kept talking about how flawed the entire effort to institute the 17th Amendment was in the first place. As I started to tell him about how the whole thing was the life work of William Jennings Bryan the train settled into the station. As the doors readied to open I began to wonder if this poor gentleman was thinking that the train’s arrival will save him from having to hear more of my exciting thoughts on restoring our Republic. Well, it wasn’t.


Tune in tomorrow for part 3 of Repeal the 17th Amendment. Same Red NoVA channel, same Red NoVA time.

Repeal The 17th Amendment

Part 1 of a 3 part series

While waiting for a train the other day an older gentleman asked me, “What do you think of the U.S. Senate races in 2016?”

I told him that Article 1, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution says, “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof.” The 17th Amendment changed this to the popular vote system we have today and that was a mistake that needs to be fixed. This is one of the most significant changes to the original document because it altered the balance of powers. The House is elected by the people, the Senate by the states, and the president by the Electoral College. This structure gave us a balance between the popular will of the people and the collective will of democratically elected representatives. Remember now, this is a republic, not a direct democracy. But the 17th Amendment changed the balance by tilting the scales in favor of the people, the people who vote in depressingly low numbers, the people who can’t name their state or local representatives, the people who hardly pay attention to politics but have no trouble at the ballot box thanks solely to the sample ballot they received on their way into the polls.

He said, “Huh?”

I continued by letting him know the Founders believed in a division of powers so that no one majority could dominate another. The people would still have their voice heard as to who should be their senator at the federal level because they get to choose their state senator and their state delegate or whatever. Those state representatives would then represent their constituents in their state’s own little electoral college for picking senators. The people would of course still retain the popular vote for the House, but power of voting will be more evenly dispersed throughout the republic with the states getting their fair share.

While advocates of the 17th Amendment believed the people would be brought closer to the process, the opposite as been seen. State-wide elections are tough with a lot of geography to cover. Those campaigns have created an impersonal relationship with their potential voters as a candidate shots around a busy state. State legislators, on the other hand, have a much closer relationship with their constituents (ever been to Albo-Palooza?). State Legislators have the opportunity to seek and receive feed back at a personal level and then answer to the responsibility of their choice as part of a voter’s consideration in the voting booth come re-election.

As I continued I could tell that this guy’s surprise was not turning into curiosity, which didn’t really matter because I was not going to stop talking about how the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed so that our Republic can be restored.


Tune in tomorrow for part 2 of Repeal the 17th Amendment. Same Red NoVA channel, same Red NoVA time.

Back In Business

We’re back! Red NoVA has returned from a prolonged construction project and we are ready to deliver more of our biting wit and persuasive charm. Check in frequently as we already have plenty of material in the hopper including guest posts from local conservative activists. It’s good to be back.

Video from Dick Tracy available at Youtube.


Trump Taps Pence For Veep

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump officially named Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his choice for vice president over the weekend. This is a good pick which should help the Republican ticket.

Pence brings a lot of positives to the race. He is an experienced and professional politician, but not a Washington or establishment insider. He is polished and disciplined as a communicator and is a popular governor. And Pence’s cornbread fed Indiana offers a geographical and lifestyle balance to the swanky northeastern real estate mogul in Trump. Pence’s biggest negative would have to be his walkback on religious freedom, which was very disappointing and a spoiled opportunity to push back against the radical left and their bullies. Nevertheless, this is a solid pick all-around.

But why would Pence take it? The governor of Indiana is a pretty sweet gig. Pence is up for re-election this year and Indiana law does not allow him to run for governor and vice president. So his team had to withdraw his name from the ballot for governor, which created a mad dash from a few Republicans who quickly filed to replace Pence. Pence would have probably cruised to re-election. But now he has taken that option off the table to take a risk in a volatile candidate with an unpredictable national electorate. If Pence thinks this is his best route to becoming president then I think he may have miscalculated. Republicans like governors and voters don’t like vice presidents. Pence shoring up conservative policies and keeping his state an attractive place for businesses would put him in a stronger position for a run for the White House then having to either run on the Trump platform as his successor or run as a Trump supporter who is always guilty by association for this and that. Pence is better off being governor.

For the Party and the country this a good move by Pence. We are better off with him than Newt Gingrich, who was rumored to be the veep pick right up until the official announcement. I am a fan of Gingrich, but he is too polarizing. He would have fit into the Democrats’ narrative of radical Rs and whatnot, and with Gingrich’s negatives he would have turned off more than he would have attracted. Gingrich is much better suited for a role elsewhere than vice president anyway. It would not be surprising if the former House Speaker is tapped for chief of staff in a Trump administration.

Overall Donald Trump’s pick of Mike Pence is a solid choice. It is not a gamble at all and serves as an example of an appropriate result from a measured and careful vetting process, which could further serve as an example of how Trump would shape his administration. This is an impressive start to the convention for the Trump team.

trump and pence 2.

“You Didn’t Build That” Anniversary

“You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” –President Barack Obama July 16, 2012

Today marks the anniversary of one of President Obama’s most ridiculous speeches ever.

Taken out of context you say? Well I remember Charles Krauthammer at the time pointing out that describing the context makes it worse for the president. The context of the president’s statement is that government’s gifts, handouts, and dependence on someone else are the essential components of society. Ask Obama if intelligence matters. No, “there are a lot of smart people.” How about hard work? No, “let me tell you something, there are a whole bunch of hard working people out there.”

A real glimpse into President Obama’s socialism message is found here; “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.” The key word there is “gave.” Self-reliance, independence, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, drive, courage to take risks, are all irrelevant in President Obama’s view of how the socialist state bestows its wealth amongst its subjects.

When it happened I thought it was the gaffe that would push Mitt Romney over the top. What an insult to small business owners who are fighting to get the government’s burdensome regulations off their backs. What an insult to hard working Americans. What an insult to the vision the Founders had for this country. But “you didn’t build that” was not enough for the masses to understand who they were really voting for, and that is a president who truly wants to fundamentally change everything about the United States.

So remember, “you didn’t build” whatever it is that you built. The president said so.

Video from Youtube.


Democrats Distance Themselves From McAuliffe

The FBI investigation of Terry McAuliffe’s campaign donations is already having an effect on the governor’s activities and public perception. T-Mac was scheduled to appear at a fundraiser in Ohio for Ted Strickland, but has now decided to cancel this trip. McAuliffe said he “didn’t want any distractions” for his fellow Democrat. We’ve seen this before.

This is now the second consecutive time Virginia’s governor has been blacklisted by his fellow Party members who wanted to avoid any guilty-by-association labels. When Bob McDonnell was being investigated his lack of help with fundraising and messaging really hurt Republican candidates in 2013. A siting governor headlining events and attracting attention is a huge asset for raising money and helping with name ID for the whole Republican ticket. But instead of Republicans having that as ammunition in our arsenal, we had to keep our ticket at a distance from our own governor and it hurt us at the ballot box as we saw a Democratic sweep of the three statewide offices.

Maybe this cause and effect will repeat itself in 2017. Maybe T-Mac’s dirty tricks will be exposed and he is indicted, thus leaving the Democratic brand in turmoil and the GOP sweep statewide. Or this could also mean that T-Mac would have to step out, Lt. Governor Ralph Northam then repudiates T-Mac hard, and then Northam runs for governor as governor, giving him an incumbency advantage, to a certain degree, that is uncommon in Virginia. And for T-Mac the consequences are even more problematic. In addition to any criminal charges and resulting punishment, this investigation could drag on for a while and should Hillary Clinton win in November then this investigation could stop T-Mac from joining his close friend in the White House.

Terry McAuliffe has already become a “distraction.” When the same thing happened to Bob McDonnell the GOP struggled to adjust. The Democrats now find themselves in the same shoes. How they respond will be a significant element in 2016 and 2017 campaigns.

T Mac and Bob.

Wednesday Wisdom

Here are a few quotes from legendary coach John Wooden to help us get through the week;

“There is nothing stronger than gentleness.

Goals achieved with little effort are seldom worthwhile or lasting.

A leader’s most powerful ally is his or her own example.

Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”


McAuliffe Under FBI Investigation

The FBI has “an active and ongoing” investigation into Governor Terry McAuliffe’s campaign donations. News broke today that the FBI is looking into large donations made by Wang Wenliang, whose status as either a dual citizen of America and China or just a Chinese national is in dispute. Wang is also a large dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation.

Slick Terry has been investigated before, so he knows how to weasel is way out of legal troubles, but maybe this investigation, which could drag on into next year, could stop McAuliffe from grabbing a cabinet seat should his good friend Hillary Clinton win in November.

This news comes the same day Republicans in the General Assembly filed suit against McAuliffe for his unilateral action in restoring voting rights for over 200,000 felons. But the governor’s official website says something different. The headline on the website for McAuliffe’s statement on the law suit reads “Governor McAuliffe Statement on Republican Lawsuit to Preserve Voter Disenfranchisement.” Why doesn’t it say McAuliffe’s Statement on Republican Lawsuit Challenging the Constitutionality of Unilateral Executive Action in Restoration of Voting Rights for Felons? Too descriptive? Or not enough partisan, one-sided rhetoric? Remember now, the official website of Virginia’s governor is a state run method of communication and not a campaign or partisan sounding board.

This governor is a partisan hack. He’ll lie, cheat and steal in campaign finance and he’ll rig the voter rolls any way he can to help Clinton get elected. Let’s hope the FBI investigation is free to operate away from any political influence, but with Clinton so close, that may be tough.

T-Mac and Hillary