Who’s With Her?

Guest Post by Lou Di Leonardo

Hillary Clinton is having a bad time of it. The woman (hardly a ‘lady’) who thought she was a shoo-in in 2008 was summarily defeated by a nobody of a US Senator who voted “present” rather than yay or nay over 100 times in his short career in the Senate. This man-child from Hawaii-Indonesia-Chicago, whose claim to fame was that he was a community (dis)organizer in Chicago, had a similar record as a state Senator in Illinois. Conveniently, he also lost all his personal records from his time in the Illinois legislature. Sound familiar? He attended church in racist Jeremiah Wright’s palace of worship for 20 years but never heard the preacher man say a word against the United States. The rest of us, of course, did hear those words on television. I guess the sound is better on TV than in person at that church-of-what’s-happening-now. Madame Clinton had it wrapped up!!!

Not so fast. Barack Hussein Obama had history on his side: he would, if elected, be the first “black” President of the United States. Never mind that he is fully 50% Caucasian, never mind that a black author named Toni Morrison (see the soft core pornographic novels Beloved and The Bluest Eye) said Bill Clinton, although nominally Caucasian, was actually America’s first black President. No, Barack Hussein Obama’s election would be historic so America must elect him. OK, Hillary Clinton was pushed out as the presumptive 2008 Democrat nominee for the sake of history. But, she would be appointed Secretary of State by absentee Senator Obama IF he beat John McCain. Well, he beat John McCain and she was made SOS (talk about irony with that acronym under Clinton’s tenure).

To show its gratitude to America for electing Obama, the Nobel Institute issued its Peace Prize (also once awarded to that peacenik, Yasser Arafat) for 2009 to him. Nominations were closed 11 days after he took office yet he made the list! After assuming the presidency we found out he thinks a military medic is a corpse man, that Austrians speak Austrian (or was it Australian?), and that US is comprised of 57 states. Never mind that it took him years after his election to show his birth certificate (a photo shopped fraudulent document according to Sheriff Joe Arpaio). Madame Clinton was doing a slow…but intense…burn as she watched this and plotted her future.

As Americans we have seen how disastrous Obamacare has become, how Americans died in Benghazi because he took no action to help (and where the heck was he from 4 PM EST on September 11, 2012 to 8 AM the next day???), how he has run up more debt than all prior Presidents combined, how racially polarized we have become as a nation, how Chicago has become known as Chiraq, how Baltimore was burned, how he paid $400+ million in ransom for 4 hostages to Iraq, the #1 state sponsor of terrorism, etc. And Alinsky acolyte Hillary Clinton is now promising 4 more years of Obamanations!!! That includes a healthy tax hike on the middle class to pay for the developing Socialist state we now have in America.

We have seen how the US government Department formerly known as “Justice” refused to bring criminal charges against Madame Clinton for hiding/destroying/minimizing over 30,000 emails stored on a computer server located in her home! Both the head of the FBI, Jim Comey, and our first black female Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, refused to prosecute her. Another 15,000 previously undisclosed emails have been found and are now being reviewed by the FBI (so what, right?) and we have now seen how more than half of her meetings with people outside the government while she was secretary of state gave money, either personally or through companies or groups, to the Clinton Foundation.

On top of this, there is serious speculation that she may have Parkinson’s disease. We do know she fell, seriously banging her head, in December 2012 and spent the next 6 months recovering. There was a blood clot in her brain, she has fallen getting onto an airplane, has almost fallen (she wears flat shoes so don’t blame it on high heels) numerous times, she has coughing fits ON TV, took an extended bathroom break during a debate with Bernie “The Bum” Sanders (his first fulltime job was at age 40), can’t seem to remember lots of things, has inappropriate laughing fits, and lies full time.

Well, the American people aren’t buying her rotten apples anymore. There’s another new kid in town, Donald Trump. Only thing is, this new kid is an accomplished entrepreneur who gets things done, gets them done quickly, and gets them done right. All of a sudden, Madame Clinton’s aspiration, nay, entitlement, to the Presidency based on her female private parts is in serious jeopardy.

What’s a girl to do? My advice would be to quit before Mr. Trump and WikiLeaks further expose your criminality and make rhetorical mincemeat of you and your “platform”. Spend the rest of your days visiting Diane Reynolds (Chelsea Clinton’s false identity for purposes of email communications on State Department equipment) and your granddaughter, take a long vacation to some out of the way destination with your hubby, learn how to surf, whatever. Just get lost and take Bubba with you. Take a rest until the next Attorney General (Rudy Giuliani) formally charges you with breaking laws you swore to uphold. Until then, you and Billy Goat should donate 100% of all monies in the infamous Clinton Foundation to charities like Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, the USO, or St. Jude’s Hospital. Show some good will to the world.


Lou Di Leonardo is a grassroots activist who is involved with the Northern Virginia TEA Party. He lives in Fairfax County.

Pence Is Coming To Loudoun

Vice Presidential nominee and Indiana Governor Mike Pence will be In Loudoun County on Saturday August 27 at Patrick Henry College for a rally. If you are around then try to make it out. These rallies are pretty much the substitute for anything that would pretend to be a ground game, so I guess they are important, and full of undecided voters, and I have great swamp land for sale too, but that’s another matter.

In the run up to Virginia’s primary Marco Rubio held a rally at Patrick Henry College. The large crowd had a lot of young people in it and the event helped Rubio win the Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

At the time of this posting, the event is not yet listed on the Trump website, hopefully it will be updated soon. You will need tickets to attend, please check back.


The Pop Culture Campaign

It is rare to hear pro athletes drop presidential campaign tag lines, but Carmelo Antony did so after winning a gold medal with Team USA Basketball yesterday when he said, “America will be great again, I believe that.” Not exactly an endorsement, but pretty sweet free media.

Donald Trump has benefited from so much free media during this race that he has created a new model for future presidential candidates to shoot for. This latest soundbite from one of basketball’s biggest names most likely has nothing at all to do with Trump, but it was said on NBC just minutes after the gold medal game had ended in front of national TV audience. Even with ratings of this year’s Olympics down, that’s some pretty yuuuuge publicity.

Of course this soundbite likely has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, but it could be evidence of how the media has helped push Trump into pop culture. Even presidential candidates have to deal with low name ID. Mitt Romney was a governor from the northeast and Bill Clinton a governor from the south and both of them were little known to voters in regions opposite theirs. But Trump had high name ID from the start thanks to his place in pop culture. Whether it is from being in real estate, on TV, or in the news, the Trump name is a name that is recognizable. Add to that all the free media Trump received starting with his official announcement and it is easy to understand how his name and his message have reached a lot of people. And that reach, over and over again, may be starting to sink into the minds of voters who in the past were resistant to messages from the Republican Party. There is a chance that even the most irate naysayer of Trump could conclude that, like it or not, he’s right!

The Trump phenomenon is real. But is it enough to carry the campaign over the finish line?


Honesty Should Matter To Voters

The Trump campaign sent out a fundraising email this morning. The part that caught my eye was the following;

Can you imagine if I set up a secret server, stored top secret information on it, jeopardized our national security, deleted 3O,OOO records, LIED about it, and then used the defense that my brain ‘short-circuited’?

Seriously, how can you argue with that?

It is truly unbelievable the free ride the Democrats and the media have given Hillary Clinton. She does not have to own up to anything.

I just don’t understand how any of the Feel The Bern voters could vote for her. Hillary epitomizes everything that the Bernie Sanders campaign was running against. So it would not be surprising if Green Party nominee Jill Stein gets a lot of voters from traditional Democratic voters.

Stein is a physician who rails against success, hates ExxonMobil, supports $15 minimum wage, and will hit hard on all the left’s favorite hard-partisan talking points. All perfect for former Sanders supporters.

But more importantly, if you are a Democrat ask yourself who do you trust more, Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein?

It’s ok Democrats, the ballot box is a sanctuary, Hillary and her goons won’t know.

jill stein.

2A At The Olympics

Pretty sure that right now, somewhere, in radical left academia there is a gender studies “professor” explaining to her students that breaking the glass ceiling can only be done by flaming liberals. But our hats are off to America’s Kim Rhode anyway.

2A at the olympics.

Follow The Foundation Money

Will The Clinton Foundation ultimately be the downfall of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign? Probably not because the game is rigged for her. Even tough the Justice Department has already made it clear that Hillary is above the law, let’s pretend that justice will catch up to her.

Charles Krauthammer has an interesting take on the situation;
“I have always speculated here, and I said it was pure speculation, that the real stuff, the reason she had to hide all this, obviously she meant to hide things, was because there is something having to do with the foundation. And that’s where you would put all the so-called private stuff. It wasn’t yoga lessons or wedding invitations….”

She knows what’s in there. But if anything, it’s the connection between the foundation and what she did as secretary of state. Whether there was a direct quid pro quo is irrelevant. We’re talking now not about criminal activity but the political effect. And it could be devastating.”

Always follow the money. Hillary falsely claimed to be “dead broke” when she left the White House. If she returns to the White House she will do so loaded with dough. The Clinton Foundation is loaded too. Who does Hillary owe her biggest favors too? A direct connection between the Department of State and raising money for The Clinton Foundation is obviously illegal. Someone could go to jail from the Clinton camp.

Too bad Hillary is above the law.


FCRC Sits Down With Scott Cameron

The Fairfax County Republican Committee sat down with Soil and Water Board member Scott Cameron for a brief chat.

Scott Cameron was elected to the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board in 2015 for a four-year term. A Fairfax County resident since 1994, Scott has extensive experience in environmental policy, including twenty-six years with the Department of the Interior, the Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He is a Biologist with a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

FCRC: Scott, for those of us that may not be familiar, what exactly does the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board do?

SC: That’s a good question, because most people really don’t know!

To begin with, we handle lots of questions from the public, which can be anything from concerns about what chemicals to use on their lawn, to worries about storm water management, drainage, erosion, invasive species, and more.

We also coordinate with federal, state and local government agencies to tackle some of the bigger environmental issues within Fairfax County. We play an important role in managing Lake Barcroft and a series of flood control dams in the Pohick area. The Board is also one of the very few agencies authorized to provide technical assistance, and even funding, to private property owners. However, I want to emphasize that in everything we do, our focus is on helping people solve problems, not enforcement.

The Board also has an active public education effort. We can advise people about what they may need to do to comply with the applicable state or county law, but here again, our approach to working with residents comes from a problem solving rather than an enforcement perspective.

FCRC: Did you have much of a learning curve after being elected to the Board?

SC: Not really. I actually was able to hit the ground running because I had been attending Board meetings for the prior two years, first as an observer, and then as an appointed Associate Director. As a result, the other Directors and staff knew me, and I had a good feel for the organization.

“I think it is important to not only demand accountability from elected officials, but also to practice what I preach.

Within a few weeks, I had been elected Treasurer and put in charge of revising the District’s strategic plan. I had also already been down in Richmond working to get our northern Virginia delegation in the General Assembly to step in and help fix a problem we were having with the state bureaucracy where we were not able to actually spend conservation grant money here in Fairfax County that the Commonwealth had been giving us.

FCRC: Now that you are an elected official, how are you staying in touch with your constituents?

SC: I try to attend as many public events associated with the Board as possible, but I also post quarterly updates on my website, www.friendsofscottcameron.com, on the progress being made to fulfill my campaign promises. I think it is important to not only demand accountability from elected officials, but also to practice what I preach.

FCRC: What are your short-term priorities on the Board?

SC: I’m currently working to produce a revised strategic plan for the District this summer. Within the plan are three important elements:

There must be a full opportunity for public comment.
The plan must be outcome and results oriented.
There must be meaningful performance measures so the voters can see what benefits they are and will be getting for their tax dollars over the next four years.

I also want the Board to start focusing more attention on the invasive species problems that are clogging our Fairfax County waterways, strangling our forests, and threatening the trees that line our neighborhood streets.

FCRC: What are your long-term priorities for the Board?

SC: I want to help steer the Board’s resources to the Fairfax County watersheds that are in the worst shape, so we can maximize the environmental benefit for each taxpayer dollar spent. I also want to educate the General Assembly and the bureaucracy in Richmond so that we can get the flexibility and funding we need to help protect environmental quality in our region. This is very important. Fairfax County is becoming more and more urbanized over time. I want to make sure the state government clearly understands our needs so that we can work together to meet them.

Scott Cameron.

“Catching Up With… “ is a series of interviews featuring GOP and GOP-endorsed elected officials in Fairfax County. Produced by the Fairfax County Republican Committee. Also posted at the Fairfax County Republican Committee page, linked here.

Oh, Short Circuited, Of Course

Here is the latest nomination for Quote of the Year:

So I may have short circuited, and for that I, uh, you know, will try to clarify…” –Hillary Clinton, Democratic nominee for president.

The context is the quote came from her response to whether or not she is “mischaracterizing [FBI] Director Comey’s testimony? And is this not undercutting [her] efforts to rebuild trust with the American people?”

She claims she told the truth. She now offers the possibility that she “may have short circuited.” Not lied. Not guilty of perjury, or obstruction, or anything, but just a simple little short circuited moment.

What are those again?

Give me a freakin’ break.



With Permission, Pence Endorses Ryan

Strange items continue to come from the Trump for President campaign. If it is not a gaffe or a downright mistake, it is something that is needlessly odd. The latest to fit into that last category is veep candidate Mike Pence’s endorsement of Rep. Paul Ryan in the upcoming Wisconsin primary. Pence, for whatever reason, included in his endorsement a line about having permission from The Donald to do so; “Donald Trump and I spoke this morning and he strongly encouraged me to support Paul Ryan.” Weird.

Below is a picture of the Pence endorsement that we grabbed from his Facebook page.

Pence endorses Ryan.

Kaine, Perfect Pick For Clinton

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is officially the Democrats’ choice for vice president. This is the perfect pick for Hillary Clinton. Not for the right reasons of course, but the perfect pick.

In regards to policy positions, Clinton went left with her choice of Kaine, who scores 100% with the Brady Campaign and 0% with FreedomWorks. Clinton should have the radical left part already locked in as she is the darling of the party elite. Usually candidates start going for the middle bloc of voters. Clinton and Kaine appeal to the base, so Kaine doesn’t bring in a new group of voters.

In regards to credentials, Kaine offers no complement to Clinton’s long career in government. They are too similar. Kaine has an even more lengthy record of holding elected positions. Clinton could have gone for more of an outsider, especially in this year.

And with Clinton’s best lapdog already inserted in the Governor’s Mansion here in Virginia, Clinton didn’t need the commonwealth’s second tier senator to capture our electoral votes.

So Kaine wasn’t picked as a complement to policy, credentials or geography. Then why is he such a good pick for Clinton?

Kaine is the perfect pick for Clinton because he is too mediocre to overshadow Clinton in any way. With Hillary Clinton all eyes need to be on her and if you need to fall on the sword you will. That’s Kaine. He has been a mindless cheerleader for Obama. He is spineless on Life as he tries to have it both ways saying he is against abortion while championing it. He has been inconsistent on the death penalty. He is a flavor of the month kind of populist and he will serve Clinton well as her top yes-man.

Hillary Clinton selecting Tim Kaine is a completely selfish choice as all the reasons revolve around making her look good, not having the country in the best hands possible. Kaine as vice president would just be another Washington bureaucrat receiving a paycheck for not working, and for the Clintons, that’s perfect.

Kaine yes man.

DNC Nominates Underqualified Hillary Clinton For President

The Democrats have officially nominated Hillary Clinton as their nominee for president. The rhetoric from the left these days is Hillary Clinton is the “most qualified” candidate to ever run for president. Sen. Barbara Boxer may have been the first elected to say this nonsense with President Barack Obama joining in with this same line a few weeks ago. This is pure and utter garbage, just another meaningless talking point to spit around. Surely the Founding Fathers were the “most qualified,” but never mind that for now. Let’s focus on why we can’t call Hillary the “most qualified.”

Hillary began her pursuit of the presidency from the First Lady’s office. Typically, a First Lady takes a non-partisan issue and uses their office and stature to push out a positive message. Laura Bush chose literacy programs, Michelle Obama chose fitness, but Hillary went hardline partisan and tried to push government-run healthcare. It failed. So she began her pursuit of the presidency with a swing and a miss. No big deal.

Next, Hillary ran for U.S. Senate from, wait for it, New York. Why was it New York again? Because she lived there, right? Well, kind of. An open seat and favorable election laws allowed Hillary to purchase a home (despite being “dead broke” when she left the White House) and file for senate right away. The voters of New York didn’t care that they were being used as a vehicle to drive Hillary’s personal career ambitions and somehow elected her. She did not belong there, she hadn’t earned it, but there she was. This pattern will repeat itself.

As a senator the Democrats wanted to beef up her résumé for a White House run as they put her on the Armed Services Committee. This way she could meet the wealthy donors associated with the military industrial complex. She has no military experience at all, but I suppose the Constitutional principle of a civilian-controlled military makes this the only thing that could make her qualified for such an important appointment. Her colleagues on the committee must have looked at their own résumés before concluding that Hillary did not belong there, she hadn’t earned it, but there she was.

So that made her ready to run for president. No accomplishments in the U.S. Senate to hang her hat on, but so what? She wasn’t elected to serve New York, she was elected to promote herself and with that as the standard she certainly delivered. But then came a greenhorn with an odd name who ran has a more worldly candidate who would give America greater footing with the international community. Surprise, surprise, the newbie won and Hillary lost.

So Hillary, defeated, needed to beef-up her résumé again in-order to prevent this from happening the next time she ran for president. So the Democrats made her secretary of state. After being beat for lack of knowledge on foreign affairs, the Democrats make Hillary our chief foreign diplomat, not because it would be good for the country, but solely because it would help fill in her résumé. So as head of the State Department Hillary did not belong there, she hadn’t earned it, but there she was.

Then, as secretary of state, Hillary accomplished what exactly? Nothing? She dropped the ball on Benghazi, but recently told 60 Minutes that “wasn’t [her] ball to carry.” She also claimed to have taken responsibility, but she fails to understand that taking responsibility requires an action and not just saying the word. But I digress. As sec state the only accomplishment Hillary achieved was meeting fundraising goals for the Clinton Foundation. No peace accords, no new partnerships, no new alliances. Just a couple of terrible trade agreements, deals which Hillary now campaigns against, mark her time as a placeholder secretary who was just gearing up for her own presidential run.

And if Hillary were anyone else then she would be ineligible to receive a security clearance after the FBI found that she was “extremely careless” with handling classified information. Can you imagine the president being ineligible to receive classified material? What kind of president would that be?

So there you have it. She wasn’t qualified to be senator, she wasn’t qualified to be on the Armed Services Committee, she wasn’t qualified to be secretary of state, she shouldn’t be handling classified information, so therefore she is not qualified to be president. Sorry folks, but adding zero plus zero plus zero plus still gives you zero.

hillary looks for praise.

Tough First Day At DNC

The Democratic National Convention got off to a bad start today. Plenty of Democrats are upset about the evidence found in leaked emails exposing that this contest had been rigged for Hillary Clinton to win from the beginning. Disenfranchisement is of the most serious charges and clearly millions of Democrats were disenfranchised by the actions of the Democratic National Committee. That is enough to get angry about, so a bunch of Democrats showed up in Philly today to let the DNC know that they ain’t happy.

The ruckus began in the morning with an angry crowd booing resigned DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at a pre-convention event. The crowd was her home delegation from Florida to make matters worse. Next Bernie Sanders couldn’t calm down a rowdy group who then booed when they heard Sanders encourage support for Clinton and Tim Kaine. Then as delegates began to take the floor they quickly showed their anger at the DNC over the rigged system which then created a sense that, let the Super Delegates be damned, the Sanders delegates might have enough firepower to take over the convention, but of course the fix is still on so that won’t happen. And finally, the primetime speakers included Sarah Silverman and Stuart Smalley.

Now that’s a terrible day.


Video from Fox5NY available at YouTube.

DNC Chair Resigns

Hey Hillary Clinton, see Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigning as chair of the Democratic National Committee over rigging the nominating contest for you? That’s what “taking responsibility” looks like. Take note.

This is Clinton politics right here. Everyone needs to fix the game for Hillary and if anyone gets caught it won’t be Hillary who takes responsibility.

Tonight in an interview on 60 Minutes Hillary was asked about security measures in Benghazi. She claimed she took responsibility. How exactly? She was asked about her email server and she claimed she took responsibility. How? She doesn’t understand that the word “responsibility” requires an action.

And the Democrats don’t care. They are ready to vote for the most corrupt major party nominee in history.

DWS resigns.

My Southern Baptist Peeps

Check out the quote from the leaked DNC emails, copied below from The Hill. This email is just one of many exposing the plot by DNC officials to rig the game so that Hillary Clinton could defeat Bernie Sanders for their nomination.

“It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

Feel the Bern should be feelin’ upset about this one.

This scandal is so big now that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz won’t speak at the convention. Having to protect the Democrat’s chair from getting booed off the stage at the Democratic Convention is a telling example of how poor a job DWS is doing. Her resignation needs to follow soon.

If a Republican had said the above quote then the media would call us the party of hate who purposely tries to divide people and call for the heads of everyone to roll. The media is always so quick to condemn, but they won’t go after the DNC, and they especially won’t stick up for the “My Southern Baptist peeps.”


Repeal The 17th Amendment

Part 3 of 3

Now sitting on the train next to some guy who simply asked me about the senate races, I asked rhetorically where did I leave off and then answered without hesitation; William Jennings Bryan. He was the Progressive Era, slick talking, three-time presidential loser who really pressed for the direct election of senators. Ignoring the principled intent of the Founders, Bryan resorted to scare tactics using images of smoked filled back rooms where votes were bought. Such fears are typical of citizens distrustful of government and since the implementation of the 17th Amendment this fear has not left our political society at all. So the idea of taking the vote away from a corruptible body (state legislatures) and placing it in a more responsible body (the people, who elected Stuart Smalley) so that the people and their government will enjoy a more harmonious relationship has proven false. Who do you trust more anyway, William Jennings Bryan or James Madison? I’ll take Madison any day.

“Alright man. But I don’t see the harm” he said.

The harm is you get candidates like Stuart Smalley. The people would not be disenfranchised; they could still show up with above thirty percent in turnout numbers for all the other exciting elected offices, such as Soil and Water Conservation Board. I then asked, what is the benefit? The people are not getting a larger say in the process because of population imbalances and the ability of a well funded and well organized minority to exploit those imbalances, which was mentioned in greater detail in part two. So where is the benefit?

I can’t find it. More elections are not the answer to how to achieve better government; better elections are the proper solution. A better election occurs when the candidates are truly qualified and voters are thoroughly informed. This does not happen in modern day state-wide elections. Voters choose to remain ignorant and are content with their choice. Efforts to obtain a minimal level of information on more than one candidate are often viewed by voters as burdensome. And thanks to the mind-numbing simplification of politics which has resulted from a two-party system, some voters know they only need a sample ballot on Election Day and they’ll be fine. Let’s take an election or two away from the overburden minds of careless voters. If we do so then not only are we cutting out an election, but we are also cutting out signs, mailings, robo-calls, mass emails, and everything else associated with a get-out-the-vote campaign. An election held in state legislatures would require a totally different style of campaign, or better yet, the way the Founders envisioned; no campaign at all as the best and brightest would be asked to serve. But today, campaign politics is a business, and it’s just bad business not to treat it as such.

So with all that being said I told him, “I truly wonder what is more likely; for a senator to stand up on the floor of the US Senate and ask for all of his colleagues to join him in repealing the 17th Amendment and therefore taking away their power and restoring the choice of their election to the state legislatures, or the magic beans I planted in my garden growing like the salesman told me they would.”


Check out part 1 and part 2 of Repeal The 17th Amendment.