Connolly Gets Another Term

Rep. Gerry Connolly, the guy who walked out on a hearing on the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi and the same guy who asked an IRS official in hearing, “Are reports that you can fly accurate,” will be re-elected this November.

Pretty much a done deal anyway, Connolly’s re-election was assured because Republicans in the 11th Congressional District chose on Saturday to not nominate a candidate. Only one person filed, John Michael Wolfe. I saw no evidence that he had a campaign at any time. I received no emails, saw no social media presence and never saw any sign of a ground game. He didn’t even show up at the convention to ask for the delegates’ vote. So he obviously didn’t deserve to be nominated. Cheers to the 11th District Republicans for doing the right thing.

But jeers to the 11th District GOP leadership for failing to recruit a viable candidate. Connolly is awful. His choice to walk out on the Benghazi hearings and his choice to act obnoxious in an IRS hearing are just two examples of behavior that would have resulted in anyone getting fired had it happened in the private sector. But in big bloated government world, someone as unprofessional as Connolly can get re-elected thanks to safe districts and mindless sample ballot voters.

In a presidential year we need strong congressional candidates in every district to help with the up-ballot race. It is disappointing that the GOP leadership couldn’t find someone to carry the Republican banner just to help keep Virginia from Hillary Clinton.

One day we will bounce Rep. Gerry Connolly from his cushy seat. Shame on the Democrat sample ballot voter who mindlessly returns such an unprofessional representative to Capitol Hill. Anyone else would have been fired by now.