Democrats Debate In New Hampshire

The Democrats debated tonight in New Hampshire. This was the first one-on-one debate for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The debate comes just a few days after Sanders upset the Clinton machine with a tie in Iowa and just a few days until next week’s New Hampshire primary. Clinton was supposed to win Iowa but luckily won several coin flips to gain the edge. Well, there won’t be any coin flips this time as polls in New Hampshire show Sanders with a commanding lead over the scandal plagued Clinton. Clinton is on her heels right now. Sanders could pull this off. Of course the game is rigged for Hillary, but there’s a chance democracy can still creep its way into the Democrats’ nomination method.

Here are a few highlights along with a translation to cut through the bull;

I am the only one on stage without a super PAC.” –Bernie Sanders. Translation: Hillary has been bought.

It’s hard to be a real progressive and take on the establishment when you’ve become dependent on Wall St. and drug company money.” –Bernie Sanders. Translation: Hillary has been bought.

I’m a progressive who gets things done. Cherry-picking a quote here or there doesn’t change my record.” –Hillary Clinton. Translation: Just pointing out all the criminal acts leaves an incomplete portrait.

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Rand Paul Suspends Campaign For President

Most of the writers here at Red NoVA were hoping to vote for Rand Paul in Virginia’s presidential primary on March 1st, but this morning the Kentucky Senator announced that his presidential campaign has been suspended.

This move is odd in the timing because it comes two days after a fifth place finish in the Iowa Caucus. A top five finish should have been enough to sustain the campaign until next week’s primary in New Hampshire. But Paul was not expected to do well in New Hampshire so his campaign would have needed to work hard to pick things up heading into South Carolina and Nevada where Paul could have made some gains. We were hoping Paul would stay in all the way to the convention where he and his supporters could have made some serious moves from the floor of what could be a divided convention.

The main reason we liked Paul for president is because his number one issue is the National Debt. He was the only candidate who consistently brought up the debt issue and directly tied the consequences of bankruptcy to a weaker national security. Lines like, “we are not projecting strength from bankruptcy court,” and “as we go further and further into debt we become less safe,” are examples of this. His answer to what he would do as president on day one was always to repeal all of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Orders, an answer that some of the other candidates now use.

The complication that Paul never seemed to figure out was how to run for president while running for re-election to the senate in Kentucky. Some advisors earlier on were saying that Paul would eventually have to choose one over the other. It looks like today he made that choice.

Rand Paul exits today by saying “thank you,” (click on the video below). For those who believe the National Debt is our greatest security threat and the Constitution needs to be defended against an overreaching federal government we say thank you to Paul for his contribution to the dialogue. Best of luck in Kentucky, we need Paul in the Senate.

Video also available at YouTube.


10th District Filing Forms

State Central Committee member Eve Marie Gleason has a great website with the links to all the filing forms for 10th District Republicans who want to participate in the District and County conventions.

Gleason has done a great job on the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee. Red NoVA fully endorses her re-election and we’ll write up a substantive endorsement once the convention date is closer, but for now we just want to draw attention to this great avenue for people to use to sign-up.

Follow this link if you are a Republican who lives in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. You will have to sign-up through the county in which you live. Not every county has their form available yet but they will all be available soon. Please note that deadlines and some fees apply.

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Tie Goes To Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton tied last night in the Iowa Caucus. The votes cast were so close that the result is considered a virtual tie because final delegate allocation was determined by coin flips. Clinton’s team luckily won six of the seven flips, which gave her the edge.

While the Clinton team can say they won Iowa the Sanders team can really say the same as this tie is really a win for Sanders. Clinton spent time, money and plenty of resources to win. She was organized and moving in Iowa. And Sanders was too, but he is a self-described socialist. The field of serious opponents has been cleared for Clinton, this should be a coronation.

But young Democrats who Feel The Bern won’t go away. The turnout for Democrats this year, in comparison to Republicans this year and also in comparison to Democrats in 2008, was pathetically low. But even with the low turnout numbers the results in Iowa should only fire up the Sanders supporters. Next week is New Hampshire’s primary and with Sanders representing neighboring Vermont in the Senate, he should have no problem making a connection with voters on regional issues. Clinton, who also represented a north east state in the senate, was there for a cup of coffee as she waited to run for president, leaving her with no real experience dealing with issues important to residents of New Hampshire. Polls, which we haven’t put much stock in, show Sanders slaughtering Clinton in next week’s primary. Real Clear Politics poll average, as of this writing, has Sanders winning by around 20 points.

A tie in Iowa followed by a commanding victory by Sanders in New Hampshire is not the way the Clinton machine had their believed coronation planned. Feel The Bern is a condition that a lot of young Democrats have been infected with. Clinton may be in trouble.

The Democrats certainly have their hands full. A Washington outsider who is running on replacing our fine country with a socialist state versus an entrenched political insider who is pretending to run on experience and accomplishments in government while fighting off a potential federal indictment is a race between the ideological extreme ends of the Democrat’s liberal spectrum. Who to choose? Tweedledum will bankrupt us and Tweedledee may be going to prison. This is shaping up to be a stay-at-home year for Democrats.


On Groundhog Day

Red NoVA’s attempt to push legislation that would change Groundhog Day to National Watch the Movie Groundhog Day Day has failed. We will re-write the bill and try again next year.

Red NoVA’s attempt to push legislation that would change Groundhog Day to National Watch the Movie Groundhog Day Day has failed. We will re-write the bill and try again next year.

Red NoVA’s attempt to push legislation that would change Groundhog Day to National Watch the Movie Groundhog Day Day has failed. We will re-write the bill and try again next year.



Trump Lost Because Iowa Talked It Out

The results in Iowa are in. Ted Cruz wins, followed by Donald Trump, Marco Rubio in third, Ben Carson in fourth and Rand Paul in fifth.

So the Donald Trump supporters are all scratching their heads wondering what happened. Well, it is easy to understand. In a caucus people don’t just hit the ballot box and leave; they stand up and talk it out, they get a chance to see who their neighbor is supporting, they have a conversation. When people start to talk things out they discover that Trump is not a conservative Republican, so conservative Iowa picked another.

Red NoVA picked Cruz to win Iowa and Rubio to finish third, and missed most of the rest. We made our predictions based on ground game and conservative credentials instead of liberal media polling numbers. Trump had neither of the former and way too much of the latter. Cruz, on the other hand, set up a great grassroots campaign that focused on door knocking and neighbor-to-neighbor engagement. Cruz’s team never stopped working the ground game and Cruz himself held town halls and traveled the state to meet with people in modest to smaller crowds, which makes a connection. Trump lets his ego dictate how he should campaign so Trump held big rallies which excite the camera and the media in New York, but leaves very few opportunities for personal interactions.

Donald Trump lost. Now comes the fun part. He claims to always win but he is now zero for one, with as many as three quarters of Iowa Republicans choosing someone else. This would make him a loser in his own eyes, according to his bombastic rhetoric. How Trump handles this loss is completely up to him. If he pouts and moans and shoots himself in the foot, then he is done. If he handles the loss like a statesman, respects the results and the winner, then he may have a chance. But we don’t expect him to recover well from this loss. Tonight marks the beginning of the end of Trump for president.

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Chuck Norris Endorses Huckabee

There have been a lot of endorsements in the lead up to Iowa’s big day today. Candidates have been rolling out names from all over the country and from all over the political spectrum. But none of those endorsements kick as much ass as Chuck Norris’s endorsement of Mike Huckabee.

In a statement released on Huckabee’s website Norris says Huckabee has “a message that resonates with the American people and is a man of great authentic character.”

A very interesting piece of this endorsement is when Norris, who also endorsed Huckabee in 2008, offers his theory behind why Huckabee lost the presidential nomination that year;

“I believe Mike would have won the nomination if Sen. Fred Thompson had not jumped in the race at the last minute to siphon off votes in South Carolina. It appeared to be a strategy implemented by the GOP establishment.

Historian Dr. Timothy Stanley agreed. He cited Aaron Blake from the Washington Post, who explained how Huckabee ‘had a tremendous potential that went unrealized in ’08. Huckabee quit early due to a shortage of cash, so we never got to see how well he could run in a great number of states. Moreover, his early performances were hindered by the candidacy of Fred Thompson – a dour, sour old stick who only seemed to be in the race to hurt Huckabee. It’s fair to say that Thompson denied Huckabee a win in South Carolina and thus the momentum he needed to go the distance.’”

Maybe, maybe not. This year is different. Huckabee is not the only attractive candidate for evangelical Christian conservatives. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson have been running with their faith out in front. We expect those three to all finish ahead of Huckabee tonight.

We like Huckabee. He is a solid conservative, a defender of state’s rights, and he has plenty of chief executive experience. During the campaign he has shown that he will fight to stop the political correctness police from paralyzing constructive discourse. Huckabee is not our first choice but he’s in our top tier, despite the slim-to-none chance he has at actually winning the nomination. A ticket of Huck and Chuck would be awesome, but it won’t happen. It’s just not his year.

Whoever you like don’t let poor polling numbers deter you from supporting your favorite candidate. In the Mike Huckabee endorsement Chuck Norris also has a message of encouragement to anyone who feels that they shouldn’t vote for their first choice because they can’t win; “Vote your conviction even if it’s not what’s most popular, and rest assure that America’s founders and God Himself back you because you’re being true to who you are and what you believe.” That’s like a flying karate kick to the face of any disgruntled voters.

huck and chuck.

Previewing The Iowa Caucus

Voters in Iowa tonight will cast the first votes for President in the 2016 election. At times during this long campaign trail it seemed like we would never get here. After all the debates, TV spots, commercials, town halls, conference calls, robo calls, countless emails, and more we have finally arrived at the starting line for winning delegates to the national nominating convention. The race officially begins today.

The one to watch today is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. He has surpassed Texas Senator Ted Cruz in organizational structure in Iowa. Paul reached the coveted mark of 1,000 precinct captains earlier in the campaign this year, which is a significant accomplishment. The Republican who won the Iowa Caucus last cycle had 1,000 precinct captains. A good ground game wins a grassroots method like a party caucus, which requires participants to stand before the whole precinct and declare their support.

Polls have been decreasing in their significance each cycle. Paul has not polled well. But having a precinct captain on the ground in nearly each one of the 1,000 plus precincts in Iowa is way better than any poll results. Precinct captains are first in charge of getting their people there. They can micro-target voters way better than a volunteer making phone calls from three counties over. Once the captain gets the right people there the next move is to organize the delivery of the message. A good precinct captain will come prepared with a list of speakers to be up front pushing their candidate’s message to grab any undecideds. And in Iowa there will be plenty of undecideds who show up tonight. As a neighbor is standing and speaking precinct captains are whipping the vote and doing what they can to maximize their vote total. And if the precinct captain is a familiar face then the effect will be even greater. With that said, we expect the team with the most precinct captains and with the largest ground game to outperform the polls, so we expect Paul to finish in the top 3. We still expect Cruz to win tonight as he has had a county coordinator in every Iowa County earlier on. The Cruz Crew has been very active with the most out-of-state volunteers on the ground knocking doors.

Of course Donald Trump will get a lot of attention today. The Democrats love him and hope to face him in the General Election. But we don’t think he’ll win. When it comes down to it, Trump is not a conservative Republican. Call him whatever you want, but at the very best he is a former Democrat who still shares a lot of ideas with the liberal left. Iowans know this. Trump will underperform and then blame the world. His decline into the graveyard of losing campaigns begins tonight.

One question is who drops out after tonight? Chris Christie and John Kasich will finish near the very bottom in Iowa, but they won’t drop out because they are both doing well in New Hampshire, where voters will go to the polls in 8 days. Not sure about Carly Fiorina, who will finish near the bottom tonight and is also not doing well in New Hampshire. She needs a boost somewhere fast in order to stay afloat. Mike Huckabee said he needs a strong showing in Iowa in order to justify staying in the race and he is right. If Huckabee finishes outside the top 5 tonight then we hear he will drop out. For the rest, staying in until Super Tuesday on March 1st makes the most sense.

On the Democrats side there is actually a contest. It was supposed to be a coronation for the anointed Hillary Clinton. But socialist Bernie Sanders could pull off an upset win tonight. It would be nice to see Sanders win several contests and go to the convention with enough committed delegates to win. But the game is rigged for Clinton and her Super Delegates, who are not tied to any election results, and therefore will be able to keep Clinton in position to win the nomination. I suspect Sanders will win a lot of delegates and then get screwed over by the Democrats’ undemocratic rules at their nomination convention.

We don’t like to make predictions. But what the hell? Here goes: For the Republicans, Ted Cruz wins, followed by Rand Paul, then Marco Rubio, then Donald Trump in fourth and Ben Carson in fifth. It will be a solid win for Cruz. For the Democrats, they will Feel The Bern all night long and Clinton finishes second. Huge win for Sanders and huge loss for Clinton.

Few things are for sure. The only thing this author can guarantee is that the nomination contests are far from over. Tonight is just the start.

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Fairfax YR Chairman Race: Katie Bell

Guest Post by Katie Bell

Organizing people to come together to unite around conservative principles and to elect Republican candidates has been my life’s work and greatest passion.

In 2011, I worked for a political consultant whose client list that cycle consisted of handling eight different races for Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate. As a result of my proven work ethic, I was afforded the honor of joining Mitt Romney’s field team in Central Florida. This region is the ultimate bellwether region in what is the largest swing state in the country. When I arrived in Florida, I didn’t know a soul. At the conclusion of the campaign, I had assembled a team of 65 consistent volunteers who collectively produced over a quarter of a million voter contacts, via either knocking on doors or making phone calls. Meeting new people and recruiting them to enlist in a cause greater than themselves is a passion of mine. If elected YR Chairman, it is one that I will use to expand membership and grow the party in the Fairfax County area.

In 2013, I entered the world of third-party election efforts. I was a Regional Field Director for Generation Opportunity, an organization dedicated to educating 18-30-year-old voters in issues affecting their daily lives. I was responsible for mentoring students at James Madison University, Liberty University, Virginia Tech, Roanoke College and Radford University. Our focus was garnering voter IDs from their peers, and had the highest numeric results of any region in the Commonwealth. This experience gave me a heart for working with college students as they start their political endeavors. I’m still mentoring some of these incredible young people today.

In the winter of 2014, I volunteered for Matt Ames in his successful race for FCRC chairman. In the last 2 weeks of the 2014 midterm election, I filled in for Braddock’s District chair, overseeing GOTV activities. I organized the first debate watch party, an event that had over 60 attendees. Last year, I volunteered for the campaigns of Sang Yi, John Guevara, and John Cook.

The predominant goal I would like to accomplish is to strengthen the bond between FAYRs and FCRC. If elected, my first motion would be to allow the FAYRs to oversee the high school volunteer program during election season. Fairfax County Public Schools require their high school students complete a significant number of service hours on political campaigns. It would be a huge relief to the Executive Director and an excellent opportunity for parents to gain exposure to FCRC. What better way to recruit new members than to look after and mentor their children? In the past, I have observed high school students being dismissed to go door-knocking with little instruction and more often than not, no adult supervision. This is a practice that needs to be reassessed. I am fully confident the FAYRs can play a vital role in looking after and training our high school volunteers.

If elected, my secondary goal would be to expand the club by engaging in both volunteer and philanthropic opportunities such as furthering the pro-life causes and engaging in organizations which seek to enhance the lives of veterans and their families. I propose we use our club as a means to be actively engaged in our community while also helping to foster a spirit of service and giving back.

I have been endorsed by Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman Matt Ames, former FAYR Chairman Ben Bush and former FAYR Treasurer Megan Bush. I would be honored to have your support on February 3rd. If you have any questions, then please contact me at 757-448-8203 or

Katie BellKatie Bell is running for Chairman for the Fairfax Area Young Republicans. The election will be held at the next YR monthly meeting, which is this coming Wednesday, February 3rd, at 7:30pm at The Old Firestation #3 located at 3988 University Dr. in the City of Fairfax.


Fairfax YR Chairman Race: Phil Bell

Guest Post by Phil Bell

My name is Phil Bell and I am running to be the next Chairman of the Fairfax Area Young Republicans. I’m running because the past decade has taught us that until we return government to its Constitutional size and scope, we can no longer take politics lightly. What’s more, our Republican organizations have watched Virginia decline from a reliable red state in national elections into a purple state rapidly trending blue.

I’m a life-long entrepreneur and Conservative activist who has volunteered for Republican candidates along the East Coast. I have worked as a staff member to Republican candidates at every level—including Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and House Speaker Newt Gingrich. My background includes serving as an officer in the Fairfax GOP, Treasurer of the Alexandria Young Republicans, and as a Regional Vice Chair for the Young Republican Federation of Virginia. I have resided in Northern Virginia since 2008 and Fairfax County since 2011.

However, I don’t come to this race out of a desire to just be the leader of a group. I’m in this race because I know the Fairfax Area Young Republicans have the opportunity to lead in electing Republicans and building the Commonwealth into the top state to raise a family, start a business, and live the American Dream. If elected, we WILL seize this opportunity and here’s how:

Great Social Events: We will hold Fairfax YR meetings at Metro-accessible bars and restaurants, which have ample parking, good food, and great atmosphere. What’s more, we will also have joint social events with other Republican organizations throughout the Greater Washington-area. This will help each of us grow our personal and professional networks, while having a great time.

Building The Future: As a Maryland GOP staffer, I helped implement a successful candidate training program that helped both first-time office-seekers and established incumbents to become great candidates. The Fairfax GOP has no such consistent program, so we will leverage the skills within our membership to operate a yearly program that becomes the gold standard for candidate training in all of Virginia.

Getting Out The Vote: As your Chairman, I will make sure we are more than just campaign foot soldiers. We will help turn out Republican votes in difficult areas that most campaigns ignore, which will help all of our candidates by building the Party for the long-haul. We will also implement my plan to turn out up to 5,000 20-40 year-olds in our region to vote for Republican candidates during the 2016 cycle. This will help build our Club and our Party.

Promoting Our Work: We will use every channel available—social media, Internet, print, television, and otherwise to call attention to who we are and the good work we do. Promoting our meetings, activities, and the individual achievements of our members will help us grow our ranks, increase our influence, and accomplish our goals.

I want to hear from you. You can call my cell phone anytime at (201) 602-4934 or email me at Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @ThePhilBell, Instagram @PhilBell4022, and add me as a friend on Facebook.

With your vote for me February 3rd, the Fairfax Area Young Republicans will lead the way to making Virginia great once again!

Phil BellPhil Bell is running for Chairman for the Fairfax Area Young Republicans. The election will be held at the next YR monthly meeting, which is this coming Wednesday, February 3rd, at 7:30pm at The Old Firestation #3 located at 3988 University Dr. in the City of Fairfax.


Statement of Party Affiliation Rescinded

The Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee voted unanimously to rescind the Statement of Party Affiliation for Republican primary voters today at a meeting in Richmond. Motion was made by 1st District Chairman Eric Herr.

This is the appropriate move to make and we applaud State Central for doing this. The statement was a mistake to begin with. It would have alienated too many while bringing in too little data, rendering the whole effort not worth the trouble.

UPDATE: Link to statement from RPV.

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Iowa Debate Recap

Last night’s Fox News debate was an improvement on all the other ones. There was more substance and fewer hits on each other. The tone was positive and sharper against Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama, and more informative on policy positions. The questions were, to play along, fair and balanced. I can’t put my finger on it, but the phrase addition by subtraction is pummeling me in the face right now.

The first question was terrible. It would have driven that one candidate who chose not to be there crazy had they not mentioned his name.

The question to Marco Rubio about uniting the Party was an interesting one. Among the candidates, Rubio probably has the best chance at putting together a big tent kind of group of Republican voters. Rand Paul is another one who could do this mainly because both of these candidates do so well with younger voters. Millennials will vote this year in a number higher than ever. The youth vote could be the deciding factor, should they turn out. If the Millennials do show up, then we want either Paul or Rubio to grab those votes.

When the moderators got to Paul he came out swinging. His punches were directed at Cruz and Cruz didn’t swing back. Cruz took the shots and responded like a statesman. This began the part of what Cruz described as a hit parade against him leading Cruz to give the moderators the old turn-the-car-right-around-if-you-don’t-behave threat saying he would walk off the stage if the questions don’t change. C’mon. Dollars to donuts says that was a scripted line that was drawn up during debate prep, which would make it inauthentic. Overall Cruz did well. He was pushed on immigration and he fought back without panicking dropping names like Sen. Jeff Sessions and at other times, dropping names like Rep. Steve King.

Chris Christie did well too. He spoke in strong language and went after Clinton hard. His line, “stop the Washington bull and let’s get things done,” was a big one. He then hit Clinton again with “the days for the Clintons in public housing are over.” I love it. Yes, those are just soundbites. But they are spot on and they highlight Christie’s background as a prosecutor and governor. Unfortunately, Christie gave the worst closing by far.

The best closing came from Paul and Rubio. Paul had the best message and Rubio had the best delivery. Paul said that the National Debt is the biggest problem we face. Paul has been completely consistent on this message the entire campaign and we admire him a great deal for that. It is the right message and Paul believes in it. Rubio ended with strong language and a strong presentation. He looked presidential during his closing. It was impressive.

During the debate two of the highest trending items on Twitter were #GOPDebate and #SmackDown. Those two items were unrelated as there is a wrestling TV show called Smack Down that was airing on another channel at that time. This is rather ironic because the previous debates were, at times, similar to a show that would carry the name Smack Down. Maybe this is because the candidate who is most similar to a pro wrestler chose not to participate. Whatever the reason, last night’s debate was a positive note heading into next week’s Iowa Caucus.

Iowa debate


Tony Perkins Endorses Cruz

Tonight on Fox News’ Kelly File Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council endorsed Ted Cruz for president. Perkins described Cruz as someone who “understands the constitution, the rule of law and the Supreme Court better than any candidate in this race.”

This endorsement tonight follows a busy weekend of endorsements for the Cruz campaign. With just a few days before the Iowa Caucus the momentum is clearly in favor of Cruz.

perkins endorsement 1.

Feel The Bern In Iowa

Tonight marks one week left in the countdown to the Iowa Caucus and Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in the latest polling average from Real Clear Politics. It may actually be possible that Sanders wins Iowa, then takes the momentum and wins New Hampshire and then begins to pick, pull and steal delegates from the anointed one. The Democrats may actually have a contest on their hands.

Clinton is a fatally flawed candidate who is too wrapped up in cronyism and big money deals to be an attractive candidate to high propensity voting liberals. She has no accomplishments in the Senate to run on, and other than increasing the Clinton Foundation’s cash on hand, she has no accomplishments as Secretary of State to run on. Her choice of a private email server was done because she wanted to control the release of information. The result is that she mishandled sensitive information which makes her guilty of a crime. If she were any other person, like a Republican man, then she would have already been brought up on charges.

The only office she was ever elected to was the U.S. Senate from left leaning New York, a state she had just moved to because it was the choice vehicle for her to stay in the spotlight. She was not qualified to be in the Senate and she knew nothing about New York. Then she ran for president and lost to a greenhorn. The Democrats then put her up as Secretary of State as a vehicle for her to say in the spotlight. She was not qualified to be our nation’s chief diplomat as she knew nothing about foreign policy in comparison to her predecessors as she had no experience and no background and no relationships in foreign affairs. But she needed to beef up her weak foreign policy credentials so that she could run for president. The country had to take a hit with a poor choice for Secretary of State so that we could make Hillary Clinton whole.

Now the story is shaping out a little different than first thought. The Clintons did a wonderful job of clearing the field of reasonable, respected opponents. But what that did was rob Democratic voters of a reasonable alternative to a candidate who may come under federal indictment, leaving a crazy old socialist from sandal wearing Vermont as the only other choice. Well, it turns out that even Democrats want an honest candidate.

All of Clinton’s troubles along the campaign trail stem from her dishonest nature. Bernie Sanders is positioned to win Iowa. If Hillary loses it is not because of poor salesmanship by her campaign, it is because the campaign is selling a poor product. The Democrats are starting to Feel The Bern. And I feel it too, in a way. When I was out shoveling snow I started to feel the burn, mostly in my shoulders and lower back.



Cruz Continues To Pick Up Big Endorsements

The Ted Cruz for President campaign picked up three big conservative endorsements over the weekend.

First Gary Bauer of the Family Research Council endorsed Cruz calling him “a courageous conservative who has built a consistent record on the issues that matter most,” and saying that “Cruz can be trusted to nominate judges who will respect their proper constitutional role and resist the temptation to legislate from the bench.”

Then conservative radio all-star Glenn Beck endorsed Cruz with some fairly over-the-top language we won’t quote.

And this morning the news broke that former Texas Governor Rick Perry has endorsed his fellow Texan, saying Cruz “has proven he is ready to serve as our commander-in-chief on day one,” but then fails to specifically mention why that is.

Big weekend for Ted Cruz. These three endorsements are big names in circles of Republican primary voters. Gary Bauer and Glenn Beck bring in conservative Christian voters and Rick Perry can bring conservative business leaders. These endorsements, one week before Iowa, are all much more significant than any of the other endorsements that have rolled out over last few weeks. Cruz has positioned himself well. We expect him to win next week.

Cruz bus

Sunday Morning Book Review

1776 by David McCullough is a great book that follows the Continental Army for the year as they fight the British for independence. The book takes the reader from the stalemate win in Boston in the beginning of the year to the historic victory in the Battle of Trenton to close the year, as well through all the loses, the hardships, and the near finishing blows for our American rebels.

The author rightly concludes that the British did not understand the conflict of which they were engaged. The Brits fought a conventional style war where they went after choice territory instead of just trying to slaughter the American ragtag army. In the Battle of Long Island the British could have kept going after their big win and taken all of New York in one big sweep that would have destroyed our army and it is highly unlikely that the congress would have been able to recruit a new one, thus ending the war then. Other small fights followed and the Americans continued to lose. It wasn’t until the difficult winter that George Washington was able to muster up a huge win when he famously led our troops across the Delaware River to take Trenton on Christmas Day.

General Washington is the focal point of the author’s attention. Other than the British almost destroying the American army, Washington had to worry about the congress destroying the army’s funds. Pay was often late, supplies were short, and decisions delayed. Washington had a difficult time trying to get what he needed from congress. His letters to John Hancock and John Adams are quoted throughout the book and they vividly illustrate Washington’s frustrations. Also, Washington was forced to keep together a group of civilian first time soldiers who had yet to unite under a national banner. Militias were loyal to their state and this created rivalry and division among the Continental Army. The Declaration of Independence, which came in that summer, helped to unite, but the spirit of ’76 was for independence from the British, the spirit to unite as a nation came later.

Overall this is a great book. It receives our highest recommendation.


Fairfax County Republican Conventions Schedule

This year the Republican Party of Virginia will be asking its voters to participate in a lot of party elections and nominating contests. As a resident of the 10th, I will vote in the Fairfax County Republican Convention, the 10th Congressional District Republican Convention, the 10th Congressional District Republican Primary (should the incumbent have a challenger), the Republican Party of Virginia State Convention, and the Republican Party Presidential Primary, all of which are to be held on different days.

That’s asking for a lot time from average Joe Voter. The grassroots conservatives don’t mind, but the moderate causal voters don’t like having to participate in democracy more than twice in one entire year.

Oh well, let the conservatives win.

Here is the schedule along with links to the official call and the form needed for Fairfax Republicans to participate. Please note in the Official Call and on the filing forms that the deadline to turn in your form is February 20 at 12 noon and some fees apply.

  • Fairfax County Convention- March 12, 9am at The Waterford at Springfield, 6715 Commerce St, Springfield, VA 22150
  • State Convention- April 29-30, at James Madison University Convocation Center, 895 University Blvd, Harrisonburg, VA 22807
  • 8th District- May 7, 10am at Kenmore Middle School, 200 S Carlin Springs Rd, Arlington, VA 22204
  • 10th District- April 16, 10am at Stone Bridge High School, 43100 Hay Rd, Ashburn, VA 20147
  • 11th District- May 14, 9am at Centreville High School, 6001 Union Mill Rd, Clifton, VA 20124

Link to Fairfax County Republican Committee Official Convention Call

Two links to the forms needed for Fairfax Republicans to participate in any of these conventions;
County residents (non-military) or active duty military

And of course the Presidential Primary will be held in Virginia on Super Tuesday, March 1st, from 6am to 7pm at your usual voting location. There is no form to fill out in advance of showing up to vote in that primary, but there is a statement of party affiliation that Republicans will need to sign before they can receive a ballot.

FCRC-Banner_52.1. cropped