Chaffetz on the Campaign Trail

Yesterday’s Sunday morning talk shows were buzzing about who will be the next Speaker of the House. Rep. Paul Ryan was a popular choice among the talking heads, while Rep. Daniel Webster seems to be the favorite of the more conservative side of the House Republicans. The chatter on Sunday morning can be expected. But what I wasn’t expecting was seeing Rep. Jason Chaffetz, an announced candidate for Speaker, taking his candidacy public by promoting himself on ABC’s This Week, which was mistake.

Intra-party races, even something as big and public as Speaker of the House, need to be kept within the ranks. Campaigning on national TV is the wrong angle to take. The votes for this race will be cast by House members so reaching outside that group is a waste of time. Chaffetz needs to whip his vote with the members first, then take his case to the people.

Making a move for a party position needs to begin within the party and debate needs to grow from there. We need to have a candid debate on who is best for the GOP’s top leadership position and jumping on the first round of Sunday morning talk shows is not the place for that debate.

Young Rep. Chaffetz is showing his inexperience. His jump to be an important guest on Sunday morning was a temptation he should have passed on. Republicans need a statesman. We need a strong a leader. Young Chaffetz ain’t ready for primetime.


What Taking Responsibility Looks Like

Former frontrunner for the Democratic nomination Hillary Clinton has used the word “responsibility” at least twice in her life. During the Benghazi hearings she claimed that she takes responsibility for what happened. And she told ABC News that she takes responsibility for having a personal email server while conducting official State Department business. However, she has done absolutely nothing in taking responsibility. She must think that all you have to do is say the word in a sentence.

Earlier today Rep. Kevin McCarthy took his name out of the running for Speaker of the House. He did so to take responsibility for his poorly articulated comments regarding the Benghazi hearings. See the difference?

Hillary needs to pay attention. But, of course, nothing will convince her that she is anything but the anointed one, running for the office that she was born to hold. No accomplishments as a Senator and no accomplishment as Secretary of State don’t matter.

So I suggest that a reporter needs to ask Hillary the following; you claimed you took responsibility for Benghazi, so what was it you did, you know, what action did you take to take responsibility? And then ask; you claimed you took responsibility for the personal email server, so what was it you did, you know, what action did you take to take responsibility? And finally; McCarthy took responsibility by not seeking a promotion, so what are the chances that you will… oh never mind.

Hillary email scandal

Vargas Best Choice for NoVA’s Economy

Last week a hit piece mailer on Republican Danny Vargas landed in mailboxes in the 86th House of Delegates district. The mailer had the Democrats’ typical accusation; “He’s too extreme.” I read it as the Democrats are just getting lazy as this is another poor attempt at creating a false narrative about a good candidate. The authority line states the mailer was paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia and approved by Vargas’ opponent.

The Democrats really love to throw out the bill that included ultrasounds before getting an abortion from a few years ago. Of course, Vargas had nothing to do with that, he does not support it now, and had he been in the House back then he would not have supported it. But the Democrats are too cowardly to tell you that. Instead they claim that the author of said bill is “bankrolling” the Vargas campaign. The footnote on this falsehood reads, “See Vargas’ bankrollers for yourself at,” or in other words, it’s our job to smear people and it’s your job to figure out what the hell we’re talking about. So I checked out Vargas’ donors and I couldn’t find anyone “bankrolling” the Vargas campaign. Instead, I found a lot individual donors making up a little over $240,000 raised through August. Among those donors is a $1,000 donation from the Kathy Bryon for Delegate campaign, which must be what the Democrats mean when they say “bankrolling.” Never mind accuracy, the Democrats are just sticking to their same cookie cutter attack; everyone is “extreme.”

The same day these lies about Vargas were in my mailbox was a mailer from the Vargas campaign showcasing his endorsement from the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce and The National Federation of Independent Business. What is extreme about the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce again? And why is the National Federation of Independent Business an extreme organization? I doubt you’ll be able to muster up a very good argument as to why those organizations, which Democrats always solicit for an endorsement, are “too extreme” for Northern Virginia voters. Good to see that on the same day that lies about a vague charge of being “too extreme” were seen there was also a crystal clear illustration of why Vargas is the best choice for Northern Virginia’s economy.

Lies, false narratives, and the same old tricks are the Democrats campaign plan. Don’t be fooled by old talking points. Danny Vargas for Delegate is an outstanding candidate worthy of your vote.

Vargas team

VRMA Names Del. Miller Legislator of the Year

The Virginia Retail Merchants Association has named Prince William County Delegate Jackson Miller their Legislator of the Year for 2105.

Delegate Miller, who is in the House Republican leadership, is a great choice for this award as he has always worked to create a friendly environment for the business community. Knowing that jobs are created by the private sector, Delegate Miller has worked hard to allow Virginia’s government to best facilitate private sector job creation. We need legislators like him in the leadership in the General Assembly to keep Virginia a great place to do business.

From the VRMA press release announcing the award; “Delegate Miller was very strong on all of the retail community’s key issues this year,” said Kyle Shreve, VRMA director of government affairs. “We want to thank him for his continued support of free market policies and his commitment to keep Virginia’s businesses strong.” The full press release is available on Delegate Miller’s Facebook page, linked here.

Delegate Jackson Miller clearly deserves to be re-elected for a number of reasons. This prestigious award is just one of those reasons. Delegate Miller represents the 50th House of Delegate District which is made up of the Town of Manassas and part of Prince William County. A Delegate since 2006, he has served as Majority Whip since 2012. Delegate Miller is a homegrown talent having graduated from W.T. Woodson High School.


Will Biden Run?

It appears more likely that Vice President Joe Biden will enter the 2016 presidential race.

Major media outlets are reporting that Biden will announce his plans at the end of this week.

Hillary Clinton continues to do poorly on the campaign trail. Her problems with her lack of trustworthiness are a serious problem for the Democratic brand, which has to be the reason behind Biden jumping in to save the day. The Democrats don’t want fringe candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and his class warfare to takeover. Even they know that Sanders is too far out there to be viable in a general election. In order to save the party, save the policies of the Obama Administration and save their warped idea for the republic, the Democrats must turn to another for electoral success as it is increasingly obvious that Clinton is a fatally flawed candidate.

If Joe Biden does decides to run it will most likely be because his supporters are feeling the Bern, and it is getting hot.


No on McCarthy for Speaker

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy should not be the next Speaker.

First off he is Boehner Jr. He will most likely offer no change in the priorities or legislative plan set by Boehner. He will play ball with the Democrats well and have a hard time keeping conservative Republicans from pointing out all the times leadership abandons principles.

McCarthy will not stand tall when pushed. We saw this on Tuesday night on Fox’s Hannity. McCarthy was pushed by Sean Hannity on what has this Congress accomplished. As Majority Leader, McCarthy shares in the responsibilities of the failures and successes of this Congress. Pushed just a little by a conservative talk show host and McCarthy said something beyond stupid; “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee. A select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known that any of that had happened had we not fought to make that happen.” Wow, that is so very wrong that he should now be officially disqualified to be Speaker. He can go back to California and stay there.

Let’s be clear about just how inaccurate McCarthy’s gaffe is. The select committee on the terrorist attack in Benghazi was set up under Congress’ oversight authority to investigate the how and why behind the murders of four Americans. It had nothing to do with anyone’s campaign for anything. Americans died in Benghazi and we need to know everything behind it to hold anyone responsible for any errors or negligence that occurred. And the chairman of the committee Rep. Trey Gowdy has always maintained that and has conducted the committee in a way that is totally consistent with that understanding.

But the Democrats now have their cannon fodder from McCarthy’s inaccurate gaffe. They already pounced on the statement with statements of their own vindicating their partisan suspicious. They are evening taking the disingenuous high road in some of and really pouring on the witch hunt theme hard. And it’s just starting. Really looking forward to the next few weeks, and the Democrats debate, and all the other crap.

Huge gaffe, so big, McCarthy should be done. Imagine how he’ll perform negotiating with Democrats when he screws up so big when pushed back just a little. I was watching the show Tuesday night when it happened and I first shook by head angrily because I know just how wrong and flat out messed up McCarthy’s statement was. Then I started to shake my head again in disappointment because I know the Democrats now have all they need to play their partisan victimhood card in the media. Thanks a lot you fool.

If Kevin McCarthy doesn’t know the reason behind the Benghazi hearings, and if he can’t articulate the message from those hearings, and if he is too stupid to connect the dots of how his words will be used, then he has no business being Speaker of the House.

McCarthy and Hannity

Another Major Accomplishment for Sec. Kerry

News broke today on Russia’s escalation of their military involvement in Syria. Russia has flown air missions that target ISIL and Syrian rebels who are fighting Assad. This coming right after Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin met with President Barack Obama. And this is, of course, coming years after Obama’s “red line” comment and prediction that Assad’s days are numbered. Our administration once again proves foolish and naïve on the world stage.

Secretary of State John Kerry was quickly put into action and just like negotiating with Iran he came through big time. Kerry told reporters that he and the Russian foreign minister “agreed on the imperative of as soon as possible, perhaps even as soon as tomorrow, but as soon as possible, having a military-to-military deconfliction discussion.” Getting to use “imperative” and “as soon as possible” in the same sentence is good work. This is clearly a major accomplishment by way of Kerry and Clinton Secretary of State standards of accomplishment. Well done.

Russia’s aggression is exactly what Republican presidential contender Senator Marco Rubio said would happen. We need a strong and knowledgeable individual in the White House. As the campaign trail continues to bend and twist Rubio continues to show the versatility and depth needed to handle the wide range of responsibilities that come across the president’s desk.

But for now let’s forget about the campaigns and cheer Secretary John Kerry for another major accomplishment; he is going to have a meeting “as soon as possible, perhaps even as soon as tomorrow, but as soon as possible.” Impressive.

Kerry on twitter

Cruz Likes a Good Fight

If you want a fighter, then you’ll like Senator Ted Cruz. But if you want a tactical fighter who will unite factions at the end of the fight and doesn’t just start throwing punches at everyone, then you’re going to want someone else.

Senator Cruz went to the Senate floor last night to attack the Senate Republican leadership. He called Senator Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi “the de facto leaders” of their chambers. Cruz basically gave a campaign stump speech (linked here) rallying support against everyone in the room who he is supposed to be working with. Insults, name calling, and hardline partisanship are the game plan for Cruz, a serious contender for the Republican nomination for president. Cruz’s tactics this time resulted in failure of obtaining a roll call vote for an amendment he wanted to add. Can’t imagine why his colleagues wouldn’t want to follow such a likeable guy.

Senator Rand Paul, a usual ally of Cruz, called Cruz’s tactics on the Senate floor “against the decorum and also against the rules of the senate.” Paul’s comments came after Cruz publicly announced a list of new supporters, all of whom are defectors from Paul’s president campaign. It is unclear how actively wooed they were by the Cruz campaign or if they were all just jumping off a sinking campaign. So Cruz has chosen to further alienated himself from Republican leadership in the Senate and has alienated himself from, while an opponent on the presidential stage, a nevertheless ally in the overall cause for liberty and constitutional principles against an intrusive government. Cruz certainly is a fighter, but does he know he is fighting everyone who disagrees with him on anything? In waging his fight, Cruz could drive apart factions of the conservative base, factions that will all have to coalesce under the Republican banner after the nomination, which Cruz could very well win.

I like what Senator Ted Cruz stands for, but I don’t like the way he carries his load. I don’t believe Cruz has illustrated that he has the leadership qualities needed in a chief executive and commander-in-chief.

cruz bumper sticker

Trump Not Ready for White House

Last night on 60 Minutes Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump underperformed to a telling degree. He is unqualified to be president and not conservative enough to carry the Republican banner.

Trump wants to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare with his own system of universal, government-backed healthcare. He thinks he can deport 11 million people in a nice way and build a wall with a really big door. He claims he will get good deals from China, build up the military, and grow the economy.

How will Trump do this? Well that is the tricky part.

Trump offers no specifics, no details, no outlines, no procedures. He just implies that he’ll accomplish everything by being awesome. Trump, to Trump, is a bona fide ass kicker, and kicking ass is a skill set which is useful in any job. He is going to “Make America Great Again,” as the tagline goes, and he is going to do so by just being great at kicking ass, details need not apply.

Yesterday George Will’s column suggested that The Donald may not be so great. When you look at net worth starting with what he inherited to what he has now, the numbers ain’t great. But real estate is a volatile market and Trump has proved profitable and sustainable as a real estate developer. He may not be great as an executive, but pointing to that as Trump’s shortcoming is a losing argument. South Park last week parodied the Trump campaign with an ignorant lunatic running for president who whore a “Where My County Gone?” hat and talked tough (linked here, great episode). As always, South Park went way overboard to point out that Trump is a jerk and we don’t want a jerk to be president, we want a statesman. Trump’s temperament is a serious shortcoming.

Probably the best case against Trump is best presented by Trump himself, which is his lack of depth on issues relevant to the presidency. In interviews he shows this shortcoming and last night’s 60 Minutes was no different. He is not ready for the White House much like Barack Obama was not ready in 2008. Just listen to his answers to any questions on policy, listen to his speeches and debate performances. It’s all the same. Trump says he’ll take care of it, that’s all.

Nominating a conservative candidate is the best choice for the Republican Party and Donald Trump is not a conservative candidate. On top of that, he is unqualified to handle the wide range of responsibilities of our nation’s chief executive/commander-in-chief/chief diplomat/etc. A professional statesman who is a conservative who will respect and defend the Constitution is the best choice for Republicans. I won’t be supporting Donald Trump during the nomination.

trump on 60 minutes

NFIB Endorses Dick Black

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has endorsed State Senator Dick Black for re-election.

Senator Black says on his website he will “work to ensure that Virginia supports the Right to Work, dampens costly litigation, reduces bureaucratic red-tape, and constrains taxes. These things will help businesses to save and invest in jobs.” He has also earned an A+ grade from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. He understands all the hurdles a small business faces and he is committed to reducing government regulations to help sustain a strong economy.

The Republican controlled General Assembly has helped make the commonwealth a great place to do business. Virginia received an A rating from a survey made up small business owners. The NFIB website describes the survey as “Reveal[ing] that Virginia business owners are the happiest with the state when it comes to licensing, environmental issues and the ease of starting a business. The state’s only non-A grade was in zoning issues, which still performed relatively well with a B+ grade.” Republican controlled Texas received an A+ and Democratic controlled California received an F. Neighboring Maryland, controlled by Democrats, received a C-.

This illustrates the importance of the 2015 elections here in Virginia. Our State Senate is controlled by the Republicans by a razor thin margin. Holding Senator Black’s seat is a big piece of holding this majority. Senator Dick Black knows how to help businesses and NFIB recognizes that. We need him and his Republican colleagues in the majority.

Dick Black NFIB

White House Can’t Handle 13 Year Old on Twitter

The Hill is reporting the latest he said she said bull involving President Obama’s very dishonest administration. A 13 year old critic of the president was blocked on Twitter, he has the screen shot, and then the White House lied about it.

Talk about consequential issues. Here we have the center of power in the free world blocking a 13 year old because he is not a starry-eyed fan of the king, I mean to say president. The big ‘so what’ here is the whole so what to begin with. Really, who cares? A 13 year old criticizing the president on Twitter is nothing. There are a lot of tragedies in the world, a lot of things that deserve priority. But the small things matter too. And Obama continues to fail the small things test. This is the latest. His administration blocked a kid on Twitter, so what? Then lied about it. They will lie about anything.

If it is such commonplace for this administration to lie about something so meaningless as this, then imagine the protocol for lying when they get caught with something serious, such as the Benghazi cover-up and the IRS scandal. And to think, Obama ran for president promising more transparency, more openness and more honesty. Cue Charlie Brown; “Good grief.”

charlie brown

Walker Out, Pushes ABT

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker stepped out of the race for president earlier today. In his speech he thanked his family, his staff and God. He used the Republican creed as an outline for his speech. He took no questions. And yet the reason he gave was not a typical reason at all.

Walker said, “I encourage other Republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current frontrunner. This is fundamentally important to the future of the party and – ultimately – to the future of our country.”

So Walker said that he hopes other candidates will drop out too so that the field will narrow and conservative Republicans can rally around an alternative to the “frontrunner,” as Walker put it. This is not a typical reason for leaving a race. Candidates do leave and immediately offer support for another candidate, but Walker didn’t do that. He said he’s leaving in hopes that it will ultimately help the conservative cause win the nomination against the fake conservative Donald Trump. That’s pretty bold.

How Walker’s declaration to rally around the call for ABT (Anyone but Trump) will play out is anybody’s guess. The new Teflon Don is Donald Trump on the campaign trail. He gaffes and then he doubles down on the gaffe, or blames the media, and then comes out fine. People take swings at him, then he swings back harder, and he comes out fine. Now Trump is faced with a once popular candidate who has national name ID calling him out as the one we need to beat before we can focus on beating the Democrats. How will Trump and his supporters respond to such a provocation? Probably with the same careless, bombastic zeal.

So now is the time to start the predictions on which campaign grabs the Walker faithful. Here in Virginia Walker had built an impressive structure that included State Senator Mark Obenshain and Delegate David Ramadan, and he had some great grassroots activists like Ralph Hubbard and Susan Valentine. Walker would have been a solid contender in important Virginia. But I guess the money dried up, that’s usually what really happens.

Scott Walker is a solid conservative. He knows another solid conservative when he sees one. Calling Trump the guy to beat is something grassroots conservatives need to take note of. But here we are again; a big news story about a candidate for president and yet the center of the story is not on that candidate, it’s on Donald Trump, who somehow is injected into every single story about the presidential race. Keeping your name out there is one way to win a nomination. Uh oh.

walker cap

Taking the “Bully” out of the “Bully Pulpit”

“You can’t govern by yelling.” This was said on NBC’s Meet the Press this Sunday by New York Times columnist David Brooks in regards to Donald Trump’s perceived un-electability. I believe he meant that you can’t just be a bully to be President.

David Brooks said this as if it was a concrete rule; a rule that was never communicated to our current president, Barack Obama. Obama only governs by yelling. Obama is a bully. Rather than work with the legislative branch, Obama just tells them to do their job. So what is the job of the legislative branch? According to Obama, their job is to pass the budget that Obama wants without concessions or compromises; and for them to stop their efforts to repeal Obamacare. According to our Founders, the job of legislative branch is to be most powerful branch of government and to serve as a check against the power of the presidency. Their job is not to be a rubber stamp for the agenda of the great and powerful O. The power of the executive branch has surpassed that of the legislative. Our nation is now governed by the agenda of one man which occasionally is interrupted by the oligarchy of nine. Congress is now playing third fiddle.

However, I do not blame Obama. This did not just happen over the past six and a half years; instead the process of the evolving power of presidency started long ago. There have been many presidents who have contributed to the expanding powers of the presidency; such as Jackson, FDR, and even Bush 43. The federal government has expanded at an exponential rate since FDR’s New Deal. Entitlement programs and federal enforcement agencies are gargantuan. The role of the legislative branch has not been able to keep pace and is in danger of being left behind.

As a result, you can govern by yelling if you’re the President of the United States. Yelling is easier than compromising with a branch of government that is too weak to stop you anyways. This is why I am not surprised with the success of Trump’s campaign. Until we ask for a candidate that will reduce the power of the presidency to save our democracy, bullies are all we deserve.

obama bully

-Jeff Farmer
Winchester, VA

Hillary Clinton and the word Responsibility

Former front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination Hillary Clinton finally apologized for using a private email server to conduct official business. In an interview with ABC News Clinton finally says “I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility.” Responsibility she says? How? How is Clinton taking responsibility?

Is she dropping out of the race for president? Of course not.

Is she going to pay some sort of fine? Nope.

Is she going to do some time, or maybe even probation? No chance.

Is she going to endure a penalty of any kind? Other than having voters see her for the fraud she is, no.

Clinton must think taking “responsibility” means having to use the word in a sentence, that’s it. She claimed the same kind of responsibility after shouting “what difference does it make” in a hearing on the Benghazi terror attack. She then followed up by doing nothing. She has no idea what the word responsibility means. She feels entitled to be president and nothing will change that in her warped mind.

Democrats should view her as too dishonest to be president of the local book club. “I take responsibility.” How? Seriously, how does Hillary Clinton plan on taking responsibility for this?

Hillary lies again

RPV Advance 2015

The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Advance will be held in December at the beautiful Homestead Resort. I bought my early bird special ticket today and I recommend you do the same. Here’s why.

For one, the Homestead is a great place and well worth the relaxing drive down scenic I-81. It is not a cheap place to stay either, so taking advantage of the RPV group discount will save a noticeable amount of change. Space is limited. While the hotel itself is huge, the block of rooms set aside for RPV may be a small chunk as weddings and other smaller groups may have already blocked off their own rooms too. This is noteworthy because if you want to attend then you really want to stay at the Homestead too because it is a little isolated from the next hotel. There is a shuttle service that will be available, but it is no substitute for being able to stumble down the hall to your room. So sign up now before the block gets full.

The other reason to sign up now is the ticket price for the Advance has an early bird special that runs out on September 8. I went with the Bronze ticket, which I feel offers the most bang for your buck. The Bronze ticket will give you access to the welcome reception, the hospitality suites and the workshops. The difference between that and the Silver ticket is $35 and access to a special lunch. The food ain’t that great, certainly not worth $35, and without knowledge of whom the speakers will be, I would much rather grab a sandwich at the little café the hotel has. The difference between the Bronze and the Gold ticket is the lunch, a special breakfast, and $85. That means that the difference between the Silver and Gold is just a $50 breakfast, which is ridiculous. And when you factor in past experience, I will be way too hungover to attend a $50 breakfast.

Which leads us to the next reason why this year’s Advance is a must attend; the Friday night and Saturday night hospitality suites. Every year the hospitality suites are great parties. I do not know who will be hosting the suites this year, but it is fair to assume that some of the presidential campaigns will be there to court primary votes. Add them to the usual suspects and there should be a lot of free food and booze. Politicos from across the commonwealth will be there and I’m really looking forward to partying with all my Virginia GOP buddies.

And if you are confused about the name then join the club. The Advance is really the party retreat, but because we never retreat from our principles, we call this shindig an advance. Apparently I am the only one who finds this name silly.

So there it is. RPV wants you to sign-up today because they want your money. The reasons I listed are much more practical. Sign-up today through this link.


Virginia Chairman Named to Presidential Campaigns

The 2016 presidential race continues to pay close attention to Virginia. No doubt about it, the Old Dominion is a pivotal piece of the primary puzzle. Candidates have continued to come here to lay the groundwork for their organization and popular elected officials are being courted.

Today we learned that Delegate Tim Hugo of Northern Virginia will serve as Senator Marco Rubio’s Virginia Chairman. Earlier this week we saw Senator Ted Cruz announce that State Senator Bill Stanley will serve as his Virginia Chairman. Jeb Bush, a former elected, tapped Eric Cantor, another former elected. Possibly the biggest name in Republican circles around Virginia is State Senator Mark Obenshain, who is Governor Scott Walker’s Virginia Chairman.

So who’s next? Virginia Republicans have a lot of all-stars. Top tier candidates will need to lock in their own chairman soon before they get roped in by the influence of the popular chairs who have already been announced. I would like to see Rick Perry land a big name, which may help his campaign significantly. I won’t speculate who will go where, but I will say that there are a few big names that I could easily see joining a campaign. Of course, all these names are looking passed Virginia’s Jim Gilmore, a sign that Gilmore has little to no chance at catching fire nationally.

Whoever goes next will have some catching up to do. Running against Hugo in Northern Virginia, against Stanley in the 5th congressional district, against Cantor for the Wall Street Virginians, and against Obenshain statewide, is by any means a difficult road to navigate through.

virginia flag