Democrats Distance Themselves From McAuliffe

The FBI investigation of Terry McAuliffe’s campaign donations is already having an effect on the governor’s activities and public perception. T-Mac was scheduled to appear at a fundraiser in Ohio for Ted Strickland, but has now decided to cancel this trip. McAuliffe said he “didn’t want any distractions” for his fellow Democrat. We’ve seen this before.

This is now the second consecutive time Virginia’s governor has been blacklisted by his fellow Party members who wanted to avoid any guilty-by-association labels. When Bob McDonnell was being investigated his lack of help with fundraising and messaging really hurt Republican candidates in 2013. A siting governor headlining events and attracting attention is a huge asset for raising money and helping with name ID for the whole Republican ticket. But instead of Republicans having that as ammunition in our arsenal, we had to keep our ticket at a distance from our own governor and it hurt us at the ballot box as we saw a Democratic sweep of the three statewide offices.

Maybe this cause and effect will repeat itself in 2017. Maybe T-Mac’s dirty tricks will be exposed and he is indicted, thus leaving the Democratic brand in turmoil and the GOP sweep statewide. Or this could also mean that T-Mac would have to step out, Lt. Governor Ralph Northam then repudiates T-Mac hard, and then Northam runs for governor as governor, giving him an incumbency advantage, to a certain degree, that is uncommon in Virginia. And for T-Mac the consequences are even more problematic. In addition to any criminal charges and resulting punishment, this investigation could drag on for a while and should Hillary Clinton win in November then this investigation could stop T-Mac from joining his close friend in the White House.

Terry McAuliffe has already become a “distraction.” When the same thing happened to Bob McDonnell the GOP struggled to adjust. The Democrats now find themselves in the same shoes. How they respond will be a significant element in 2016 and 2017 campaigns.

T Mac and Bob.

Wednesday Wisdom

Here are a few quotes from legendary coach John Wooden to help us get through the week;

“There is nothing stronger than gentleness.

Goals achieved with little effort are seldom worthwhile or lasting.

A leader’s most powerful ally is his or her own example.

Never make excuses. Your friends don’t need them and your foes won’t believe them.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”


McAuliffe Under FBI Investigation

The FBI has “an active and ongoing” investigation into Governor Terry McAuliffe’s campaign donations. News broke today that the FBI is looking into large donations made by Wang Wenliang, whose status as either a dual citizen of America and China or just a Chinese national is in dispute. Wang is also a large dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation.

Slick Terry has been investigated before, so he knows how to weasel is way out of legal troubles, but maybe this investigation, which could drag on into next year, could stop McAuliffe from grabbing a cabinet seat should his good friend Hillary Clinton win in November.

This news comes the same day Republicans in the General Assembly filed suit against McAuliffe for his unilateral action in restoring voting rights for over 200,000 felons. But the governor’s official website says something different. The headline on the website for McAuliffe’s statement on the law suit reads “Governor McAuliffe Statement on Republican Lawsuit to Preserve Voter Disenfranchisement.” Why doesn’t it say McAuliffe’s Statement on Republican Lawsuit Challenging the Constitutionality of Unilateral Executive Action in Restoration of Voting Rights for Felons? Too descriptive? Or not enough partisan, one-sided rhetoric? Remember now, the official website of Virginia’s governor is a state run method of communication and not a campaign or partisan sounding board.

This governor is a partisan hack. He’ll lie, cheat and steal in campaign finance and he’ll rig the voter rolls any way he can to help Clinton get elected. Let’s hope the FBI investigation is free to operate away from any political influence, but with Clinton so close, that may be tough.

T-Mac and Hillary


Trump At The NRA

Below is a video from YouTube of Donald Trump’s remarks on Saturday to the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum. After a drawn out lead-in Trump eventually gets to the point that guns save lives. He talks about how some terrorist attacks could have been countered had guns been on the innocents. Then he hits Hillary Clinton for her anti-2nd Amendment positions.

For the most part, Trump uses his time to bounce back and forth from solid pro-2A talking points to a recap of his polling numbers and a list of some of wins in the primary. There is no laser focus. He talks about guns, coal mines, the Supreme Court, all in-between mentioning his pro-2A positions.

Here are a few quotes from Trump;  

 “We’re getting rid of gun free zones.”

“We should have non-teleprompter speeches only when you’re running for president, you find out about people. The other way you don’t find out about anybody.”

“We’re going to win them all.”

“I like women more than men. Come on women, let’s go. Come on.”


Dewey McDonnell For SCC

Red NoVA endorses Dewey McDonnell for State Central Committee.

Dewey is a grassroots Republican activist from Culpeper. He has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for many campaigns over the years; most notably playing a significant role in E.W. Jackson’s campaign for Lt. Governor and in Dave Brat’s upset of Eric Cantor. Dewey has served on his county committee and has stayed very active in helping the GOP ticket every cycle. He is a rock-ribbed conservative who will represent the grassroots side of our Party. He has earned a chance to serve.

Dewey is on the party-process side of the current debate between state-run primaries and party controlled processes. Party process is the best way to nominate our candidates. Dewey will be a consistent vote to keep Republican nominations in the hands of grassroots Republicans. Let’s keep our Party in charge of what our Party wants to do. And as Republicans, we need to lead by example and not pass the cost of our nomination method to the government, forcing the taxpayers to pick up the bill.

Dewey McDonnell has been a selfless volunteer and a true grassroots conservative. He has helped our Party and our candidates time and again. He deserves a chance to represent the 7th District on State Central.


Dewey McDonnell is running for a seat on the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee from the 7th Congressional District. His race will be decided on this Saturday at a convention in Richmond.

Is This Donald Trump’s Moment?

Guest Post by Shak Hill

Raccoons are bad. When Robin and I moved into our first home after leaving the military, we discovered a raccoon family had moved in just before us, living in the ceiling of the garage. A story attributed to Newt Gingrich about the phenomenon of Donald Trump compared him to a raccoon exterminator. The belief is, we don’t care about the person who exterminates the raccoons, we just want the problem fixed.

With Donald Trump the presumptive nominee, many are now wondering whether they should leave the Republican Party. I don’t propose there exists the perfect answer to this question. But I understand why people are asking it (because we also want the raccoon problem fixed).

For the record, I’m not a “NeverTrump” person. In the two-party system that America enjoys (or, increasingly laments), the question is binary: Democrat or Republican. As a question with two possible answers, I can understand supporting him despite his lack of conservative track record. It is simply a pragmatic response.

But I’m not an “AlwaysTrump” person, either. What amazes me is that so many people are willing to table their core beliefs to support Donald Trump. Case in point: if you are arguing with a big Trump fan and you criticize Trump on any level for any action, eventually you often become the bad guy in the course of that argument. “You don’t understand!” “You don’t get it!”

No, I think I do. As a Major League Soccer (MLS) Official and a United States Basketball League (USBL) Official, I saw many games won by one play. Often, that single moment turned the tide of the game and secured victory.

Politics is not entirely different from sports. To use a football analogy: with Donald Trump, you are voting to start a quarterback in the Super Bowl who has never thrown a pass. Why? Because you are tired of interceptions and losses. You are the guy at home who keeps yelling at his TV on Sunday afternoons: “Start a guy from the stands! He’s gotta be better than this guy!!”

Yes, in the far flung possibilities of mathematics, it is possible that the random guy in the mezzanine might actually be better than your quarterback. Trump’s argument is that since he has done all the things to put him in the owner’s box, he should therefore be on the field. Voters believed him. They could have chosen from many more Republican candidates who were, on any logical level, more qualified than Mr. Trump. Voters only have Super Tuesdays, not Super Bowls, but many of those who voted in Republican primaries and conventions decided to start a guy from the stands.

Mr. Trump, you are now the quarterback. Many of my conservative friends want to know your first Supreme Court “play”. Release your selection of who you are going to nominate – so we can determine if your first moment will turn the tide of your administration and secure victory for our country.

As for whether to leave the Republican Party, I think we need to begin by asking a broader question: What do we believe? Do our beliefs lead us to be Republicans, or does the Republican Party lead us to our beliefs?

My support about a “party” is fundamentally tied to ideas: the ideas of freedom, liberty and the rule of law. Freedom is what I personally fought for as a graduate of the Air Force Academy (class of 1988), a combat pilot (Desert Storm) and now the father of two boys in the Army — who represent the fourth consecutive generation of my family to serve in uniform for our country. Liberty is to use our Creator given talents without crushing government intervention. Rule of law is adhering to the original contract with America – the Constitution.

One last thing, which is actually the first thing. Ultimately, my principles are not dictated by Reince Preibus or Donald Trump—they are formed in my heart by my Creator. And that will never change.

Yes, I too want the raccoon problem solved. But I need to know what comes after the problem is solved. Mr. Trump, this is your moment. This is your first play in the big game. We want to support you, but we need to know your Supreme Court pick.

Shak at WWII Memorial.

Shak Hill is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Another L For Hillary

Hillary Clinton lost another state tonight. This time it was Oregon, where she got demolished 56 to 44. And she barely won the popular vote in Kentucky with a margin of 46. 8 to 46.3, resulting in a tie in the bluegrass state’s committed delegates.

Clinton keeps under-performing in every contest. She is a terrible candidate. She can’t wrap up a nomination that has been cleared for her for eight years. This is getting embarrassing.

What is happening in the Clinton camp?

Hillary email scandal.

Connolly Gets Another Term

Rep. Gerry Connolly, the guy who walked out on a hearing on the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi and the same guy who asked an IRS official in hearing, “Are reports that you can fly accurate,” will be re-elected this November.

Pretty much a done deal anyway, Connolly’s re-election was assured because Republicans in the 11th Congressional District chose on Saturday to not nominate a candidate. Only one person filed, John Michael Wolfe. I saw no evidence that he had a campaign at any time. I received no emails, saw no social media presence and never saw any sign of a ground game. He didn’t even show up at the convention to ask for the delegates’ vote. So he obviously didn’t deserve to be nominated. Cheers to the 11th District Republicans for doing the right thing.

But jeers to the 11th District GOP leadership for failing to recruit a viable candidate. Connolly is awful. His choice to walk out on the Benghazi hearings and his choice to act obnoxious in an IRS hearing are just two examples of behavior that would have resulted in anyone getting fired had it happened in the private sector. But in big bloated government world, someone as unprofessional as Connolly can get re-elected thanks to safe districts and mindless sample ballot voters.

In a presidential year we need strong congressional candidates in every district to help with the up-ballot race. It is disappointing that the GOP leadership couldn’t find someone to carry the Republican banner just to help keep Virginia from Hillary Clinton.

One day we will bounce Rep. Gerry Connolly from his cushy seat. Shame on the Democrat sample ballot voter who mindlessly returns such an unprofessional representative to Capitol Hill. Anyone else would have been fired by now.


Fredy Burgos For SCC

Guest Post by Fredy Burgos

County Republican elected party officials, including those on the SCC, have not grown the party and will not be instrumental in winning elections unless there is a new approach from the Party. Simply voting on Republican Party business is not good enough. A lack of engagement with our local communities has resulted in a disconnect of ordinary working people from Republican Party values and has contributed to political election losses, locally and state wide, despite having candidates clearly superior to Democrat opponents. I will be the active SCC member who will work to change this.

Most of our “political science” candidates have never produced any goods or services that the private sector would voluntarily pay for, have never created a private sector job, and wouldn’t begin to know how to do it. They are effectively disconnected from “ordinary people”. This is the reason for the perception of being elitist and arrogant that people have of our Party and why our Party has not grown.

These “political science” candidates and “leaders” are all talk and no action. Our Party should not be a majority of intellectuals whose only end product is ideas and who vote in ways that make us scratch our heads in confusion: they vote contrary to the tenets in the RPV Creed and do nothing to advance it. These people have no consequential knowledge base and should not be in a position to give advice on how to arrange society.

Most Americans and first generation Americans work in or own small businesses. Ordinary citizens make up the majority of citizens in America. The Republican Party has ordinary citizens who are “Super Volunteers”…I am one…that help to grow the Republican Party by explaining the value of conservative principles. These people, these Super Volunteers, must be given leadership positions so they can lead the Party by example and not just words. I am a small business owner and have been a 100% volunteer worker. I have not been paid for any of my time in my 8 years of political activism. Knowing in my heart that I have done my best to help Republicans win and being a positive influence to my daughters has been enough payment for me. That is the mind set we need for change to occur in the Party and for our Party to win elections again.


Fredy Burgos is running for a seat on the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee from the 11th Congressional District. His race will be decided on Saturday at a convention at Centreville High School.

Rauner Running For SCC

Guest Post by Ryan Rauner

Why should you vote for Ryan Rauner on May 14th?

The Republican Party of Virginia has not won a statewide election since 2009. 60% of voters under the age of 29 voted for Obama in 2012, as did 74% of voters that identify with a race other than white. While these statistics may or may not seem alarming to you—you should feel compelled to at least ask why…

Now certainly a lack of transparency and exclusionary practices can turn people off and discourage participation, but the simple fact is that we’re losing elections because we aren’t growing our Party.

Our country is becoming more diverse every day. These are facts that we can’t deny. If we want to win we need to become the party of tomorrow…today. Millennials are the largest voting bloc in the country today, period. We need to attract new, younger, and more diverse members to the Republican Party.

Our party needs a new face, a hopeful voice, and a positive message. That’s what I bring to the table. More than any other candidate in this race– I can mobilize a young and more diverse demographic to grow and expand our party.

At this point you’re probably wondering why and how?

The short answer is that while I’m active within the Republican Party, I’m not only active within the Party. I’m on the board of the Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum focused on activating the business community to support our candidates and advise them on policy; NextGenGOP focused on engaging millennials and a more diverse demographic, and have been involved with the FCRC since 2012.

Now while I’m proud of my involvement in these organizations what we need now is more than a Republican activist. We need an ambassador in the community; practicing and preaching conservative values… and that’s me.

I’ve been involved in various charitable, volunteer, and professional organizations for the better part of a decade and have served in leadership positions in each and every one. I’ve help raise hundreds of thousands for charities representing all areas of need, I’ve grown organizations from dozens of members to hundreds, and I mentor at risk youths on Saturday mornings.

Millennials and minorities think Republicans don’t care. I’ve shown them that we do. I’ve practiced what I preach. Because of this they will listen. But a new generation of Americans needs a new generation of leaders.

I love people. I’m a connector. It’s who I am and what I do. And that’s what we need right now. We need someone who can unite our party and bring others in. We need someone who will look for the common ground, focus on the 85% that we agree upon, and use it to accomplish our common goals. This is how we’ll grow our party…. this is how we’ll win again… and this is why I’m asking for your vote for State Central Committee on May 14th.

rauner 2.

Ryan Rauner is running for a seat to the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee from the 11th Congressional District. His race will be decided at a convention this Saturday at Centreville High School.

Paul Prados For Chairman

Red NoVA is glad to endorse Paul Prados for 11th District Chairman.

Prados is an attorney who lives in Reston. He has worked on re-districting plans, has been a part of the Fairfax GOP and has helped campaigns with legal work and ol’ fashion grassroots voter engagement. He has the knowledge and the experience of Party processes to excel as a district chairman. It is rather easy to place our entire confidence in his ability to lead the 11th District.

Prados’ opponent in this race is the incumbent chairman Terry Wear, who has lost all of our confidence. Wear was a member of the conservative caucus who believe Party processes are the best method to nominate candidates. But Wear turned his back on the caucus and has begun to support state-run primaries. Let’s not focus on the primary v. convention argument and let’s focus on the fact that Wear was elected as a part of the pro- convention side and then, without explanation, turned his backed on those who helped him get elected in the first place. That kind of behavior, saying A during the campaign and then doing B once elected, is something that should not be rewarded. One big reason why we have elections is to hold those in office accountable for their actions.

When it was time for our Party leadership to decide on a primary or a convention for the 2016 presidential race (remember we are not debating the merits of primary v. convention here) Wear made a motion to hold this vote by secret ballot. That is outrageous. Party members need to know how their representatives voted in order to hold them accountable by either singing their praise or organizing to vote them out. Wear felt otherwise and his motion was an affront to an open and transparent process.

So in the spirit of accountability, along with the principle of transparency, I reached out to Wear to ask him about his motion to hold a secret ballot. I first asked him over email and received no response. When I later saw Wear at an event I asked him about this and I mentioned that I hadn’t seen a response from my email. He told me that he “wasn’t going to respond to a blogger.” I’ve been called worse, but the point is that Wear seems to have a policy of not talking to someone who has an avenue to spread information, which is a curious policy choice for an elected official as it does not line up with accountability and transparency. Anyway, Wear told me that he made the motion for a secret ballot because people’s businesses were being threaten and he “won’t stand for that.” But when I asked him who was making the threats he wouldn’t say. I tried to explain to him that he is not actually taking a stand against the threats if he doesn’t call them out and what he actually did by proposing the secret ballot was play into the “threats” and let the perpetrators get away with it. He seemed to not understand, so I left thinking that his story about businesses being threaten was a dishonest explanation. The real reason behind the secret ballot was incumbency protection. For Wear, if he voted with the convention supporters who had helped get him in office, then Wear may have trouble winning re-election in the 11th as that district can turn out some pretty moderate Republicans who are perfectly comfortable with state-run primaries. Or Wear could have voted with the moderates for a primary to win re-election, but then he would have been shut out of the conservative caucus. Either way Wear would have lost something so the only way for him to save face was to keep his vote from being recorded in the minutes. Shameful.

Prados would not have done any of that. He would not have pushed for a secret ballot, he would not have voted in favor of state-run processes over Party-run processes, and he certainly would not have established a policy not to talk to people about any of this. Prados believes leadership involves honesty, transparency and accountability; three things that I have seen Wear come up short in.

The 11th needs new leadership. Paul Prados is the best choice. We encourage delegates to the 11th District Convention to cast their vote for Prados for Chairman.

prados for chair.

The 11th Congressional District Republican Committee will select their chairman this Saturday at a convention, which will be held in the 10th District because Chairman Wear couldn’t find a location in the 11th, d’oh!

Mountain State Blowout

Hillary Clinton got trounced tonight in the West Virginia primary. Bernie Sanders won easily. This is noteworthy because eight years ago Clinton dominated Barack Obama in this same contest. But this year is different. Clinton’s baggage and all her lies are out there. She is a fatality flawed candidate who belongs in the big house, not the White House.

West Virginia hasn’t seen a blowout in an important contest like this since the Mountaineers destroyed the Clemson Tigers in the Orange Bowl 70-33. Tonight’s numbers were not that bad, but for Clinton they might as well been. She is supposed to win. She keeps losing. She is a terrible candidate.


Taking The Pain Out Of Conventions

Guest Post by Richard McCarty

Why do conventions have to be so miserable?

The short answer is that they don’t. If elected to State Central, I’ll work to make conventions less painful for attendees. How will I do this?

I’ll advocate for the state party to set up online registration for conventions. From one page, you should be able to register for all of the conventions that you’re eligible to vote at, sign up for your local Republican committee, and pay any necessary fees.

I’ll advocate for satellite voting locations when the party is nominating statewide candidates. Under my plan, you’d have your choice of going to the main convention location or going to one of 3-4 satellite locations around the Commonwealth where you could watch the convention proceedings on a large screen and vote for the candidates of your choice. This would save convention attendees both time and money and enable more people to participate.

If I cannot get satellite voting locations set up, I’ll advocate for holding the convention near Charlottesville, Richmond, or Williamsburg. Most of the Commonwealth’s population is located near I-95 and I-64, and I think we should strive to locate conventions close to our population centers so more people can attend.

To save convention attendees’ time, I’ll advocate for Instant Runoff Voting. With Instant Runoff Voting, you’d rank the candidates from your most preferred to your least preferred. The votes for the least favorite candidate would be reallocated according to the voters’ preferences. The process of reallocating votes would continue until a candidate received a majority of votes. Using Instant Runoff Voting, we could eliminate the need for multiple rounds of voting while still ensuring that every winner has majority support.

To make conventions more accessible to college students, recent grads, and those on fixed incomes, I’ll advocate to keep convention fees low or optional for attendees.

Finally, I’ll advocate for setting up a committee to review what went wrong with our recent state convention in Harrisonburg and what we can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If you agree that it’s time we reform our convention processes, I ask for your vote on May 14th at the 11th Congressional District Convention at Centreville High School.


Richard McCarty is a pro-life conservative and long-time Republican volunteer. He is currently a candidate for the State Central Committee from the 11th Congressional District. More information on his campaign can be found at Richard McCarty for State Central Committee. He can be reached at

8th District SCC Conservative Ticket

Red NoVA endorses Paul Blumstein, Robert Kenyon and Anna Urman for State Central Committee in the 8th District. In an email announcing their candidacies from earlier this year, the three candidates write;

“It has different names in many states, but each state Republican party has one. Virginia is one of a very few nationwide which are NOT controlled by elected officials and their minions and consultants. Ours is controlled, by a very narrow margin, by the grassroots. Folks like you. Like us. We aim to keep it that way. That’s why we’re candidates for State Central Committee from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. Each district has a few seats on SCC. The 8th has 3. We’re running to make sure those seats are filled by grassroots Republicans.”

Included in their email was a brief bio on each, copied and pasted below.

Paul Blumstein

Paul has been a busy political activist for over 50 years. He is a strong believer in liberty, our Constitution, capitalism, small government and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Some of the organizations that Paul has been active with include AFP, RLC, JBS, NRA, GOA, VCDL, and the tea party movement. Professionally, Paul is a certified, experienced Project Manager.

Robert Kenyon

Robert is a native of Stafford County, now an Arlingtonian. He has been involved in every election cycle on some level since 1997, has been the chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia since 2012, and has worked professionally for conservative campaigns for U.S. House, the Senate of Virginia, and the Virginia House of Delegates. He espouses Constitutional originalism and a liberty-focused conservatism that empowers the individual over any level of government.

Anna Urman

Anna was the 2015 Republican nominee in the 43rd House of Delegates district. She is the Director of the Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Program (Virginia PTAP). Prior to joining PTAP, Anna was the Director of the South Fairfax Small Business Development Center. She is an immigrant from Belarus by way of Lithuania, and values liberty, and can explain firsthand what it’s like to live under a totalitarian regime.

These three great candidates make up the conservative ticket for the 8th District and they would serve our Party well on State Central Committee.

RPV banner.

With a few changes, this piece was originally posted on February 15, 2016.

Charles Hernick for Congress

Red NoVA endorses Charles Hernick for the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional District.

Hernick, like so many in the 8th, is a Virginian by choice. He is also, like so many in the 8th, a millennial. When I asked him about the National Debt he pointed out that a huge chunk of the debt itself comes from “overwhelming debt service payments,” a point that most electeds stay away from because it really highlights how the government is destroying itself by falling farther into debt and farther behind in catching up on the payments. He went on to say, “There are a large number of millennials in our district and collectively millennials carry one trillion in privately held debt. Combined that with the National Debt and entitlement programs that won’t pay out to them, even though they are paying in.” That’s a great answer that voters in the 8th need to understand.

Hernick has put together a professional campaign. He is a disciplined communicator. He has a real organization set up to push out his message. Unfortunately, those are all stark contrasts from his opponent.

Retired Army veteran Mike Webb, Hernick’s opponent, is a nice man. He is always wearing a smile. But he is not ready. And I mean really not ready to carry the Republican banner. He sends out a lot of press releases. The sender is named “Campaign Email.” D’oh. They are fairly entertaining reads, if he weren’t running in a presidential year (more on that in a minute). In one of the press releases he explains why he was recently fired as a FOIA officer. Why would he want people to know that? In another, Webb mentions that he filed charges with the local police against the Arlington County Republican Committee. He names a few people in the release, and he even tells you where one of his critics works while pointing out that that person was engaging him on Facebook during company time. Then it sounded like he tried to get the young man fired, but when I asked Webb about this he said that he did not call the guy’s employer. And the Webb campaign couldn’t file finance reports on time. The explanation was that the campaign computer was “hacked.” C’mon. This followed with another missed deadline with the FEC resulting in a fine, which is very embarrassing. Also, his press releases often include the curious phrase, “sources close to the campaign.” Keep in mind the press release came from the campaign, so yeah, that’s as close as one could get.

We need to nominate a professional in every congressional race this year. Hillary Clinton will be tough to beat in Virginia and every vote counts. In a presidential race, a vote in a Republican rich district counts the same as a vote in Democrat rich Arlington. We need someone who can attract millennials to come to the polls. Once there, voters will receive a sample ballot that includes the rest of the Republican ticket. A vote for Hernick could turn into a vote for other Republicans across the board. But if we nominate someone who is not ready to be professional in his messaging, then we will lose a lot of potential votes in other races, which could tilt the scales enough for Clinton to win. And with Virginia being such an important state… you get the idea.

If you plan on attending the 8th Congressional District Republican Convention this Saturday then we encourage you to cast a vote for Charles Hernick for congress. He understands the problems that the National Debt has created. Hernick is a professional, he is polished and he is ready to work hard right up to Election Day.

Hernick for congress.

Send Bill Cleveland To Cleveland

Republicans in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District will decide this Saturday on three delegates to the National Convention. Among those running is Bill Cleveland and he deserves your vote.

Bill is a retired Capitol Hill police officer and a former vice-mayor of Alexandria. He has been very involved with Republican candidates for office in the 8th and statewide. He is a very familiar face to NoVA Republicans; just about anytime Bill is at a Republican meeting of either a county committee, a women’s group or Young Republican club, he is asked to stand and recite the Republican Creed. And I mean to say recite as he always stands and speaks our Creed without any notes to read as he has it memorized by heart.

And Bill will be the first person to tell you that “talking the talk, ain’t the same as walking the walk.” Bill understands the Creed so very well and he has lived his life consistent with those values.

On a personal note; I know Bill and I consider it an absolute privilege that I can call him a friend. He is honest, hard-working, smart, politically savvy, and warm of heart. He is a proud American who wants to serve his district at the National Convention. He has done everything to earn the votes of Republicans in the 8th and Red NoVA wholeheartedly endorses his candidacy. He is one of our Party’s all-stars and we truly hope he is honored with the chance to serve.

Send Bill Cleveland to Cleveland, because Cleveland rocks…. and so does Bill Cleveland.

Bill Cleveland.

National Day Of Prayer

Today is the annual National Day of Prayer. And boy oh boy do we need this right now more than I can remember. The Republic could be lost, the Supreme Court is as good as gone, and the Grand Old Party may never recover. But God is still here.

From the National Day of Prayer of website;
Our theme for 2016 is Wake Up America, emphasizing the need for individuals, corporately and individually, to return to the God of our Fathers in reverence for His Holy Name. To further highlight our theme, we’ve chosen Isaiah 58:1a as our Scripture for this year: “Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet.”

I’ll be praying today for our country and for the conservative cause. I certainly hope they will both stay alive through these tough times.

God save the Republic, and all her ships at sea.