Obenshain Thanks Loudoun YRs

State senator Mark Obenshain was the special guest at last night’s Loudoun County Young Republicans meeting in Leesburg.

Senator Obenshain thanked the YRs for all their hard work during the election cycles and congratulated them for their contribution to Barbara Comstock’s election to Congress, before going on to speak about the importance of staying active and engaged as the next round of elections are coming up soon. He talked about how the Democrats do such a good job at blowing out a few concentrated areas which are heavily Democratic and how that carries the state for the Ds. Obenshain talked about how Republicans can win statewide if we stay competitive in places like Northern Virginia while blowing out the turnout of the highly Republican 5th, 6th and 9th congressional districts. Congressional districts are divided by population so there are the same number of voters in those three districts as there are in the 3rd, 8th and 11th, the three congressional districts held by Democrats. With a Republican lead of 8 to 3 in Virginia’s congressional delegation it is clear why higher turnout in heavily Republican areas will result in Republicans taking back control of the statewide offices next time they are on the ballot. But first we need to hold the majority in both chambers of the General Assembly and Obenshain made sure to stress the point that 2015 is an important election year in Virginia where nothing can be taken for granted.

Obenshain is a strong supporter of Virginia’s Right to Work status. I greatly appreciate how often he works in the importance of how Right to Work contributes to our economy. Last night Obenshain mentioned strengthening our Right to Work laws as an example of work he has done in the General Assembly with Barbara Comstock.

The YRs in Loudoun are a very active club. They have a lot to celebrate right now with the huge win by Barbara Comstock in the 10th District. The Loudoun YRs put in a lot of work on the Comstock campaign and deserve a share of the credit for Comstock’s substantial win margin. Expect them to stay active in 2015 as Loudoun County has some competitive Delegate and State Senate races to watch.


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2014 Election Wave

Last week’s elections produced a wave of Republican support across the country. But here in Virginia little changed. Just going by party ID, there were no changes to Virginia’s congressional representation. The three winning newcomers, Dave Brat, Don Beyer and Barbara Comstock, all held the seat for the incumbent party. The big news was Comstock crushed her opponent by more than was forecasted and Ed Gillespie took Mark Warner to within the margin for a recount. Virginia may not have been the place to party last week but there was plenty reason to celebrate if you voted Republican.

Elsewhere around the country there was a tidal wave of support for conservative candidates. Republicans taking the majority in the US Senate grabbbeered headlines all night. The first results that came in on election night had Mitch McConnell, once thought to be in trouble, as a big winner in his re-election bid. Then we saw West Virginia predictably become the first GOP pick-up of the night with Shelly Capito becoming WV’s first female senator. Then Tom Cotton beat incumbent Mark Pryor handedly in Arkansas and we knew Republicans would be in for a good night. Returns in Colorado and Iowa later came in with the Republican candidates picking up those seats by easy margins. When the night was over the GOP had gained seven seats, could possibly still pick up Alaska, and are poised to pick up Louisiana on December 6th in their runoff.

The biggest wins of the night came from several off the radar surprises in gubernatorial races. The GOP taking over the governor mansions in Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts are all huge gains that should not be overlooked. President Obama’s professional home of Illinois voted for a Republican governor, Martin O’Malley’s liberal bastion of Maryland went for the conservative, and radical socialist Elizabeth Warren will now have to deal with a Republican in the Massachusetts governor’s office, and all three are big setbacks to the Democrats’ national brand. For Illinois, the rejection of Obama is right in the president’s face. For Maryland, the rejection of O’Malley’s handpicked successor is a rejection of O’Malley’s hyper-partisan policies and a setback for O’Malley’s potential presidential run. And for Massachusetts, the rejection of the left wing of the liberal party is a rejection of Warren’s warped perception of why she is among the few who live in multi-million dollar houses as well as being a setback for Warren’s potential presidential run.

The biggest winner was Scott Walker. The Wisconsin Governor was scottwalkeronce again a high priority target for Democrats and once again Walker beat them back. He has done a good job in Wisconsin and the Democrats know on the national stage Walker could be tough to beat and even tougher to put up with once in office. If Walker lost then the Democrats would have stopped a very formidable challenger to their chances of holding on to the White House. If Walker won then he can still run for president. Well he won and 2016 can’t get here soon enough.

After the president the biggest loser had to be Anthony Brown in Maryland. Brown has been serving as a two term Lt. Governor after being elected to that position on Martin O’Malley’s ticket. Brown ran as an extension of O’Malley’s hyper-partisanship, he had the podium of a statewide office holder, he had Bill Clinton doing ads for him and Maryland always elects Democrats statewide, so no problem, right? Not this time. Larry Hogan ran as a moderate conservative who didn’t want to see Maryland lunge farther left. The voters, again we are talking about Maryland, rejected the idea of more leftwing policies that have resulted in losing more and more businesses to places like Virginia and Texas.

Tuesday’s election hopefully ended the false war on women narrative that the Democrats have been trying to use to scare uninformed voters. In Virginia John Foust ran as hard on the war on women bull as anyone, and Foust was deservingly defeated by a substantial margin by his female opponent Barbara Comstock. In Texas, Wendy Davis, the poster girl for the war on women, not only lost but she lost among women to heIndiana Rep womenr male opponent Greg Abbott. In both cases the Democrats ran on lies designed to scare voters who haven’t been paying attention to the campaigns and in both cases their lies were identified as such. Nationwide a lot of Republican women were elected on Tuesday night including Shelly Capito to the US Senate, Mia Love to the US House, Nikki Haley re-elected to the South Carolina governorship, 18 year old Saira Blair to West Virginia’s state house, and in Indiana Republican women carried all three statewide races.

President Obama spoke on the mid-terms last week with a higher than usual arrogance. He sounded delusional when he said “So, to everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too.” His excuse for getting blown out is to exaggerate how many didn’t show up and somehow use those non-votes as a mandate for his policies. Well Mr. President it was your supporters who didn’t show up because they are tired of your bull. Undeterred, the president dropped threats of executive action but tried to cover his lack of respect for the election results when he said, “You send me a bill that I can sign, and those executive actions go away.” Where does he get the nerve? His supporters stayed home, voters rejected his administration in great numbers and yet he somehow finds a way to believe there is no need to change anything he is or is not doing.

The president’s remarks included a brief civics lesson, “I’m the guy who’s elected by everybody, not just from a particular state or a particular district.” Imagine if George Bush had said that. And the president gave us one of my new favorite gems with the following; “And, you know, I’ve had the limelight and I’ve — there haveobama-sad been times where the requests for my appearances were endless.” Good idea to point out how before you had to do anything with the office everyone wanted a photo op. Now that you have been in charge the phone ain’t ringing for those photo ops anymore.

The reason behind the change in scheduling for the president is Obama’s message of hope and change has dried up. In 2008 Obama swept in to the White House as a new breed of politician, a “post-partisan.” Now that he has been in charge for a while people have seen just how much of a hyper-partisan this president has been. He told Eric Cantor that “elections have consequences and I won” and went on to rule with an arrogant uncompromising zeal. He loves to campaign but can’t lead. His hope and change image of a transformative political actor worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize based on potential is a falsehood. The wave came from Republican and independent high propensity voters with Democrats more disenchanted and unenthusiastic as usual thanks to the president. This wasn’t an incumbent rejection election with so many Republicans winning re-election; it was a Democrat Party rejection election. The curtain has been pulled back and voters are unimpressed with the little man holding the microphone.

The totals from last week have come back for Republicans in a sweeping tidal wave of support. Majority in the Senate, an increase in the majority in the House, a majority of state legislatures, surprise wins for governor in some really liberal states all made for more than just a good night for the GOP.


You Would Get Fired For That

Rep. Gerry Connolly does not deserve to keep his job. His actions during his last term have been completely inexcusable. On Tuesday November 4 he needs to be voted out to show our elected officials that we expect them to act as honorable stewards of the public trust.

Two examples of Connolly’s disrespect and neglect for his duties really stand out. Connolly walked out of a committee hearing on Benghazi as a dramatic gesture of protest against the hearing. When he stood up and left like that he disrespected the families of the four lost Americans, he undercut the trust of the public to perform the oversight responsibilities that come with his job and he tried to politicize a tragedy for bonus points with the Democratic leadership. If I walked out of a Friday afternoon staff meeting to protest it I would get fired, and you probably would too. So why is it ok for Connolly to act like that and keep his job but you and I would have gotten fired? We need to hold our elected officials to a high standard and Connolly is not meeting that standard.

Connolly also showed his disrespect and neglect for his duties when he asked an IRS official in a committee hearing whether or not she was a witch and if the reports that she could fly are true. He actually asked those questions. When he behaved like that he disrespected congress, he wasted all of his colleagues time and acted in a way that was just all-around unbecoming of an elected official. If I asked questions like that during a staff meeting I would get fired, and you probably would too. So, once again, why is it ok for Connolly to act like that and keep his job but you and I would have gotten fired? We really need to hold our elected officials to a high standard and Connolly is just not meeting that standard.

It is time to fire Gerry Connolly for actions unbecoming a member of congress. The way to do this is to vote him out on November 4 by casting a vote for Suzanne Scholte for Congress. She will respect the office, perform the duties involved and carry our trust without us having to worry whether or not she is goofing off or doing her job.

connolly in vienna

Scholte Fighting Connolly’s Deplorable Tactics

The race in the 11th District is a whole lot more competitive than analysts first thought. Suzanne Scholte is a fine candidate who has been working hard. Career politician, entrenched incumbent and all-around jerk Rep. Gerry Connolly is in a contest.

Connolly is on the ropes in this election. He has been getting jabbed all campaign by Scholte so he is now starting to throw his typical haymakers. The Connolly campaign sent out a mailer at the end of last week attacking Scholte for being some sort of gun nut. The mailer had a picture of an empty playground with flowers and stuffed animals left behind as a memorial. The message and imagery are over-the-top, typical for a jerk like Connolly. But here’s the rub; Scholte is not a gun nut.

Yes, Scholte supports the 2nd Amendment but she has not given much space on her political messaging to mention gun rights because they are not a priority for her if elected. Connolly is trying to make a play on this issue because it saved him four years ago. In 2010 Keith Fimian was close to knocking off incumbent Connolly until Fimian made a controversial comment on gun rights, which allowed the Connolly campaign to brand Fimian as a gun nut who is not suited for the 11th District. So as Scholte gets closer the Connolly minions have dusted off their old playbook. The mailer is inappropriate and a ridiculous attempt to tilt the scales in 2014 just like gun rights tilted the scales in 2010. And it ain’t going to work, Scholte is a different candidate.

The Scholte campaign is fighting back hard. Below is their video response to Connolly’s deplorable tactics. The Connolly haymakers will continue, a sign of his desperation, but Scholte is fighting back hard.

Title: Absolutely Offensive
Video by Suzanne Scholte for Congress

Last Week to Help a Campaign This Cycle

Below is an email that blasted out this morning from Keith Fimian on behalf of Suzanne Scholte’s campaign. Rep. Gerry Connolly needs to go and Keith Fimian and his team almost made that happen in 2010. Now Scholte and her team are really giving that clown Connolly a run for his money. Fimian’s email is a solid last week call for support. This week is your last chance to help a campaign. Right here in NoVA we have a chance to upset an old style political boss in the 11th District. If you can help in anyway please contact the Scholte campaign.

Dear Mike,

Career politician Gerry Connolly’s tenure in Congress needs to come to an end on Tuesday.

Before getting to Congress, Connolly was bad news.

In Fairfax County, he raised his own pay 31 percent after hiking taxes and devastating the budget.  He evaded campaign finance disclosures nearly 200 times, and was even charged with a hit and run after plowing his car into a family and then driving away.

In Congress, Connolly’s been even worse.

He voted for the failed trillion dollar stimulus that created jobs in China.

He voted for ObamaCare, which is killing small businesses and will cost 250,000 Virginians their health insurance.

He voted for devastating defense cuts through sequestration than threaten our national defense and Northern Virginia jobs.

And during hearings on IRS political targeting, Connolly berated witnesses and behaved like a thug.

Northern Virginia deserves better than a dishonest, corrupt career politician like Gerry Connolly.

As you may recall, we almost had Connolly down for the count in 2010, but Nancy Pelosi and Connolly’s liberal special interest backers spent millions on a barrage of lies and negative ads.

Connolly’s using the same playbook again this year against Suzanne Scholte.

We simply cannot let Gerry do this again.

Suzanne Scholte is a human rights champion who deserves our support. Suzanne has spent her life fighting for freedom and democracy for oppressed people around the world.

That’s why I’m asking that you make a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to help Suzanne fully fund her extensive get out the vote program.

Thanks again for your support,

Keith Fimian

P.S.  With each election, Gerry Connolly becomes more arrogant, liberal and unresponsive to his constituents.  Send Gerry Connolly a message by contributing to Suzanne Scholte.


New Video from Micah Edmond for Congress

Micah Edmond, running for Congress in the 8th District, has a new video out, linked below. He is running against President Obama’s choice for ambassador to Switzerland, a ripe plum assignment reserved for a close friend of the president.

So to all the voters in the 8th who voted for hope and change in 2008, and then again in 2012, consider some real change by voting for a candidate who is not some rich friend of the president. Edmond is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. He is an expert in federal issues especially with the federal budget and the federal workforce, which is an important group of voters in the 8th District. Mr. Edmond is the real deal and he is running hard for this seat.

If Democrats in the 8th show up with knowledge of this contest and don’t just ask for a sample ballot to blindly follow then Edmond could carry this seat. The choice is between a humble vet or a rich friend of Obama.


Excited Yet?

Fox News released a poll last week measuring the interest level among the two major political parties for participating in November’s elections. No one is surprised that Democrats are polling considerably less excited about having to vote this fall compared to Republicans. The poll was conducted nationally however here in NoVA those numbers should reflect the same. Just think of how exciting the Democrats in NoVA are this cycle; 8th District has Don Beyer, President Obama’s ambassador to Switzerland. That’s a royal plum assignment reserved for a close ally with deep pockets. Excited about cronyism? The 10th District has John Foust, a habitual tax raiser who was just dumped by the DCCC because his campaign has been awful. Excited about defeat? The 11th has Gerry Connolly, a joke who walked out on a hearing on Benghazi. He doesn’t deserve to keep his job after he refused to do his job with such a dramatic, grandstanding and entirely inappropriate gesture. Excited about irresponsibility? And for the US Senate Mark Warner, a guy who voted with Obama’s agenda 97% of the time. Excited about a rubber stamp for a failing presidency?

Independents should appreciate the diversity found on the Republican ticket. The 8th has an African- American Marine Corp veteran, the 10th has a very successful female state delegate and lawyer, the 11th has a female candidate who is an expert on foreign relations with East Asia and an international civil rights leader, and our Senate candidate is a self-made man and second generation Irish immigrant. Micah Edmond, Barbara Comstock, Suzanne Scholte and Ed Gillespie, respectively, are a set of candidates worthy of carrying enthusiasm into Election Day. It is time to get excited for the GOP’s chances this fall. What do the Democrats have to be excited about?

Fox News poll

On Columbus Day

Columbus Day has always been a joke to me. There were already people on this continent when Columbus got here, so how can anyone find someone’s home and claim to have discovered it? And Scandinavian and Basque fishermen knew about this continent already, so how can something that has been discovered be discovered again? Therefore, the very idea of Columbus Day has been worth a laugh to me. That is until I read the below email from FCRC Chairman Matt Ames, which was sent out to Fairfax Republicans today (editor’s note: I added the photo). His argument is sound and I now believe in recognizing Columbus Day as a little more than just a chance to find a few solid deals at the local retail store.

Fairfax Republicans:

Earlier this month, the Seattle City Council voted to celebrate “Indigenous People’s Day” instead of Columbus Day. Berkeley, California, did the same in 1992, as have other “blue” cities since. The rejection of Christopher Columbus is an especially revealing example of the anti-historical agenda of the “progressives” who control the Democratic Party.

Why is Columbus Day a holiday? Well, one reason is the quest for recognition by Italian-Americans. But the really important reason is that Columbus stands for the vision and courage and tenacity of every immigrant to this nation. He was in a sense our first immigrant – the first person to leave the Old World and, albeit by accident, land in the New. Every person who crossed the ocean in a leaky wooden boat (and they all leaked) made the same journey he did. Every person who passed through the Cumberland Gap, or settled the prairie, or took the Oregon Trail was another Columbus. When we honor him, we honor them. And because they built this country, when we honor them, we honor America.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with Indigenous People’s Day. If we want to honor the first inhabitants of this continent, and even acknowledge our mistreatment of them, we can and we should. But by denying Columbus his rightful place, the progressives reveal their true agenda. Their goal is not to enlighten with more accurate history, but to undermine our confidence by attacking our past.

Yes, Columbus was obsessed with glory and wealth. He was wrong about key facts, including the circumference of the Earth. Norsemen, and possibly Basque fishermen, were here before him. Yes, the Spanish conquest of the Americas was brutal, and our own treatment of the Indian nations has been anything but admirable. But none of this justifies rejecting his accomplishments. He had the dream, and he made it real.

Christopher Columbus – whatever his faults – deserves to be remembered with gratitude. So do the millions who came after him. And so does our great nation.

Most sincerely,

Matt Ames
Fairfax County Republican Committee




My Ballot is in the Box

My absentee ballot has been filled out, sealed, stamped and sent in. I usually take this opportunity to let you know who I voted for and offer up the reasons why using juicy red meat for rock-ribbed Republicans. But this time I wanted to highlight something else on the ballot and I wanted to present the why void of partisan leanings.

On the backside of my ballot at the top of the page was a question asking the following;
“Shall Section 6-A of Article X (Taxation and Finance) of the Constitution of Virginia be amended to allow the General Assembly to exempt from taxation the real property of the surviving spouse of any member of the armed forces of the United States who was killed in action, where the surviving spouse occupies the real property of his or her principal place of residence and has not remarried?”

I voted yes.

This is not a partisan issue at all. Never mind that the amendment was introduced by a Republican, Delegate David Ramadan of South Riding, because that should not matter, especially to Democrats. This amendment is just a small way to help out the surviving spouse of someone who gave their life for our country. When such a tragedy happens a family is often left with too many difficult questions to answer all at once. One of those questions is how will the bills continue to get paid. This amendment takes care of one bill. Hopefully this will be a significant help. Families of a lost soldier may have to move to a more affordable place, which means kids have to leave their school. Changing schools can be tough. Stability needs to be maintained and this amendment helps a little in that regard.

It is not much, but there really isn’t much that can be done when a family loses a dad or a mom. The amendment question is just a small way to lift a burden that falls on the survivors of a tragic loss. I’m confident voters will see this as an easy yes to a very difficult situation and it will pass by a great margin. I encourage everyone to join me in voting yes.

proposed amendment

Identity Politics Game

The Democrats love to play identity politics. But yesterday at the Second Annual Minority Chambers Candidate Forum in Annandale the Ds’ uninformed onlookers were scratching their heads in confusion. The mainstream media doesn’t like to point out that the Ds in NoVA have nominated a slate of only rich old white men while the Republicans have chosen a diverse set of candidates. Pictured below are the Republican candidates in the top half and the Democratic candidates in the bottom half.

The Ds have been quiet this year on diversity and the media has allowed this. When one of the rich old white men said that his female opponent has never held “a real job” there was noticeably no uproar from any Democrat including DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and one of NoVA’s state senators Jennifer Wexton. Clearly the demographic make-up of a candidate is just a prop to the Ds, usable when it can be used and not an issue when it can’t be used. This year their choice of all rich old white men is not an issue. When Republicans nominate a similar slate we are called racists who don’t respect women and the proof is in our candidates’ white skin and comb overs. But that can’t be said this time around. Of course it should never be said in the first place but the Ds do it all the time. This time they are not reaching those conclusions.

So don’t let the demographics of a candidate dictate your vote. Vote on the issues, the priorities of the candidates and the direction they want to move in. Too bad the Ds haven’t been saying that before, but they’ll say anything to distract from their tax-raising-Obama-rubber-stamping-partisan-hacks.

candidates forum 10-5

10th District Debate

Yesterday the two candidates running to replace retiring Rep. Frank Wolf debated in Loudoun County. The debate produced another stellar performance from Delegate Barbara Comstock while her opponent, Supervisor John Foust, once again struggled to demonstrate that he has the wherewithal to handle the job of being an elected representative at the federal level.

After opening statements and several questions the line of the day was offered up by Delegate Comstock. Responding to a question on regulating business Delegate Comstock spoke of how attractive Virginia is to businesses because we are “a low regulation, Right to Work, low tax state and we need to be a low regulation, low tax, Right to Work country if we are going to compete internationally.”

And there it is right there. That one line contrasts so much between the two candidates. Delegate Comstock believes in freeing businesses from burdensome regulations that are stopping them from hiring new workers, she believes in lower taxes to allow business and individuals to keep more capital that can then be invested in growing that business, and she believes in open competitive bidding free of costly union control thus saving us a tremendous amount of money. Contrast that with Supervisor Foust who feels government needs to be more active in its regulation of business, he has consistently voted for tax increases as a county supervisor and opposes open competitive bidding for government contracts to appease his union donor base.

One more time; Delegate Comstock said Virginia has been doing so well at attracting new businesses because we are “a low regulation, Right to Work, low tax state and we need to be a low regulation, low tax, Right to Work country if we are going to compete internationally.” As more and more businesses flee our country for greener pastures, now is not the time to elect a union puppet like Supervisor Foust who cares more about creating new taxes than creating new jobs. The 10th District has a diverse group of businesses ranging from new technology companies to older agricultural businesses. The district needs someone who will help all their industries grow. That will happen with less regulation, lower taxes and defending our Right to Work laws. Delegate Comstock is clearly the only candidate in this race who will carry those priorities into office and help us compete internationally.

comstock and wolf

Get Ready to Lose the Absentee Ballot Battle Again

This year my work responsibilities have made me eligible to vote absentee by mail. I received my ballot from the County of Fairfax Office of Elections on Monday. They spelled my name right and everything. And to my surprise the absentee ballot was delivered with another piece of mail. Fairfax County Democratic Committee sent me a letter outlining how to fill out my ballot along with some information on a guy named Warner and a joke named Connolly.

This is noteworthy for two reasons. One, the organization is impressive. The Ds and the county electoral board are independent of one another, yet these two pieces of mail arrived on the same day. As I opened the absentee ballot I have a helper in the Ds’ instructions on how to properly fill it out and submit it. Sure the absentee ballot itself includes instructions but an additional piece like what the Ds have is another way to reinforce the effort to get the ballot back and counted. How the two arrived together is either an example of outstanding organization, which is how I see it, or a case of illegal sharing of info, which I doubt is the case. My absentee ballot request is public knowledge that can later be pulled, I’m just amazed that the Ds knew right away and sent me info so fast like this.

The second element here that is noteworthy is that the Ds sent their info to me, a hard R. Voting records will show that I have voted in seven out of the last eight primaries/nominating conventions for the Republican Party. I have never voted in a Democratic primary, not even once. So why target someone who should be expected to hold the party line and stay voting for Rs in the General Election? Just because I asked for an absentee ballot is enough for the Ds to spend resources on me? Really? I’m not sure that is a wise use of resources. I suppose the thinking behind targeting me, and since I got one I assume every accepted absentee ballot applicant is being targeted, is because I have already made an effort to vote, so just like someone standing outside the polls, here is a sample ballot. I’m going to turn it in so why not hit me one more time with a here is our case type piece. I absolutely detest that clown Connolly so there is absolutely no chance I’ll even consider throwing him a vote, but my voting record alone is really no evidence of that. Amongst a spreadsheet I am just another voter worth engaging.

This is interesting and unfortunately more impressive than what the Rs are going. I hope a similar piece from either RPV or the FCRC will be here soon. If it arrives it will still be after the Ds hit me. We need to see this kind of organization on the Republican side. As an easily identified hard R, I should be receiving material encouraging me to fill out my absentee ballot for the Republican ticket and get it in on time. And we wonder why the Ds always kill us on absentees.


STANDing for Religious Freedom

Last night I received an email from E.W. Jackson, president of STAND and former Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. The email asked me to sign the following petition, which I did.


“We the undersigned, as citizens of the United States, hereby demand that Congress and the President pass legislation recognizing that under the First Amendment of the Constitution it unlawful to fire persons from their jobs, fine them in their businesses, restrict them from contracting with agencies of government, discipline them in their schools, or punish them in the military for peaceably expressing faith in Jesus Christ, the Biblical definition of marriage, the sacredness of life or any other article of faith; nor may the peaceful expression of religious viewpoints be a cause for civil or criminal liability or prosecution as hate speech, bigotry or discrimination.”

Religious freedom in our country has been a hit piece for Democrats lately. Instead of believing in the Constitution’s clearly written right of freedom of religion, found in the First Amendment, we have too many radical liberals pushing the idea that we are required to have freedom from religion and therefore all mentions of religion must be deleted from society.

The left uses religion as their crutch to prop themselves up with the feeling of intellectual superiority while they see those who have faith in God as ignorant fools. Somehow political correctness gets worked in here. The God haters spin their hate by claiming to be offended whenever and wherever a pronouncement of faith is made. Sally Sensitive and all her friends complain about everything from our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance to RG3’s t-shirt. Strict political correctness would prescribe an allegiance to the law of the land, which we call the U.S. Constitution. Yet somehow exercising the freedom to engage in the religious faith of one’s choice is an affront to the civil rights of those who wish to abolish religion forever.

Another founding principle of our country is there is no religious test to hold office. Article VI lays this out without any ambiguity, “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” This has been forgotten. John Kennedy famously felt the need to tell us that the Pope wouldn’t be calling the shots, Mitt Romney felt the need to clear up the separation between the church he attends and the offices he has sought, and last year I saw E.W. Jackson attacked for being a Christian who believes in the same Christian principles that our Founders believed in when they were crafting our enduring Constitution. It is unfortunate that the principle of religious tolerance, which is clearly written in the Constitution, has been pushed away by intolerance falsely labeled as political correctness.

For me, I carry the love of the Lord with me each day. I know I am a sinner in His sight. I try to be a good Christian steward, which directly translates into being a good citizen, but I fail, try again, fail, try some more, and hopefully get things right. The glory of God is evident in that I know when I ask Him for forgiveness He reaches His hand to me with unconditional acceptance. Why this offends so many liberals is truly sad.


Historic Leadership? From this Guy?

I have terrible hearing. It’s a long story. So when I hear President Obama describe a plan, while using the word “I” over and over, and then at the end of his description say “this is American leadership at its best,” I don’t flip out because I know I can’t hear. But this time my hearing didn’t fail me. He actually said, about his own leadership, “this is American leadership at its best.” I think I’m losing my mind.

The man gave us “you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” He recently said “we don’t have a strategy yet.” But tonight he wanted more. Tonight he celebrated his arrogance and his ignorance to a height I never thought possible. Full of himself to a dangerous level Obama has now given the world his most embarrassing comment yet. In between rounds of golf the president let us know that he, by his own evaluation, is exercising “American leadership at its best.” If only a fourth grade history teacher was one of his advisors then maybe we wouldn’t have been treated to this remarkable gaffe. I’m left truly saddened by the president’s remarks tonight.

“This is American leadership at its best.” No Mr. President it is not. Stop complimenting yourself in front of the world. Stop being such a pompous ass. Just stop it. I truly can’t believe my ears.

Barack Obama

11th District Race Worth Watching

The 11th Congressional District of Virginia, which includes all of the City of Fairfax, most of Fairfax County and parts of Prince William County, has been rigged as a solid district for the Democrats. Republicans came real close in 2010 when we lost by around 900 votes. Since then redistricting has made the district more favorable to the Democrat incumbent, Gerry Connolly. Any typical Republican will have a very difficult time running in this part of Northern Virginia. But Republican nominee Suzanne Scholte is not your typical Republican.

Mrs. Scholte is an expert on foreign policy having spent decades working to bring more individual freedom to East Asia. She has won numerous awards for her efforts such as the Seoul Peace Prize in 2008, the Walter Judd Freedom Award in 2010, the Sungnye Diplomatic Service Medal in 2013, and this year she added the Sanders Peace and Social Justice Award to her list of achievements.

Her reach to demographics outside the typical Republican sphere goes beyond East Asia. Next week a group called North Africans for Suzanne Scholte will host an event called A Night in the Sahara. This is a great example of her campaign reaching out to a group not often specifically engaged by Republicans in the past.

This all adds a very important characteristic to this race; Mrs. Scholte can bring to the polls a diverse group of voters that typically do not vote, or when they do they don’t usually vote for Republicans. She really could engage a lot of potential voters who are, right now, sitting off the political radar. Making moves like a Night in the Sahara will bring voters to the polls who sit off the lists of polling firms and political consultants thus making her a sleeper candidate who could really make some noise on Election Day.

Sunday afternoon I received a call from the Scholte campaign inviting me to attend Monday night’s town hall meeting in Springfield. The town hall, held last night with a sizeable crowd, focused its discussion on healthcare. The call Sunday was a recording of Mrs. Scholte and it was short, to the point, included a shot at her opponent by linking him to President Obama, and also included the standard contact info for people to follow up with. The robo-call was a great use of campaign funds and the town hall meeting was a great use of campaign time. Mrs. Scholte is really showing us she is in it to win it.

We certainly hope this is case because Mrs. Scholte’s opponentconnolly in vienna is a partisan hack. Rep. Connolly, pictured here wearing a shirt that is as obnoxious as he is, showed us that he is unfit for the responsibilities at hand when he walked out of one of the hearings on the Benghazi terrorist attack. And he showed us that he doesn’t take his job seriously when during a hearing on the IRS targeting conservative groups he asked a witness “are you a witch?” When he walked out on Benghazi he walked on the American people and when he asked a witness if she was a witch he tarnished Congress’ oversight authority, he needs to be removed from office.

Too many voters blindly vote based on the sample ballot they receive moments before casting their vote. Here in Northern Virginia all those Democrats who will show up on Election Day need to know that Rep. Connolly is unfit to serve and needs to be replaced. Suzanne Scholte is a credible alternative who will represent the 11th District with the dignity and respect that is expected of a congressional representative. She can win. She has my vote.

Scholte for Congress